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Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church
Dushore, PA About 1935
The churches and cemeteries of Sullivan County, as well as
more than a century of obituaries in the Sullivan Review, tell much of the local history.
Photo contributed by Paula Lundstrom
from an old postcard

Registry of Obituaries
for Sullivan County
Selected Years

Transcribed by Tina Pastusic of Plains, PA.

Note: Tina obtained these obituary dates from the Sullivan Review of Dushore, PA, and from the archives of the Sullivan County Historical Society. Many of the obituaries themselves have been posted on the Sullivan County Web Page Message Boards where you can find and read them. If you are concerned about a particular death or obituary date for these years, please give us the name and date, or approximate date, and we will then verify and post it if we can. If the obit isn't on the message board, you can contact Bob Sweeney and we will try to look it up. The most reliable dates are between 1878 and 2005. We can look for earlier dates, but those records are spotty and we do not want to get someone's hopes up. We are grateful once again to the Sullivan Review and the Sullivan County Historical Society for this valuable record of the history of Sullivan County.


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Dushore, PA About 1910
Main Street Looking West
Obert Hotel is Visible
While Laporte has been the county seat since 1847,
Dushore was always the commercial, social and religious center of Sullivan County.
Source: A Postcard Listed on eBay in July 2003

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