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Bird Cemetery
Established in the 1820s
North of Forksville, off Rte 87; on Shaffer property, east of Millview
Forks Twp., Sullivan County, PA
Information on stones not marked were provided by a list given to our contributors by Mary Lou & Bill Shaffer. This "List of Graves" was compiled in 1915 by John K. & Ulysses Bird. The names are listed below in "Lots", as they are on the "List of Graves".

Our contributors are:
Mike and Debbie Krause
PO Box 88, Dushore, PA 18614

September 2001

Editor's Note:In February 2010, the Sullivan County Historical Society and Museum (SCHS&M) provided an update that includes previously unlisted interments, as well as addtional information on several of the interments that we did have. This information was extracted from current and old records in the possesssion of that organization. We have color coded those entries in crimson, and express our sincere appreciaton for this information to our colleagues at SCHS&M.

Last Updated: February 2010


Bird Cemetery
Near Forksville, PA
October 26, 2001
Photo Taken by Mike and Debbie Krause






Lot # 1 Powell Bird Family


Bird, Manoah T.


November 1911 *

* Per actual obituary

Bird, Alice B.


Sept. 14, 1893

Wife of M.T. Bird

Bird, Powell Jr.

Jan. 16, 1815

Mar. 8, 1896


Bird, Sarah

Aged 73 years

May 4, 1893

Wife of Powell Bird

Gibbs, Mary A.

Aged 26y, 6m

Feb. 17, 1881

Wife of William L. Gibbs



Mar. 23, 1872

Son of William L. Gibbs

Bird, Hannah

Aged 20y, 1m, 21d

Nov. 28, 1860

Dau. of Powell Bird, Jr.

Lot # 2 Part of Richard & Ester Biddle Family


Samuel H.

Sept. 6, 1847

Jan. 25, 1863

Children of Richard &Ester Biddle

Biddle, Ann E.

July 10, 1851

Mar. 14, 1863

Children of R.& E. Biddle


Mar. 23, 1854

Apr. 14, 1856

Children of R.& E. Biddle
(Stone in Lot 5)

Biddle, Willis F.

Sept. 18, 1862

Jan. 8, 1863

Children of R.& E. Biddle
All 4 names on same stone

Lot # 3-Oliver Bird Family


Bird, Angeline M.

June 22, 1881(?)
Hard to read

Jul. 26, 1885

Dau. of Oliver & _?_ Bird

Bird, Mary S.

? Hard to read

Apr. 16, 1883

Dau. of Oliver & _?_ Bird

Bird, Ralph


Mar. 31, 1881

Son of Oliver & _?_ Bird

Lot # 4


Richard S.

Aged 1y, 27d

Oct. 29, 1884


Fannie H.

Sept. 25, 1891

Aug. 26, 1904

Dau. of George & Ruth Reinbold

Reinbold, Ruth



Field stone marker- Name per "List of Graves" Wife of George Reinbold




Field stone marker-
Name per "List of Graves"

Lot # 5- Thomas & Mary Norton Family


Norton, Mary (Bird) *

Nov. 8, 1816

Mar. 5, 1902

Wife of Thomas Norton;
* D/o George & Sally (King) Bird


Aged 77y, 9m

Feb. 3, 1884

Same stone as James

Norton, James

Aged 3y, 11m, 21d

Oct. 8, 1877

Same stone as Thomas


Aged 14y, 4m. 24d

July 4, 1857

Dau. of Thomas & Mary Norton


Aged 25y, 1m, 3d

Sept. 17, 1877

Son of Thomas & Mary Norton

Norton, Ira

Aged 8m

Dec. 19, 1848

Son of Thomas & Mary Norton

Lot # 6 Powell Bird Sr. and George Bird Families


Bird, Sally

Aged 79 yrs

Sept. 8, 1867

Wife of George Bird

Bird, George

"In the 83 year of his age"

July 14, 1872

"Gone Home"


The following names & Gravesites are from the "List of Graves" They only have fieldstone markers.

Bird, Thomas

Age 1 yr.

Oct. 8, 1819

Son of George & Sally Bird

Bird, William

Age 2 yrs.

Feb. 20, 1828

Son of George & Sally Bird

Bird, Lydia


June 29, 1832

Wife of Powell Bird, Sr.

Bird, Powell,Sr

Age 80 yrs.

Apr. 23, 1829


Bird, Esther



Dau. of Powell Bird, Sr.

Bird, Naoma



Dau. of Powell Bird, Sr.

Bird, Ruth



Dau. of Powell Bird, Sr.

Bird, Ann


Mar. 21, 1879

Dau. of George & Sally Bird

Lot # 7 John K. & Caroline Bird Family


Waterson, Mrs.

No date

July 10, 1880 *

Dau. of Mrs. Mary Bird
Jones-Fieldstone Marker;
* Per actual obituary

Bird, Lincoln


Feb. 10, 1866

Infant son of John K. & "Carrie" Bird

Bird, John K.


Apr. 10, 1923

Same stone as Caroline K. Bird

Bird, Caroline


Jan. 11, 1907

Same stone as John K. Bird

Lot # 8


Bird, Charles

June 21, 1824

Oct. 15, 1897

Same stone as "Hariet" Bird

Bird, "Hariet"

Jan. 12, 1826

Jan. 12, 1903

Same stone as Charles Bird-"Charles Wife"


Bird Cemetery
Commemorative Plaque
October 26, 2001
The plaque marks the two unmarked graves of Powell Bird and his wife, Lydia (Hannant) Bird. The plaque reads:

.........Lydia Hannant Bird...........................Powell Bird
..........................married Sept. 5, 1773
......... B: c 1754....................................B: c 1750
Dilham, Norfolk, England.......................Worstead, Norfolk, England
..........D: 1832......................................D: 1829

The families of Powell Bird, John Warren and William Molyneux were the first white settlers of present day Sullivan County. The 3 men surveyed this area, then known as "Beech Woods" for Joseph Priestly, Jr. in 1794. Bird & Warren moved their families to the area in 1795 and Molyneux brought his family in 1797. The youngest child of Powell and Lydia Bird, Rebecca Bird, was born here January 1, 1797. She was the 1st white child born in Sullivan County. She married William Molyneux's son, Edward on July 11, 1814.
Dedicated July 12, 1997
The Bird Family Descendants
Photo Taken by Mike and Debbie Krause

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