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Sadsbury Monthly Meeting Births and burials

Only 1800 and upwards are being transcribed for now, as these are not available in any books currently

James & Ann WILLIAMS

residence Sadsbury township Chester co
Hannah Williams 28 6mo 1748
Joseph Williams 1* 9mo 1750
James Williams 3 10mo 1752
John Williams 27 11mo 1754
Elinor Williams 15 8mo 1757
John Williams 18 7mo 1761
Mary Williams 17 4mo 1764
John Williams dec'd when young

William & Jane GIBBONS

residence Leacock township Lancaster County
Massey Gibbons 25 ?1mo 1788

William & Hannah GIBBONS 2nd wife

residence Leacock township Lancaster County
Jane Gibbons 25 6mo 1804
Joshua Gibbons 23 5mo 1806
William Gibbons 26 9mo 1807
Ann Gibbons 28 9 mo 1809
Abraham Gibbons 29 12mo 1812
Jane the first wife dec'd 29 3mo 1789

Samuel & Rachel GIBBONS

residence Lampeter township, Lancaster County
William Gibbons6 4mo 1799
Hannah Gibbons 10 10mo 1800
James Gibbons 10 12mo 1802
Mary Gibbons 3 10mo 1804
John Gibbons 7 10mo 1806
David Gibbons 30 9mo 1808
Lydia Gibbons 3 10mo 1810
Massey Gibbons 17 10mo 1812
Hugh Judge Gibbons 25 4mo 1814
Samuel Gibbons 18 9mo 1816
Edward Gibbons 2 12mo 1818
Isaac Gibbons 20 ?mo 1821
Samuel Gibbons 13 1mo 1823
Joseph Gibbons 8 ?mo 1824?
Rachel Gibbons wife of Samuel dec'd the 25th 10mo 182* burials
Hannah Gibbons Died 23 ?8mo 1803
James Gibbons died unreadable on copy
Mary Gibbons died 25 3mo 1808
Massey Gibbons died 22 1mo 1813
Samuel Gibbons died 24 9mo 1816
(light looks like )Joseph Gibbons died 4 ?mo 1824

Children of William & Sarah WEBSTER

residence - leacock township, Lancaster co
Deborah Webster 12th 7th mo 1800
Martha Webster 19th of 3rdmo 1803
John Webster 1st of 8th mo 1804
Warner Webster 13th of 12th mo 1806
William the father departed this life 19th of 3rd mo 1808 age 32 years burials

Amos & Elizabeth HARMER

residence Columbia Lancaster County
Hannah Harmer 9 7mo 1798
George Harmer 19 10 1799
Martha Harmer 5 4mo 1801
Yarnel Harmer 27 8mo 1802
Elias Harmer 27 11mo 1803
Naylor Harmer 23 12mo 1804
Chalkley Harmer 22 1mo 1807
Yarnal Harmer died 24 9mo 1803
Elias Harmer died 24 11mo 1805

Children of Jonathan & Susanah MIFFLIN

residence -not listed
William Wright Mifflin 11th of 6th mo 1803
Samuel Wright Mifflin 2nd of 6thmo 1805
Susannah Mifflin departed this life ?9th 4th mo 1821
William Wright Mifflin died 7th 9th mo 1804

Children of John & Margaret BRUMFIELD

residence Lampeter , Lancaster County
Mary Brumfield 19th 4th mo 1803
Solomon Brumfield 9th 2nd mo 1805
Sarah Brumfield 17th of 3rdmo 1808
Esther Brumfield 30th of 10th mo 1810
Elizabeth Brumfield 28th 2mo 1813

Children of William & Rachel DANIEL

residence Lampeter township, Lancaster County
Andrew Daniel 30th 8thmo 1805
Samuel Daniel18th 9th mo 1806
Rebecca Daniel 15th 5thmo 1808
Margaritta Daniel 25th 7th mo 1810
Deborah Daniel 20th 10th mo 1813
Hannah Daniel 14th 5mo 1816
William Daniel 17th 1st mo 1821
William departed this life 1828 9mo 16, Rachel departed this life
Andrew Daniel D. 1st of 9thmo 1805
Samuel Daniel D.31st 3rdmo 1807

Thomas & Hannah WHITSON

residence Sadsbury township, Chester co
Samuel Whitson 10 11mo 1788
Micah Whitson 20 2mo 1791
Sarah Whitson 8 9mo 1793
Thomas Whitson 7 2mo 1796
Moses Whitson 24 8mo 1798
Hannah Whitson 14 4mo 1801
Joseph Whitson 28 1mo 1804
Jeremiah Whitson 14 5mo 1807
Thomas the father born 27 9mo 1760
Hannah his wife 3 2mo 1765
Thomas Whitson the father died ?1 6mo 1826 age 65 ??8 ??4days buried Sadsbury res. Chester county
Joseph Whitson died 2 9mo 1826 age 22yr 8mo buried Sadsbury Res. Chester county

Joshua & Susannah WILLIAMS

residence Sadsbury township, Lancaster County
Elizabeth Williams 19 9mo 1795
Caleb Williams 28 10mo 1797
Mary Williams 18 2mo 1800
Isaac Williams 12 8mo 1802
Mary Williams died 2 7mo 1802

James & Mary COOPER

residence Sadsbury township, Chester county
Joseph Cooper 17 9mo 1791
Gulielma Cooper 16 4mo 1794
Aaron Cooper 23 11mo 1795
Cyrus Cooper 20 9mo 1798

Children of John & Margaret Williams

residence Sadsbury township Chester County
Joseph G.Williams 13th 9mo 1801
Minshall Williams 25th 7thmo 1803
Deborah Williams 5th 8mo1805
Benjamin Williams 11th 9thmo 1807
Joshua Williams 15th 7thmo1809
John Gest Williams 10th 7thmo 1811
Elizabeth Williams 2nd 9thmo 1813
Sylvester Williams 13th 5thmo 1815
Benjamin Williams D. 1st 9thmo 1808

William & Phebe MILLER

residence Sadsbury township, Chester County
Mary Miller 27 1mo 1798
Isaac Miller 1 9mo 1799
Horatio Miller 22 10mo 1800
William Miller 22 5mo 1803
John D. Miller 19 11mo 1804
Phebe wife of William dec'd 2 8mo 1807 age 32 yr 4mo 13 days
Isaac Miller died 11 10mo 1803
William Miller died 13 3mo 1804

Ephraim & Elizabeth SMITH

residence Sadsbury Lancaster County
Jesse Smith 22 12mo 1799
Ann Smith 2 3mo 1802
Naomy Smith 28 7mo 1804
Rachel Smith 4 6mo 1808
Gulielmo Smith 17 6mo 1811
Elizabeth the mother was born 18 3mo 1775

Children of James & Elizabeth MORRISON

residence -none listed
Jonas Morrison 10th 10thmo 1800

Children of John & Mary MOORE

residence Salisbury township, Lancaster County
Ashel Moore 14th 12th 1803
Sarah Moore 17thmo 11th 1805
John Wilson Moore 1stmo 29th 1808
Walker Moore 1stmo 14th 1810
Samuel Moore 4thmo 30th 1812
Benjamin Moore 10thmo 28th 1814
Abraham Moore 10thmo 21st 1816
Isaac Moore 11mo 29th 1819
Mary Ann Moore 3rdmo 30th 1822
Jacob Moore 3rdmo 6th 1826

Calvin & Sarah COOPER

residence Sadsbury Chester County
Mary Cooper 25 1mo 1792
Rebeckah Cooper 12 7mo 1793
Isreal Cooper 12 1mo 1795
John Cooper 18 7mo 1796
Rebeckah Cooper 3 12mo 1797
Aseneth Ann Cooper 10 1mo 1800
Joseph Cooper 15 2mo 1801
Mark Penn Cooper 21 11mo 1802
Aaron Milton Cooper 10 12mo 1804
Rachel Paxson Cooper 3 8mo 1806
Jesse H. Cooper 1 3 1809
Sarah E. Cooper ?28 11mo 1813
Sarah the mother was born 19 4mo 1770
Calvin the father departed this life 10 19 1820 age 5* 10 6

John & Mary SMITH

residence Sadsbury Township, Chester County
Sarah Smith 27 2mo 1787
James Smith 20 11mo 1788
Francis Smith 11 2mo 1791
Samuel Smith 12 3mo 1793
Margaret Smith 21 12mo 1794
Elizabeth Smith 26 8mo 1797
John Smith 16 7mo 1799
Deborah Smith 9 9mo 1802
Maria Smith 23 4mo 1805

James & Elizabeth TRUMAN

residence Sadsbury Township, Chester County
Mary Truman 13 4mo 1791
Rachel Truman 5 9mo 1792
Sarah Truman 17 5mo 1794
Rebecah Truman 5 4mo 1803
Elizabeth Truman 15 8mo 1808
Elizabeth the mother of said children died 11 9mo 1808

William & Mary KIRKWOOD

residence Sadsbury Township, Chester County
William Kirkwood 17 10mo 1782
William & Mary Kirkwood from Ireland

John & Jane COOPER

residence Sadsbury Township, Lancaster County
Amos Cooper 13 2mo 1794
Harriot Cooper 11 8mo 1795
Hiram Cooper 26 2mo 1801
Yarnall Cooper 18 5mo 1804
John Cooper 28 5mo 1806
Jesse Cooper10 11mo 1808

Children of Jeremiah & Leah COOPER

residence Sadsbury Lancaster County
Morris Cooper 12th of 9th mo 1804
Sarah Cooper 12th of 10th mo 1806
?Lewis Cooper 21st 9th mo 1808
Milton Cooper 12th of 8thmo 1810
William Cooper 1st of 5thmo 1815

Children of Samuel & Ruth SMITH

residence Sadsbury township, Lancaster county
Orpha Smith 5th of 12thmo 1802
Eliza Smith 8th of 5th mo 1805
Lewis Smith 26th of 6thmo 1807

Calvin & Ann COOPER

residence Sadsbury Lancaster County
Susannah Cooper
Gainer Cooper
Evan Cooper
Jane Cooper
Elizabeth Cooper
Phebe Cooper
Mary Ann Cooper
Gainor Cooper d 4 4mo 1801 near 2 yrs buried Sadsbury

Jacob & Ann HAINES

residence Salisbury township Lancaster County
Joshua Haines27 3mo 1785
James Haines 27 3mo 1785
Ann Haines 3 10mo 1788
Jacob Haines 10 2 1792
Reuben Haines 5 1mo 1794
Elizabeth Haines 20 12mo 1797
Mary Haines 12 3 1799
John Haines 8 3 1801
Joshua Haines d 3 1mo 1809 near 24 years buried Sadsbury
James Haines 30 5mo 1807 above 22 yr buried Sadsbury
Jacob Haines d 22 11mo 1809 above 17yr buried Sadsbury

Children of Eli & Elizabeth MOORE

residence Sadsbury township Chester County
Joshua Moore 18th of 12thmo 1801
Phebe Moore 1st of 10thmo 1803
Isaac Moore 9th of 8thmo 1805
Lewis Moore 3rd of 12thmo 1807
Alphius Moore 6th of 3rdmo 1810
Alphius Moore D. 21st of 9thmo 1810 ------------------------------------------------------

John & Elizabeth MOORE

residence Sadsbury township, Lancaster County
Robert Moore18 7mo 1776
James Moore31 12mo 1778
Jesse Moore 12 4 1781
Ashel Moore 10 5mo 1785
Cyrus Moore 5 1 1786
Elizabeth wife of John was born 29 11mo 1744

William & ?? LINTON

residence Columbia
Jane *** Linton 7mo 15 1810
William Morris Linton 7mo 31 1812
James Thomas Linton9 16 1804
Jonathan Allen Linton 1 10 1800

Children of John & Margaret BRUMFIELD

residence Columbia Pa
Solomon Brumfield 2ndmo 9th 1805
Sarah Brumfield 3rd mo17th 1808
Esther Brumfield 10th mo 30th 1810
Elizabeth Brumfield 2ndmo 20th 1813

Children of William & Rebecca KIRKWOOD

residence Columbia Pa
John Kirkwood 1stmo 18th 1811
William Kirkwood 4th of 2ndmo 1813
Rebecca Ann Kirkwood 14th 10thmo 1817
William Kirkwood D. 4thmo 9th 1813

Children of George & Catherine VALENTINE

residence Columbia Lancaster County
Allice Ann Valentine 18th of 10th mo 1820

Children of George & Sarah COOPER

residence- Sadsbury township Lancaster County
Asahel H. Cooper 5th of 9thmo 1806
Hiram J. Cooper 27th of 12thmo 1807
Benjamin Cooper 4th of 3rdmo 1809
George Cooper 10th of 6thmo 1811
Phebe Ann Cooper 9th of 7th mo 1813
Sarah Ann Cooper 9th of 9th mo 1815
Susannah Cooper 24th of 1stmo 1818
Joseph P. Cooper 14th of 1stmo 1820
Phebe Cooper 21st of 7thmo 1823
Phebe Ann Cooped D. 29th of 9thmo 1814 age 10mo 22daysburied Sadsbury

Children of Robert & Elinor MOORE

residence Sadsbury township Lancaster County
Samuel Moore 3rd mo 1800
Jesse Moore6thmo 1st 1803
Brinton Moore 4thmo 23rd 1806
Mary Elizabeth Moore 7thmo 20th 1808
Cyrus Moore 3rdmo 30th 1811
James Moore 2ndmo 9th 181813
Abigal Moore 1stmo 29th 1817
Mary Ann Moore 6thmo 18th 1819
Mary Elizabeth Moore D. 3rdmo 20th 1814 5yr 8mo 0 days buried Sadsbury

Children of James & Sarah DICKINSON

residence Salisbury Lancaster co
Rachel Dickson no date
Mary Dickson no date
James Dickson 12th mo 8th 1808
Mary Dickson D. 4thmo 23rd 1818 buried Sadsbury
James Dickson D. 3rdmo 5th 1812 age 3yr2mo 27days

Joseph & Hannah WILLIAMS

residence Sadsbury Chester county
Hannah Williams10 9 1781

Joseph & Esther WILLIAMS 2nd wife

Deborah Williams 7 27 1788
Ann Williams 5 20 1790
Lydia Williams 10 15 1791
Margaret Williams 9 5 1793
James Williams 1 18 1796
Elizabeth Williams
Joseph Williams the abovewas born 9mo 16 1750

William & Charity MERCER

residence Sadsbury Lancaster county
Martha Mercer 9 30 1799
Mary Ann Mercer 6 4mo 1801
George Mercer?10 or 11mo 27 1803
William Mercer 8 13 1805
John Mercer 9 7 1807
Daniel Mercer 10mo 16 1809

Children of Aaron & Susannah PAXSON

residence Sadsbury township, Chester county
Mary Ann Paxson 7th mo 13th 1806
Jane Paxson 4thmo 22nd 1818
Rachel Paxson 9thmo 6th 1810
Sarah Paxson 4th mo 5th 1813
Gulilma Paxson 6th mo 21st 1815
Mary Peart wife of William Peart departed this life 23rd of 7thmo 1823
William Peart died the 19th day 3rdmo 18**(cut off when copying date is there)

Children of Robert & Rebehak GEST

residence Sadsbury township Lancaster County
James Gest 3rdmo21st 1814
Clarissa Gest 8thmo 16th 1815
Joseph Gest the father dec the 23rd of 4thmo 18** aged about 90yrs
James Gest D. 3rdmo 22 18?11 or 14 Buried Sadsbury

Children of Isaac & Ann PYLE

residence Sadsbury township Chester County
Cyrus Pyle 14th of 9thmo 1809
Lamborn Pyle 9th of 4thmo 1812
Newlin Pyle 14th of 8thmo 1815
Sarah Pyle 29th of 7thmo 1818
William Pyle 12th of 10thmo 1820
Isaac Pyle 14th of 2ndmo 1822

Children of Daniel & Hannah GIBBONS

residence Lampeter Lancaster County
Joseph Gibbons 14th of 8th mo 1818
Hannah Gibbons D. 10mo 16th 186* Buried Lampeter

Children of Jesse P. & Sarah HAINES

residence Columbia Lancaster County
Thomas Haines 22nd of 5thmo 1818
Sarah Haines no date

Children of Robert & Sally PARRY

residence- Lampeter township Lancaster County
Caleb Parry 24th of 12thmo 1879

Children of Joseph & Susannah MOORE

residence - Sadsbury Chester County
Susan W. Moore 14th 9thmo 1817

Children of Joseph & Sarah COOPER

residence Sadsbury Chester County
Jael Cooper 6thmo 29th 1826
Joseph B. Cooper 8thmo 24th 1827
Jael Cooper D ? 8thmo 10th 1820 age 39yr 6mo 3days Buried Sadsbury res. Sadsbury Chester co.

Children of Isreal & Rebekah COOPER

residence Columbia, Lancaster county
Edwin Cooper 12thmo 1st 1818
Elizabeth Cooper 10thmo 30th 1820
Jerimiah Cooper 1stmo 29th 1823
Mary Jane Cooper 1stmo 29th 1825
William Cooper 3rd mo 4th 1827
Mary Jane Cooper D. 7mo1st 1825 age 5mo 2days

Children of Hiriam & Susannah COOPER

residence Sadsbury Lancaster County
Moore P. Cooper 5th mo 21st 1826
Moore P. Cooper D. 5thmo 22nd 1826 age 1 day old buried Bart

Children of Aaron & Priscilla COOPER

residence Sadsbury Chester county
James A. Cooper 7thmo 12th 1821
Mary Cooper 8th day 3rdmo 1823
Charles Cooper 3rdmo 1st 1825
Hannah Cooper9thmo 2nd 1827

Children of Joseph & Mary PUSEY

residence Sadsbury Chester County
Elizabeth Pusey 10mo 16th 1815(?or 1816)
Joseph Pusey 10thmo 3rd 1817
Lea Pusey 3rdmo 17th 1819
James C. Pusey 11thmo 2nd 1820
John G. Pusey 2ndmo 14th 1823
Susannah Pusey 9thmo 1st 1825
Susannah Pusey D. 10mo 1st 1825 Buried E. Sadsbury Chester county

Children of James & Elizabeth SMITH

residence Sadsbury Chester County
Lydia Ann Smith 7th mo 11th 1812
Charles Smith 7thmo 17th 1814
Willm B. Smith 8th mo 4th 1816
Mary R. or P. Smith 4mo 19th 1819
Parven Smith 6mo 20th 1821
Thomlin Smith 9mo 22nd 1823
Susannah Smith 3rdmo 15th 1827
(name unreadable)26th of 1st mo 1878 age 56

Children of Nathaniel & Ann PETTIT

residence Sadsbury Chester county
Jane Pettit 11mo 27th 1817
Phebe Pettit 3mo 31st 1820
Lydia Pettit 4mo 15th 1822
Mary Pettit 9thmo 2nd 1824
Elizabeth Pettit 2ndmo 2nd 1827
Lydia Pettit D. 1stmo 11th 1828 5yr8mo 26days buried E Sadsbury res. Sadsbury Chester county

Children of William & Elizabeth DAVIS

residence Sadsbury Chester county
Isaac H. Davis 6mo 7th 1822
Sarah Luenita Davis 9thmo 17th 1823
Hannah H. Davis 7thmo 12th 1825
Narcissa Davis 10mo 27th 1827
Isaac Haines D. 7mo 4th 1822 age 27days

Children of Joseph & Mary B COALE

Joseph B. Cole 2mo 9th 1817
Charles Coale 6mo 26th 1820
Susannah B. Coale 5thmo 30th 1824

Children of Joseph & Phebe BERNARD

residence Bart Lancaster county
John Bernard 2mo 8th 1821

Children of Asahel & Sarah WALKER

residence Sadsbury Lancaster County
Anna Walker 6thmo19th 1818
Susannah Walker 6thmo 29th 1820
Phebe Walker 8thmo 15th 1822
Sarah Walker 1mo 9th 1825
Samuel Walker 11thmo 1st 1827

Children of William & Lydia MOORE

residence East Sadsbury Chester County
George Moore (1?)mo 1st 1821
Samuel Moore 5thmo 21st 1823
James ? Moore6thmo 23rd 1825
Willm D. Moore 5thmo 24th 1827
Samuel Moore D.6thmo 3rd 1824 age 1yr 0mo 12days Buried E Sadsbury res. E Sadsbury

Children of Samuel & Lydia BRINTON

residence Sadsbury Lancaster County
James ?J. Brinton 12thmo 25th 1824
Susannah Brinton 9thmo 27th 1826


On the right side of the page where Burials are listed there is a slip of paper photographed on the book which has
Lewis Brinton Born 19th 5th mo 182?(cut off on copy)
Cyrus Brinton Born 28th 12mo 183?(cut off on copy)

Children of William & Rachel P. MOORE

residence Sadsbury Chester county
James P. Moore ?1st mo 10th 1801
Samuel Moore 11thmo 7th 1802
Anne Moore 4thmo 27th 1805
Hannah Moore 7thmo 24th 1811
Henry Moore 10thmo 31st 1814

Children of William & Gulumia BRINTON

residence Lampeter Lancaster county
Cassandra Brinton 1stmo 11th 1825

Children of Isaac & Hannah PHILIPS

residence Sadsbury Chester county
Benjamin Philips 11thmo 21st 1823

Children of William & ? KIRK

residence Lampeter Lancaster co
Abner Gilbert Kirk 11thmo 15th 1809
George Kirk 9thmo 12th 1811
?George Kirk D. 1817 6 19 days

Children of Obidiah & Hannah DINGER

residence Lampeter Lancaster co
Charles Dinger 1mo 2nd 1825

Children of Andrew & Anna MOORE

residence Sadsbury Lancaster county
Mary Moore 9mo 23 1797
Ashel Moore3mo 8th 1799
Anna Moore 2ndmo 24th 1802
Massey Moore 7thmo 3rd 1803
Andrew Moore 11thmo 10th 1805
Robert Moore 2ndmo 13th 1808
Isaac Moore 6th mo 17th 1811
Sarah Moore 10thmo 23rd 1817
Mary Moore D. 5mo 6th 1826 28yr 7mo 13d Buried Sadsbury res Sadsbury
Massey Moore D. 10mo 14th 1806 3yr3mo11days

Children of Jonathan & Martha SMITH

residence Bart Lancaster Co
Mary Ann Smith 6mo 6th 1820
Charles Smith 9mo 14th 1821
Eber T.? Smith 3mo 18th 1823
Isaac Smith 10mo 19th 1824
Jonathan Smith 5mo 9th 1826
Cyrus Smith 1mo7th 1828
Member of Bart Meeting

Children of John & Mary Ann COOPER

residence Columbia Lancaster
Thomas P. Cooper 6mo 25th 1826
Thomas P. Cooper D. 1stmo 1st 1865 age 38 buried Columbia
Mary Ann CopperD. ?7th mo 11th1864 Buried Columbia

Children of Rynear & Lydia MITCHNER

residence Washington Lancaster county
Louisa Mitchner 12mo 23rd 1815
Charles H. Mitchner 8mo 28th 1817
Anna Mitchner 4mo 21st 1819

Children of Moses & Margaret CHEYNEY

residence Lampeter Lancaster County
Eli??az Cheyney 3mo 12th 1823
John Pyle Cheyney 4mo 11th 1825
members of Columbia meeting
small listing of people buried can't understand last two col. headings
Hanna Houston 6mo 18th 1814Columbia Columbia
Thomas Brown 8mo 14th 1820 age 57yr 11mo 00days Muncey Columbia
William Baldwin 10mo 28th 1821 Columbia Columbia
George Baldwin 4mo 12th 1827 Columbia Columbia
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