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Old Molyneux Cemetery
Established in the 1820ís?
North of Forksville, off Rte 87, west of Millview, on hill above Twp. Road, on Shaffer property
Graves listed in order starting at lower end of cemetery and moving up the hill to the top, moving left to right

Our contributors are:
Mike and Debbie Krause
PO Box 88, Dushore, PA 18614

September 2001

Postscript: In August 2009, we received several photos from Melanie Norton as well as a report on the status of the cemetery. We are delighted to post these photos of the cemetery itself and two old grave markers [see below]. As reported by "Melly", this cemetery contains the remains of many family members, among them Rebecca Bird - touted as the first white child born in Sullivan County. Last winter logging was done above and behind the cemetery. Unfortuneately, there was some disturbance of these very old grave sites. She plans to go back in the fall and take better photos when the foliage has frosted down. Many stones were inadvertently moved, broken and/or utterly destroyed. Also, a bulldozer brought in to try to divert the run off from a spring-fed pond behind the cemetery has unintentionally destroyed a few sites. We all wish we had better ideas as to how to educate cemetery associations, family cemetery owners or guardians that a fence should always be maintained around the grave sites to hopefully avoid this kind of problem. Another concern here is that, prior to the recent disruptions, this cemetery was covered with myrtle. Now, with the denuding of trees, the weeds are waist high and in abundance. Weed growth can get a lot worse before it gets better, depending on how the site is conserved in future. It may not be obvious, but representatives of local historical and genealogical societies or just interested parties are often willing to assist landowners in keeping up the cemetery premises. For example, look what one high school student and a mentor were able to do to preserve another old local site, the Webster Cemetery.


Old Molyneux Cemetery
Near Forksville, PA
October 26, 2001
Photo Taken by Mike and Debbie Krause

Old Molyneux Cemetery
August 5, 2009
Photo Taken by Melanie Norton






Molyneux, William



"A Native of England & First Settler of Sullivan County"

Sadler, Mary

Aged 92 years

July 4, 1861


Molyneux, John

Aged 75y, 5m, 23d

Oct. 22, 1861?Hard to read


Birdsall, Ira John

Aged 2y, 1m, 14d

May 16, 1865

Son of Samuel B. & Helen M. Birdsall

Molyneux, Martha

Aged 23y, 3m, 10d

Feb. 15, 1867


Molyneux, Martha

Aged 67y, 7m, 8d

Sept. 12, 1871

Wife of John Molyneux


Age 19y, 2m

Sept. 2, 1841

Same stone as FN:M


Aged 6d

Sept. 2,----

"Hir son" Same stone as ML:M

Molyneux, Nelson

July 9, 1841

July 21, 1850

Son of Edward & Rebecca Bird Molyneux

Molyneux, Jackson

Sept. 5, 1850

Oct. 3, 1857

Son of Henry & Ellen Molyneux

Molyneux, Edward

Apr. 16, 1788

Mar. 2, 1872

Same stone as Rebecca Bird Molyneux

Molyneux, Rebecca Bird

Jan. 1, 1797

July 24, 1882

Same stone as Edward Molyneux- Wife of Edwd
."Our Father & Mother""Tis With Believers Well"

Molyneux, Martha Arloa

Aged 5y, 10m, 2d

Dec. 22, 1872

Dau. of Joel & Elvira Molyneux

Molyneux, Charlie R.

May 29, 1876

Apr. 21, 1886

Same stone as Martha Arloa Molyneux

8-10 graves marked only with field stones on their edge in the ground


Old Molyneux Cemetery
August 5, 2009
Photo Taken by Melanie Norton

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