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Lancaster County, Pa Misc. 1876-1878

BARR, Samuel

pg 330

Petition of Abraham Zahm above 14, son of John Zahm entitled to some part of Samuels estate Uriah Huber appointed guardian

BARR, Samuel

pg 423,424,425,426,427

Petition of John Bleacher of Providence township, Samuel Died 1827 testate (of Martic)

He wrote his will Jan 27,1817 probated 30 day April 1827 book P page 23 He bequeathed estate to be divided between two daughters Nancy & Mary, with the exception of 9-10 acres to go to his granddaughter Susanna the daughter of Mary, which is to come out of the part bequeathed to Mary. The land is to be enjoyed for their natrual life and not subject to be sold after their deaths it is to be divided among their heirs.If Susanna dies without heirs this portion goes back to Mary

Nancy died without issue, Mary intermarried with John Bleacher and died some thirty or thirty five years since. leaving surviving her the following named Children and grandchildren who are now living

Michael Bleacher, Abraham Bleacher, Daniel Bleacher, John Bleacher,Fanny intermarried with John Styer, Mary intermarried with John Clayman, and Ann who was intermarried with John Zahm, who died leaving surviving her the following childrenMary intermarried with Harvey Steel, Annie intermarried with William Bookman, Frances intermarried with John Bawley, Kate, Barbara Ann, Samuel, John, Daniel and Abraham who is a minor.

That said Susanna died 21 Sept 1877 without issue

Heirs would land viewed to see if it can be split between heirs, Could not only would support 1

Land appraised and sold

BARR, Fanny

pg 347

BARR, Christian

pg 444,445

Auditors report

BEAR, William

pg 527

Heirs want paper purported to be Williams will checked. Appeal of Martin, Jacob A., Samuel and Amos Bear , Laban Ranck for Amanda Ranck and H.C. Weidler for Mary Weildler **note: this Williams will is in the balcony , not in will books the court decides the will stands as written two sons are pretty much disowned in will for trying to earlier take his property (?I think this was Jacob & Amos this is stated in the will - there is one other daughter is named along with her husband Hannah w of a Brubaker? Maybe Peter?)Estate divided into 7 parts William and Mary Ann children of dec'd son David are included

BARR, Jacob 286, 287, 288

Eliza Jane Trimble

pg 105

Eliza Jane Trimble Decd.

To the Hon; the Judges of the Orphan's Court of Lancaster County.

The petition of Dr. George A. King, a creditor of Eliza Jane Trimble, late of the City of Lancaster decd. Respectfully Represents ;

That Eliza Jane Trimble died intestate on the (blank) day of (blank) 187_ and letters of Administration were granted on the 21st day of November 1872, to William A. Morton by the Register of Lancaster County. That more than one year has elapsed since such letters of Administration were granted; That the Administrator neglecting or failing to file an account on said estate, Your petitioner asks the Court to award a citation directed to the said William A. Morton, Administrator aforesaid commanding him to exhibit and file a Just Account and settlement of said estate, Returnable on the 3rd Monday of August next, at 10. o'clock a.m. and he will ever pray so.

Geo. A. King

June 29th 1877, on motion of W.L. Asurny Esq. Court Awards a citation as prayed for, returnable on the 3rd Monday in August 1877, at 10. o'clock a.m.

Jacob Spotts dec'd

pg 105

(citation awarded Dec 22 1876)

In the matter of the estate of Jacob Spotts late of Canarvon township Lancaster co Pa dec'd

In th orphans court of Lancaster County

And now Dec 22 1876 on the motion of AJ Eberly esq court award a citation to James McCaa, acting testamentary guardian under the will of said dec'd of Emma Elizabeth Root(formerly Spotts) a minor child of said dec'd (at the instance of said Emma Elizabeth Root- who is now above the age of 21 years and entitled to several sums of money, interest & c, that are in the hands of said James McCass?) commanding him to exhibt

John Rineer

pg 169

Maria Rineer minor child of John Rineer dec'd
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