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Written 21 Dec 1793 Proved 25 April 1795

of Little Britain township Lancaster county

son John

son William

dau Mary Morrison - slave named Maria & her son money when he turns 14

Dau Margaret McCullough - slave named Dinah and money if she stays with him If she leaves and returns to Carolinas nothing but Dinah

Granddaughter Margaret Allison money when she turns 18 & to her sister Christiana of N.C, Money left in the hands of their grandfather Thomas Allison of N.C, which he gave him to purchase land

leaves money bequeathed to him by his brother in law Rev John Allison of Jameses Island S.C. to his grandson William Allison, Thomas Allison power of Attorney to recover this money for him. which he recieved none

Dau Elizabeth Bradford malato slave nameed Nees & Money

Dau Agnes McCullough - son in law George McCullough - wearing apparel, Agnes gets nergo wench called Hannah to their dau Christiana 10pound

20 pound to grandson Hugh Allison so to my dau Susanna when he reaches age of 14

grandson - my son Johns son 10 pounds

wife Christiana to recieve 12pound per year for lifetime

land divided as viz: the plantation I now live on , purchased from David McComb be one tract to be enjoyed by one son

and all that lies on the east side of the Little Conewingo creek to be enjoyed by the one which poses the land I purchased from the heirs of Samuel Scott and

the land I purchased from the heirs of Samuel Scott and Isaac Reynolds be one tract and enjoyed by the other

John gets choice

John & William sole exec.

Allen Cunninham & Abram Whiteside Overseers

witnesses James McCalley, David Mitchell

addition 10 pounds to grandson William Bradford when he turn 14

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