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Sale of Land William Barclay and wife to John Russel, 1784 [20 acres and 37 perches in Colerain Twp. for 45 pounds] [witnessed by Thomas Whiteside and Joseph Anddrews] Lancaster County Deed Book QQ, Vol. 2, p. 23-5

This Indenture made and concluded upon by and between William Barclay in and of the Township of Colerain County of Lancaster and State of Pennsylvania and Elizabeth his Wife of the one part and John Russel of the Township of Oxford Chester County and the above state of the other part Witnesseth that for and Consideration of the Sum of forty five pounds good and lawful Money of the above State to them in hand paid by the said John Russel before the Signing and ensealing of these presents the Receipt whereof they the said William Barclay and Elizabeth the wife do hereby acknowledge and therewith fully satisfied and of the same and every part thereof doth release acquit and forever discharge him the said John Russel his Heirs Executors and Administrators forever by these presents Have granted bargained and Sold aliened and Confirmed and by these presents do grant bargain and sell alien and absolutely confirm onto him the said John Russel and to his heirs and assigns forever a certain piece and parcel of Land situate in Colerain Township and Lancaster County aforsaid being a part of a larger tract of Land originally Surveyed to Hugh Barclay in pursuance of a Warrant granted to him the ???? Hugh Barclay by the proprietors of the then Province of Pennsylvania bearing date the twenty ninth day of October One thousand seven hundred and thirty five and is seperated and divided from the other part of said land by a partition line lately rumend and was willed and bequeathed unto him the said William Barclay by his Father the above said Hugh Barclay in his last Will and Testament bearing date the ninth day of March One thousand seven hundred and sixty four and which said division and bargained Premises is bounded described and Limitted as follows to wit Beginning at a post in the Line formerly dividing between John Barclay's Land and the said William Barclay's land and on the other side of said Premises thence running the partition line South eight degrees West forty nine and one half perches to a Chestnut Stump South forty eight Degrees East forty four Perches to a post, North forty three and one half Degrees East fifty six perches to a white oak thence in the line Late John Barclay's north forty six degrees West Sixth none Perches to a post and south fifty four degrees West Seventeen to the place of Beginning containing twenty acres and one half acres and thirty seven Perches and the usual Allowance TOGETHER with all Improvements Woods Underwoods Meadows Marches Ways Water Watercourses Liberties Priviledges Profits Commodities Advantages and Appurtenances what soever to the said Tract of Land belonging or in any wise appertaining and the Reversions and Remainders Rents and Profits of the same and all the Estate Right Title and Interest of then the said William Barclay and Elizabeth his wife of in or to the said bargained Premises TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the said piece and parcel of Land and Premise with the appurtenances granted as above described and limited unto him the aforesaid John Russel his Heirs and assigns forever to the only proper use benefit and behoof of him the said John Russel and to his Heirs and Assigns forever and the said William Barclay and Elizabeth his Wife the said Tract of Land hereby granted as above described with all and every the Appurtenance unto him the said John Russel his Heirs and Assigns to his and their quiet and peaceable Possession against them the said William Barclay and Elizabeth his wife their Executors and Administrators and against all and every other Person or Persons whomsoever lawfully claiming or to a claim any Estate Right or Title or Interest of in or to the said bargained Premises with the Appurtenances or any part thereof by from or under him her or them or any of them shall and will warrant and forever defend by these presents never theless Subject to the principal purchase and arrearages formerly owned and claimed by the late proprieters of Pennsylvania but now vested in the State by a Law made for that purpose In Witness whereof the said William Barclay and Elizabeth his Wife hath set their hands and Seals the Sixteenth Day of April in the Year of our Lord One thousand seven hundred and Eighty seven

In the presence of

Thomas Whiteside,

Joseph Anddrews

William Barclay [seal]

Elizabeth Barclay [seal]

The day of the date of the above Indenture received from the above John Russel forty five Pound Lawful Money being in full for the said bargained Premises received by us William Barclay Elizabeth Barclay In the presence of Lancaster County ? Before me the Subscriber one of the Justices of the County Court of Common Pleas of and for said County personally appeared the above named William Barclay and Elizabeth his Wife Granters and acknowledged the above written Indenture to be their Act and Deed and desired the same may be recorded as such the said Elizabeth being by me examined apart from her Husband and the Contents of the above writing made known to her she voluntarily Consenting to the same in Testemony whereof I have hereunto set my Hand and Seal the Sixteenth day of April One Thousand seven hundred and eighty seven. Recorded the 14th of January 1793.

Abraham Whiteside

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