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Now and Then in Providence Township, 1976 , Paul Hollinger

In 1858, the Mt. Airy School was named for the Mt. Airy Tavern, corner of Rawlinsville Avenue and Fairview Church Road. The school was located to the east of the tavern on Rawlinsville Avenue and "Mt. Airy Road", except that the Mt. Airy Road did not exist in 1858. Instead, the road went from the school house north past Frank Pannel's farmhouse to Scott Road east to Hollow. Both roads are closed today. By 1864, Mt. Airy Road was newly constructed to Scheller Road, but the school remained at Rawlinsville A venue. Mt. Airy School was at its present location in 1875, but probably not this build-ing. The school was closed in 1953 like all the others but the township retained it for a municipal building. The road equipment shed is shown to the right.

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