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Little Britain Monthly Meeting - Penn Hill

Surnames Found in the index for births & deaths

Bells, Botts, Brown, Bolton, Blackburn, Coale, Carter, Coates, Churchman, Chandler, Cook, Clendenon, Cox, Eastburn,Embree, Furniss, Fell, Gray, Griest, Gatchell, Good , Gregg, Garretson, Harlan, Howel, Hartley, Haines, Hewes, Haviland, Hoopes, Howel, Hambleton, Lamborn, Livezey, Lloyd, King, Kinsey,Kirk,Jackson,Jones, Idal, Jackson, Millhouser, Milner, Moore, Miller, Morry, Paxson, Pyle, Pennock, Pickering, Passmore, Pierce, Penrose, Pusey, Parry, Reynolds, Russell, Rutter, Stubbs, Smedley, Shoemaker, Smith, Thomas, Tennis, Trego, White, Walton, Way, Wood, Worrel, Webster, Wilson,

(items written in after on film)

This film is VERY hard to read I recommend checking the original if any questions arise
Also unlike some of the other films where the births are listed on the left page and the deaths on the right page for the same family this book list different family birth records on several pages then deaths, not all related to the previous page so I am going to list them as they are in the book birth pages and Burial pages separate
I am making every effort to put these in the order they are on the film.

Births & Deaths


Children of Benjamin & Rebechah (Sidwell) BROWN

Including one decease, as follows (to wit)

??Aariah Brown 16th of 8thmo 1798

second son Brown 24th 2ndmo 1800 & deceased the 26th of the same month

?Anne? Brown 26th 3mo 1801

Benjamin Brown 1st 10thmo 1802

Elizabeth Brown 27th of 5thmo 1804

Rebeccah Brown 30th of 4thmo 1806

Rachel Brown 1st of 4thmo 1808

Mary Brown 11th of 7thmo 1811


Children of Samuel and Hannah EMBREE

Lydia Embree 28th of 2ndmo 1797

Joseph Embree 25th 11mo 1798

Phebe Embree 1st of 5thmo 1801

John Embree 2nd 8thmo 1803

James Embree 1st of 9thmo 1805



Mary Brown dau of Benjamin & Rebeccah Brown deceased the 15th of 10mo 1811

Rebecca Brown deceased the 10 of 10th mo 1824 in the 5*year

Benjamin Brown deceased the 4th day of 7th mo 1826 in the 64th year of age
**someone did some math on the bottom of the page is the following





64yr of age






Children of John & Hannah WEBSTER

?Ann? Webster born 1mo 6th 1779

second daughter was decd Born 8th 1st mo & departed same day 1781

Thomas Webster was born 6th 3rd mo 1782

William Webster was born 28th 8thmo 1784

Phebe Webster 24th 11mo 1786

Hannah Webster 12th 3mo 1789

John Webster 19th 2mo 1791

Nathan Webster 26th 12mo 1792

Joshua Webster 24th 11mo 1794

Isaac Webster 25th 1mo 1797

Eli Webster 15th 11mo 1798



Margaret MILLHOUSE departed this life the 27th of 4th mo 1809



Joseph RICHARDSON was born the 3rd day of the 10th mo 1743 old style and departed this life ?? 10th day of the 1 mo 1814 in Little Britain township,Lancaster county

& Dinah RICHARDSON his wife departed this life the 20th of 3rd mo 1824 aged about 76yrs 10mo

***ry REYNOLDS departed this life the 7th day of 2ndmo 1809

****** Reynolds departed this life the 27th day of 12th mo 1817

***** ****** departed this life the 12th of 12th mo 1819


**note across top can not read

Henry Paxson was born 12th 8th mo 1804

Hannah Paxson was born 20th 6th mo 1806

Hannah Paxson wife of Joseph Paxson departed this life the 24th of 6th mo 1806

Hannah Paxson daughter of Joseph & Hannah Paxson departed this life 24th ?th mo 1806

notes to right unreadablealso says see p?41



Jacob Reynolds departed this life 8th of 4th mo1822 in 71st yr of age

Joseph Hewes son of Edward & Mary Hewes was born in Little Britain township, Lancaster county Pa the 5th of 9th mo 1771 and departed this life 28th of 9th mo 18** age 70years and twenty three days (see page ?34)

Ann (King) ****** )

Elizabeth Reynolds departed this life the 25th of 8th mo ****

(see ?Nottingham?B&D p 142)

??maybe Henry Reynolds husband of the above Elizabeth Reynolds departed this life the 16th of 7th mo 1845
see Nottingham Mar register p 316

??Joseph Thomas was born27th 12thmo 1802

Adrianna (Moore) Thomas wife of Joseph and daughter of Joseph Moore West Nottingham was born 28th of 12th mo 1807

Next entry crossed off Benjamin Fell departed this life the 27th *** 1847 in his 74th year

Esther Brown wife of Samuel was born 9th of 10th mo 181*

Adeline Brown was born 9th *** 185* (Maybe 1855)

(see pp ?16/68)


Zachariah Betts was born the 27th day 11mo 1799

Mary Lacy Betts was born the 23rd of 9th mo 1801

? Hannah Kirkbride Betts was born the 23rd of ? mo 1804

(see pg 15)

Sarah Wentz wife of Joseph was born the 9th 11mo 1778 and departed this life the 17th 2mo 1843

Joseph Stubbs departed this life the 4th of8mo 1856 in the 96th year of age(see p88)

Rachel ?Pierce? departed this life 7th 1st mo 1862 age 87years

Mary Blackburn departed this life the 19th 1st mo 1863age 76years

Zacariah Betts departed this life 18th 10thmo 1800

N.B. upon examination of the new disepline established by the yearly Meeting at Philadelphia in the 4th mo 1806. We find directions for keeping the record of births & Burials in the following manner-


Children of Nathan & ?Grace? (***) PYLE

residence- Chester co

David Pyle born 17th 4mo 1805

Elizabeth Pyle born 2nd 12mo 1806

Children of Joshua & Margaret (Job) REYNOLDS

Morris Reynolds 1stmo 26th 1792

Mary Reynolds 5thmo 26th 1793

Lydia Reynolds 6thmo 28th 1795

Elijah Reynolds 3mo 20th 1797



Left side of this page containing first names washed out

?Catherine?Brown Died 19 1mo 1807 , age 23,buried Eastland ,Late residence in Chester

?Mary Harlan wife of ?George Harlan Died 1st mo 24th 1813 Buried Little Britain, Late residence in Chester county & late of Lancaster county

Mary Kinsey wife of ********Kinsey, died 22nd of 5th mo 1816 age 63yr ?mo 24days, buried Eastland Meeting house,Late residence Little Britain township, daughter of Edward and Elizabeth Rice

??Edith Kinsey Died 10th of 2mo 1828 age in 42 year buried East Caln late residence Eastland, wife of Able Kinsey

Sarah Brown Died 23 of ?4 mo 1839 buried Little Britain late residence Cecil co md,

?Charlotte Quinby Died ?10th of 9thmo 1840, buried Little Britain, late residence Cecil co Maryland, dau of ****Quinby
?Isaac Webster D 13th 4th mo 1858 buried Little Britain late residence Fulton township,
*nn Webster Died 21 of 3rdmo 1877 res. Fulton township, daughter of Joseph Hewes and wife of Isaac Webster


Children of John & Mary (Rice)KINSEY

Residence Hard to read on right column

*****Buckingham Monthly ??? residence in Bucks county ***by certificate from Buckingham to Nottingham 1801-*****Little Britain & are members of Little Britain Monthly Meeting

Alice Kinsey 27th ?1stmo 1775

{Elizabeth Kinsey 7th 3mo 1777}

{ Hannah Kinsey 7th 3mo 1777}

Abel Kinsey 13th 6thmo 1779

Phebe Kinsey 18th 6mo 1782

?Seth or Ruth ?Kinsey 23rd 1mo 1785

{Elam Kinsey 9th 4thmo 1787}

{Athur Kinsey 9th 4thmo 1787}

N. B. Elam Kinsey deceased 15th 10thmo 1787

& Arthur Kinsey on the 27th ************

Children of Daniel & Elinor KENNY

Residence Late of Chester County now of Little Britain
Daniel Kenny 14th 8thmo 1799

Maxwell Kenny 4th 2nd mo 1802

James Kenny 22nd 7th mo 1805

??Eleanor (p?6) 16 11 1808

Children of Amos & Ruth (Stubbs)PYLE

Residence Little Britain

Sarah Pyle 20th 12thmo 1794

Daniel Pyle 10th of 9thmo 1796

John Pyle 2nd of 8th mo 1798

Phebe Pyle 24th 3rdmo 1801

Joseph Pyle 18th 8thmo 1803

Amos Pyle 27th 20mo 1806


By the parents names are light notes hard to read

M 10 1mo 1793

marriage date is clear but who their parents are I can't read on copies for Amos

dt ?Daniel & Ruth Stubbs

of ??? & ?Mary (C***) Pyle

Children of Samuel & Rebeckah (Webster) Richardson

Residence Little Britain

Hannah Richardson 21 6mo 1796

William Richardson 15th 2mo 1798

Ruth Richardson 24th of 12th mo 1799

Rebecca Richardson 9th 1stmo 1802

Margaret Richardson 29 1mo 1804

Lydia Richardson 30 1mo 1806

Mary Richardson ?24th 5mo 1808


continued on pg 20 of this book

Children of Benjamin & ??Kariah EASTBURN

Residence now of Chester county

Hannah Eastburn 31st ?5thmo 1796

?Francis Eastburn ?21 11mo 1798

Joseph A. Eastburn 26th 1 mo 1802



Left side of this page washed out

Children of Vincent and Mary KING

Residence - Little Britain

unreadable born 6 ?mo 1776

Children of Joshua & Elizabeth (Roger)KING

Residence- Little Britain

? Ann? King 17 9 mo 1803

? ***? King 26 2mo 1805

Hannah King 9 10mo 1806

see page 88 for *** children

Children of James & Elizabeth HARLAN

Residence- Little Britain

Sarah Harlan 12 6mo 1798

Children of Samuel & Sarah (****) CARTER

?***? Carter 15 9mo 1774

? John? Carter 30 5mo 1776

Children of Samuel & 2nd wife Ruth (Taylor) CARTER

Residence- present abode Chester county

?Aban? Carter 13 7mo 1782

Hannah Carter 20 3mo 1784

****Carter 10 10?mo 1786

**muel Carter 16 7mo 1787

Rachel Carter 12th 5thmo 1789

***miah Carter 30th 7mo 1791

?Anna? Carter 28th 8mo 1793

?*mos? Carter 12 12mo 1795

??**ther? Carter 12th 3mo 1799

Children of David & Hannah(Carter) WOOD

Residence- Little Britain

ElizabethWood 27 3mo 1804

?? Wood 26 1mo 1807

Children of Benjamin and Susannah (Dunn) CUTLER

Residence- Little Britain in Lancaster County

Cutler ?6 6mo 1777

Cutler 24 3mo 1779

Cutler 17 1mo 1782

Cutler 24 12mo 1783

Cutler 20 12mo 1785

Cutler 12 4mo 1787

Cutler 2nd 2 1790

Cutler 25 2 1791

Cutler ?23 4mo 1794

Children of Joshua & Mary WEBSTER

Residence- Little Britain

XXXXXXXXXcrossed off



Benjamin Eastburn died 30th 9mo 1806,age?50?2?26 buried Elkridge

John Carter 30 ?mo 1799 age 23 buried Philadelphia, late of that place

Abner Carter 19 11mo 1802 age 20 buried Eastland residence Chester county

Samuel Carter died 2 8mo 180?4 or 6 age 19, buried Deercreek, residence Harford co Maryland

Cyrus Carter died 5 of 5mo 1815 age 19yr4mo 23 days

Benjamin Cutler Died 6 9mo 1794 buried Little Britain residence Lancaster co

Jacob Cutler died 5 7mo 1805

Mary S. Wilson died 1 of 5mo 1807 buried little Britain(note on right can'tr read

(children of James and Phebe(pyle) King)pg number also listed here

Mary King died 11mo 8 1798 age 5 buried Little Britain

Pyle King died 24 6mo 1794 age 1yr 4mo ?14days

Moses King Died 29 8mo 1799 age 10,9

Ann King died 4 8mo 1805 buried Little Britain residence Little Britain

Hannah King died 20 6mo 17?82 age 10,6 buried Eastland residence Little Britain

Vincent King Jun'r died 13 10mo 1801 buried Little Britain
notes to right can't read

Jeremiah Reynolds died 13 ?9mo 1799 age 2yr ,0,13day buried Eastland, note to right can't read

Nathan Webster died 24th 4mo 1804 & his wife Rachel 27th of **can't read right side

Daniel Stubbs died 6th of 5mo 1808 age 86 buried Little Britain , notes to right can't read

Mary Brown died 24th 11mo 1810 age 55 buried Eastland ***********

Joseph Smedley died 14th 12mo 1811, age 55 note above can't read, buried Little BritainNote under his name can't read)

Martha Brown died 21 4mo 1810 buried Eastland residence Little Britain

Newbury Furniss died 8th 5mo 1786

Thomas Furniss died 21 7mo 1794?

Mary Smedley died 14 3mo 1813 or 1813 buried Little Britain residence Lancaster county

Lydia Smedley died 14 3mo 1816 age 26

??Jamasin Furniss died 14 11mo 1822 buried Eastland

Mary Furniss died 25 of 3mo ??1826?? age 72 can't read to right

another name here ,ran off photocopy



Children of Timothy & Sarah HAINES


Children of Aaron & Lydia QUINBY

Residence- Little Britain

Rachel Quinby 20 4mo 1783

Phebe Quinby 3 3mo 1785

Charlotte Quinby 24 9mo 1786

Mary Quinby 20 3mo 1788

Jesse Quinby 25 5mo 1789

Mariam Quinby 22 12mo 1790

***n Quinby 27 11mo 1793

**mon B. Quinby 19 8mo 1795

****iah Quinby 27 1mo 1799

Children of Nathan & Rachel WEBSTER

Residence- Little Britain

Webster 8 8 1796

Webster 14 8or1 1797

Webster 16 6mo 1799

Webster 10 6mo 1801

Webster 3 8mo 1803


Agnes Webster departed this life too weeks & ?five days old

Children of James & Elizabeth HAMBLETON

Residence- Little Britain

Hambleton 8 5mo 1781

Hambleton 14 4mo 1783?

Hambleton 10 1mo 1785

Hambleton 14 5mo 1786

Hambleton 23 5mo 1787

Hambleton 2 10mo 1788

Hambleton 2 2mo 1790

Hambleton 1791

Hambleton 1793

Hambleton 1795

Hambleton 1797

(see pg 70 for death


Children of Benjamin & Jane FELL

Jacob Fell 12th 10mo 1806

Children of Jacob and Joyce SHOEMAKER

John Shoemaker 11th mo 1stmo 1799

Thomas Shoemaker 28th 1mo 1802

Tacy Shoemaker 15th 5mo 1806

Children of John & Katherine WILSON

Mary Wilson 19th 8th mo 1807

Children of William & Martha WATSON

the first name is James but almost on top of it written Joseph

James or Joseph Watson 5th of 5mo 1804

William Watson 5th of 8th mo 1806

Children of Jacob & Hannah WALTON

Evelina Walton 10th 1mo 1803

Eli?? Walton 22nd 12mo 1804

John Walton 21 3mo 1807


Martha see cert to B????? ?house mtg 6 7mo 1***

Children of David & Elizabeth PARRY

Ely Parry 11th 10mo 1804

Lettitta Parry 26th 9mo 1806

(see pg of ????)

Children of James & Phebe (Pyle) KING

m 3rd 1stmo 1782 see Nott pg ?199

Ann King 3rd ?12 1782

Thomas King 2nd 12th mo 1783

Mary King 26th 2mo 1785

Phebe King 26th 5mo 1786

James King 3rd 9mo 1787

Moses King 11 ?5thmo 1789

Amos King 26th 7mo 1791

Pyle King 10th ?3rdmo 1793

Lewis King 26th ?mo 1794

John King 15th 4mo 1799

Children of Vincent & Mary (Brown) KING

Hannah King 19th ?10thmo 1772

James King 13th 5thmo 1774

Mary King 24th ?mo 1779

Vincent King 13th ?6mo 17?81

Jeremiah 13th ?mo 1784

arrow points a child below this as 3 between James and Mary

Children of

Residence - Little Britan

Richard Kinsey Betts 15 9mo 1807


Children of Isaac & Hanna (Brown) STUBBS

Stubbs 1801

Stubbs 1804

Stubbs 180*

Children of Manuel (Emmanuel) & Sarah (Sergeant) REYNOLDS

? Reynolds 3rd 5th mo 1789

Nathan Reynolds 12th mo 1790

Hannah Reynolds 21st of ?mo 1792

Ann Reynolds 19th ?mo 1794

Mary Reynolds 21st 1st mo 1796

Jeremiah Reynolds 24th ?mo1797

Henry Reynolds 24th ?mo1799

Sarah Reynolds 21st ? mo 1801

Manuel Reynolds 22nd ?mo1803

Manuel Reynolds dec'd 12th 1mo 1825in 63rd yr

Ann Morray dec'd 5th 4mo 1827

Children of John & Sarah GARRETSON

Lydia Garretson 15th 2mo 1808

Children of Elwood & Rachel HARLAN

Hannah Harlan 25th 11mo 1807

Children of Wm & Martha WATSON

Hannah Watson 22nd 7th mo 1808

Children of Daniel & Elanor KENNY

? Kenny 16th 11mo 1808

Children of John & Sarah GARRETSON

? Garretson 26th 1st mo 1810

Children of Samuel & Grace BOTTS

?Alice Betts 31s12thmo 1807


Children of Samuel & Grace BETTS

Residence -Little Britian
William Betts 22nd 1stmo 1813


see pp - 5/12/13


Children of Joseph Ballance Junr & Mary BALLANCE

Joseph L. Ballance 14 of 11mo 1825


Joseph Pownall Jr son of Joseph & Anna (Pownall )Ballance m 1824 at Wilmington ,Del. Mary Lacy Betts dt of Samuel & Grace(?Bile)Betts


Mary L. Ballance Died 14 of 11mo 1826 age 26yr wife of Joseph Jr.

Anna (Pownall )Ballance deid 9th of 7mo 1830 age 74 wife of Joseph Ballance Sr.


Children of John & Catherine WILSON

Mary S. Wilson 19th 1807

Stephen Wilson 21st 6th mo 1808

Catharine Wilson 15th 3rd mo 1812

Esther Wilson 3rd 4mo 1817

Stephen died 4th of 3rd mo 1811

Mary died 1st 5mo 1807 1 mo old

Children of Morris & Lydia (Reynolds)REYNOLDS

Morris Reynolds 27th 2mo 1836

Joshua Reynolds4th 1mo 1838

Reuben Reynolds27th 1mo 1839

Lydia H. Reynolds21st 5th mo 1843

Morris died 29th of 4mo 1860 age 68

Lydia died 14th of ? mo 1867 age 67yr

Joshua died 4th of 1mo 1841 74yr

Children of Samuel & Esther BROWN

residence Fulton township

Adaline Brown 9th of 10thmo 1850(adopted)


Samuel Died 15th of 4th mo 1877 age 87 burial Little Britain, res Fulton township


Children of John & Sarah (Webster) GARRETSON

Residence Little Britain

***iakim Garretson 23 of 10mo 1812

?John Garretson 9 of 2mo 1815

Lydia Garretson 15th 2mo 1808

Isaac W. Garretson 26 1mo 1810


John Garretson was son of Garret GarretsonSarah his wife was a dau of Isaac & Ruth (*****)Webster, see Nottingham B&D pg 140


John Garretson died 31 of 1st mo 1815 age 32 buried Little Britain

Sarah Garretson died 22nd of 3mo 1818 buried Little Britain

Isaac W. Garretson Died ?? 1839 age ?29yr buried Little Britain res Oxford Pa

Children of Thomas & Phebe (Pyle) TREGO

***nley Trego 16 of 6mo 1829

***ah Trego 24th of 11mo 1831

**ebe Trego 4th of 11mo 1833

*incent Trego 10 of 7mo 1836

John Pyle Trego 28th 8th mo 1840



Vincent Trego Died 1st of 7th mo 1838

John Pyle Trego died 25th 4 mo 184?6 age 5yr7mo27days

Lydia Trego died ??age 15yr 11mo 16days buried little Britain

********died ????age 16yr 1mo ? days

Emily Pyle died 19 ?3rd mo 1873 age 43yr 9mo 3days Late Trego

Phebe Trego died 6th of 12thmo 1873 age age?64yr2mo18days buried
little Britain res???


Children of Gardner & Joanna FURNISS

Residence Little Britain
Martha Furniss 16 of 10mo 1811



Joanna Furniss died 27 of 7mo 1827 buried Little Britain

Anna Furniss died 27 of 5mo 1841 age 53 buried Little Britain , wife of Gardner(can't read all of note)

Gardner Furniss died 5 of 11mo 1854 age 77yr buried Little Britain residence York county

Children of Ashton & Sarah ROBERTS

Margaret Roberts 10th of 9mo 1828



Children of Ezekiel & Hannah (Heston) HARLAN

Mary Harlan

***nda Harlan

David J. Harlan

Sarah Harlan

John H. Harlan

Joseph Harlan

Hannah Harlan


see Harlan family B&D pg?201?

His widow & children cert the oldest & dau ***time to Oakland co Mich. 1845


Ezekiel Harlan d 17 10mo 1839 buried Fallowfield res Sadsbury township

Children of Smedley & Margaret (Bolton)LAMBORN


George S. Lamborn 24 11mo 1831

Aquila B. Lamborn 23 2mo 1833

Emiline Lamborn 30 9mo 1834

Elwood Lamborn 4 8mo 1836

William L. Lamborn 6th 1mo 1839

Mary E. Lamborn 22 of 6mo 1840

Sarah E. Lamborn 8 of 11mo 1842

Priscilla S. Lamborn 19 1mo 1845

Alice Anna Lamborn 14 4mo 1847

Lucinda Lamborn 22 8mo 1849

Lydia S. Lamborn 29 10mo 1851


m 22 12mo 1830 LB, Smedley was son of George & Mary ??Londongrove, Margaret Bolton was dau of Isaac & Elizabeth


Priscilla Lamborn d ??1847 age 2yr 1mo ?8 day buried Drumore res Drumore

Smedley Lamborn d 26 1mo 1851 age 44th yr buried Drumore res Drumore

Margaret Smedley d 21 11mo 1855 age 45 buried Drumore res Drumore

pg 20--------------------------------------------------------------

Children of Samuel & Rebecca (Webster )RICHARDSON

Residence - Little Britain township Lancaster County
Samuel Richardson 3 of 8mo 1810

Eliza Richardson 21 of 8mo 1812

Martha Richardson 14 10mo 1814

Anne Richardson 6th 4mo 1817

Joseph Richardson 25 11mo 1819



none listed

Children of Joseph & Phebe HARTLEY



Joseph & Phebe had 17 children all being listed in Nottingham B&D p198


Sarah Hartley d 5 of 12mo 1820 age 20yr 1mo 19days

Samuel Hartley d 31 of 5mo 1822 age 23yr 5mo 22days

Amos Hartley d 8 of 3mo 1822 age 18yr 5mo 11days


Children of William & Esther (Kirk ) BROWN

Residence- Little Britain, moved to Nottingham
Jerimiah Brown 2nd of 9mo 1809

Susanna Brown 8th of 2ndmo 1811

the following children listed with a note to see Nottingham B&D p104

Rachel Brown

Abner Brown

Anna Brown

Elizabeth Brown

Wm Kirk Brown

Timothy K. Brown

Wm P. W. Brown

Kirk Brown



Children of Isaac & Mary (Stewart) PRESTON

Edward Stuart Preston 7 of 12mo 1834

Jonas B Preston 12 of 6 mo 1837


For full listing see Nottingham MM


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