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BAIR, Jacob

pg 451

$300 goods and chattles set aside for use of Widow Susanna

BARE Samuel

pg 496

Petition of Franklin bender surving husband of Elizabeth of upper leacock has 2 children by wife Grabell bender and mary bender minors under 14 - john Bender upper leacock appointed

BAIR, Jacob

pg 545

benjamin mellinger admin of jacob of strasburg - he died intestate with land a widow and 8 children debts listed wants to sell land to pay debts - -sale - martin ressler purchases land

BEAR, David

pg 578

Nov 1871 To the hon: the Orphan Court of Lancaster County

The petition of undersigned William Bear of Leacock Township, Lancaster County

Respectively represents that upon his own petiotion the said court on the 18th of April 1870 appointed him guardian over the persons of his two grandchildren. Mary Ann Bear and William Bear, the two minor children then under 14years of age, of his , the petitioners dec'd son David Bear, that no property or estate of any two of the said minors has come to his hands or possession . That being within two weeks of eighty two years of age, he is to infirm to properly attend to the bringing up of the said minors and therefore prays the court to discharge him from the said guardianship And now Nov 28 1871 on motion of N. Ellmaker Esq the said William Bear from the guardianship aforesaid as prayed for

BARE Samuel

pg 661

Petition of Eliza Ann Barr & Daniel Rife admin of Samuellate of earl deid 14 feb 1870 with widow and collateral heirs - want to sell some land to pay debts

Elizabeth Morrison

Nov 1871 pg 695

(abstract) petition of John Morrison child of Elizabeth & Matthew Morrison

Elizabeth Late of Martic township, mother dec'd lately leaving issue 1 child age Now about 20 years, entitled to share of grandfathers estate- Thomas Alexander lately dec'd

Court appoints John Crawford Martic guardian

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