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Misc Books 1867-1870

Henry Greenwalt

Nov 1867 pg 1

John B. SPENCE dec'd

Nov 1867 pg 1

Nov 18, 1867 Appraisment of $300. worth of money claimed and set apart for the family of said deceased and having been filed and published as directed as by rule of court the same was approved omsi and ordered to be filed of record among the records of the orphans court


pg 20,21

He died in 1832 leaving widow Mary since dec, children Ann , Robert, John, James, Catherine Caldwell and Margaret

**(I just wrote down the names I think this was a petition to sell land since mother died, not my ancestors I did not take further notes)

BARR, Martin

pg 144

Petition of Jacob Barr & Mary Barr minor children of Martin of strasburg dec'd jacob abt 19 & mary abt 17 Martin Kreider of w lampeter requested granted

BARR, Martin

pg 145

Petition of Sallie Barr widow of John W. late of the city of st louis state of Missouri he died leaving widow & 4 children all under 14 Grace Ella about 12 1/2 Sittie Stone Barr abt 10 1/2, Katie Kreider Barr age abt 8 and Jonnie Barr abt 6 entitiled to some part of estate of the grandfather Martin and father Martin(yes it says martin even thought states john prior sentence) M H Kreider appointed

BARE, Rachel

pg 240

Petition of Sallie A. & Annie E minor over 14 of Rachel(formerly Diller) late of upper leacock was the wife of Diller Bare has about $ 20 coming from estate of John Roland late of Phila. Need guardian Samuel Good appointed

William Rineer

pg 666

Elizabeth, Rebecca Ann, Elmira and Martha are minor children of William petition by mother Charlotte Griffith

BARE, Samuel

pg 732

$300 to widow Eliza Ann Bare set aside for her use

BEAR, David

pg 734

petition for guardian To the Hon. The Orphans Court of Lancaster County The Petition of William Bear of Leacock township in the said county respectfully represents That his two grandchildren Mary Ann Bear and William Bear, both under fourteen years of age and who are children of the petitioners dec'd son David Bear, have no guardian to take care of their persons and their education and bringing up, and having no estate whatsoever , Your petitioner prays the court to appoint a guardian to take care of their persons, maintenance, support , education and bringing up And now April 18th A.D. 1870 on motion of N. Ellmaker Esq. The court appoints William Bear guardian as prayed for.

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