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Cahill Cemetery
Cahill Road, Overton Township
Bradford County, PA

August 19, 2001
Note: Nine graves marked by field stones and several unmarked graves.

Wild Turkeys
Yurgatis Farm
Laceyville, PA
February 4, 2011
Photo Taken by Carol Brotzman

Transcribed by Phil Herman


A story was told by by Mrs. Henry (Martin) Beebe to William "Bill" Madill of Weston, near Powell, PA, about ten miles from this cemetery. Bill related the story to us in April 2007:

Mrs. Beebe lived about a 1/2 mile from the cemetery on Cahill Mountain. She told me the story of a man returning from the Civil War who, stopping at the water trough at Cahill's, was kicked by his horse and died. With no identification on him to notify next of kin, he was buried in the Cahill family cemetery. Mrs. Beebe also told me that the corner of the store foundation near the cemetery (the wall is still standing) was where travelers on the Underground Railroad were hidden. Mrs. Beebe is deceased, but her husband was still living in Overton, Pa, at this time.

Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Cahill William 19 Jun 1813 8 Dec 1893   All except George D on same stone
Cahill Hannah 6 Aug 1821 16 Nov 1898 77y 3m 10d  
Cahill George D   13 Aug 1871 21y 6m 6d Son of Wm and Hannah Cahill
Cahill Alice 27 May 1855 24 Sep 1876    
Cahill George P 7 Feb 1840 13 Aug 1861    
Cahill Henry M 31 Aug 1853 18 Oct 1882    
Cahill Infant       stillborn
Cahill Infant       stillborn
Cahill Infant       stillborn
Unknown Fieldstone Marker       GAR Flagholder
Unknown Fieldstone Marker       GAR Flagholder

Note: One of these "unknowns" is Roland Scrivens, Co D, 171st PA, Drafted Militia.
Not sure about the other at this time.


The following are also buried at Cahill Cemetery:

George Morris's boy (killed under a wagon)
Levi Thomson
Silas Bailey
Mr. and Mrs. Warner
Lawrence Updegraff
Martha Porter Updegraff

Martha Updegraff was my great grandmother and Lawrence was her baby son. None of these persons had a gravestone, just a fieldstone at the head of the grave. Years ago there used to be more gravestones, but they were stolen as was iron fencing that was around some of the graves. There is a possibility that "Stoney" Green might have been buried in the Cahill Cemetery. He apparently was a Civil War vet and lived just north of the cemetery with his wife Mabel ("May"). I think May was a "Scrivens" before she was married, and therefore related to Roland. I do not know what "Stoney" was a nickname for, but that is what he was always called. I think they had a son called "Dewey". They also raised a boy they called LaForest Green. I think LaForest's mother died when he was born and May just took him and raised him. A list of residents of Overton for 1910 lists E. L Green.

I do not know what year Roland died but it was in the winter. He and Stoney (I think) were going to Cahill from the Foot of Plains. Apparently Roland died about halfway to Cahill. Stoney left Roland lying across the track and went on to Cahill. He got George Martin to take his horse and wagon to get Roland's body. The body was taken to the Cahill Schoolhouse. Stoney Green preached the sermon (of sorts) and Roland was buried in the Cahill Cemetery. I will try to find my notes and check to see that this is the story that was given to me.

Approximately a mile from the Cahill Cemetery is a private cemetery. In it are buried a man, his wife (Jerusha) and twin daughters. Their last name was Worden. There was also another grave there but the body was taken up and reburied in the cemetery at Powell. I think Mr. Worden was French Canadian.

I am so glad that people like Phil Herman are taking the time to "read" the various cemeteries. Unfortunately, years ago, many persons were buried without tombstones , so only family members know of the burial. Unless they pass the info on to their children, it is lost.

S. J. Tweitmann
September 1, 2001

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