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Hanna,Andrew J.
3/29/1840 baptized
9/24/1853 chosen trustee
3/21/1857 appointed clerk
3/26/1864 bothered by palsey
4/4/1864 died

Hanna, Edith
8/19/1869 baptized
12/13/1890 as Edith Hannah Ackels, dismissed by letter to join Big Springs Church in Union County Oregon
Hanna Esther
7/2/1825 serious charge against

Hanna James
10/6/1833 baptized
12/23/1843 excomminicated
2/25/1858 services at his home

Hanna , Jane
1894 Spring donation for repair

Hanna, John
2nd lordsday June 1809 baptized
6/22/1844 charged with contempt

Hanna, John S.
1894 Spring donation for repair of church

Hanna , Joseph
5/16/1818 messeneger to Association Meeting
7/24/1824 charged with non attendance

Hanna, Margaret
4/21/1826 dismissed upon request

Hanna, Margery
3/29/1840 baptized
8/12/1855 dismissed by letter to join Enon Church, Guersey Co, Ohio
6/8/1872 reinstated "Later moved to Three Forks Church, Medway Iowa. This church disorganized and she reinstated at Rock Springs

Hanna Martha
10/17/1807 appointed to visitation committee

Hannah, Matilda
11/17/1867 baptized

Hanna, Rebeccah
4/18/1818 accepted into church

Hanna Stephen
1894 donation for repair of church

Hanna, Tillie
7/10/1870 baptized
5/16/1906 died

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