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Portzline Family Cemetery


Perry Twp., Snyder Co.


"The land on which the Portzline cemetery is located was warranted by the Shetterlys and they were listed as living on the tract.  One can surmise that this burial plot was established by its first owners as early grave markers for the Shetterly family, that still remain, pre-date any existing marker.  When Francis Portzline purchased part of the Shetterly tract, this cemetery was located within the parcel.  The land remained with the Portzline heirs ...  The cemetery was stipulated as 'set aside,' becoming a separate parcel.  The adjoining lands remained with the heirs of Portzline descendants up to 1942, when it was sold by George Washington Portzline to the Pennsylvania Game Commission.  The cemetery, 1/10 of an acre, was subject to 'rights of ingress and regress for the purpose of maintaining and utilizing the same.'  ... It is usually cleaned once a year on the Saturday following Ascension Day, by Portzline descendants." - Ruthann Hubbert, "Francis Portzline (1771-1857)," The Snyder County Historical Society Bulletin, 1982, p. 25.

Source of Inscriptions:

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