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Will Book Volume 1 page 703

Written April 1772 Proved July 1772

of Bart township Lancaster county


Whereas I George Leonard of the Township of Bart on the County of Lancaster in the Providence of Pennsylvania yeoman being sick and weak of body yet of perfect Mind and memory for which I am thank full to the Giver thereof and as it hath pleafed God to Blefs me with Divers goods and Chattels in this life I will and Bequeath them to be disposed of in the following manner after my decease by my Executors hereafter named

First I order my body to be buried in a Christian like decent maner by my Executors at Sadberey meeting House grave yard.

Secondly I order all my Just debts and funeral Expences to be paid out of my Estate

Thirdly I order all my Estate both Real and Personal to be sold by my Executors hereafter named given them full power To make a titel to the Purchaser for the same and Liberty to give time for the Purchaser of my Lands for payment thereof at the Discretion of my Executors. So that the time given Exceed not five years from the sale thereof which I order to be made as soon as Conveniently may be after my Decease and the Moneys arising from said Sale or Sales I order to be disposed of as soon as it Comes unto their Hands in the following maner

my waering apparel both lining and wooling cloathes I give and bequeath to my son Benjamin Leonard and his Hiers forever without appraisement I give and bequeath to

my Son George Leonard the sum of Forty Pounds and I order my my Executors to pay the Just debts which he had contributed with divers people before he went away from me ane left unpaid provided they do not amount to more than Forty Pounds and for all such payments made by my Executors on his account he shall be accountable to them out of his portion hereby given to him by this will but if he doth not return in five years from my Decease I order the remaining part if any in my Executors hands of his portion his debts being first paid as above ordered. To his Brother Benjamin and

his SistArs to witt Lidiah and Searah Lenard share and share alike but if any or either of them should dIe before it is their right to have it then I order their charesto their survivorsto be shared as above Each their devid and

I give and bequeath to my daughter Reachel note the sum of ten pounds to be paid to her her Heirs and Afsigns five years after my decease or sooner if my Executors have moneys in their hands Sufishant from the Sale of my Estate and not other ways all the remainder of my Estate after the above debts and legacies are paid, I give the one half thereof to my son Banjamin his heirs 'and afsignsforever the other Moiety or half I give and bequeath to my two daughters to witt Lidia and Searah Leonard share and share alike to them their heirs Executors admnistrators and afsigns forever

And I futher order and it is my will that moneys or effects left them by their Grandfather to witt George Leonard deceased shall be deemed and allowed as a part of they half they are left herein this my will of my Estate according to the true intent and meaning thereof and it is my will that if any of my children should die before they arive to the age of twenty one year and unmarried or without lawfull ifsue that then their share of Porshan hereby lIeft them shall be equally divided in and mongst them my then living children and as I have given my Executors Liberty herein to alow time to the Purchasers of my Estate to pay in gals as may suite best that my Executors is not ,oblidged to PaY any of the above legacies but in propostion as they be reseaved moneys for the same of the Estate and into their hands.

And lastly I do constitute and appoint my well beloved Freinds Calvin Cooper and William Dewing to be the Executors of this my last Will and Testament in manner above hereby revoking all other will or wills late afore by me made pronouncing this only to be my last Will and Testament in manner above pronounced Signed Sealed and Published in the persence of us this

11th day of April 1772

James Willson Robert Thompson

George Lenard LANCASTER COUNTY SS On the sixth day of July Anno Domini 1772 Before me tbe Subscriber personally appeared the within named James Willson and Robert Thompson the two subscribing witnefses to within will and on their corporal Oath according to Law did declare and say that they were present and saw and heard George Leonard the Testator within named Sign Seal l' ublish pronounce and declare the within writing as and for hia last will and Testament and that'at the doing thereof he was of sound Mind Memory and understanding to the best of their knowledge Observation and Bolief.

Edward Shippen D. Register

BE IT REMBERED that on the sixth day of July Anno Domini 1772 yhe last Will and Testament of George Leonard late of Bart Township in the County of Lancaster Yeoman dec- eased was proved in due form of Law and Letters Testamentary were granted to Calvin Cooper and William Downing they executors therein named they being first duly qualified well and truly to administer the Estate 0 f the Testator and'to exb'ibit a true and perfect Inventory thereof into the Registers Office at Lancaster on or before the Sixth day of A gust enxt and to render a true and just account of their administration

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