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Elizabeth Kienborts

Will Book P Volume 1 page 146-147

Written Sept 15, 1824 Proved Jan 26, 1828

of Conestoga township Lancaster county

widow & relict of Daniel Keenport, late of the same place, dec'd

Jacob Snevely, a son of my first husband John Snevely, dec'd

to John Keenbort, Abraham Keenbort,and Elizabeth wife of Jacob Thomas, being all three children of my second husband the said Daniel dec'd

Whereas I have a yearly diver coming to me out of the estate of my first husband the said John Snevely dec'd and a consideralble part thereof being unpaid and is now standing back in the hands of Jacob Snevely, it is therefore my will and I order that my executors shall demand and recover the whole of it and distributed the the same as to the residue of my estate

The rest residue and remainder of my estate including therein monies standing in the hands of Jacob Snavely and all those monies , effects matters and things , which my children have recieved from me in my lifetime, and by me entered in a book respectively, and all other monies, effects , and property, whatsoever and wheresoever, come into the hands of my executors to me belonging and not herein before particularly bequeathed, I order to be divided into ten equal shares to and amongst my children

Viz John Snevely,

Christian Snevely,

Henry Snevely,

Martin Snevely,

Abraham Snevely,

David Snevely,

Feronica wife of Samuel Buchwalter

Barbara the wife of John Landis,

Elizabeth the wife of David Harnish,

and my two grandchildren Henry and Brutty Snevely, children of my son Daniel dec'd ( to recieve 1 part their fathers share)

Exec. son Christian & son in law David Harnish

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