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BEAR, John

pg 2

Jacob Brubaker & Peter Stauffer admin of John late of Elizabeth twp, file admin account

BARR, John

pg 94

Christian Barr Abraham Mylin &John Bachman exec of John Barr late of Conestoga produce admin account

BEAR, Ephraim

pg 102

Petition of Barbara Bear widow of Ephraim late of Manor, said husband died lately had six children viz Catherine & Matty above 14, Ephraim, Elizabeth Mary and John under 14 need guardian, Abraham Bitner appointed

BARR, John

pg 117

Barbara Barr exec of John Late of Strasburg produces admin account

BEAR, Barbara

pg 176

petition of Jacob Newswenger exec of BarbaraBear of Drumore died intestate on or about Jan 5 1829, unmarried leaving John only child of her brother Henry dec'd leaving also widow & Martin the only son and & grandchild of her brother Martin Bear dec'd leaving also the widow and John , Simon & Fanny the sons and daus of her brother John Bear dec'd seized with a tenant in common with her sister Eve dec'd, purchased by Jacob Bear dec'd the fatherof intestate sell at public sale (in Martic)


pg 177

petition of Jacob newswenger admin of Eve of Drumore, expose to public sale land in Martic


pg 182

land in Martic sold public sale to Henry Groff

BAIR, Joel

268 Dec 1829

Mary Bair widow Of Leacock 10 children 8 are minors Eliza 18 Joel 17 Catherine 15 1/2 Christiana above 14 Hetty 13 Daniel 11 Jacob 9 Henry 4

BEAR, Barbara

pg 183

land sold to Henry Groff

BARE, Joel

pg 309

Adam Bear & Jacob Eby jr admin of Joel late of Leacock produce admin account

BARR, Samuel

pg 332

at insistence of Champney Esq rule to read exceptions to admin account of Henry Graft & John Winter admin.

John Sides, dec’d,

June 1830 p. 337

In the case of the Maintenance Account of Sarah Sides, widow and relict of John Sides, late of Bart township dec’d for the Maintenance Acct of Abraham Sides, Elizabeth Sides, Peter Sides, and Benjamin Sides, minor children of said deceased from the first day of February A.D. 1828 to the first day of June A.D. 1830 The Court order and direct that notice be given to John Keeports and Benjamin Graff Testamentary Guardians of the minor children of the deceased to shew cause if any they have why this account should not be allowed, returnable on the 3rd Monday of August next at 10 OClock A.M.

Daniel Pannabecker

June 1830 p. 337


June 1830 p. 337

BEAR, Barbara

pg 347(&Eve)

Admin account for both Barbara & Eve

John Sides, dec’d,

September 1830 p. 403

The account of Sarah Sides, widow and relict of John Sides, late of Bart township, deceased for the maintenance etc. of Abraham Sides, Elizabeth Sides, Peter Sides and Benjamin Sides, minor children of said deceased from the first day of February A.D. 1828 to the first day of June A.D. 1830 Abraham Sides from the 1st day of February A.D. 1828 at which time he was 14 yrs of age $41.66 Elizabeth Sides from 1. Feby 1828 to June 1st A.D. 1830 at $40 per year 2 yrs. 4 m. 93.33 Peter Sides Same time, at $40 per year $93.33 Benjamin Sides same time at $40 per year 93.33 Total $321.65 To the truth of the facts above stated the said Sarah Sides was duly affirmed-----The Court on due examination thereof and advisement had thereon approve of and confirm the same.


Sept 1830 PG 403

BARR, Samuel

pg 413

samuelHenry Graff & John Winters exec of Samule of Martic , Admin account

BARR, George

pg 420

petition of Catherine widow of George of Maytown left issue 4 children one Sarah F. Barr is minor under 14 needs guardian John Spangler Marietta appointed

BARE, Martin

pg 467

petition of Henry Bear of Elizabeth twp minor above 14 , son of Matin that his present guardian John Sharb? is about to remove to Ohio wants settlement of esate & John Bomberger appointed in place

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