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Lancaster County Misc books 1742 to 1760

Dorick UPDEGRAEF dec'd

1743 page 4

(Abstract)John Morris & Margaret his wife which said Margaret was widow and adminisirator of Dorick Updereaf , there was 124.2.2 to divid between widow and children

And it appearing to the court that the decedant left a second widow & six children to wit: Herman Updegraef, Mary wife of Peter Bangot,Joseph,Ambrose,Jacob, & Susanna Updegraef

split Margaret now wife of John Morris 41.7.4 1/2,Herman eldest son 2 shares 23.12.10, other 5 11.16.5

John Myer Friend to Joseph, Ambrose, Jacob and Susanna appointed guardian and recived shares. the administrator to the residue ans share due to Peter Bangot on behalf of his wife

William SCOT dec'd

March 1744 page 4

(Abstract)Upon application of William Kilcreese, Samuel Scot, exec. of last will of William Scot , cited to appear and give account of Executorship, produce copy of Inventory & appraisment of 51.2.

persons not sworn or arrifirmed did apprasment to Be re appraised by Anthonhy Dilsworth & Hugh Patrick

PORTER, Robert

June 2, 1746

William Richey one of the guardians of the minor children complains that Robert Patterson who married the widow. has not returned a fair account. The court judges his complaint frivolous and orders him to pay court costs.

PORTER, Robert

May 7 1747

Minor children Robert & John Porter , court appoints James Gillespie Esq. and William Richy guardians

PORTER, Robert

June 6, 1749

William Richey, the guardian of the minor children produces account of his guardianship,balance approved by court


Aug 1751 pg 23

Application of Exec Mary McDowell the widow . She will be departing to the colony of Carolina with her family and desires to have guardianship of her children . Thecourt appoints her sole guardian over her children John, Margaret, Helen, Mary, Jane, Elizabeth , Abigail and Sarah McDowell

William McCleneachan dec'd

1754 page8

(Abstract)Upon petition of Martha McCleneachan widow and relict of William McCleneachan dec'd to court to have guardians appointed over persons of Andrew & Rachel McCleneachan Orphan and minor children of William McCleneachan, John Woods & James McCleneachan appointed

Hugh Allison

1754 page8

(Abstract)Mary Allison & James Ramsey admin. of Hugh Allison dec'd produce admin account balance of 26.3.2 divided as follows widow 8.14.4 1/2,William eldest son 6.19.6, David 3.9.9, Agnes 3.9.9 and to Mary 3.9.9

Michael Core

1754 page8

(Abstract)Christian Core minor son of Michael Core above 14 yrs old ask for brother Casper Core to be his guardian

John Stump

1754 page8

Peter Stump minor son of John above 14 chooses Wolf Newcomer as guardian -granted

Christiana orphan dau of John above 14 yrs chooses Valentine Baker (her Uncle)Guardian - granted

Valentine Baker appionted for Mary Stump dau of John during her minority

Hugh Gilliland

1754 page 9

John McCullough is appointed guardian over the persons & estate of Agnes & Hugh Gilliland orphan & minor children of Hugh Gilliland dec'd during their minorty

William McFadan

1754 page 9

Eleanor McFadan orphan dau of William dec'd above 14yrs chooses Adam Simon Kuhn Esq.& Robert Thompson Esq.

Adam Simon Kuhn Esq.& Robert Thompson Esq. appointed guardian for John McFadan orphan son of William

Benjamin Ebersole

1754 page 9

Jacob Stauffer and Oswald Neave appointed guardian over Abraham Ebersole minor son Of Benjamin

John Scott

1754 page 9 &10

(Abstract)James Ramsey one of the executors of the last will and testament of John Scott, dec'd He and Thomas Scott the other exec. produced to court admin account on estate, balance of 148.1.6 - admin expenses balance of 143.13.11 to be divided among heirs under said will

Robert Patterson

1754 page 10

(Abstract)Isaac Sanders guardian of Robert Patterson minor son of Robert Patterson dec'd , detailed list of expenses given.

GAY, James, dec'd

Mar 25 1755 pg 33

Minor child Majery Gay needs guardian, court appoints John McDowel (Miller)

John SCOTT dec'd

1756 page 57

Upon the petition of Grace Scott, widow & relict of Thomas Scott, who was one of the executors of John Scott dec'd It is ordered that Thomas Harris one of the guardians of John Scott an orphan and minor son of said John Scott dec'd to pay to the said Grace Scott the sum of five pounds out of said orphans estate for her trouble and expenses in maintaining, providing and attending the said orphan while he lived and boarded at her home.


1756 page 57

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