Lancaster County Will Book A Vol 1 page 15


deceased IN the name of God AMANE I Johm Barnet being weake but of perfect memory blefed be God I first commit my soul to the lord and my Boddey to the Grave my hope of a betfed resurechon first I leave to my well be loved Wife the sum of Twenty pounds to be payd out of the Cattell & crop that is now on ye ground and the remainder of ye Crop to maintain her & the famely and next I leave to my beloved Sons John and Joseph my plantation Equally to be divided between them and if it please God that one of them Dy's the other shall have it all ans in case that both dye I leave it to my well Beloved sons Robert & James equally to be divided but if it Pleas God to Spair John and Joseph to the Years of Mattorety and John desire to have all the place it shall be vallved by two Indifferent men and John shall pay to Joseph the half of the said Vallve and I leave to my son John one Black year old C oult and to J ohn and Joseph I leave my Working horses namly one Hors & too mean to each an equall part and to my Beloved daighther Rebeckah I leave one Bay hors Coult cuning three year old and two cows to be given her afs the Stock when it will Suit best with her Convnencey and my wifes - and to my befoued Daughter Marey I leave one Black Mear six year old and if she live on the Place with her mother and ye boys till she come to Age she shall then have two cows and in case gos to her own hand she shall have but one cow when shee is of Age and for and in consideration of Ten Pounds payd to me in hand by by son Robert I leave my son Robert One hundred and fifty nine acres of land that is to say the warrent right and survey which he hath now Jin pofeson on the South East End of the land I leave and beqath to my Daughter Jean on Red Coulerd and white faced Heffer Coming two year old and one rugo Or bed quilt this is my Will and Testment given under my hand this first Day of July in ye Year of our Lord and Saviour Jefufus Christ 1734 Johm ( His mark)Barnet (Seal)

Wittnes Present Allexr. Davison, James Whithill I order ye Managment of my affairs at my deceas into the hands of my well beloved Wife and my son Robit as Adminesterators and Guardens to the Children whill under age.

Will proved Oct. 1, 1734 James K. Drennen

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