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BEAR, S. John

pg 97

petition of Henry Bear &Michael Lehn admin of John of east hempfield, died leaving widow Catherine and 2 childrenAndrew Bear & Mary Ann Bear both under 14 land griest & mechant mill expose to sale

BEAR, S.John

pg 142

above sold to widow Catherine

BARR, George

pg 168

Robert Curry admin of George late of village of Maytown east donegal files admin account


pg 169

Henry Graft John winter file admin account


pg 210

exec want to sell land to satisfy debt

BEAR, Christian

pg 224

Christian Bear Abraham Wimer & Christian Kauffman exec of will of Christian prod admin account

BARR, Jacob

pg 225

Jacob Barr & David Barr Jr admin of Jacob of of Bart produce admin account


pg 237

land sold


pg 273

Samuel of Martic land viewed discribedHenry Graft John Winter admin account


pg 274

motion of Reigart on behalf of John Line & ann his wife late Ann Bair one of the dauof Samuel late of martic show cause for balance of admin account

BARR, Martin

pg 297

Jacob Newswenger one of exec of Martin of of Bart yeoman produces admin account

BARR, Christian

pg 297

micheal Barr surviving exec of will of Christian of Bart yeoman produces admin account

BAIR, Jacob

pg 306

petition of Abraham bair admin of Jacob of Leacock , that they sold land to Abraham Bair sen viz 92 acres in Earl that he never paid on the 7 acres and died insolvent 14 day march 1828 no money from his exec they want to sell this 7 acre lot again

BAIR, Joel

pg 330

petition of Mary Bair widowof Joel of Leacock would like Edward Jacobs appointed guardian over 4 minor children Joel, Christianna, , Daniel & Henry since dec'd mother wants to be guardian - granted

BAIR, Jacob

pg 341

land sold at public sale

BARR, George

pg 356

petition of Sarah minor dau under 14 (of george of Maytown) needs guardian appoints John Bear same dec'd petition of Ann Haines minor dau of Henry Haines (son of Henry) and Elizabeth his wife dec'd dau of George father Henry appointed guardian same dec'd petition of Catherine Barr widow, John Barr , Ann M. Curry widow of Robert formerly Ann Barr , & Ann Haines by guardian and Sarah by guardian John . state George died mo of June 1829 leaving widow and four children Above named Elizabeth since died land in Maytown want land viewed


pg 379

final admin account

BARE, John

pg 389

on the earleir petition of Adam eldest son of John & Mary of Leacock, said John Bair died 1817 Mary died Jan 4 1833 wants 7 men appointed to appraise land

BARR, George

pg 408

land viewed lots described

BARE, John

pg 412

valuation of the land above(?willed to Adam)

BARR, George

pg 444

discription and land information

BARR, George

pg 467

george Bair information on land sale & price

George Spiehlman

Jan 1832

Gen. John STEELE

Jan 1832


petition of Samuel Morrison father of John S. Morrison & William F. L. Morrison both minor children under 14years of age

setting forth that the will of their grandfather Gen John Steele late of Philadelphia dec'd

their entitled to certian monies bequethed to them

father Samuel Morrison prays to be appointed guardian

Gen. John STEELE

Jan 1832

petition of James Morrison & Abigal B. Morrison both minors above 14

setting forth that the will of their grandfather Gen John Steele late of Philadelphia dec'd

their entitled to certian monies bequethed to them

pray for their father Samuel Morrison to be appointed guardian

John Sides, decd,

June 1833 p. 510

In the Petition of Elisa Sides, one of the Daughters of John Sides, late of Bart township deceased, Respectfully Represents, That she is a minor above the age of fourteen Years, and has no Guardian to take care of her person and estate and prays your honor to appoint a Guardian for this purpose and she would respectfully Suggest to the name of John Dantz of Drumore township, for the appointment, John Dantz, intermarried with Sarah late Widow of said deceased, Suggest to the Court, that Peter Sides, a Son of deceased under the age of fourteen Years, has no Guardian to take care of his person and estate and he hereby prays the Court to appoint Some Suitable person for this purpose. Petition read, the Court appoint John Dance Guardian over both minors. [Dantz/Dance could be Lantz/Lance]


June 1833 pg 510

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