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Church: Notes: Middle Octorara Prebyterian Church, 4/1/1878- 4/1/1879: Lancaster County

Annual of the Middle Octorara Presbyterian Church

These are a great source of information on Church members for the year, if anyone knows the location of more of the Church Annals I would appreciate information on them. Or Copies if anyone has other years stashed in their attic :)

Abstracts from a church Annual

April 1, 1878 - April 1, 1879

#1 In Memoriam

Cornelius COLLINS
Died at the residence of Washington WALKER Esq. , on Oct. 14, 1878, in the 84th yr.
He was the son of James and Judith COLLINS. he was born 4 4 1795 married in 1817 to Margaret Long who died January 31, 1864 74th year of her age. They had no children. His brother Thomas COLLINS came into possession of the old homestead and still resides there (1879) When Cornelius reached an age were he could no long care for his farm he gave to his nephew Cornelius M. COLLINS who married Lizzie, daug of W. Walker, he resided with them. His nephew died Aug 3 1871 and four years after Lizzie wanted to return with her two children to her fathers home in Little Britain township. He went with them.

#2 Church records

Children baptized

October 14, 1878
James Parke , son of Jacob and Clara THOMPSON
October 14, 1878
Margaret Lelia, daughter of Milton and Harriet HEIDLEBAUGH
October 14, 1878
Forest Milton, son of Albert and Barbara HEIDLEBAUGH
October 14, 1878
Joseph Milton, son of Hervey and Catherine BAUGHMAN

Members Recieved

by Certificate

April 20, 1878,
Samuel PICKEL and Mrs. Sarah E. Pickel, from Presbyterian church at Nottoway, Va.
October 12, 1878 ,
Jerome KEELEY M .D. , from Presbyterian Church at Fort Worth Texas,
and Mrs. Lizzie A. WARD , from Walnut Street Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia
March 30, 1879,
Joseph RUSSEL and Mrs. Sarah RUSSEL , from Georgia Chandler Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia

By Profession [of faith]

April 20, 1878 Edith R. KUNKEL , and Samantha M. KUNKEL
April 21, 1878 Jacob G. THOMPSON and Mrs Clara L. THOMPSON , (baptized same day)
September 15, 1878 , Elizabeth A. DRAUCKER
November 24, 1878 George M. KEYLOR (baptized Dec. 1, ) and Henry KEYLOR
December, 22, 1878 Albert PICKEL

Members Dismissed

November 24, 1878
Mrs. Malinda REA to Bellevue Presbyterian Church,
and Henry JACKSON , and Martha S. JACKSON to Mount Pleasant M.E. Church, Pa

Couples Married

September 10, 1878 ,
At the home of the groom, near Spring Grove,
Charles E. WARD , of Drumore township, and Lizzie A. ALLEN , of Manor township.
September 21, 1878,
At the Parsonage, William E. HODGES and Henrietta HOPKINS , both of Eden township
October 3, 1878,
At the home of the bride, Jerome KEELEY , M.D., of Christiana, and Mrs. Julia BANEY, of Georgetown.
November 21, 1878,
At the parsonage, Peter L. LEWIS , of Mount Pleasant, and Rebecca DOSCH , of Bart.
November 24, 1878,
At the Parsonage, Lindley HUTTON , of Chestnut Level, and Sallie A. PUSEY , of King's Bridge.
December 4, 1878,
At the home of the brides parents, in Georgetown , James IRWIN and Hannah BAUGHMAN, both of Bart township.
Decemeber 17, 1878,
at the parsonage, Levi N. PICKEL and Elizabeth LEAMAN, both of East Lampeter.
January 16, 1879,
at the home of the bride, George W. STEWART , of Smyrna, and Florence R. KNOX , of Mount Pleasant
February 6, 1879,
At the home of the bride's father, near Batsville, John McGOWAN and Ann Eliza GOOD , both of Christiana
March 18, 1879,
at the home of the groom's parents near Nine Points, Isaac N. McGOWAN and Laura A. HARRAR, both of Chistiana.
March 18, 1879,
At the home of the bride, Eli McCARDLE , of Willow Street and Sarah McGOWAN, of Nine Points.
March 19, 1879,
At the parsonage, Samuel JOHNSON, of Belmont, and
Lizzie E. Smith , of Whitehall

Funerals Attended

Services conducted by the Pastor .

The date given is the date of death.
July 17, 1878,
At Green Tree Hotel, the residence of his Brother in law , J.G. BARKLEY, Thomas CARPENTER, of Philadelphia, age 40 years Buried at Octoraa United Presbyterian Church
August 20, 1878,
At the home of his father, Dr. John MARTIN, in Georgetown, Edwin M. MARTIN M.D., in the 23rd year of his age, Burial at Paradise Presbyterian Church
October 14, 1878
At the residence of Washington WALKER, Esq. , Fairmount, Little Britain township, Cornelius COLLINS, in the 84th year of his age. Burial Octorara Presbyterian Church
November 1, 1878,
At his residence , near Georgetown, on the Strasburg Road, Henry MYERS , aged 47 years and 3 months. Burial at Quarryville Reformed Church.
November 24, 1878,
At the residence of his uncle, Benj. B HERR., near Soudersburg, Adam F. DRAUCKER , of Nottoway, Va. in the 23rd year of age. burial at Middle Octorara Church
Dec 7 1878,
At her home, in Sadsbury township, Margaret, wife of Samuel YOUNG, in the 62nd year of her age. Burial at Oxford Cemetery
December 14, 1878,
On Mine Hill, Margaret L., daughter of Isaiah and Jemima Jane YARNELL, age 2 years, 3 months, 6 days, Burial Georgetown M.E. Church
December 18, 1878,
near Bartville, Jemima wife of David THOMAS, age 29 years, Buried at Mt. Eden Lutheran church. (First burial in this graveyard)
December 24, 1878,
near Georgetown, Mary PICKEL , widow of the late John PICKEL, in the 90th year of her age. Burial Octorara United Presbyterian Church.
January 22nd, 1879
At his home near Heyberger's Mill, John ALEXANDER, age 71 years, Buried Middle Octorara Church.
January 29, 1879,
At Bryn Mawr, Montgomery county, Barbara GRAHAM, wife of Nathan SOLE, age 26 years. Funeral services were held at her uncle's, Harrison GRAHAM. Burial at Leacock Presbyterian Church.
February 8, 1879,
At his home, in Sadsbury township, Samuel YOUNG, in the 72d year of his age. Burial at Oxford Cemetery.
February 15, 1879,
At his home near Green Tree, Samuel B. PICKEL , aged 51 years. Burial at Middle Octorara Church
March 29, 1879,
At his home near Green Tree, William JENKINS , age 73 years. Burial at Middle Octorara Church
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