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Lancaster County Misc books 1844 to 1847


BARR, John

pg 69

Petition of Col Thomas Huston Exec of John of Maytown finished Admin balance - request auditors

BARR, Henry

pg 73

Samuel Barr & Benjamin Barr Exec of Henry produces administration account

BEAR, Anna Maria

pg 84

Henry Bear admin of Anna Maria of Leacock produces administration account

BARR, John

pg 76

Col Thomas Huston produces administration account

BAIR, Christian

pg 116

Petition of minor children Lydia & Jacob above 14

BARR, John

pg 135

report of Auditors exceptions filed

George TRIMBLE, dec'd

September 1844 pg 136

George Trimble Decd. In the matter of the Real Estate of George Trimble, late of Drumore Twp Lancaster County decd. On the motion of Amos Ellmaker Esq the court grant an Pluries order of Sale and direct John Long, Administrator of the said George Trimble decd. to expose to public sale by vendue or outcry on Friday the 22nd of November 1844 at one o'clock P.M. on the premises, the right and title of said decd. in the following Real Estate. A tract of land in Drumore Township adjoining lands of James Hopkin's heirs, Good and Jenkins and others on which is a mansion house of logs one and half stories, a one and a half story log tenant house, a stable and other improvements

Terms, one third of the balance that may remain after paying debts and expenses of settlement according to an Administration account to be hereafter filed & confirmed to be charged on the premises and the interest of said third to be paid annually from 1 April 1845 during her life to Mary the widow of said decd. and after her death said third to be paid to the heirs and legal Representatives of said George Trimble decd., of the remainder $50 to be paid at the confirmation of Sale: and the residue to be paid in April 1845.

December 16th, 1844 The Administrator does now report that having given due and legal notice of the time and place of sale, he did at said time and place and; on the terms in said order prescribed, expose said Real Estate to public sale and sold the same to Charles Brooks Jr. and Co. for four hundred and fifty one dollars and ninety five cents ($451.95) as the said Administrator sold only the right and title of the said decd. The purchaser is to pay besides said sum of $451.95 to Good and Jenkins the sum of six hundred and ninety eight dollars and eighty seven and half cents ($698.87 1/2). They, the said Charles Brook and Co being the highest and bidders and that the highest and best price bidden for the same. The Administrator prays the Court that the sale so as aforesaid made may be confirmed.

Wherefore the Court confirms the sale and decree the premises Sold. to theirs the said Charles Brook and Co. their heirs and assigns in law as fully as the said George Trimble deceased had and held in the same; at and immediately before the time of his death.Subject and liable to the payment of the purchase money agreeably to the return to the order and the terms prescribed by the Court .

Elizabeth TENNIS

Sept 1844 pg 136

Petition of Elizabeth Tennis & Jacob Tennis minor children above age 14years of Elizabeth Tennis dec'd pray for court to appoint Jacob Bleecher of Martick twp their guardian


Sept 1844 PG 136

BARR, John

pg 154

report of auditors & appeal to supreme court (by Thaddeus Stevens)

BEAR, Anna Maria

pg 245

James Bryan guardian of Anna Maria guardian account

George TRIMBLE, dec'd

June 1845 pg 294

George Trimble decd. John Long, Administrator of George Trimble late of Drumore Township, Lancaster County, deceased: having stated and filed in the Register's office at Lancaster the Administration account on the estate of said deceased and legal notice therof being given by the said Register, a copy of the same is now produced to the Court for confirmation. Whereby it appears that the said account was duly payed by the said Register, and that there remains in rhe hands of said accountant a balance of $854.89. The Court confirms the same nisi. July 1st, 1845 Exceptions to the above account are filed. September 15th, 1845, Exceptions withdrawn. See papers filed with the account.

Micheal KLINE dec'd

June 1845 pg 294

Joseph MELLINGER dec'd

June 1845 pg 294

Christian WEBER dec'd

June 1845 pg 294

Jacob SHERRICK dec'd

June 1845 pg 294

Barbara KEMPER dec'd

June 1845 pg 294

BARR, Martin

pg 323

( guardian) Petition of Lettita Neff minor daughter of Jacob Neff, needs guardian , court appoints her father

BARR, Martin

pg 325

Jacob Neff of New Providence petition for guardian for his children John B & Christian both minors under 14 yrs, from estate of their G. Grandfather Martin Barr

BEAR, Anna Maria

pg 412

James Bryan Admin produces administration account

BARR, Martin

pg 414

Admin. Account, Benj Barr Admin.

BARR, John

pg 468

Supreme court records returned - see vault

BARR, John

pg 510

Petition of John Barr Witmer, Daniel Witmer, & Rachel Witmer minors above 14 of Ann Witmer dec'd who was the widow of Benjamin Witmer & one of the children of Elizabeth Ferree who was a sister of John Barr late of Maytown Edmund Witmer appointed guardian

BARR, John

pg 551

Petition of Henry Barr & Anna Barr minor children of John Barr late of Bart twp teir father died leaving widow and 2 children the petitioners & land in Bart twp They are over 14 choose John Peoples (of Martic) guardian

BARR, Christian & Susanna

pg 584

Emma B., Martha Ann, and Francis M Shenk minor daughters of Benjamin F Shenk of Colerain and Barbara Shenk his wife , she now dec'd entitled to a share of their Maternal grandmothers estate (Susanna Barr) need guardian appointed

BARR, Martin

pg 602

Admin. Account (Martin of Hempfield township)

BARR, Christian & Susanna

pg 651

Petition of Susanna Smith, Mary Ann Smith & Newton Smith now of Warren Co Ohio minor children under age 14 , of Jacob H. Smith and Elizabeth his wife, she was a dau of Christian Barr entitled to share of estate need guardian duly appointed

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