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Mount Hope Methodist Episcopal Church, Of Quarryville charge

Separated from Fulton circuit, and constituted a part of S.R. Circuit, March 1884

Record of Pastors

NamesAppointed Removed
F.M. Brady to Fulton Circuit March 21st 1883..
F.M. Brady to S.R.Circut March 18th 1884..
F.M.Brady 25th 1885..
D.T. Smyth to S.R.CircuitMarch 1886 June 14th 1887
L.A. Parselle served once a month when_____..
D.T. Smyth returned until March 1888..
?.B. Johnston March 1888 March 1891
J.H. Royer March 1891 March 18th 1896
W.W. Wisegarver March 1896 March 1899
above withdrew & entered Prot Ep. Ch.Lancaster Filled out conf. Year after Earps withdraw
J.H. Earp March 1899 Dec. 1900
Hiram McVey (supplied) Dec. 1900 Mar. 1901
O.C. Burt Mar 1901...
G.S. Kerr .. March 1906
Richard Howells Mar. 1906 March 1909
C.E. Radcliffe March 1909 March 1911
C.J. Benjamin March 1911 March 23 1913
Thos. R. Crooks March 1913
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