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Township, Lancaster County, Pa

"Churches of Today and Yesterday in Southern Lancaster County" by Fellowship of Solanco Churches, Raymond Dunlap, George Herbert, & Richard Yates , Sr. printed 1968

New Providence Church of God located two miles west of New Providence, Providence Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, is affiliated with the General Eldership of Churches of God of North America. This Bethel in earlier years was known as Fairview Church of God which has since been changed by The East Pennsylvania Eldership.

Under the pastorate of Elder D. H. Mumma, a wood's meeting was held on the property of Witmer Barge in the year 1878. This wood's was in view of the original Bethel site about one mile south west of the present Bethel. Five converts resulted from this meeting. From this small beginning a church was organized and began the erection of a Bethel in the fall of 1878 and completed in the spring of 1879. A protracted meeting was held February 3, 1879, during which seven-teen persons professed conversion.

The following church officers were elected at the organization meeting February 25, 1879. Elders: John F. Wiggins, Louis Aukamp, Deacons: Benjamin Kunkle, Samuel Groff, H. H. Wiggins, Treasurer Samuel Groff.

John F. Wiggins and H. H. Wiggins are buried in the cemetery adjoining present Bethel site.

March 30, 1896, dated the first organization of a Sunday School.

On September 28, 1896, a committee was appointed to see Brother John Wimer Senior, relative to purchasing a small portion of land adjoining the Bethel. On December 28, 1896, the committee reports thatt Brother Wimer, Sr. would not agree to sell land. Unable to buy this land, the committee investigated other possibilities. On June 28, 1897. Fritz, Collins and Lefever offered ground at $100 an acre; the c.:.unciI agreed to purchase one and one-half acres of land, site of present Bethel.

During the pastorate of Reverend S. E. Kline, in August, 1897, the corner stone was layed for present Bethel, but was not dedicated until the following year when Elder Jesse Bergstresser was the pastor.

The Church was a part of a circuit with Smithville Church of God. As the years passed along the growth under the various pastors **********ed phenomenal and at last it was decided to petition the East Pennsylvania Eldership to make the Fairview Church of God a charge, which was granted 1927.

As the membership increased, several additions were made to the Bethell. 1963 additional ground was purchased for future expansion. 1966 plans are being drawn up for a new Bethel to be erected on ground adjoining present site.

The above history was procured from History of the Churches of God in The United States of North America by C. H. Forney D.D., 1909. and minute books at the New Providence Church of God par-.-age located in Ref ton, Pennsylvania.

The pastor is the Reverend Robert Detweiler, Ref ton, Pennsylvania

Prominent Persons:

Myrtle Wiggins Lefever, ordained minister, daughter of H. H. Wiggins one of first elders of Church.

Dr. Ivan Frick (son of Mrs. Lillian Frick) ordained minister of the Churches of God, elected twelfth president, April 1964, of Findlay College, Findlay, Ohio.

Present Church membership is 314, Sunday school enrollment 326, average attendance 285/year.

Services-Sunday school 9 AM.

Worship services 10 AM. & 7:30 P.M.

Prayer meeting Wednesday evening 7: 30

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