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Mt Zion Methodist Records

Records of Official Members

(book dated 1880 - 1905) very faded will give as much information that I can possible read. Mount Zion Church
Adam Black (preacher, trustee)
Hiram McVey (preacher, steward, leader, s.s. sup) appointed 7/19/1884
William McComsey (sp?) (exhorter, steward, trustee)
Silas Jammison (sp?) (exhorter)
W. Pennington (steward, leader, trustee) relation ceased 4/1885
W. Bare (steward, leader, trustee, s.s. sup)
David Reid (sp?) (exhorter, steward, trustee)
R. Ross (steward)
Joseph Wander (sp?) (steward, trustee)
Chas Adams (trustee, s.s. sup) relation ceased 4/1885
Philips (trustee)
Albert Hambleton (steward, trustee) relation ceased 2/4/1885
W. Chambers (trustee)
E Ewing (sp?) (trusee)
W. Zelt (sp?) (trustee)
William Zell (trustee)
Joseph Swift (trustee)
Hambleton (steward)
Michael Henry (trustee)
Hensel (trustee)
Harvery (trustee)
Benton Cain (trustee)
John McGloughlin (trustee)
Wesley Atkinson (leader, s.s. sup)
Wm. G. Terrell or Ferrell (trustee)
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