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I think I made an error on the date of the book may be 1872- 1873 & 1873-1875

BEAR, John 35, 179 1873

35 1873 - report on sale of lands by Levi Bear, George Bear & John W, Bear administrators of above named of village of New Holland 179 1873- Petition of Maria Thomas dau of John Bear for her share of land sale(husband Daniel)

BEAR , Isreal 2 , 96 - 1873

300 aside for widows use Mary

BARR, Jacob (lame) 446 -1873

Men appointed to appraise his land according to will

BARR, Christian 520 1873

300 aside for use of widow Annie

BARE, Sarah 557 -1873

Petition of Adam Bare of leacock for Levi groff to settle estate of above named

BARR, Abraham 668, 669 - 1873

Of cocalico died leaving widow Eliza and children 3 Eliza Brown wife of Elias , Abraham & Jacob last 2 minors insufficient money to pay debts want to sell land

BARE, Samuel G.

pg 27

petition of Amanda Spreecher minor above 14 of lewis Sprecher she is entitled to money frm her uncle Samuel Bare - Jonathan Sprecher appointed guardian as prayed for

BARE, Samuel G.

pg 57, 58, 59

Petition of Amanda Sprecher, a minor child of Lavina Sprecher dec'd , and Lewis Sprecher by her guardian Jonathan Sprecher

States Samuel of Earl township died intestate without issue, had land in Earl 3 tracts

Left widow Eliza

His mother Elizabeth Bare

6 sisters

Lavina wife of Lewis Sprecher

Leah wife of John Hunchberger

Susanna wife of Eli Shirk

Catherine wife of Emanuel Swope

Julia wife of Sheaffer Bare

And Louisa Bare

And Grabill Bender

And Mary Bender children of his dec'd sister Ellizabeth who was intermarried with Franklin Bender(said minors being now represented by their guardian John W. Bender)surviving him

That Levina Sprecher is also now dec'd leaving surviving her husband Lewis - sons Jonathan Sprecher and Samuel Sprecher who are more than 21 years and Amanda said minor

Wants to sell her individual share in said real estate

John Trimble Jr.

(April 17, 1875, Rick)pg 523

To the Hon: the Judges of the Orphan's Court of Lancaster County, Penna.

The petition of Ellen Trimble, Respectfully Represents:

That the petitioner is a minor child of John Trimble Jr. of Drumore Township County and State aforesaid, above the age of fourteen years. That she resides in said County, and has no one to take care of her estate, and prays the Court to appoint a Guardian for that purpose, and she will ever pray so.

Ellen Trimble

And now April 17th A.D. 1875 on motion of R. B. Rick Esq, the Court appoints Valentine Gardner, of Drumore Twp, Guardian of the minor above named as prayed for, and approve of Bond.

Valentine Gardner, tent in $200 To the Commonwealth

S. J. Ankrim, " " $200 of

Alexander Stevenson, " " $200 Pennsylvania

BAIER, Anna Maria

pg 552

Petition of John & Anna minors of Anna Maria(wife of George of E Hempfield) formerly Anna Maria Kerr, they are under 14 need guardian Henry Duing of e hempfield appointed

BEAR, John

pg 601thru 604

Heirs and legal representatives of John Bear, late of Earl township dec'd

Maria Thomas and husband Daniel Thomas,

Levi H. Bear,

George Bear,

John W. Bear

Christiana Rutter and husband Jeremiah Rutter

And Aaron H. Bear

Being the surviving children of dec'd

And Joseph H. Bear a minor and only child of Joseph H. Bear dec'd

And grandchild of John Bear dec'd by his guardian Elias Horst

Represent that John Bear died intestate Oct 1873 with land

1 tract Earl

2nd tract mountain timberland same township

want land appraised - findings on that land can be divided into several parts Heirs decline land and land sale

BEAR, Isreal

pg 642

Clayton, Elizabeth, Samuel Henry & Rudy Bear minors of Isreal petition by mother Mary - (Late of Upper leacock all under 14 Jacob Myers appointed guardian

BEAR, Isreal

pg 663

died 31 aug 1873 leaving widow & 5 children above named has land want to sell to pay debts.

BEAR, Isreal

pg 664

statement saying what estate holds (Inventory type )

A.W. Morrison

Aug 1873 pg 719

(abstract) $300 appraisment of Goods and chattles for use of Margaret the widow

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