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Old Friends Cemetery
Also Known as Williams or Quaker Cemetery
Shunk, PA

Contributed by Elaine Frey of Canton, PA
December 2000

Location: Across from the Shunk United Methodist Church (see picture at end of this posting). We are grateful to Elaine for this valuable record of the history of Sullivan County.

In November 2009 and in March 2013, the Sullivan County Historical Society and Museum (SCHS&M) provided an update that includes previously unlisted interments, as well as addtional information on several of the interments that we did have. This information was extracted from current and old records in the possesssion of that organization. We have color coded those entries in crimson, and express our sincere appreciaton for this information to our colleagues at SCHS&M.

In August 2010, June Howard contributed pictures of several tombstones and markers from this cemetery. We have linked these pictures in the listing below. We are much appreciative of June's efforts in this regard. She is a descendant of the Rowe, Molyneux and Tomlinson families of Sullivan County, and is related by marriage to the Vough family. You can learn more about these families at
The Grain of Salt in Streby...Early Settlers of Lycoming County.

Last updated: March 2014

Old Friends Cemetery
Shunk, PA
October, 2002
Photo Taken by Mike and Debbie Krause


Old Friends Cemetery, Shunk, PA





Battin, Charlotte (Bradley) *

July 25, 1925 *


Dec. 3, 2008 *

D/o James & Viola (Hartman); w/o Eugene "Gene" *
* Per actual Obituary

Battin, Ellen

12th mo 16th day 1828

11th mo 6th day 1858

Nee Woodhead, wife of Joshua

Battin, George A.



Battin, Joseph

May 6, 1812

May 22, 1890

Battin, Mary Hannah

4th mo 21st day 1853

4th mo 21 day 1858

Daughter of Joshua & Ellen

Battin, Myrtie L.

No date



Wife of George

Battin, Nancy

April 23, 1821


Feb. 1, 1878

Nee Bagley, wife of Joseph Battin

Battin, Rubin T.



Battin, Sumner

7th mo 22nd day 1855

11th mo 13th day 1882

Baumunk, Caroline

Jan. 2, 1908

July 25, 2003

Wife of Lawrence L. Baumunk

Baumunk, Lawrence L.

June 6, 1906

Oct. 16, 1995

Together Forever

Baumunk, Lawrence Dale

April 13, 1930

February 7, 2002

Married July 6, 1952

Baumunk, Lucy Lindley

February 14, 1930, 1930

No date

Married July 6, 1952

Brown, C. A.





Brown, C. W.



Brown, Carl J.

July, 9, 1905

Dec, 21, 1980

Brown, Jennie H.

Jan. 4, 1880

Jun. 3, 1959

Caseman, Eloise


Nee Carl, wife of Richard m.June 30, 1951

Caseman, Patricia Ruth


Caseman, Richard D.




On Back of Stone: Our Children;
Married June 30, 1951

Caseman Family

;On Back of Stone for Richard D. Caseman:
Our Children: Patricia R.,Richard D.,Jr.,Rex D., Ronald D.,Elaine K.,Esther M.

Dunlap, Daniel L.

November 28, 1967


June 15, 1997



Frey, Edwin E.



Frey, Florence D.



Nee Decker, wife of Edwin E. Frey

Frey, John W.



Frey, Lawrence D. Sr.

Aug. 23, 1918

July 30, 1999

Flag Holder 1941 World War II 1945: same stone as Leona

Frey, Leona G.

Oct. 31, 1923

No date

Wife of Lawrence Frey m. 6-14-1941

On Back of Stone: Our Children

Lawrence D. II, 1943, Ina R. , 1944

Donald L., 1945, Lillian L.,1955

Frey, Lucinda B.



Nee Battin, wife of John W. Frey

Frey, Sheldon Ellsworth

Apr. 29, 1921

Jan. 11, 2007

Same stone as Uva Steele Gillespie Frey

Frey, Uva Steele Gillespie

Nov. 18, 1921

Oct. 13, 2008

Same stone as Sheldon Ellsworth Frey

Heess, Christian G.

Nov. 7, 1808

Jan. 2, 1874

Heess, Dorothea W.

July 10, 1817

Dec. 12, 1882

Nee Weakley

Heess, Ferd *

Co K 50th Pa. Inf.;
S/o Christian & Dorothea Weigle) Heess *

Heess, Robert

July 17, 1856

Nov. 26, 1880

Heess, Walter J.

8th mo 1st 1880

Aged 1 yr. 1 mo. 28 days

Son of C. & Elizabeth M.

Flag Holder: GAR 1861 - 1865

Hoagland, Betsey E.

July 27, 1884?

Wife of Isaac Hoagland

Age 68 years & 6 mo. ?

Hoagland, Isaac

April 11, 1883

Age 69 years.

Hosher, Sam

Co K. 11th Pa. Reg

Flag Holder: GAR 1861 - 1865

McCarty, Aaron

3rd mo 23rd day 1874

74 years; same stone as Elizabeth

McCarty, Christina




W/o Henry

McCarty, Edward

5th mo; 2nd day 1879

4th mo 13th day 1887?

Son of J.B. & C. McCarty

McCarty, Elizabeth

10th mo 26th day 1871

(Pardoe) Wife of Aaron McCarty

McCarty, Ellen

4th mo 20th day 1844

63 years Wife of Joel McCarty

McCarty, Howard



October 1992

S/o Sam and Cora (Smith) McCarty

McCarty, Joel

5th mo 19th day 1850

78 years

McCarty, Mattie



May 1992

W/o Robert; d/o George & Eliza Hogoboon

McCarty, Sarah

5th mo 22 day 1855

26 years 5 mo 19 days

McCarty, Sarah Ann

8th mo 7th day 1846

3rd mo 6th day 1870

Minard, Sevelon

Jan. 1, 1851

May 2, 1851

Grandson of Perus & Anna Williams

Plossi, Susan Rae (Frey) *

Sept. 13, 1971 *


July 12, 2002 *

D/o Lawrence D. Jr. & Nancy Lee (Finney) *;
* Per actual Obituary

Randall, Richard W. (Rit)

Aug. 19, 1933

Rexer, Ruth J.



January 1994

W/o Edward; d/o James & Ruth Kirby

Stoss, Mark Roger

Aug. 31, 1968

Foster Son of Rit Randall

Williams, Anna

Nov.8, 1808

Dec. 1, 1865

Nee Hoagland, wife of Perus Williams

Williams. Christina



Wife of Henry

Williams, Jacob

Oct. 15, 1838

June 25, 1842

Grandchild of Perus & Anna

Williams, John



Williams, Myrtie L.

Feb. 12, 1902

Wife of George Battin

Aged 23 Years

Williams, Perus

Oct 3, 1806

Feb. 28, 1851

Williams, Rachel

Oct. 15, 1838

Oct. 15, 1838

Grandchild of Perus & Anna

Williams, Reta Uvean

Sept. 2, 1909

Jan. 15, 1910

Williams, S. R.

Co B. 58th Pa. Inf.

Flag Holder GAR 1861 -1865

* Editor's Note:Thanks to the contributions of Wendy Giuliano in April 2013, we now know that this stone marks the final resting place of Ferdinand Heess, born in 1838 in Germany. He was one of two sons of Christian and Dorothea (Weigle) Heess to die in the Civil War. The other, Albert, died about the time of the Second Battle of Bull Run, while Ferdinand died in a hospital in the South, likely in the area of Charleston, S.C. His body was brought home and buried here. You can read a Letter he wrote in 1862 to his sister, Amelia (Heess) Battin, describing his role in the campaign by the Union forces to retake Charleston.

Shunk United Methodist Church
Shunk, Sullivan County, PA
Across Route 154 from Old Friends and the Brown Cemeteries
October 2002
Photo by Mike Krause

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