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Lancaster County Misc books 1856 to 1858

BEAR, Andrew

pg 116

$300 for widow not named

James Trimble Deceased

pg 120,121,122

The Petition of Lewis Hilton, Administrator of the estate of James Trimble, late of Drumore Township decd.

Respectfully Represents that the said James Trimble, died on the 10th day of Dec, 1856 intestate leaving a widow named Charlotte and seven children viz Eliza, Sarah, Rachel, Margaret, James and Rebecca J.

The deceased at the time of his death was seized in a tract of ten acres and 116 perches of land with a two story log house in Drumore Township adjoining land of Elias Hess, Joseph Showalter and Cunningham Achison.

The Inventory of the personal Estate filed in the Registers Office of which the widow has only got amounts to $104.81.

And the debts as far as ascertained are as follows viz

William S. Long, two judgments, 162.74

P. M. Housekeeper, two notes, 160.00

Nathaniel Meyers, book a/c, 89.68 1/2

H. W. Fairbank, 54.41

John S. Jordan, 10.48

Peoples & Rohrer, 9.81

Abraham Mahden 17.10



Leaving a deficit of 389.41 under the expenses of settlement, your petitioner therefore prays your Honors to grant him an order to sell said afore mentioned real Estate, to enable him to pay off said debts.

In the truth of which facts the petitioner was duly affirmed according to law.


And now January 30th, 1857 the Court on motion of W. Whiteside Esq. award an order of sale, and order and direct said Lewis Hilton, Administrator of the Estate of James Trimble decd. to expose the above described real Estate of the said deceased to sale by Vendue or out cry.


Lewis Hilton, tent in $1200 To the Commonwealth

Christian Shenk, " " $1200 of

Amos Groff Jr., " " $1200 Pennsylvania

James Trimble decd.

To the Hon: Judges of the Orphan's Court of Lancaster County.

Lewis Hilton Admin of the Estate of James Trimble decd returns that he offered the within? premises at public sale after due notice, and there being no bids on the property he adjourned the sale, and prays the Court to continue the order.


And now June 15th, 1857 Property returned unsold & order continued to December Term.


Return of Administrator, To the Honorable the Judges of the Orphan's Court of Lancaster County, Lewis Hilton Administrator of the Estate of James Trimble decd. Respectfully Returns that in pursuance of the foregoing order of sale, he did after first give due legal notice of the time and place of sale, expose the premises in the said order mentioned to public sale or out cry, and sold the same to Nathaniel Myers at and for the sum of four hundred and fifty dollars ($450) He being the highest and best bidder and that the highest and best price bidden for the same, which sale so made he prays may be Confirmed by the Court.


And now September 23, 1857, The Court confirms the sale so made and decree the premises sold to him Nathaniel Myers his heirs and Assigns in fee as fully as he the said James Trimble had and held in the same at the time of his death subject and liable to the payment of the purchase money agreeably to the return to the Order and the terms therein prescribed by the Court.

BEAR, Henry

pg 143

Petition of John H. & Susanna Alice Bear minor children of Henry of E. Hempfield under age 14, need guardian Henry Hoffman appointed

BAIR, Jacob

pg 183

Petition of Albert Jacob, John & Orlando Bair, minors above 14 years, children of Jacob , late of Conestoga, David Bair Jr of Lancaster City appointed


March 1857 pg 221

**top sentence missing on my photocopy

and now May 7th 1857 on the petition and affidavit of John Wiley, now the sole administrator of John Hudders dec'd and Rachel Hudders(widow)of decedent both interested in said estate, late of Sasbury township in said county dec'd the cout award a citation to Robert W. Hudders late administrator of said dec'd~~~~~~~~~~commanding him to file his account on said deceaseds estate on or before the 2nd Monday of June next. returnable 2nd Monday in June next at 10 0clock am 1857

note written on the bottom of doc*

June 20, 1857 on proof of service on R. Hudders being read in open court on motion of DW ?Talherson eesq the court order and a machinest apacity the said R W Hudders to have his body before these at Lancasteron the 3rd Monday of August next at10 o clock 1857 to amend the contempt to having failed to obey the citationto file his account VC

James Trimble Deceased

March 1857 pg 221

James Trimble decd. May 1857

The petition of Charlotte Trimble, widow and relict of James Trimble. late of Drumore township decd.

Respectfully represents that the said James Trimble, lately died intestate leaving a small real and personal estate that is not sufficient to pay debts, that the deceased left seven children to wit: Ann E. who is now 14 years of age and Sarah elle, Elmirah, Rachel, Margaret, James H. and Rebecca are under 14 years of age, and have no Guardian to take care of their person, (estate or property they have none).Your petitioner therefore respectfully prays your Honors to appoint John Trimble, of Drumore township Guardian of the said Sarah elle, Elmirah, Rachel, Margaret, James H. and Rebeca J. Trimble for the purpose of putting said Minors out to suitable places.

And the said Ann E. Trimble, who is now fourteen years of age, begs leave to make choice of the said John Trimble, as her Guardian, and prays the Honorable Court that he may be appointed.

BEAR, George

pg 425

425 & 696 Petition of Gabriel Bear & John Bomberger Admin of George of Penn Township - George died July 18, 1857 left widow and 6 children All minors Ephraim, Mary Ann, Christian, Isaac, Caroline, & George

Samuel Morrison

Oct 1857, pg 593-594-595

(abstract) John McSparran guardian of Eleanor, Margaret, Jane, & Alice morrison minor children of Samuel Morrison dec'd & Grizzall M. S. Morrison dec'd

discribes Real Estate and request to sell property to help maintain & educate the children

Alex Morrison

Oct 1857

(abstract)2 minor sons of Alex Morrison dec'd Howard & Wesley Andrews, the petiotion is to sell 10 acres of land in Colerain township

John PLANK dec'd

April 1858 page 759

Jacob RINTZ dec'd

April 1858 page 759

Elias PENNINGTON dec'd

April 1858 page 759

Thomas STARS dec'd

April 1858 page 759

Racel STEELE dec'd

April 1858 page 770,771

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