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Tivoli, Lycoming County, PA

The following information was provided to the Sullivan County Genealogical Web Page by Gary Buck, Lycoming County Genealogical Society, in August 2004. The official source is Lycoming County Cemetery Series, Volume VII, page 126, December 1998, LCGS, Williamsport, PA.

Taylor, Oliver W. 1842-1901
Taylor, Lucy A. 1851-1894
Taylor, John 1841- (no death date) Pvt. Co. G 58 Reg. GAR marker
Taylor, George W. b. July 21 1817 d. Feb 19 1897 2d Sgt. Co. K 65 Regt. 5th Cal. GAR
Taylor, Mary A. (Craft) w/o G.W. b. Mar 25 1821 d. Dec 31 1905, Age 84y 10m 6d
Taylor, James brother of G.W. b. Jan 5 1808 d. Aug 31 1872, Age 64y 7m 26d
Taylor, Delia (Edkin) w/o James d. Sep 28 1875, Age 65y 4m 6d
Taylor, Sarah Jane d/o James & Delia d. Feb 1 1861, Age 19y 7m 7d
Taylor, Margaret d/o J. & D. d. Dec 13 1863, Age 19y 3m 28d
Taylor, Gaylord adopted s/o J. & D. d. Nov 28 1863, Age 13y 11m 24d
Taylor, Richard M. d. Feb 20 1864, Age 57y 6m 14d
Taylor, Richard B. s/o Richard & Rhoda d. Oct 20 1852, Age 12y 10m 2d
Taylor, Rhoda w/o Richard M. d. June 1 1894, Age 89y 6m 3d
Taylor, Andrew d. Oct 25 1862 at Norfolk, Va. 25y 10m 8d Co. K 58th Regt. P.V. GAR
Taylor, Elizabeth d/o Richard & Rhoda d. Aug 13 1862, Age 17yrs
Taylor, John d. Apr 30 1852, Age 45y 4m 26d
Taylor, John d. Apr 30 1857, Age 15yrs
Taylor, Jemima d/o Robert & Mary d. Jan 6 1856, Age 13y 9m
Craft, Samuel d. Apr 8 1872, Age 71y 10m 5d
Foust, Daniel H. 1821-1894 Pvt. Co. G., 104 Reg. GAR marker
Foust, Mary Ann w/o Daniel b. Dec 26 1827 d. Oct 7 1879, Age 51y 9m 17d
Stroup, James F. d. Mar 27 1886, Age 43y 6m 6d GAR marker
Stroup, Infant d/o J.F. & C.H. d. Sep 5 1881, Age 21d
Stroup, Flora J. d. Feb 21 1873 (or 1875), Age ly 6m 15d
Taylor, Harriet Jane d/o Robert & Mary Ann d. Nov 28 1852, Age 18yrs
Taylor, Jeremiah s/o Robert & Mary Ann, Age 13yrs
Taylor, Maggie d/o O.W. & J. d. Sep 18 1871, Age 3m 15d M. F. (field stone)
Taylor, Thomas W. W. 1863-1899 Same stone with Estella
Taylor, Estella w/o Thomas 1860-1932 Same stone with Thomas W.W.
Taylor, Robert b. Dec 12 1780 d. Mar 5 1875
Corson, Wilson s/o Peter & Hanna d. Feb ?? ???? (rest of stone underground)

The above were all stones found in this cemetery. We also received information that the following are buried here:

Taylor, Norman s/o G.W. & M.A. d. Dec 18 1849 By 11m 9d
Taylor, Elizabeth (Mayhew) w/o Robert b. Dec 12 1780 d. Feb 5 1875, Age 94y 1m 23d
Stroup, Catherine (Taylor) w/o James; d/o James & Delia Taylor b. Oct 20 1837 d. Dec 29 1903
Taylor, Robert h/o above Elizabeth d. Mar 7 1838, Age 60yrs
(Robert Taylor h/o above Elizabeth is buried in his private cemetery on his estate, on a road branching to the left at Glen Mawr. His stone reads: d. Mar 7 1838, Age 60y. Parents of G.W., James, Richard M., & John.)

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