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Lancaster County Archives Will Book N Volume 1 page 188

William Steele


IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN IWilliam Steele of Drumore Township in the County of Lancaster and State of Pennsylvania calling to mind the uncertianty of life, and the certainty of death and feeling the importance & propriety of settling and disposing of our temporal Estate & concerns, when the body is exempted from sickness & pain and being at present in the enjoyment of health of body & sound of mind andrecollection for which I bless the kind and gracious giver do make & ordain this my last will and testament hereby empoweringing & directing my Executors herein after named after first discharging my just debts & Funeral expenses to dispose of all my estate real & personal not otherwise specially appropriated and distributed the same in manner following that is to say

1st I give and bequeth to my beloved wife Elizabeth Steele all my household and kitchen furniture and for her support during her natural life, one third part of a fair & equitable rent charge of my farm in Drumore~ Township aforesaid whereon I now reside, to be assertained as hereinafter provided and paid to her yearly & every year as long as she shall live; also a horse, saddle, & bridle and a milk cow, which are to be kept for her use on the farm; and further to have for her accomidation the eastern end of the dwelling house, consisting of two rooms in each floor, with the constant privilege of ingress & egress to & from the same, and firewood to be cut and laid down for her use near the door~ I likewise give her my two black girls, named Hailey & Hannah to be at her disposal during the time they respectivley have lawful to serve.

2nd I will and devise to my son John James Steele his heirs & assigns my aforesaid farm subject to the proportion of annual rent charge, the keeping of a horse and cow the part of the dwelling house and the furnishings of~firewood before mentioned for the support and accomidation of his mother the amount of which annual rent charge to be fixed by two persons, one to be appointed by my said wife, and the other by my said son; which persons thus appointed in case of disagreement shall choose a third person, the judgement of any two of whom shall be conclusive, I also leave to my said son a horse saddle & bridle likewise the limestone Qurry purchased from Robert Rusk.

3rd I give and bequeath to my son William Washington Steele twenty dollars which with the land heretofor conveyed to him, being a part of the farm purchased by me from Joseph Lauramore I deem and consider as not only equivolent to the estate left to my son John James Steele with imcumberances thereto annexed, but also in full compensation for all his services rendered to me, after he became of lawful age

4th I give and bequeath to my daughter Lydia Bailey my gold watch

5th I will and direct that my executors herein after named as soon after my decease and in such a manner as in their judgement that they may most beneficial to the legates concerned dispose of that part of the farm aforesaid purchased from Joseph Louramore, which I at present hold and equally divide the net~ proceeds there of amongst my daughters Lydia Bailey, Rachel Ankrim,~ Margaret Boyd, Eliza Boyd, Harriet Long and Abbiann Maxwell to each share and share alike, And if any of my daughters should die before said property should be sold & the proceeds there of distributed as foresaid then the share of such deceased daughter shall descend to her child or children

6th I further will and direct that all my estate real and personal of what kind soever not already devised or bequeathed shall by my executors be disposed of and the proceeds thereof divided equally amongst my children William Washington Steele, Lydia Bailey, Rachel Ankrim, Margaret Boyd, Eliza Boyd, Harriet Long, Abbiann Maxwell & John James Steele to each share and share alike, after first deducting therefrom a bequest , which I hereby make of twenty dollars to each of my Grand Children which have been named for me vis: William R. Bailey, Wm Steele Ankrim, William Steele son of William Washington Steele, William Steele Boyd & William Steele Long Also the like sum of twenty dollars to my grandson Jasper Boyd But if he should die before he shall arrive at the age of twenty one years, then the said sum of twenty dollars shall be equally divided amongst my sons and daughters aforesaid.

Lastly I constitute & appoint my friends Samuel Pusey & Hugh McCullough and my brother John Steele Executors of this my last will and testament hereby revoking & disannulling any will or wills by me. heretofor made, ratifying & confirming this & this only as my last will and testament. In testamony whereof I have hereunto set my hand & affixed my Seal the third day of September in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred & twenty one. William Steele SEAL Signed Sealed published & declared by William Steele to be his last will and testement in the presence of us, who have subscribed our names as witness in presence of the testor John Lefever , J Ramsey Lancaster County SS On the 22nd day of June Anno Domini 1822 Appeared before me the subcriber John Lefever and J. Ramsey the subscribing witnesses to the foregoing will and on their solemn affirmations did declare and say that they saw William Steele the testor in the said will named sign, seal, and heard him publish pronounce and declare the same as and for his last will and testement and at the doing thereof he was of sound mind, memory and understanding to the best of their knowledge, observation and belief

John Bachman Jun Deputy Reg.. Be it remembered That on the 22nd day of June Anno Domini 1822 The last will and testement of William Steele deceased was proved in due form of law and letters of administration with the will annexed were thereon granted to Hugh McCullough and John Long ( the Executors there in named having renounced) They the said Hugh McCullough and John Long having given bondwith sufficient sureties well and truly to administer the estate of said Deceased and especially to exhibit a true and perfect Inventory thereof into the Registers Office at Lancaster within one month and render a true and just account of their Administration on said estate in one year Given under the seal of said Office John Bachman Jun Deputy Reg.

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