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Zion United Methodist Church Cemetery (New)


Zion Church Road, Centre Township  


"… [L]ocated about six miles north-west of Middleburg. The original Zion's Church was a United Brethren Church, built about 1850 on a plot close to the present Zion's [united Methodist] Church. About 1890 the Evangelical Association got possession of this church … A second Zion's United Brethren Church was erected about one mile from the old Zion's United Brethren Church on what was known as Zion Hill and was used until 1871 when a new building was erected. This church building was later torn down and the Kissimmee United Brethren Church was built from the material in 1916-1917. The Kissimmee United Brethren [now United Methodist] Church is located in Franklin Township about two miles north-west of Middleburg. …"  Dunkelberger, p. 634.

Source of Inscriptions:

Wagenseller, 1904.
Finsterbush, 1994-1996.


See the cemetery listing from Wagenseller's Tombstone Inscriptions of Snyder County.


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