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Old Sonestown Cemetery
Sonestown, PA
On Outlet Rd., west of the old Methodist Church, Sonestown
Davidson Township, Sullivan County, PA

June 2002
Transcribed by Mike Krause
Dushore, PA

Beginning in June 2005, Rick Swartz offered to post pictures of selected tombstones and markers from this cemetery. These pictures are posted here and we are appreciative of Rick's efforts in this regard. You can read an overview of Rick's connections to the area at the foot of this page. We also post there a stone whose writing is undeciphered at this time; any help in its translation would be appreciated.

In October 2009, the Sullivan County Historical Society and Museum (SCHS&M) provided an update that includes previously unlisted interments, as well as addtional information on several of the interments that we did have. This information was extracted from old records in the possesssion of that organization. We have color coded those entries in crimson, and express our sincere appreciaton for this information to our colleagues at SCHS&M.


Old Sonestown Cemetery
Old Sonestown, PA
June 2002
Photo Taken by Mike Krause






Anderson, Jane

Aged 73y, 21d

Oct.21 1881

Same stone as George Anderson

Anderson, George

Aged 82y,6m,10d

Mar. 10, 1886

Same stone as Jane Anderson

Anderson, Martha Jane

Aged 14y, 4m, 6d

Feb., 21, 1860

"Dau. of George & JaneAnderson"

Armes, Ernest D.

Aged 4y

July 1, 1876

"Son of Wm. M. & R. Armes"

Armes, George M.

Aged 11d

Jan. 10, 1862

"Son of Wm. M. & R. Armes

Armstrong, Paul

Aged 11d

May 9, 1894

"Son of A.T. & Q.A. Armstrong"

Basley, Infant

Aug. 18, 1905

Sept. 2, 1905

"Infant Dau. of H. & E. Basley"

Bennett, Infant



"Infant Son of John & Rosetta Bennett"

Boatman, Jane




Boatman, Martha



"Infant Dau. of H.C. & M.E. Boatman"

Bogart, John C.




Bogart, George

Aged 1y, 3m, 2d

Oct. 12, 1866

"son of Noah N. & Lydia"-same stone as Guise & Lydia Bogart

Bogart, Guise H.

Aged 10m, 19d

May 30, 1873

"son of Noah & Lydia"-same stone as George & Lydia

Bogart, Lydia

Aged 45y, 7m, 16d

Aug. 2, 1887

"wife of N.N. Bogart"-same stone as George & Guise

Bradley, Infant



"Infant son of R.F. & E. Bradley"

Breitmeier, J.M.

Aged 53y,11m,10d

Dec. 11, 1902


Breitmeier, Hannah

Oct. 20, 1837

Feb. 5, 1917


Bump, Watson W.

Aged 11y, 3m

Aug. 23, 1874

"son of L.R. & M.E. Bump"

Buck, Stanton C.

Aged 6m, 21d

Jan. 31, 1896

"son of J.W. & Jennie Buck"

Burk, Wm. L.

Aged 73y,3m,25d

Oct. 28, 1874


Bussler, Jessie Edna

Aged 1 year, 2 months, 15 days

Oct. 5, 1888

Daughter of J. B. and H. E. Bussler

Campbell, Hattie R

Aged 43y,1m,3d

Apr. 25, 1890

"wife of H.G. Campbell"

Campbell, Moscow L.

Jan. 20, 1886

Apr. 27 1886

"children of D. & R. Campbell"-same stone as Mary I.

Campbell, Mary I.

Apr. 22, 1897

Oct. 16, 1897

-same stone as Moscow

Carey, Girtie

Aged 4m?

July -?-

"Dau. of Benj. Carey"

Carey, Celinda A.

Aged 30y,2m,4d

Apr. 4, 1882

"Wife of Benj. M Carey"

Carrethers, Mary D.

Aged 81y

Nov. 19, 1892


Carrigg, Jenny T.

Aged 6y,1m,6d

Sept. 30, 1886

"Dau. of Thomas & S.J. Carrigg"-same stone as Thomas Carrigg

Carrigg, Thomas

Aged 38y,21m,24d

July 7, 1885

Same stone as Jenny T. Carrigg

Coderman, Emery W.

Aged 16y,2m,22d

Mar. 7, 1911

"son of Daniel C. & Rosa E."-same stone as Daniel and Rosa Coderman

Coderman, Daniel C.

Aged 38y,9m,4d

June 18, 1896

Same stone as Emery & Rosa

Coderman, Rosa E.

Aged 36y,11m9d

Dec. 14, 1903

Same stone as Emery & Daniel

Converse, John M.




Converse, Howard S.

Aged 8y,2m,13d

Nov. 21, 1897

"son of J.M. & Bertha Converse"

Converse, Larue

10 months

Aug. 18, 1900

"son of J.M. & Bertha Converse"

Cook, Arthur W.

Aged 29y,2m,13d

Apr. 16, 1897


Cook, Martha L.

Aged 33y,11m,12d

Feb. 10, 1872


Corson, Jacob

Aged 5 years, 6 months, 6 days

September 13, 1869

"son of W. & M Corson"

Corson, Monroe

Aged 2y,6m,2d

Sept. 13, 1863

"son of W. & M Corson"

Cower, Elias

Aged 13 years

Apr. 30, 1865


Crist, Paul

Mar. 30, 1923

Oct. 27, 1923


Crist, Sadie J.




Crist, Harry




Crist, Edward




Darling, D.W.

Sept. 5, 1835

Dec. 9, 1906

Same common Darling stone as E.E. & C.H. Darling

Darling, E.E.

Oct. 15, 1874

Jan. 26, 1903

Same common Darling stone as D.W. & C.H. Darling

Darling, C.H.

Aug. 3, 1866

Feb. 5, 1904

Same common Darling stone as D.W. & E.E. Darling

Darling, Rowena

May 5, 1839

April 8, 1926

Wife of W. D. Darling

DeWald, Clarence




Eddy, Roy E.




Edgar, Andrew

Aged 84y,6m,17d

May 18, 1899


Edgar, Dinah R.

Aged 63y,11m

Feb. 10, 1879


Fiester, Infant



"Infant son of J.R. & Susan L.? Fiester"

Freas, Infant



"Infant son of H.D. & M. Freas:

Gansel, Joseph

Jan. 4, 1818

Oct. 30, 19904

Same stone as Mary E.

Gansel, Mary E.

Oct. 19, 1824

Jan. 28, 1901 *

Same stone as Joseph, her husband
* Verified by actual obituary

Glidewell Renaldo C.

Aged 33y,2m,22d

Jun. 26, 1874

"son of John & Agnes (Bennett) Glidewell

Glidewell, Andrew

Aged 64y,10m

July 2, 1901

Co. I, 207 Reg’t. P.V.

Glidewell, Andrew

Oct. 25, 1836

July 2, 1901

Same stone as Anna

Glidewell, Anna

Feb. 22, 1839

May 7, 1907

Same stone as Andrew

Glidewell, Thos.



"Co. C. 84th PA Inf."

Gower, Elias


April 30, 1865


Hall, Infant

Aged 2 days

Dec. 24, 1899

"Infant Dau. of H.P. & M.E. Hall"

Susanna Baker

Aged 78y,11m,5d

Oct. 10, 1885

"wife of John F. Hazzen"

Hazzen, J. F.

Aged 83y,6m,18d

Mar. 19, 1895


Hazzen, Thomas E

Aged 1m,6d

Feb. 20, 1871

"son of W.C. & S.A. Hazzen"

Anna C. Fiester

Feb. 8, 1874

Aug. 24, 1896

"wife of Benj. F. Hess"

Hess, Marian F.




Hess, Lee A.




Hess, Eva M.



Same stone as Mary E.

Hess, Mary E.



Same stone as Eva M.

Hill, Andrew

Aug. 14, 1801

Mar. 15, 1856

Same stone as Amy

Hill,Amy Hartman

Mar. 31, 1811

Mar. 26, 1884

Same stone as Andrew

Hopfer, Grace P.

Aged 4m,11d

Aug. 11, 1902

"Dau. of Wm. & Ada Hopfer


Aged 1y,7m,8d

Oct. 30, 1900

"Dau. of T.R. & S.H. Houseknecht

Lockwood, Leonna

Mar. 31, 1903

May 23, 1903

"Dau. of H.D. & L. Lockwood

Lockwood, Infant

Nov. 13, 1896

Nov. 30, 1896

"Infant Dau. of H.D. & Leslie Lockwood"

Lockwood, Infant



"Infant Son of E.J. & C.F. Lockwood

Lorah, Cora Lizzy


Feb. 22, 1872

"Dau. of W. & M.Lorah"

Lorah, David

Aged 68y,9m,7d

Sept. 5, 1883


Lorah, Infant



"Infant Dau. of Jacob & Anna Lorah"

Loveless, Elizabeth B.

Aged 66y, 6m

Feb. 12, 1899

"Wife of S.W. Loveless"

Loveless, S.W.

Aged 64y,1m,17d

Dec. 25, 1880


Mark, James

Aged 57y

Mar. 1, 1885


Mark, Jaenette

June 10, 1831

Feb. 27, 1896


Masteller, Clark



Same stone as Sarah A.

Masteller, Sarah A.



"Clark’s wife"-same stone as Clark

May, William

Jan. 28, 1827

July 10, 1903


Miller, Oscar W.

Aged 38y,3m,13d

Jan. 4, 1904

"Son of C.B. & C. Miller"

Miller, Emaline P.

Aged 10y,5m,12d

May 22, 1869

"Dau. of J.J. & L. Miller"

Miller, George

Aged 75y

Nov. 2, 1873


Miller, Cyrus B.

Aged 59y

July 30, 1894

"Co. A, 74, Reg. PA"

Morrison, John




Morrison, Joseph

Aged 74y,8m,15d

Feb. 21, 1893

Same stone as Sarah

Morrison, Sarah

Aged 94y,9m,3d

Feb. 13, 1923

"wife of Joseph"-same stone as Joseph

Phillips, Griffith, Jr.



Same stone as Mary A.

Phillips, Mary A.



Same stone as Griffith Jr.

Phillips, Susannah

Aged 83y

Mar. 27, 1901

"wife of John Phillips"
Same common Phillips stone as Edward & John

Edward R.

Aged 50y

July 5, 1897

"Son of J. & S. Phillips"
Same common Phillips stone as Susannah & John

Phillips, John

Aged 80y,2m,9d

Oct. 19, 1892

Same common Phillips stone as Susannah & Edward R.

Phillips, Mary

Aged 62y,6m,16d

Mar. 3, 1885

"wife of Griffith Phillips"
Same Phillips stone as G., Hattie A., William, and David W.

Phillips, G.

Aged 77y,7m,5d

July 31, 1897

Same Phillips stone as Mary, Hattie A., William & David W.

Phillips, Hattie A.

Aged 20y,2m,2d

Nov. 1, 1880

"Dau. of G. & M. A. Phillilps"
Same Phillips stone as Mary, G., William & David W.

Phillips, William

Aged 4y,5m,14d

Sept. 13, 1863

Same Phillips stone as Mary, G., Hattie A. & David W.

Phillips, David W.

Aged 3m,21d

Aug. 3, 1853

Same Phillips stone as Mary, G., Hattie A., and William

Phillips, George T.

Aged 25y,7m,25d

July 17, 1865

"Son of John & S.A. Phillips"-same stone as James K.

Phillips, James K.

Aged 22y,8m,14d

July 12, 1868

Same stone as George T.

Phillips, Chester E

Aged 5m

Jan. 25, 1872

"son of G. & M.A. Phillips"

Phillips, Ogy A.

Aged 8m, 12d

Oct. 1, 1870

"Dau. of G. & M.A. Phillips"

Estella Reigard

Aged 24y,5d

Feb. 4, 1892

"Wife of Bruce Ray"

Rea, George E.




Rea, Margaret




Rea, Hattie D.

Age 13y,6m,19d

Apr. 24, 1885

"Dau. of George E. & M.M. Rea"

Rea, Robert




Reed, Christian



"Co C. 97th PA Inf."

Ritchard, Thomas A.




Ritchard, Hetty




Rollison, Hepsy J.




Sellers, David B.

Aged 70y,2m,7d

July 9, 1883


Sheets, John B.

July 11, 1862

Mar. 23, 1898 *

Same stone as William and Caroline Sheets
* Date verified by actual obituary

Sheets, William

Aug. 26, 1820

Apr. 1, 1904

Same stone as John and Caroline Sheets

Sheets, Caroline

Oct. 4, 1823

Oct. 18, 1892

"William’s Wife"-same stone as William & John Sheets

Shoemaker, Patty R.




Simmons, Thos. S.

Aged 60y,9m,17d

June 24, 1902

Civil War Veteran
"Co B. 84th Regt."

Simmons, Leroy Earl

Jan. 14, 1900

Oct. 1, 1900

"Son of J.S. & M.M. Simmons"

Simmons, Rosetta Ann

Aged 15y?

May 3, 1865?

"Dau. of J.& J. Simmons"

Simmons, Jane

Aged 80y,2m,9d

Mar. 18, 1889

"Wife of Jacob Simmons"

Simmons, Jacob

Aged 79y,6m,22d

Aug. 9, 1884


Smith, Amanda Glidewell *

Dec. 25, 1853 *

Aug. 7, 1925 *

W/o Samuel *
D/o John & Agnes (Bennett) Glidewell *
* Per Death Certificate
Courtesy of Carol Brotzman

Sones, Matilda

Aged 40y,6m

Jan. 19, 1864?

"Wife of L-a-? Sones"

Sones, Mary A.

Aged 21d

Feb. 9, 1861


Sones, Peter

Aged 26y,10m,27d

Dec. 22, 1862

"Son of John & Julia Sones" "A member of Co. D, 84th Reg. P.V., Died at Falmouth, VA. "

Sones, Julia

Aged 57y,19d

Feb. 17, 1863

"wife of John Sones"

Sones, John

Aged 63y

Jan. 25, 1865


Sones, Dora M.

June 14, 1889

May 13, 1892

"Dau. of A.W. & A. E. Sones"

Sones, Ida Jane

Aged 15m, 10d

Apr. 3, 1877

"Dau. of A.W. & A.E. Sones"

Sones, Cora B.

Aged 2y,1m,17d

Mar. 18, 1877

"Dau. of A.W. & A.E. Sones

Sperry, Johnie

Aged 6d

Nov. 20, 1883

"Son of C.W. & B.I. Sperry"

Clara Minsker

Aged 23y,7m,24d

Nov. 24, 1896

"wife of J.C. Starr"

Starr, Harry S.

Dec. 23, 1869

July 1, 1903

"son of T.W. & H.C. Starr"

Starr, Iva J.

Aged 1y,4m,12d

Dec. 20, 1906


"Steenback", Ira

Jan. 9, 1818

Aug. 2, 1896

Same stone as Clayton S., Charles A., &Polly C.

Steinback, Clayton S.

Aged 2m, 6d

Oct. 9, 1867

"son of I. & P.C. Steinaback"
Aged 2 mos. and 6 days
Same stone as Charles A. , Polly C. & Ira

Steinback, Charles A.

Aged 19y,4m

Dec. 25, 1881

"son of I. & P.C. Steinback"-same stone as Ira, Polly C. & Clayton

Steinback, Polly C. Stearns

Aug. 21, 1828

Jan. 3, 1898

"wife of Ira"-same stone as Ira, Clayton S. & Charles

Steinback, Riley



Same stone as Harriet A., Dann M. & William J.

Steinback, Dann M..



Same stone as Riley, Harriet A., & Dann M.

Steinback, Harriet A.



"Riley’s wife"-same stone as Riley, Dann M. & William J.

Steinback, William J..



Same stone as Riley, Harriet A., & Dann M.

Stenback, Frances Weed

Oct. 16, 1852

Mar. 1, 1907

"Wife of L.L. Stenback"

Stroup, Eli

Aged 69y

Aug. 6, 1888


Stroup, Jessica E.

Aged 6y,5m,8d

July 5, 1897

"son of O.R. & A.C. Stroup"

Stroup, Ebenezer L

Aged 5y, 2m, 26d

May 31, 1863

"son of Eli & R. Stroup"

Stroup, Rosetta

Aged 4d

Oct. 27, 1860

"dau. of Eli & R. Stroup"

Sullivan, Willie W.

Aged 5y,5m,7d

May 21, 1884

"children of J.F. & Clemmie D. Sullivan"-same stone ass Clatie

Sullivan, Clatie

Aged 5y,11m,21d

Aug. 5, 1886

Same stone as Willie W.

Swank *, Thomas

Aged 18y,2m,11d

Jan. 26, 1903

* Name verified by courthouse records

Swank, Peter G.



Same stone as Amanda, John C., Effie J. & Ralph

Swank, Amanda R.



"Peter’s wife"-same stone as Peter, John C. Effie & Ralph

Swank, John C.



Same stone as Peter, Amanada & Effie

Swank, Effie J.

Aged 1y,28d

Feb. 3, 1887

"Dau. of P.G. & A.R. Swank"-same stone as Peter G., Amanda R., & John C.

Swank, Ralph E.

Aged 4y,5m,28d

Oct. 13, 1896

"son of P.G. & A.R. Swank"-same stone as Peter G. Amanada, John C. & Effie J.

Swank, Millard L.

Aged 5m


Near the Swank stone-very hard to read

Sylvara, John*



"son of Emmanuel & Jeanette Silvara"
*Photo contributed by Tina Pastusic

Walborn, Myrtle L.

Aged 10m,10d

May 4, 1893

"Dau. of Jos. B. & Lizzie E. Walborn"

Warren, A. W.

Nov. 28, 1829


Daughter of Josiah and Sarah Warren

Watts, Jerry C.

Aged 26y,2m,29d

Jan. 31, 1906


Whitacre, Robert

Aged 53y,5m,27d

June 20, 1888

Same stone as Hannah, John R. & Charles

Whitacre, Hannah

Aged 61y,3m,20d

June 23, 1900

Same stone as Robert, John R. & Charles

Whitacre, John R.

Aged 1y,3m,20d

July 12, 1888

"son of R.M. & Louisa Whitacre"-same stone as Robert, Hannah & Charles

Whitacre, Charles

Nov. 22, 1876

Apr. 23, 1907

Same stone as Robert, Hannah & John

Wilson, Sarah

June 16, 1838

Dec. 28, 104

"John O. ‘s wife"-same stone as John.

Wilson, John O.

May 24, 1834

July 14, 1902

Same stone as Sarah

Wilson, Infant


Dec. 15, 1900

"infant dau. of D.E. & J.M. Wilson"

Wilson, Idella

Aged 7y?,4m,3d

Oct. 3, 1888

"dau. of I.N. & R. Wilson"

Wilson, Charles W.

Aged 1y,11m,21d

Mar. 30, 1878

"son of I.N. & R. Wilson"

Wilson, Alson

Aged 4y

Feb. 14, 1883

"son of J. & S. Wilson"

Wilson, Isaac

Aged 70y,7m,26d

Jun. 15, 1876


Wilson, Elias S.

Aged 57y,5m,25d

Jan. 7, 1886


Wilson, Isaac B.

Aged 24y,21d

Mar. 21, 1888 *

* Date verified by actual obituary

Wilson, Infant


Apr. 14, 1884

"Infant son of G.R. & S.E. Wilson"

Wilson, Anna S.?

Aged 8m,19d

Sept. 17, 1883

"Dau. of J.B. & A.A. Wilson"

Wilson, Alvin

May 10, 1890

Oct. 9, 1890

"Son of J.B. & A.A. Wilson"

Wilson, Susan J.

Aged 1day

Dec. 24, 1860

"Dau. of E.S. & M.A. Wilson"

Note from Rick Swartz

My mother's maiden name was Alberta Painton. She was born and raised in Sonestown, the daughter of George and Celia Phillips Painton. Most of my grandmother's family are from the North Mountain area, and are buried in Stone Heap Cemetery, and most of the Paintons are buried in Hillcrest Cemetery in Sonestown.

Although I was born and raised in Montoursville, I live in Arizona now A couple of years ago, I started doing the genealogy for my mother's side of the family. I have a lot of old family documents and countless old photographs. I'm going through them, trying to establish the lineage.

Before I rattle on too much more, I wanted to compliment you and all your colleagues on the fine job you have done establishing and maintaining the Sullivan County Rootsweb site. I was in Sonestown around the end of May, and took the pictures of the markers shown above (along with many others). I saw that there was a picture attached to one of the names on the transcribed list, and I got to wondering if you could do the same with these pictures. I am delighted that you could do so.

Just one other note on our family. There is a stone with the name, Hepsy Jane Rollison, 1812 - 1897. This lady was my great great great grandmother. Her maiden name was Hepzibah Jane Arnold. Joshua Rollison was actually her second husband. Her first husband was Selleck Weed. One of Hepsy and Selleck's children was a son named Henry. Henry married an English lady named Frances Barker. One of their children was a daughter named Jennie. Jennie married Monroe Painton, a son of Mary Jane and George Painton. One of Jennie and Monroe's sons was my grandfather, George Painton.

Sorry to have rattled on for so long. Again, congratulations on a wonderful website. Thank You

Rick Swartz
Tempe, AZ 85283
June 26, 2005

Stone with Undeceiphered Writing
Old Sonestown, PA
June 2005
Photo Taken by Rick Swartz

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