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Sacred Heart Cemetery
Laporte, PA

Next to the Sacred Heart Catholic Church, which is pictured at the bottom of this page.
Transcribed by our local cemetery research team in November 2001
This site has been subsequently updated and maintained by Bob Sweeney, Bart Cavanaugh, Deb Wilson and Mike Dempsey.

Here is a link to a photo of what the Sacred Heart Lot looked like after this beautiful old church was torn down in 2009.

Beginning in October and November 2005, respectively, Michael Dempsey and Deb Wilson offered to contribute pictures of selected tombstones and markers from this cemetery. We will link these pictures as they become available and are appreciative of Mike's efforts in this regard. Mike is a descendant of the multifaceted Dempsey families of Sullivan County. Deb is a descendant of the Keeler family from the Davidson/Nordmont area. We will distinguish Deb's photos from Mike's by embedding them in a crimson field.

Then, in November 2005, Deb Wilson located and photographed several tombstones in the woods behind the church. She reports that her grandmother once told her that these graves were for workers who had labored in the nearby tannery at Thorndale. At one time, this tannery was the largest employer in Laporte, but it closed in 1894. We do not know why they were buried away from the burial ground near the church; perhaps they were not Catholic or were of unknown religious orientation. We know a little bit about the Nolans, who were the wife and daughters of Edward Nolan, a local Laporte farmer. Catherine Nolan, who died in 1897, was twice widowed. Born Catherine Donahoo, she lost her first husband, Patrick Sweeney, in 1854, and her second husband, Edward Nolan, also preceded her in death. Peter Jankowsky/i/a appears as a laborer in the 1930 Federal census for nearby Davidson Township. He is a 64 year old laborer living with his wife Agnes. He was born in Bavaria and she came from Alsace-Lorraine. There is a note at the bottom of this page that provides more detail on the Jankowski family. We would appreciate any further inputs from knowledgeable readers. We present Deb's transcription and photos of these grave markers at the end of the formal cemetery list below.

Beginning in March 2014, the Sullivan County Historical Society and Museum (SCHS&M) provided an update that includes previously unlisted interments, as well as additional information on several of the interments that we did have. This information was extracted from current and old records in the possesssion of that organization. We have color coded those entries in crimson, and express our sincere appreciaton for this information to our colleagues at SCHS&M.

Last Updated: December 2014


Sacred Heart Cemetery
Laporte, Sullivan County, PA
July 6, 2002
Photo Taken by Mike and Debbie Krause





Bigger, Beatrice B.

August 20, 1901

February 19, 1905

Dau. of J.B. & M Bigger

Blasi, Edelfonso M

July 21 *, 1891

December 10, 1970

* Courtesy of Sullivan County Historical Society

Blasi, Maria F. (Blasi) *


June 21, 1986

* Per son Vincent's obituary

Blasi, Ralph


February 18, 1973


Vlasi, Vincent R. *

December 24, 1922 *

December 23, 2008 *

S/o Edelfonso & Maria (Blasi) *
* Per actual Obituary

Butler, Mary A.




Clarahan, Martha Ellen "Mimi" (Gross)*

March 3, 1928 *

April 23, 2008 *

D/o Robert Hazlett & Adelaide M. (Anderson); w/o Richard K. *
* Per actual Obituary

Colp, Baby May


April 18, 1940


Cosgrove, Anna B.


August 30,1940


Cosgrove, Helen


November 24, 1935

Two year old daughter

Cosgrove, Patrick W. *

September 3, 1960 *

March 28, 2009 *

S/o Thomas H. & Mary (Moran) *
* Per actual Obituary

Cosgrove, Thomas H.

March 17, 1928

November 29, 1996


Cosgrove, Thomas P.


August 15, 1967


Cotter, James Francis




Cotter, Jane Adam




Donovan, Michael

December 25, 1844

December 10, 1906


Flynn Family Marker



Another view of the Flynn Family Marker

Flynn, Agnes A.

February 1911

February 2, 1973


Flynn, Bessie M.


January 16, 1939 **

Another photo of grave marker **
Editor's Note: We know from her obituary in the Sullivan Review, January 17, 1940, that she actually died in 1940, not 1939.

Flynn, Edward M.

April 12, 1903

April 10, 1927

Same stone as Kathryn D. Flynn

Flynn, Erin

April 26, 1975

One day old

Inf. Dau. Of Mary & Joel
Another photo of grave marker

Flynn, Joel Thomas

August 31, 1948

January 18, 1976

Sp6 U.S. Army Vietnam
Military marker
Another photo of grave marker

Flynn, John W.


June 21, 1919


Flynn, John William


June 25, 1960

Another photoof grave marker

Flynn, Joseph A.


January 14, 1907

Another photo of grave marker

Flynn, Kathryn D.

January 29, 1921

June 20, 1992

Same stone as Edward M. Flynn

Flynn, Margaret


June 24, 1921

Another photo of grave marker

Flynn, Mary A.




Flynn, Mary F.

May 22, 1905

January 21, 1982


Flynn, Michael


December 30, 1954

Another photo of grave marker

Flynn, Michael J.


September 26, 1908

Another photo of grave marker

Flynn, Regina Rita

January 26, 1912

October 25, 1974


Flynn, Thomas A.


February 5, 1917

"Brother Thomas A. Flynn"
Another photo of grave marker

Flynn, William J.




Gallagher, Agnes



Same stone as Michael, John E. and Catherine (Kennedy) Gallagher

Gallagher, Bridget


December 26, 1899

Aged 1 day Dau. of F.W. & T. Gallagher

Gallagher, Catherine Kennedy



Wife of John E. Gallagher
Same stone

Gallagher, Frank W.




Gallagher, Infant child



Inf. of Mr. & Mrs. F.W.

Gallagher, John E.


December 1, 1954

Same stone as Agnes, Michael, and Catherine (Kennedy) Gallagher
"His wife"

Gallagher, Michael



Same stone as Agnes, John E. and Catherine (Kennedy) Gallagher

Gallagher, Theresa, A.




Gallagher, Willie


May 8, 1898

Aged 4 yrs 2 m Son of F.W & T Gallagher
Another photo of grave marker

Hart, Brian James


April 24, 1991

Infant Son

Hart, Marjorie

July 3, 1915

December 27, 1995

Same stone as Matthew Hart
Her husband

Hart, Matthew H.

February 2, 1912

September 14, 2004

Same stone as Marjorie Hart
His wife

Hassen Marker




Hassen, Clair G.

July 7, 1911

December 23, 1967

Pvt. U.S. Army

Hassen, John J.




Hassen, Phoebe E.




Hassen, Vincent A.

June 18, 1903

December 27,1927

"Corp." in State Highway Patrol; killed in accident while on duty
S/o John
Photos courtesy of Nancy Spencer

Houseknecht, Carl E. "Buddy"

August 3, 1927

November 7, 2010

H/o Matilda T. (Koslosky) Houseknecht; Obituary

Kennedy, J. Frederick


April 4, 1900

Aged 6 yrs 8 m & 3 days

Kennedy, Jeremiah


October 20, 1894


Kennedy, Pauline E.

August 2, 1897

August 10, 1899

Dau of T.E & M.A Kennedy

Kettelberger, John A.



Same stone as Loretta M. Kettelberger, his wife
Born 1929

Kimsey, Margaret F.


Novemer 12, 1942

Another photoof grave marker

Koslosky, Anna E.


January 1, 1995


Lucht, James Eugene

February 6, 1931

May 31, 1989

U.S. Air Force Korea

McKenna, Hugh P.

July 19, 1913

February 5, 1999

S2 U.S. Navy WWII

Minier, Theresa Blasi

August 31, 1920

August 7, 2002


Morrisey, John J.




Petersen, Barbara Ann

September 18, 1933

April 21, 1981


Quava, Jean




Renter, Frederick W.



Same stone as Mary Renter
His wife

Renter, Mary E. Vonrosen



Same stone as Frederick Renter
Her husband

The Graves in the Woods Behind Sacred Heart Catholic Church

The Jankowsky Stones **

The Nolan Graves


Jankowska, Agatha

January 14, 1857

April 26, 1933


Jankowsky, August

August 26, 1891

December 8, 1905


Jankowsky, Peter

June 26, 1865

December 21, 1939




May 15, 1897

"Aged 65 yrs
Rest in Peace"




"Died 1920"


May 11, 1867 *

May 16 *, 1929

"Died 1929"; Death Certificate *

Sacred Heart Church
Laporte, Sullivan County, PA
November 16, 2002
Photo Taken by Mike and Debbie Krause


Sacred Heart Cemetery
Laporte, Sullivan County, PA
November 2005
Photo Taken by Deb Wilson


**: Editor's Note: In April 2008, Deb Wilson received the following informative background note on the Jankowski family from Paula Rice:

I am researching my husband's family as a surprise for his mother's 90th birthday celebration in June. Nancy Spencer from the Sullivan County Historical Society has been a big help. Family history indicates that Joseph and Peter Jankowski moved to Wisconsin from Sullivan County in the late 1800s, so I did not look for them in cemeteries in PA. Nancy did not know that and found a Peter Jankowsky at Sacred Heart Cemetery.
I have been able to locate Joseph, but not Peter in Wisconsin. It appears that Joseph's wife's sister and her family moved to Wisconsin about the same time as Joseph. I wonder if Peter stayed in PA and family history has mixed up which family moved.
I am still trying to learn more about Peter buried at Sacred Heart. On the web site, you asked if anyone knew anything about Peter. H ere is what I have found thus far. He is in the 1900 census, I think. However this census has faded so much it is impossible to be sure. He is in the 1910 census as Peter Jankossky with his wife, Annie, and daughter Martha, age 14. He is retired. In 1920 he is Peter Jankossky, with wife Agnes, son Andrew 26 and grandson Joe Libbick age 5, born in NY. Peter is a cobbler in a shoe shop. You found Peter in the 1930 census.
If this is my Peter, he would have been Catholic. There are LDS records that indicate that Agnes's first husband was Michael Skarbek, who died in 1886. Some of those records indicate that Agnes and Michael had a daughter Kathryn. She appears to be listed in the barely legible/illegible 1900 census. They also indicate that Agnes's maiden name was Mazon or Mazzin.
I have a marriage application for a Peter Jankowski from Sullivan County in 1888. He married a Margurite Mozzen. The parents of Peter and Margurite are listed as dead. He is 23. She is 29. Our family had assumed this was our Peter. Joseph was married the previous year in Sullivan County.
Nancy found Naturalization Papers for Peter Jankowski (Yougkoski). He emigrated in 1864 from the Empire of Germany, arriving in NY, NY in Oct 1864. His Declaration of Intent was signed on 8 Dec 1888, and his Naturalization Application was filed 12 Dec 1892. Nancy only found one Marriage Application for a Peter Jankowski and these were the only Naturalization Papers she found at the Sullivan County Courthouse. I am therefore leaning toward this being my Peter.
Joseph was listed as a tanner in his marriage application. Joseph's brother-in-law who moved to Wisconsin was also a tanner. I am going to try to obtain Peter's death certificate. I think I will also contact Sacred Heart Church to see if they have any records for Peter. Joseph was married at St. Basil's Church in Dushore.

Additional information is provided in a Jankowski Family Update on the Message Boards for this site.

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