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Madison/Mattison and Sturdevant Cemeteries
Tuscarora Township, PA

Contributed by Carol Brotzman
PO Box 88, Dushore, PA 18614

September 2001


The following description of the Madison Cemetery is part of "Beaver Meadows, the Church and Its People" a book being compiled by Carol Brotzman, the elected church historian. The earliest members of this church signed the Tuscarora Rush Religious Compact. For further information regarding the Tuscarora Rush Religious Compact check out the preceding linked reference.

Madison Cemetery
Tuscarora Township, PA
Headstone of Abbie Madison Magee
Photo contributed by Amanda Brotzman
January 2002



This cemetery is located along the roadside on the present Dale G. and Donna Tewksbury Bennett property. The cemetery is located in a cultivated field with no barriers. There is only one headstone, with two small markers denoting MOTHER and AJM. Local children, and nieces and nephews of Marion Bennett (Dale's father) remember, while growing up in that area in the 1930’s, that there were more headstones, maybe as many as 12 or more that they used to play among. In an interview in 1998, Kay Ervine recalls going up there as a child with Margene Bennett Nittenger. She recalls there were at least four larger stones. There are rumors as to what happened to the stones and where they are now, however, those comments are only speculation on unsubstantiated facts until proven.

Donna Bennett states that folks have visited the grave from either Maryland or Virginia.

The one headstone records:


Wife of DANIEL

Died February 23, 1880 age 31 years 8 months 16 days

This calculates that she was born June 7, 1849

Additional stones record "MOTHER" and "AJM" (Abbie’s initials)

From the 1850 Tuscarora Township census we find (Abigail) Abbie Jane was born in Pennsylvania about 1848, the daughter of Reuben and Sarah Madison/Mattison, who came from Rhode Island. The mother, Sarah, must have died before October 24, 1868, as that was the date Abbie Jane's father Reuben Madison married Cynthia Hardy Culver, his second wife. She was the widow of Adolphus Culver who had died in the CIVIL WAR. Reuben Madison signed the Tuscarora Rush Religious Compact. From the 1880 Tuscarora Township census, we find the widower Daniel H. MaGee, born in 1846, residing with his two children, Lucy and Frederick, and his widowed mother, Lucy Roots McGee. His parents, Ebenezer and Lucy Roots McGee, used the spelling "McGee". This MaGee/McGee lineage connects this family to the Clapper, Whitney and Smith families of Beaver Meadows. All are prominent church families of Beaver Meadows. There are other connections to the folks here at Beaver Meadows, which will be revealed in Carol's forthcoming book.

Maybe Reuben’s first wife Sarah is buried here, and could be represented by the "MOTHER" stone!? Why is the graveyard called the "Madison" Cemetery instead of the "MaGee" Cemetery, if Abbie was the first burial? We just do not know. So many unanswered questions!

We do not know where Ebenezer McGee’s wife, Lucy Roots McGee, is buried either! Her husband has a headstone in the Gage Road Cemetery, Rush Township, Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania, but she doesn’t. Lucy was living in Tuscarora Township in 1800. It is a possibility taht she is bured locally.

Ebenezer and Lucy had another child named Theodore MaGee (note the spelling change). He married but separated from his wife, Hulda Jane Lewis. Hulda married a second time to William Whitney on February 4, 1873. It is not known what ever became of Theodore. No divorce papers have been found either! Could he possibly be buried here in the Madison Cemetery?

Carol has a note in her personal records obtained from a newspaper clipping belonging to Marie Woodruff VanDeMark. The article indicates that possibly Jeapon and Jane Mowry Madison could be buried here. They died as young adults in 1882. Again, we have no proof. Just speculation!

Lyle Madison of Mesa, Arizona recalls his Uncle Nicholas Madison (1853-1913) buried in Quinby Cemetery. He thought that Nicholas Madison may have buried his brother John Madison in the Madison cemetery. As Lyle remarks, "Nick would have put John in a pine box and buried him with no stone.". John Madison is actually the natural father of Reuben Featherbay. There is no headstone located for him at Madison or Quinby now; however many of the stones were removed by a previous owner. Those interested in more family information can contact Carol Brotzman, Beaver Meadows Church Historian.

There are endless possibilities of other burials here in this cemetery with the missing headstones, and many more potnetial connections to families at Beaver Meadows!

There are also connections to the Featherbay and Scott families in Sullivan County, Pennsylvania.

If anyone has information as to the missing stones and names of other people buried in this cemetery, please share so these good folks can be remembered the way they should be! If more information on the Madison/MaGee/McGee families is desired contact Carol Brotzman, Beaver Meadows Church Historian, at Carol Brotzman.

Madison Cemetery
Tuscarora Township, PA
Photo contributed by Carol Brotzman
January 27, 2003


Note: It is located behind the barn on a grassy knoll, and is fenced off from the pasture.

View from the Pasture
Sturdevant Cemetery
Clapper Hill
Tuscarora Township, PA
Photo contributed by Mary Ellen Brotzman
July 6, 2002

Here are the names on the stones:

WILLIAM BRIGGS, no stone, newspaper clipping, May 1897, (no name for the paper listed), Sylvara area column. Sturdevant family information records he was 74 years old when he passed. He was married to a lady named Lois Sturdevant who died in May 1900. Church records show they were married November 21, 1864. She was the daughter of Jesse and Irene Black Sturdevant. Lois is probably buried here also.

The newspaper article reads as follows:

Wm Briggs of Wyalusing was laid to rest on a Sunday in the Sturdevant Burial grounds. He was the son in law of Jess Sturdevant.

This is probably the cemetery he was buried in. No proof. There is a Sturdevant Cemetery in Black Walnut, Wyoming County, Pennsylvania. However, the cemetery here in Tuscarora would be the correct family plot.

Note: Information found at the Bradford County Historical Society, Towanda, PA

Hezekiah Rodgers died April 11, 1851, age 70 years. We assume his wife was Lois.

From the 1850 Tuscarora Township census, we learn that Hezekiah Rogers (note spelling variations for Rogers and his wife’s first name) was married to Louisa. He was age 69 years old and she was 58 years old. Their children were Lyman, age 23 years; Samuel W., age 21 years; and Mary A., age 16 years. The whole family was born in Connecticut.

Probably MARY A. ROGERS is buried here. This information was transcribed from a newspaper clipping:

A daughter of Hezekiah and Lois B. Rodgers died October 7, 1862; age 28 years 5 months and 5 days


January 16, 1839 – March 15, 1906

His wife was MARY L. OWENS March 1, 1841 – January 4, 1928

Their daughter was EVA E, August 26, 1862 – September 27, 1862

Their son was BRADLEY S, January 11, 1867 – November 7, 1886

Their son was Harry L. (Luther), 1864 – 1909

Wife of Harry was Emma E. (Emma Evangeline Bennett), 1867 – 1950

Florence (Elouise), (July 6) 1893 – 1900 (March 12) (the middle name spelling of Elouise is from the Bennett Genealogy)

Goldie, (June 2) 1890 – 1893 (September 5)

Historian's Note: Emma Evangeline Bennett was the daughter of Samuel and Adelia "Melvina" Maxfield Bennett. Samuel was killed in a logging accident in LaPorte, Sullivan County, Pennsylvania. Melvina married John Clapper, January 29, 1871, as her second husband and his second wife. John’s former wife, Harriet Culver, had died June 1, 1869. Thus, we are mixing two more large prominent families of Beaver Meadows: The Clapper's and the Bennett’s of Clapper Hill that descended from Ferris and Nancy Black Bennett. Again we have yet another connection: Nancy Black Bennett and Irene Black Sturdevant were sisters, children of Joseph and Alice Wells Black. You will find much information on these families on the link provided at the beginning of this section to the History of the Beaver Meadows Church.

Mrs. J. D. Sturdevant, Maria Lathrop, died July 6, 1886 aged 76 years, 9 months and 23 days

Their son Norman S, died March 15, 1850 age 14 years, 6 months and 15 days

Jesse Sturdevant, July 3, 1807 – June 18, 1878, age 71 years 11 months and 15 days

His wife was Irene Black; she died September 15, 1851 age 35 years, 5 months and days.

His second wife was Elizabeth Buck, October 8, 1813 – March 31, 1887, age 74 years, 5 months and 23 days. J. B. Sturdevant signed the Tuscarora Rush Religious Compact as a member of the Beaver Meadows Church.

Historian's note: Jesse Benedict Sturdevant was the son of Jesse and Lenda Drake Sturdevant. The elder Jesse was the Reverend Samuel Sturdevant of Black Walnut. The younger Jesse's sister-in-law (wife of Hamilton Stowe Sturdevant) was Annis Minerva Crawford, who held the original deed and plot for the Quinby Cemetery in Silvara, Tuscarora Township, PA. This family has a strong Christian family background in the Methodist and Baptist faiths.

Judson (J. W.) (J. D.) Sturdevant, December 3, 1841 – January 31, 1890

Company A, 57th Pennsylvania Volunteers, Civil War

Elizabeth Ann Deremer, his wife, (the spelling of her last name may vary)

Elizabeth was born in Belvedere, New Jersey, November 14, 1830 to Philip and Mary Williams Deremer. She was married first to Elias Transue, who died March 22, 1866, and second to Judson W. Sturdevant.

Elizabeth Sturdevant; this information was from a Tuscarora Township Historical Society newsletter, just a page belonging to Jeanette Brotzman, so we have no issue date.

She died February 27, 1900. That would be shortly before the will of Judson was probated!

Historian's note from a portion of his will: J. D. Sturdevant signed the Tuscarora Rush Religious Compact. Judson Sturdevant left in his last Will and Testament to the Beaver Meadows church $1.00 annually to the funds of the Sunday school library, and $3.00 annually to the Pastor of the Methodist Church having class nearest to 'my above-mentioned real estate'. The will was witnessed February 14, 1889; however, it was not probated until May 2, 1900, George T Ingham, register, Bradford County Court House. Why the great variance in time before probate is anyone’s guess. He died January 31, 1890. I find no reference in church records where any funds were ever received.

Judson and Elizabeth adopted one child, Burton Edward Sturdevant, who inherited the entire estate.

Judson Sturdevant Family Grave Markers
Sturdevant Cemetery
Tuscarora Township, PA
Photo contributed by Mary Ellen Brotzman
July 6, 2002
Note: The cemetery is actually divided by the Sturdevant families
with Judson's family being closest to the road and
Jesse's family of Sturdevants on the lower side towards the hilltop.

Beaver Meadows Church records: June 3, 1885, Beaver Meadows Secretary minutes, meeting held at Rush Center: L. A. Pickett was elected Superintendent of Sabbath school at Beaver Meadows, The Sunday School was thriving according to the minutes. Stewards from Beaver Meadows were: L. A. Pickett, N. R. Jones and Judson Sturdevant.

Leander E. Sturdevant, April 16, 1850 – June 19, 1917

His wife was Orrie Roberts, August 12, 1855 – June 22, 1891.

Historian's note: Rev George Greenfield married Leander and Orrie December 27, 1876 in the Skinners Eddy parsonage.

May Sturdevant, September 20, 1882 – October 30, 1892

Information on this cemetery was provided by the Sturdevant family genealogists, Alice and Webb Sivers, and from headstone readings, Beaver Meadows church records, newspaper clippings, a Tuscarora Township Historical Society Newsletter, The Bradford County Historical Society, obituaries, Skinners Eddy church records, and the Bennett Genealogy. The will mentioned above was obtained from the Bradford County Court House.

Sturdevant Cemetery
Tuscarora Township, PA
Photo contributed by Mary Ellen Brotzman
July 6, 2002

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