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9143 New York

William Porter of Charleston, New York was a private in reg of Col Hand Pennsylvania term of 5 yrs 1776 on the roll of NY at rate of 8 dollars a month May 4 1818

Montgomery co ny forth day may 1818 montgomery co personally appeared William Porter age 58 resident of Charlestown Naval service enlisted in Lancaster in the state of Pennsylvania in the spring of 1776 co command by captain Ross, served 5 years discharged Trenton, NJ by General Wayne another statement for William Porter appeard 1820 19th day oct

next page gives list of property and states I have 11 in family whom I maintain to wit: seven girls and two boys the one girl is of age the other children under age, the younges is 4 years and the one boy is 7 years old and the other is 15 I am myself 60 years of age and my wife is 49 and we are unable to support ourselves

William Porter who served in Rev Pa 96 dollars per anum to commence first day july 1848

State of Ny Montgomery county, 24th day oct 1838 appeared Eveline Porter resident of town of Charlestown, montgomery co aged 66 she is the widow of William Porter states she was married to William Porter 4th day feb 1790 William died 11 day June 1830 she was not married to him prior to his leaving the service, but before 1794, states she has no record of her marriage and since her husbands death has not married to another person

Montgomery county appeared Joel Dempster of the town of ??Ephtata, county of ?Falton state of NY age 44yrs, the youngest child of Reverand James Dempster who formerly resided at a place called Warrens B??? or Warrenborough in the town of Florida in the county of Montgomery That said James Dempster was a minister of the gospel and had charge of a congegagation in the town of Florida in the year 1790 and previous lived there about 30 yrs mother servives his father and died about 12 years ago. That previous to his mothers death a division of his fathers library among his children by her consent and taht a book entitled "A Registery of Marriage beginning the first of July 1778 T*** County, James Dempster came into the deponants possesion which he has now in his possesion deponant further states that in the list of marriages recorded "William Porter & Eve ??Ssrviss warrant 2 feb 1790 sworn 8th day nov 1837?

another declaration , of a revolutionary widow who claims a land warrent under act of March 3 1855 on 6th day april 1855 appeared before JP, Eveline Porter aged Eighty?? One, resident of Charlestown state of NY, widow of Willaim Porter dec'd she was married to William Porter in Forida Montgomery co NY by Rev James Dempster her name before marriage was Evaline Servas? husband died 11 june 1830

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