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HENSEL, Rachel

Jan 1902, pg 309

RACHEL HENSEL. DECEASED. To the Honorable the Judges of the Orphans' Court for the County of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The petition of William S. Hastings administrator c., of Rachel Hensel late of the township of Drumore in the County of Lancaster Deceased. respectfully represents; That the said Rachel Hensel dled on or about the 28 th day of June A. D. 1900. intestate. leaving to survive her six children, vlz; Howard Hensel Mrs. Mary Jackson, Mrs Samuel Fagin, John Hensel William Hensel and three children of Mrs. Belle Shaw, a deceased daughter. That the personal estate of said decedent is insufficient for the payment of her death, as will appear by a true and perfect inventory and conscionable appraisement of all the personal estate whatsoever of the said decedent, on file with the Register of said County, and a just and true account of all the debts of the said decedent Which. have come to the knowledge of the petitioner, the amount Of said Inventory and the said account being hereto annexed, and marked Respectively Schedules 'A" and "B", The petitioner further represents, that the said Rachel Hensel Died seized in her demisne as of fee, of and in certain real estate situated in the Township of Drumore, particularly described in a statement hereto annexed, marked Schedule "C". The petitioner therefore pray the Court to order the sale of so much or such part of the said real estate as to the Court shall appear necessary for the payment of the debts. o f said decedent. And he Will ever pray etc. .

W. S. Hastings.


Affidavit of petitioner appended.


Amount of inventory of personal estate of said decedent, as per detailed list on file with the Register, and. herewith referred to as part of this petition, No Personal property;

SCHEDULE "B", Of said decedent.

A statement of all the debts

Funeral expenses about 75.00

N.N.Hensel, coal bill 35.00

Taxes 20.00

Administration expenses 40.00

Advertising &c 8.00

Total $ 178,00

The administrator is informed there are other claims to be presented against the estate. amount not known by h1m.


Description of the real estate of said decedent. All that certain tract of land situated in Drumore Township, Lancaster Co., Pa., bounded and described as follows, to wit; Beginning at a stone at a Corner of land formerly 0f Jonathan Stout and on the original line of said tract thence along said line by land formerly of Gardner Furniss south 3 3/4 degrees, West 8 3/10 perches to land of Methodist Episcopal Church and thence along the same North 78 1/2 degrees West 8 2/10 perches to John McSparran land and thence along the same North 16 1/2 degrees East 16 8/10 perches to the said land fo formerly of Jonathan Stout and thence along the same south 78 1/2 degrees East 4 6/10 per-ches to the place of beginning on which are erected a two story frame dwelling house and sta -ble. Contalning 106 square perches of land. Being the same premises W1h1ch Gardner Furness and wife by deed dated March 16, 1838 and recorded in recol'd book N. Vol 6, page 257 &c, granted and conveyed unto ****Beuoni Beerus.


Tent in $ 400 Tent in 400 Tent in 400

W.S.Hastings (Seal) William Brooks (Seal) -. L. Zimmers (Seal)


To the Commonwealth

of Pennsylvania.

Fifty cent revenue Stamp attached.


RACHEL HENSEL. ,And now, December 7th A. D. 1901, Petition presented and read, where-

, ,DECEASED. upon on motion of B. F. Davis, Esq., the court award an order of sale,

in petition prayed for, and order and direct said administrator to expose said real estate to sale by Public Vendue or outcry, and to sell the same according to law or the payment of debts. Sale to be held on te premises, in the village of Fairfield, on Saturday the 4th day of January A. D. 1902'. Terms; Purchase money payable cash on the first day of April A. D. 1902. Due legal and, timely notice of the time and place of sale to be given and return made to this order at an Orphans I Court to be held on the third Monday of January A. D. 1902. , '

By the Court.

Attest; C. G. Strickler.

Dep., C.O. Court.

RETURN TO ORDER OF SALE. To the Honorable Judges of the Orphans I Court for the County of Lancaster; The undersigned W. S. Hastings, Administrator of the estate 0 f Rachel Hensel late of drumore township, in th1e County of Lancaster, deceased, respectfully returns; That, in pursuance of the annexed order 0f sale, and in accordance with the provisions therein contained, having first given due legal and timely notice of the time and place of sale. He did at the time and peace, and on the terms in said order prescribed, expose the re-Ll estate therein described, to sale by Public Vendue or Outcry, and sold the same; to Mary Jackson for the sum of two hundred and ten dollars $210.00.. The said Mary Jackson being the highest and best bidder, and that the highest and best price bidden for th1e name at said sale, and which said sale so made, said W.S. Hastings respectfully ask the Court to confirm. .

Affirmed and subscribed before me W. S. Hastings.

this 17th day of January A. D. 1902. '

N. B. Webster, J.P.


And now, January 23rd A. D.01902, return presented and read, whereupon on motion f B. F. Davis, Esq., the Court confirm the sale so as aforesaid made,' as prayed for, and decree the said premises land real estate to her the said Mary Jackson, her heirs assigns, in fee, as fully' as she the said "Rachel Hensel, had and held in the same at the time of her death, subject and liable to the payment. of the purchase money, agreeably

0 the return. to the order and the terms there in prescribed. BY' the Court.

Note (MM)*** sic Land should be that of Benoni Burns - Rachel Burn Hensel's father

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