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Mount Vernon Cemetery
Established in 1831
On Edkin Hill Road , SR 3001, North of T307
Shrewsbury Twp., Sullivan County, PA

Our contributor is:
Mike Krause
PO Box 88, Dushore, PA 18614

February 2002

Editor's Note:In February 2010, the Sullivan County Historical Society and Museum (SCHS&M) provided an update that includes previously unlisted interments, as well as addtional information on several of the interments that we did have. This information was extracted from current and old records in the possesssion of that organization. We have color coded those entries in crimson, and express our sincere appreciaton for this information to our colleagues at SCHS&M.

Last Updated: February 2010


Mount Vernon Cemetery
Shrewsbury, PA
Winter 2001
Photo Taken by Mike and Debbie Krause




Bennett, Phoebe

Aged 76y,1m,24d

Aug. 31, 1857

"wife of Thomas Bennett"

Bennett, Martha E. Fiester

Aged 26y,5m,17d

Nov. 23, 1898

"wife of H.R. Bennett

Bennett, Infant



Infant son of H.R. & M.E. Bennett

Bennett, Cersha M.?

Aged 11y

Dec.? 31, 1852

Son of J. & E. Bennett

Bennett, John B *

Aged 11y,7m,29d

1843 *

Son of Joel & Eliza Bennett; aged 11 yrs;
* Per older cemetery list

Bennett, W.W.

Aged 68 y,11m,27d

Mar. 9, 1880?


Bennett, "Mother"

Aged 70y, 5d

Oct. 23, 1894

Stone next to W.W. Bennett

Bennett, Jared

Aged 38y, 8m, 13d

Apr. 19, 1885


Edkin,Clarence Word?

May 27, 1866

Apr. 1, 1897?

Inscribed on flagstone

Edkin, John C.

Aged 5y, 1m

Nov. 1835

Son of John G. & AliceEdkin

Edkin, Deborah

Aged 2y, 11m

Nov. 1835

Dau. of John G. & AliceEdkin

Edkin, George

Aged 5y,2m,11d

Mar. 11, 1834

Son of John G. & AliceEdkin

Edkin, Alexender M.

Aged 4y,4m

Oct. 1840

Son of John G. & AliceEdkin

Edkin, Caroline

Aged 2y

Nov. 1840

Dau. of John G. & AliceEdkin

Edkin, John G.

Aged 51y,11m,3d

May 28, 1852


Edkin, Alice

Aged 68y,5m,23d

Mar. 3?, 1871

"wife of John G. Edkin"

Edkin, Francis

Aged 74y,1m,24d

Oct. 19, 1878


Edkin, Judith Warren

Aged 71y,1d

Mar. 8, 1881

"wife of Francis Edkin"

Edkin, Sarah Elizabeth

Dec. 5, 1849Aged 28y,6m,16d

June 21, 1873

"Dau. of Francis & Judith Edkin"

Edkin, Henry B.

Aged 21y,8m,7d

Dec. 20, 1864

"a member of Co E 5th PA Cav, died at Point of Rocks, VA"

Edkin, Deborah

Aged 75y

Feb. 26, 1849

"wife of George Edkin"

Edkin, George

Aged 81y,3d

Mar. 1, 1848


"Edkins" George

Aged 65y,8m,27d

Jan. 1, 1862


Fiester, Grace I.


Nov. 1879?

"Dau of J.U. & M. Fiester"

Fiester, Amy

Aged 3 days



Fiester, _?osab

Aged 11 months?



Fiester, Clara M.

Aged 18y,1m,12d

Oct. 9, 1878

"Dau. of J.U. & M. Fiester"

Fiester, William E.

Aged 11y, 9m,26d

Oct. 22, 1878

"son of J.U. & M. Fiester"

Fiester, Margaret

Aged 56y,5m,16d

Feb. 21, 1893

"wife of John U. Fiester"

Fiester, John U.

Aged 55y,9m,15d

May 8, 1885


Hall, David

Aged 67y,2m,28d

Mar. 11, 1890


Hall, Isabella

Aged 18y,10d

May 6, 1882

"dau. of D.U.S.? Hall"

Hall, David

Aged 79y

Feb. 11, 1865


Harding, Anna J.

Aged 38y,8m,18d

Oct. 29, 1894

"wife of J.J. Harding"

Hurst, Hanah


-?- 26, 1894

Inscribed on flagstone

Hoss *, Arretta A.

Aged 9y,6m,12d

Oct. 25, 1865

"Dau. of J. & E.Hoss"; aged 9 y, 6 m, 12 d;
* Per older cemetery list

Rine, Cora I.

Aged 2y,10m,28?d

Sept. 9, 1889

"dau. of George & Tressa Rine"

Roach, Deborah

Aged 41y,10m,10d

Apr. 17, 1881

"wife of John Roach"

Roach, John W.

Aged 5m,3d

Sept. 6, 1881

"son of J. & D. Roach"

Roach, John

Aged 74y,6m

Jan. 27, 1892


Roach, William C.

Oct. 6, 1850

Nov. 20, 1909


Spencer, Harry W.

July 12, 1905

Sept. 13, 1905

"son of G.W. & M.E.Spencer"-same stone as Mary E. Spencer

Spencer, Mary E.

Apr. 25, 1881

Apr. 8, 1906

"wife of G.W. Spencer"-same stone as Harry W.

Starr, Christina


Apr. 1895


Taylor, Frederick

Aged 83y,3m,23d

Mar. 12, 1886

"Earth has no sorrowheaven cannot treat"-same stone as Margaret

Taylor, Margaret Edkin

Aged 91y,7m,1d

Feb 27, 1893

"wife of Frederick Taylor"-same stone as Frederick

Taylor, George E



Same stone as Margaret

Taylor, Margaret Biddle



"His wife"-same stone as George E. Taylor

Taylor, Margaret

Aged 21y, --?

Nov.? 1, 1863

"dau. of F & M Taylor


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