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Cadwallader Cemetery
Dushore, PA

Near Farrell's Farm, LR 895, North Turnpike (Churchill) Street,
approximately one-half mile from Main Street, near the home of our contributors:
Mike and Debbie Krause
PO Box 88, Dushore, PA 18614

August 2001

In November 2009, the Sullivan County Historical Society and Museum (SCHS&M) provided an update that includes previously unlisted interments, as well as addtional information on several of the interments that we did have. This information was extracted from current and old records in the possesssion of that organization. We have color coded those entries in crimson, and express our sincere appreciaton for this information to our colleagues at SCHS&M.

Last updated December 2009


Cadwallader Cemetery
Dushore, PA
October 20, 2001
Photo Taken by Mike and Debbie Krause





Barber, Emily C.

32y, 11m, 21d

Apr. 17, 1869

Dau. of Wells & Harriet Wilcox, same stone as Wells & Harriet Wilcox

Benjamin, Hattie C.

No date

Mar. 14, 1857

Aged 20 yrs
Wife of S.E. Benjamin,
Also her infant dau.

Fairchild, Lloyd

Nov. 16, 1894

Dec. 24, 1884

Son of Wm. & Annie Fairchild

Fairchild, Wm. T.


May 3 *, 1915

Same stone as Anna K., his wife
* Per actual obituary

Fairchild, Anna K.



Same stone as Wm. T., her husband

Fairchild, Freeman

Feb. 16, 1889

Mar. 17, 1967

PA, Pvt.Co M329, Infantry WWI

Fairchild, Dr. F.

Feb. 27, 1849 *

Dec. 1, 1878

Aged 30 yrs.
* Per actual obituary

Fairchild, Kate W.

Aged 33 yrs.

Mar. 16, 1885

Dau. of Daniel H. & Eliz. Fairchild

Fairchild, Daniel

Dec. 23, 1823

Mar. 30, 1897

Same stone as Elizabeth R. Fairchild

Fairchild, Elizabeth R.

Feb. 25, 1820

May 13, 1904

Same stone as Daniel H. his wife

Fairchild, Freeman

Oct. 28 *, 1782

May 24 *, 1834

Husband of Hannah Fairchild
* Per LDS site

Fairchild, Hannah



Wife of Freeman Fairchild

Fairchild, Caroline L.

July 26, 1845 *

Apr. 28, 1849

3y, 9m, 2d
Dau. of Stephen & Nancy Fairchild
* Per LDS site

Fairchild, Nancy

No date

July 5, 1890 *

Aged 67 yrs.
* Per actual obituary

Fairchild, Stephen

Sept. 26, 1809 *

April 5, 1880 *

Aged 71 yrs.
*Per LDS site

Hoffman, Christian

Apr. 25, 1826

Nov. 7, 1895


Hoffman, Mrs. Caroline

Aug. 15, 1830

Aug. 27, 1908


Martin, Emily J.

Oct. 7, 1852

Sept. 18, 1925


Martin, J. Newton

No date

Jan. * 2, 1884

32y, 8m, 27d
* Per actual obituary

Martin, John W.


November 26, 1904

No legible stone

Martin, Lewis Wells

4m, 27 d

Feb. 13, 1854

Son of J.W. & C. Martin

Martin, Freeman Wm.

3y, 1m, 1d

Jan. 26, 1852

Son of J.W. & C. Martin

Martin, William

28th year of life

Dec. "AD" 1827


Martin, Rebecca

Aged 9 mo.



Martin, Dudley H.

No date


Aged 2 yrs.
S/o Jn. & Emily

Montgomery, Frederick


Sept. 1985

* Per actual obituary

Mosier, Anna G.


June 18, 1892

Wife of (canít read) Mosier

(no name)



Stone next to Anna Mosier

Mosier, C. Solomon

Aug. 5, 184462y, 1m, 27d

Oct. 2, 1906


Mosier, John

Aged 76y, 3m, 8d

Jan. 17, 1859


Mosier, Elizabeth

67y, 8m, 15d

Mar. 4, 1855

Wife of John Mosier

Myers, Ellen Amanda

31y, 3m, 13d

Sept. 3, 1863

Wife of Peter Myers

Myers, Peter H.

4m, 9d

Jan. 12, 1894

Son of Peter & Ellen Myers

Quinn, Sarah

74y, 9m, 13d

Nov. 28, 1869

Wife of Thomas Quinn & dau. of Jas. & Jane Wilson

Rubright, Earl P, Jr.


June 8, 1911

S/o Mr. & Mrs. Earl P. Rubright
Grandson of W. H. Fairchild

Salsbury, John Edward

Aug. 30, 1919

Aug. 10, 1980

U.S. Army WWII

Wilcox, Harriet H.

Aged 66 yrs.

Apr. 9, 1878

Wife of Wells Wilcox

Wilcox, Wells

88y, 6m, 21d

Mar. 11, 1893

Same stone as Harriet H. Wilcox

Wilcox, Josepha D.

37y, 3m, 24d

Apr. 19, 1892

Dau. of Wells & Harriet Wilcox, Same stone as Harriet H. Wilcox

Sufford, Catherine M.

No date

July 5, 1852

Wife of Jesse T. Sufford; aged 20 yrs;;
Same stone as John W.

Sufford, John W.

No date

Aug. 6, 1852

Infant son of J.T. & C.M. Sufford;
Same stone as Catherine M.


Cadwallader Cemetery
Dushore, PA
November 30, 2005
The building between the two large trees on the right side of the picture
is the original Cadwalader School. The door is open. It is now
used as a storage shed for farm equipment, as are the other structures that
are on either side of the old school house. The property was owned by
the Farrell family at the time this picture was taken.
Photo Taken by Mike Krause

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