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Lancaster County Misc books 1852 to 1855


BARR, Martin

pg 70

Petition of Christiana dau of Martin of twp of Lancaster minor above 14 guardian John Strohm appointed

BARR, Martin

pg 87

Petition of Mary dau of Martin twp of Lancaster above 14 - John Strohm appointed

BARE, Andrew

pg 122

$300 for widows use not named


1854 page 467

Rachel STEEL dec'd

August 1854 page 467

The petition of Wm Keye a brother in law of Eveline Hutton a minor daughter of Rachel Hutton dec'd respectfully represents that the said Eveline as a minor under the age of fourteen years and is entiltled to a share of the estate of her greatgrandmother Rachel Steel late of York Co, dec'd and has no person legally authorized to take charge of the same your petitioner therefore prays the court to app S. D. McConkey guardian of her estate Where upon the court appointment S.D. McConkey guardian as prayed for

S.D. McConkey tint in $300

George Brown tent in $300

to comth of Penna

Joseph P. Morrison

Oct 1854 pg 597

(abstract) petition of Emmor Morrison minor son of Joseph P. Morrison dec'd of Little Britain township, petion by mother Caroline B. Morrison, that petioner is under 14 and needs a guardian appointed Jacob Bushong appointed

BAIR, Emanuel

pg 717

$300 for Widows use not named (Dr. Emanuel)

BAIR, Emanuel

pg 718

petition of Henry & Samuel minors of Dr Emanuel Late of Lancaster co, by mother Catherine Bear, they need guardian - Abraham Bausman appointed

BAIR, Emanuel

pg 726

Petition of Rosina, Elizabeth & Margaret minors of Dr Emanuel need guardian - Henry Muhlenburg appointed

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