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Little Britain High School

The following is from a program for a play presented the Little Britain High School , included was a history of the school and its graduating classes included were their name, occupation and current residence an * indicated they were Married.

History of Little Britain High School

THE importance of providing better educational facilities for the children of Little Britain township first took official form in the winter of 1892-3. At the January meeting of the School Board (1893) there was a lengthy discussion as to the feasibility of establishing a graded school in the center of the township.

A motion that the matter be submit. ted to a vote of the taxpayers was passed and at the election of February 21 the project was defeated by a vote of 105 to 107.

The subject then lay dormant for about ten years but public sentiment again brought the question of higher education to the front, and on April 2, 1904, a motion was passed by the Board calling a special meeting for April 16, 1904, at Poplar Grove schoolhouse, to consider the advisability of establishing a Township High School.

On April, 6 between thirty and forty interested taxpayers, and women interested in the cause of education, met with the School Board and discussed both sides of the question. Petitions were presented signed by 86 voters and 37 women (from two districts) praying the Board to establish a High School for Little Britain township.

By the unanimous vote of the Board, composed of A. K. Morrison, Robert K. Wood, George H. Brown, F. M. Greenleaf, Howard Overly and Enos P. Hays, it was decided to build and establish a Township High School as soon as practicable.

George H. Brown, Robert K. Wood, F. M. Greenleaf and Enos P. Hays were appointed a committee to consider a location and reported in favor of the present site of 1 1/3 acres, which was purchased from Taylor McCummings for $ 183.33.

On July 2 bids were opened for the construction of the building according to plans and specifications prepared by E. W. Gibson, of Oxford. E. B. Lynch, of Little Britain township, was found to be the lowest responsible bidder and was awarded the contract for $3,735. To the contract price was added $53.15 for extra work and material, $20 for a bell and $93.37 architect's commission, making a total cost of $3,901.22.

Mr. John S. Simons was elected the first Principal at a salary of $70 per month and on September 3, 1904, the first examination was held at Oak Hill schoolhouse. A class of 49 were examined, out of which 41 passed. To these were added three who had previously attended Union Academy, and who became the Senior class of 1904-5. The new building was not completed until late in the fall and the first session opened on Monday, November 7, 1904. During its history the school has had four Principals, John S. Simons, D. Clinton Colebaugh, N. C. Norris, and Chas. A. Miller the present incumbent. Twelve classes containing a total of 90 pupils have been graduated.

The Following List of the Graduates of Central High School

Little Britain Township, is correct to date,

March 8, 1918.

Class of 1905.

*Jackson, Mary (Herr) ..Pleasant Grove, Pa.
Swift, Mary At home Nottingham, Pa.
*Furniss, Card Farmer Tayloria, Pa.

Class of 1906.

,*Brown, Edna (Rea) Quarryville, Pa.
*Brabson, Sara (Brown) Quarryville, Pa.
Brabson, Alice At home Kirks Mills, Pa.
*Clendenin, Victoria (Scott) Fairmount, Pa.
'*Hess, Elizabeth (Fite) West Grove, Pa.
Hopkins, Marguerite ... .deceased.
*Kirk, Alice ,(Walton) Christiana Pa.
*Lynch, Lillie (Wicks) , Chadds Ford Junction, Pa.
Lynch, Eva At home Nottingham, Pa.
*Norris, Emma (Brown) Nottingham, Pa.
*Ziegler, Alice (Hill) Philadelphia, Pa.
Brabson, J. Zell .Office of Reading R. R. Co .Philadelphia, Pa.
Conrad, George At home Nottingham, Pa.
*Coates, Howard Bennet .Farmer .Rising Sun, Md.
Greenleaf, Arthur Student, U. P Fairmount, Pa.

Class of 1907.

*Gerth, Annie (Weirich) Neffsville, Pa.
Morrison, Bessie R At home Fairmount, Pa.
*Miller, Elizabeth (MlcVey) Lancaster, Pa.
*Whiteside, Violette R. (Scott) Oakryn, Pa.
*Black, Robert Teaching State College, Pa.
Clendenin, Cuyler T At home.. Quarryville, Pa.
*Griest, Samuel Conductor Lancaster, Pa.

Class of 1908.

*Brown, Iva A. (Miller) Little Britain, Pa.
Brown, Lena H At home Nottingham, Pa.
Brown, Vera M ; Teaching Nottingham, Pa.
Greenleaf, Ethel M .Teaching .Fairmount, Pa.
*Hilton, Sina (Neff) Oak Hill, Pa.
Jackson, Anna At home Little Britain, Pa.
Jackson, Flora AthOme Little Britain, Pa.
Witman, Harriet Teaching ,.Nottingtam, Pa.
*Witman, Lillian (Smith) Nottingham, Pa.
*Carter, Earl C. Clerk Farmers National Bank Oxford, Pa.

Class of 1909.

Brown, Eliza At home Nottingham, Pa.
*Brown, Lula (Conrad) Nottingham, Pa., R. D.
Cook, Marion Red Cross nurse Somewhere in France
Pennell, Ruth A .. . . .At home. .. .Nottingham, Pa., R. D.

Class of 1910.

Clendenin, Ruth A Annville, Pa.
*Dougherty, Annie (Smith) Philadelphia, Pa.
Jackson, Rachel E At home Little Britain, Pa.
Long, Wynona M At home : West Grove, Pa.
*Phillips, Martha (Scott) White Rock, Pa., R. D.
Phillips, Adeline Stenographer. . . Philadelphia, Pa.
*Wright, Sidney (Brinton) Allentown, Pa.
*Woods, Ida (Coates) Rising Sun, Md.
*Brown, Wm. H... . . . .. . . Service of the U. S. Navy.
Graham, J. Whirt Service of the U. S. Army.
*Jackson, J. Edgar .. .At home. .. .. . .. White Rock, Pa., R. D.
Jamison, Lawrence C Bookkeeper. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Honeybrook, Pa.
McComsey, Sanders P.. Teacher Fairmount, Pa.
Wason, Alvin P .Munition worker .Chester, Pa.

Class of 1911.

Reynolds, Grace At home Nottingham, Pa., R. D.
Roberts, Olive J Stenographer Pittsburg, Pa.
Thomas, Sara J.. Teaching Salisbury, Pa.
*Thomas, Gertrude (Kunkle) Hershey, Pa.
Thomas, H. Edwin Munition worker ;.Chester, Pa.

Class of 1912.

*Alexander, Clara (Best) Oak Hill, Pa.
*Brown, Annie (Brabson) Chadds Ford, Pa.
Kimble, Mary A At home Nottingham, Pa., R. D.
Pickell, Lillian At home Nottingham, Pa., R. D.
McComsey, Leander. .deceased.

Class of 1914.

Booth, Estella Teaching Nottingham, Pa., R. D.
Drennen, Edna... ...At home Peach Bottom, Pa., R. D.
*Kurtz,Addie .(McComsey)Homeville,Pa
Wood, Edith At home Nottingham, Pa.. R. D.
Walker, Ora L At home .Nottingham, Pa., R. D.
Reath, Paul Farmer White Rock, Pa., R. D.
Reynolds, Earl Teaching Tayloria, Pa.

Class of 1915.

Miller, Maud M Student West Hebron, N. Y.
*Phillips, Esther (Scotten).' Nottingham, Pa., R. D.
Shaffer, Edith At home .Nottingham, Pa., R. D.
Wright, Ida M.. At home White Rock, Pa., R. D.
Wesley, Myrtle M.. ..At home .Oak Hill, Pa.
McComsey, J. Alfred Student Fairmount, Pa.
Brown, Ivan W Student State College, Pa.
Wright, J. Frank At home White Rock, Pa., R. D.

Class of 1916.

Daily, Elizabeth C.. .At home .Nottingham, Pa., R. D.
Jamison, Iowa I Bookkeeper Philadelphia, Pa.
Keen, Myrtle H.. "'" .Teaching .Nottingham, Pa., R. D.
-Brown, Dwight L. M.. .At home .Nottingham, Pa., R. D.
Drennen, Lawrence C.. Student. . . . . . Lancaster, Pa.
Miller, W. Wade, Student West Hebron, N. Y.

Class of 1917.

Jamison, Ruth Student Lancaster, Pa.
Kurtz, Margaret At home Oak Hill, Pa.
Keen, Wiolette At home Lancaster, Pa.
McComsey, Edna At home Fairmount, Pa.
Drennen, Horace Student Fairmount, Pa.
Drennen, ,JamesStudent Fairmount Pa.


(Term of 1917-18.)

Class of 1918.

Dougherty, Cecelia Little Britain, Pa.
Jackson, Dorothy Fairmount, Pa.
Jamison, Edith Fairmount, Pa.
Jamison, Annabel Fairmount, Pa.
Kuhns, Thelma White Rock, Pa., R. D.
Whiteside, Susan Tayleria, Pa.

Class of 1919.

Beyer, Anna Nottingham, Pa., R. D.
Griffith, Pearl Nottingham, Pa., R. D.
Riley, Margaret White Hock, Pa.
Brown, Gilbert P Nottingham, Pa., R. D.
Paxson, Alfred M Little Britain, Pa.
Wright, Roland White Rock, PR., R. D.
Whirt, Howard Nottingham, Pa., R. D.
Witman, Vaux peach Bottom, Pa., R. D.
Mowery, Paul White Rock, Pa., R. D.

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