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Lancaster County Misc books 1839 to 1840

BEAR, George

pg 17

Petition of Adam 2nd son of George of Leacock minor needs guardian appointed wants his brother Martin Bear - granted

BIER, Elizabeth

pg 63

Peter Bier Admin produces administration account

Samuel Morrison

April 1839 pg 114

(abstract) Petition of Joh S. Morrison the court appointed Samuel Morrison guardian _____years ago of John S. Morrison , John S. is now about 18 years old and request Capt John Steele be appointed his guardian instead.

BEAR, Martin

pg 374

Emanuel Swope & Enoch Rudy Exec of Martin of leacock produces administration account

BEAR, Ulrich

pg 375

John Gashot(?) & John Newcomer Admin of Emanuel of Manor twp produce administration account

BEAR, John S.

pg 383

Michael Lehn guardian of Andrew and Mary Ann minors of John of E. Hempfield guardian account

BEAR, John S.

pg 388

Petition of Hiram Erb of Elizabeth township - Andrew and Mary Ann need guardian (he is?) step father appointed - Micheal Lehn is dec'd

BEAR, Henry

pg 407

Declaration of Harriet Bryan , she is entitled to $900 & interest from Venago co property see vault 2nd listing Declaration of Mary Bausman wife of Dr Isaac - entitled to the same from the estate of her father Henry from land in Venago co - see vault

BEAR, Mary

pg 419

Abraham Groff(saw Miller) admin of Mary of Strasburg produces administration account

BEAR, Joel

pg 520

petition of Henry minor son of Joel of Leacock prays for brother Joel to be appointed guardian - John Huber discharged

BEAR, Henry

pg 524

Marin Swar & Christain Heistand produces administration account

BARR, Martin

pg 525

John Herr Admin of Martin of Bart produces administration account

BEAR, Nancy

pg 537

Petition of Nancy Barr setting forth that guardian needed for minor daughter of Nancy Louisa Bear Nancy Barr bound 600 Abraham Barr bound 600 Unclear entry???

BARR, Martin

pg 560

Report of Auditors - see vault

Morrison, Joseph

March 19th 1840

The petition of Joseph & Elizabeth Morrison two minor children of Joseph Morrison late of Conestoga township dec'd above the age of fourteen years respectfully represents that they are entitled to some small estate in right of the deceased father and have no guardian to recieve the same or to take care of their persons and estates. They therefore pray the court to permit them to make choice of a guardian and choose John Keesports of Conestoga as their guardian. Guardian appointed as prayed for

Joseph Morrison

March 19th 1840

The petition of Sarah Morrison widow and relict of Joseph Morrison late of Conestoga township in the said county deceased humbly ?theweth that your petioners said husband left issue eight children two of whom to wit Catherine and Mary are minors under the age of fourteen years and have no guardian to take care of their persons and estates. Your petitioner therefore humbly prays the court to appoint some proper person or persons as guardians of said minors . John Keesport appointed guardian

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