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Cemetery Hunting: Remote Locations in the Muncy Area of Sullivan County

By Mallory Allison and Charles Babcock who can be reached at


July 6, 2000

Well, Chuck and I were off on one of our jaunts last week and, sure enough, found a couple of cemetery sites off in the woods after talking to some of the folk in, I believe, it was Muncy Village.

Go south on Hwy 220 from Laporte and take Edkin Road, past the Muncy Valley welcome sign. Go 3.6 miles on this road. You'll pass a development called "Sky Meadows". There will be a stop sign on your left. There is no road sign but the road is Rock Run Road. Pass the stop sign and then, on the right side of the road, you'll see a wooden gate in front of a small meadow. Walk through the gate, then through the meadow and the cemetery is behind some trees. The surnames include: EDKIN, ROACH, HALL, and BENNETT. I didn't have pen and paper to write all the names down but those are the surnames we saw. The cemetery had some memorial markers and flags in it and had been mowed. You actually go out of Sullivan County and then back into it by the time you reach the cemetery.

For the next cemetery, I would suggest you wear gear for tromping around in the woods. It reminded me of the Hoppestown cemetery. Take Hwy 220 south from Laporte once again. Just at the sign that says "Welcome to Muncy Valley", there is another sign for a sportsman's association. The road you want is right before you cross the county line. I could not see a name for it. Go up this road and take your first right, onto Copper Road. Then take the VERY FIRST LEFT (it will be a very sharp left turn onto a gravel/dirt road). Go to the end of this road and you will be parked in someone's driveway. Ask permission to walk up the old trail to the cemetery (the trail looks like an old logging road). The cemetery is off on the left about 150 yards up the trail. There was only one marker with writing on it: THOMAS STRAWBRIDGE, died 29 January 1879, 79 years, 14 days. The remaining markers we could locate were field markers with no writing on them. However, we went back down to the little Dandy store and found out that there are also MCCLINTOCKs buried there as well. This cemetery is VERY overgrown and the one headstone we found for Thomas Strawbridge was covered with bushes. It looks like the cemetery may, at one time, have been of a good size.

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