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John and Lucy (Kelly) Fulton
Courtesy of Andrew Jackson

The Kelly Diaspora in Photos
by Bob Sweeney
Based on a History and Gallery Composed by Andrew Jackson
November 2008

On July 22, 2008, the following message arrived in the mail inboxes of Kelly historians Bernadette K. Tapella and Bob Sweeney:

Dear Bob and Bernadette,

This is just a quick e-mail to let you know that there is a branch of the Timothy Kelly/Nora Touhey family going strong in Scotland and Ireland!
I stumbled upon Ken Beirne's family history website yesterday while looking for information regarding a relative (Genevieve Fulton) and I have been engrossed ever since. I dropped Ken a quick e-mail yesterday afternoon and I have spent a good while today looking through Ken's site, the Kelly reunion website, the James T. Kelly site and the Sullivan County Genealogical website.
In brief, Stanley Fulton - son of Lucy Kelly and John Fulton - was my grandfather. He came over to the UK from Vancouver during World War II, where he met my grandmother (Annie ("Anna") Elder Fulton) in Ayr, Scotland. They married, and had a child together (my mother, Sheilah Margaret Fulton (now Jackson)) in November 1944. Tragically, however, my grandfather - who was a pilot with the Canadian RAF - died in an air crash in December 1944, when my mother was just one month old. (His brother Robert Fulton, also a CRAF pilot, had been killed on service in the Mediterranean a year earlier. My mother later got to know Stanley's sisters Genevieve, Beatrice and Constance, although all are now dead. Tom DeMan, one of Genevieve's sons, has remained in contact with my mother over the years.)
Following my grandfather's death, my grandmother (now deceased) and mother continued living in Scotland. My mother and father (John "Jack" Jackson) still live in Scotland and have four children (three girls and me) - all of my sisters live in Scotland - two of them have two children each. I'm currently living in Ireland with my (Irish) wife, Suzanne Jackson (née Kingston), whose family on her father's side are, coincidentally, originally from Clonakilty, Co. Cork! I'll have a word with the elderly Kingston relatives to see if they can shed any light on the Ballymacorder/Ballymacarder issue.
I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am to know that we have many more surviving relatives than we had previously realised. Mum and dad are on holiday at the moment but I know they will be really interested to hear about this on their return. If it would be of interest, I can provide a good deal of information regarding our branch of the family. Mum has quite a lot of old photos etc, including quite a number of original photos from Paris, Dominion Creek, near Dawson City, Yukon Territory, where John Fulton and Lucy Kelly were based during the Klondike gold rush in the early 1900s.

With best wishes,

Andrew Jackson

The following history and photographic gallery tells the story of remarkable men and women--Kelly, Fulton, Jackson and others. They carried the history and blood lines of their ancestors from Ireland and Scotland to Pennsylvania, Nova Soctia [John Fulton and ancestors], the Old West, the Yukon territory and back to Scotland and Ireland again. We'll focus on the story of John Fulton and his wife, Lucy Kelly. In preparation for our adventures, the reader may want to visit these other "Kelly" family sites for briefing and background:

Ed Kelly and Bob Sweeney's The Kellys Go West
Bernadette K. Tapella's James T. Kelly Family Site
Edward Kelly's Leonard T. Kelly and Mabel Kerrick
Ken Beirne's Beirne Family Web Site
Bob Sweeney's Kelly Reunion of 2006

You may also want to peruse the Sullivan County Genealogical Web Page and its Message Boards for the many references to and anecdotes about the Kelly family that emigrated in the mid-1800s to the border area of Bradford and Sullivan Counties, Pennsylvania. However, it is the energy, initiative and devotion of our cousin, Andrew Jackson, to the history of his family that is the primary source and motivation for this amazing record. We are deeply grateful for his effort.

A Background and Index to the Photos

Let's turn over the wheel to Andrew for an overview of this story and a catalogue index for the photos presented below:

In terms of the people featured in the photos and documents, I know from the information Ken (Beirne) sent to me that William (“Will”) S. Kelly (son of James Kelly and Johanna Flynn, hence grandson of the original Timothy Kelly and Nora Touhey) and his wife Ellen Sullivan, bought one of the Kelly farms on Kelly Hill, Forks Township, Sullivan County, Pennsylvania in 1877 for $1300 and resold it two or three years later to another family member for $2000.[1]  I think I’m right in saying that this is the farm that Ed (Kelly) of Washington D. C. currently owns.

You will note several references to specific photographs in this overview. You can access each of these photos by clicking on the linkin the index provided at the end of this section.

Back to our story, William S. Kelly and Ellen Sullivan had two daughters: Mary and Lucy.  Two things regarding the family are evident from the information regarding Mary Kelly in the 1900 US Federal Census (see scan0495.jpg – discussed in more detail below): first, that Mary Kelly was born in February 1880 in Pennsylvania; and second, that Mary’s mother (Ellen Sullivan) was born in Pennsylvania.  Between February 1880 (the date of Mary’s birth in Pennsylvania) and 23 August 1881, William and family moved to Leadville, Colorado, where that town’s silver rush was just getting underway.  We know this because Lucy Kelly, the couple’s second child (my great-grandmother), was born in Leadville on 23 August 1881 (seescan0496).  John and Julia Sullivan are listed as the sponsors on Lucy’s baptismal certificate.[2]

According to the information on Ken’s website, Ellen Sullivan died the month after Lucy Kelly was born.  From the information Ken sent me, we know that William S. Kelly then contacted his sister, Ella/Ellen (“Nellie”) Kelly, who moved from Pennsylvania to Colorado to help William look after his two young children.[3]  The family moved to the Grand Junction area of Colorado and were joined by other family members, including William and Nellie’s father, James (in April 1884[4]).  Circa 1886, William married for a second time,[5] his second wife being Genevieve (“Jennie”) Daly, who gives her date/place of birth in the 1900 census as November 1858, Iowa (see scan 0495).  Jennie gives Ireland as the place of birth of her father and mother.  William and Jennie had four children (Esther, Ira, Ruby and Genevieve), all of whom were born in Colorado (see scan0495).[6]

By 1900, William and family had been on the move again.  William, Jennie, their four children, plus Mary Kelly from William’s first marriage, are listed as living at 914 East Denny Way in Seattle in the 1900 census (see scan 0495) – the date of the move was 1897.  Given William’s move to the silver-rush town of Leadville in the early 1880s, this is perhaps unsurprising - the Klondike gold rush began around 1897, and Seattle was marketed as a key gateway city.[7]  Lucy Kelly was not living with the family in 1900, though I believe I have tracked her down to a nearby house in the city (1316 Marion St),[8] where she was working as a domestic servant (see scan 0498).  During my recent trip to the US I went to see 914 East Denny Way.  The house is still standing though it is sadly boarded up and is soon to be demolished to accommodate a light rail line from downtown Seattle to Husky Stadium.[9]  In any event, I’ve attached some photos of the house as I thought they might be of interest as one of the homes of William S. Kelly (see scan0446 through scan0451).[10] 

On the basis of the 1900 census documents mentioned above, it would appear that Lucy Kelly and her father William traveled to the Yukon Territory some time between 1 June 1900 (the date of the census) and 6 August 1906 (the date of Lucy’s marriage to John Fulton).  I do not know if they traveled at the same time/together.  Lucy apparently went to the Yukon because she was suffering from tuberculosis and it was felt that the climate would be good for her.  According to Tom DeMan (one of Genevieve Fulton’s sons, hence a grandson of Lucy Kelly), Lucy was working in a café in the Yukon Territory when she met my great-grandfather, John Thomas Fulton (originally from Newton Mills, Colchester County, near Truro in Nova Scotia), a blacksmith.  They married on 6 August 1906 and lived in Paris, Dominion Creek, near Dawson City, Yukon Territory (according to Wikipedia, Paris is now a ghost town, though it is still marked on Google Maps).  John and Lucy’s first two children – Genevieve (possibly named after Lucy’s step-mother (who would have raised her from a very early age) or her youngest step-sister?) and Fred (almost certainly named after John’s brother, Frederic, who died aged 14 in Newton Mills, Nova Scotia – see scan0499) were born in Paris, Dominion, YT.  By the date of the 1911 Canadian census, the family of four had moved to Vancouver, and were living at 127 20th Avenue East.[11]  (They must have moved some time between 17 July 1910 (the date of the postcard received by Lucy Kelly (Fulton) in Paris, Dominion, YT – see scan0512 and scan0513) and 1 June 1911 (the date of the Canadian census).)  Note that John gives his religion as Presbyterian and his ‘racial or tribal origin’ as ‘Scotch’ (bottom of scan0453), while Lucy gives her religion as Roman Catholic and her ‘racial or tribal origin’ as Irish (top of scan0454).[12]  The children are listed as having their mother’s religion and their father’s tribal origin, which sounds like a classic marital compromise to me!  John and Lucy had five further children - Beatrice, Constance (Sister Fidelis), Stanley (my grandfather), Robert and Donald (Father Michael) - all born in Vancouver as far as I am aware.

Stanley and Robert were both pilots with the Royal Canadian Air Force during the Second World War.  Stanley was stationed for a while in Ayr, Scotland, where he met my grandmother Annie (“Anna”) Elder Macaulay in 1942.  They married on 22 February 1944 and my mother was born on 17 November 1944.  Stanley was killed almost exactly a month later - on 21 December 1944 - in an air crash near Wrotham in Kent, England (see our Jackson Family Tree for further info).  We know from a letter he sent to his father on 3 December 1944 that he got to see my mother once (see scan0508 and scan0509).

Where William S. Kelly lived while in the Yukon Territory and what he did after Lucy (Kelly) Fulton and John Thomas Fulton left the area is unclear.  (It seems clear that he was at Lucy and John’s wedding: if you type “Fulton” in the search box in the “Pan for gold” database, you’ll find in the results (under the heading “1901 census records”, weirdly) various names connected by the date “19060806” (the date of John and Lucy’s wedding), including “W.S. Kelly” and, interestingly, a “Sullivan William F” – a potential clue in respect of Ellen Sullivan.) Family lore has it that, when William S. Kelly returned to his family in Seattle, his wife Jennie refused to take him back in, and he then moved to St Louis, Missouri, where his first wife Ellen Sullivan had relatives.  He is said to have died penniless and to have been buried by a friend of the family (Ken’s website gives the date as c.1932).  William is listed as living with Jennie and family at 914 East Denny Way in the 1900 (scan0495) and 1910 censuses (scan0455), though he is erroneously listed as “Walter S. Kelly” in the latter.  By the 1920 census (scan0456), Jennie lists herself as divorced and as the head of the family (note that Mary Kelly (William S. Kelly and Ellen Sullivan’s first daughter), who never married and who lived with her step-mother Jennie her whole life as far as I am aware, is correctly identified as a step-daughter in the 1920 census).  By the 1930 census (scan0457), Mary is no longer listed at 914 East Denny Way (she had died in 1925 according to Ken’s website), with Jennie and her daughter Ruby (plus Ruby’s family) being the only residents.  (Ruby Kelly married Fred Dore, who became a judge in Seattle.  One of their children, Fred Dore, was a state Supreme Court judge and retired as Chief Justice.  See his Obituary in The Seattle Times for May 19, 1996.   I have made contact with Margaret Dore, one of the surviving Dore children.)

See the Jackson Family Tree for more information regarding my immediate family (grandparents and below).

Index of Photos and Documents

Kelly photos 1





US Census of 1900, showing William S. Kelly and family living at 914 East Denny Way in Seattle.


Certificate of Baptism for Lucy Kelly (as you’ll see, this is a 1970s reproduction from original baptismal records)


1860 census of Asylum, Bradford County, Pennsylvania, showing a John and Julia Sullivan, with a daughter Ellen.


US Census of 1900 showing Lucy Kelly living at 1316 Marion St in Seattle.


Various views of 914 East Denny Way – home of William S. Kelly and family in Seattle.  Soon to be demolished.

Kelly photos 2


Document commemorating the death of Frederic Fulton, one of John Thomas Fulton’s brothers.


1911 Census of Canada, showing J.T Fulton at the bottom of the page, living in Vancouver.


The following page of the same census, showing Lucy (Kelly) Fulton, plus Genevieve and Fred (at the top of the page).


1910 US Census, showing “Walter” S. Kelly and Jenny [sic] living at 914 East Denny Way.


1920 US Census, showing Jennie, Mary and Ruby Kelly living at 914 East Denny Way.


1930 US Census, showing Jennie, Ruby, plus Ruby’s family living at 914 East Denny Way.

Kelly photos 3


The woman on the right (i.e. to the man’s left, with the longer skirt) is Lucy Kelly.  I believe the man seated to be William S. Kelly.  I have no firm proof of this, but the same man appears to feature in a number of photos from our Klondike album, including one photo (see scan0099) from 1914.  By this date Lucy Kelly (Fulton) and John Thomas Fulton had left the Yukon (see scans0453 and 0454), so the fact that this 1914 photo from the Klondike has (and others featuring the same man have) remained in the family album suggests to me that the man is most likely Lucy’s father, William S. Kelly.  I do not know who the third person in the photo is.


I think this is William S. Kelly (the photo is from our Klondike album).


I think this is William S. Kelly (also from our Klondike album).  I do not know who the woman is.

Kelly photos 4


I think the man on the left of the carriage is William S. Kelly (perhaps staying at the hotel for Lucy Kelly and John Fulton’s wedding?)


I think the man seated at the front with the hat on his knee may be William S. Kelly – the photo is from our Klondike family album, and you’ll see from certain of the census documents above that William gives his occupation as “mining operator” or similar.


I do not know the significance of these photos, but I suspect they relate to William S. Kelly.


Ellen Sullivan – first wife of William S. Kelly.  “My grandmother” was written by Genevieve Fulton (Lucy Kelly’s eldest child).

Kelly photos 5


Photos of Mary Kelly, William S. Kelly and Ellen Sullivan’s first child.


I think this is Mary Kelly too.


Two pictures of John Thomas Fulton as a young man (future husband of Lucy Kelly).


Lucy Kelly as a young woman (second child of William S. Kelly and Ellen Sullivan).  Marked “Grand Junction, Colorado.”


John Thomas Fulton and Lucy Kelly together.


Photo of the interior of the church at “7 Below Lower Dominion Creek” from our Klondike album.  Dated 1906.  I assume this to be the church prepared for the wedding of John Thomas Fulton and Lucy Kelly.


John Thomas Fulton (left) and Lucy Kelly (centre) outside their home in Paris, Dominion Creek, Yukon Territory, in September 1906 (a month after their wedding).  I don’t know the name of the third person (or the dog!).


The interior of John Thomas Fulton and Lucy Kelly’s home in Paris, Dominion Creek, Yukon Territory.  Note the original numbering on the photos – while I scanned them out of order, the pictures were clearly taken consecutively.  It would be great to see the photos they have up in the house – it’s possible to zoom in pretty close, but sadly the resolution isn’t high enough.  It took me a bit of time to work out the layout of the house based on this picture and scan0002.  The perspective is a bit odd, but the door in this photo is the one which the lady with the dog is standing in front of in 0002.  Given the position of the chimney on the downward slope of the roof in 0002, the wall to the left of the picture in this photo must have been an interior wall, behind which would have been a second room.

Kelly photos 6


Lucy (Kelly) Fulton (left) and her first child, Genevieve Fulton (born on 21 April 1908; I assume it is Genevieve – if Fred had been born I assume they would both have been pictured).  I’m not sure who the other person is – I don’t think it is Mary Kelly.


Genevieve Fulton (I think) as a baby – though perhaps not – I can’t make out whether the date in the bottom right is “06” or “08” (e.g. compare with scan0002).  If it is “06” then it can’t be Genevieve or Fred – though if it isn’t, why it was kept in the family album I don’t know (it could be a child of a family friend, I suppose).


John Thomas Fulton (left, with moustache) in his blacksmith’s workshop.


John Thomas Fulton with Genevieve and Fred in the sled – presumably in Paris, Yukon Territory (the photo is from our Klondike album)


Postcard (and reverse side) showing Genevieve and Fred as children outside their home in Paris, Dominion Creek, Yukon Territory.

Kelly photos 7


John Thomas Fulton and Lucy (Kelly) Fulton with their young children, Genevieve and Fred (to the right of the picture in the middle row).  Presumably taken in the Yukon Territory. 


John Thomas Fulton, seated directly in front of the young girl wearing the hat.  I think the young girl is his daughter Genevieve (compare with scan0514, for example), though I don’t think the little boy is his son Fred, since Fred was younger than Genevieve.  Also see scan0089, clearly taken on the same day.


Genevieve Fulton (?) and unknown boy.

Kelly photos 8


John Thomas Fulton and Lucy (Kelly) Fulton with their daughter Constance (Sister Fidelis).


Family photo taken at the wedding of Fred Fulton and Frieda on 5 August 1938.  Lucy (Kelly) Fulton is on the balcony.  She had less than a year to live at this stage and may have been too ill from the effects of TB to come down the stairs.  John Thomas Fulton is on the lower level at the back right of the photo.  Frieda is in white, with Fred on her arm.  The lady with the black hat, clutching the arm of the lady with the white bag, is Genevieve Fulton – Genevieve and her brother Stanley were together said to be the powerhouses amongst their siblings.  Donald (later Father Michael) Fulton is crouching at the feet of Frieda in white.  Next to him is his sister Beatrice.  Stanley Joseph Fulton is at the back left of the group (face partially obscured by a hat).  Next to Stanley – between the heads of Fred and Frieda - is his younger brother, Robert William Fulton.


John Thomas Fulton as an older man.


Family photo showing (clockwise from top left): Frieda (wife of Fred Fulton), Fred Fulton, Lucy Kelly (Fulton), John Thomas Fulton, Stanley Joseph Fulton, Donald (later Father Michael) Fulton, and Robert William Fulton.


Three photos of Robert (“Bob”) William Fulton (son of Lucy Kelly and John Thomas Fulton).  Served as a Royal Canadian Air Force flying officer with (British) RAF 144 Squadron during World War II - died on air operations near Italy, 23 July 1943 (from June-August 1943, part of 144 Squadron was based in North Africa, carrying out anti-shipping strikes in the Mediterranean).  Commemorated on the Malta Memorial (Panel 10, Column 1), which stands outside the King’s Gate at the entrance to Valletta, Malta.


Telegraph sent to John Thomas Fulton notifying him of the death of his son, Robert William Fulton.


Letter dated 26th July 1943 from Stanley Joseph Fulton to his father, John Thomas Fulton, following the death of Robert William Fulton.


Letter dated 25 July 1943, from the Commanding Officer of RAF 144 Squadron to Stanley Joseph Fulton, detailing the circumstances of Robert William Fulton’s death.


A photo of Robert William Fulton (left) and Stanley William Fulton (right) together.

Kelly photos 9


Four photos of Stanley Joseph Fulton (son of Lucy Kelly and John Thomas Fulton) – my grandfather – died 21 December 1944 in an air crash – see “Most recent tree” for further details.


Photo of Stanley Joseph Fulton receiving his wings at No. 3 Service Flying Training School, Currie Barracks, Calgary, Canada on 22 September 1941


Telegraph sent to John Thomas Fulton notifying him of the death of his son, Stanley Joseph Fulton.


Operational wings awarded to Stanley Joseph Fulton posthumously.


Stanley Joseph Fulton’s grave marker in Brookwood Military Cemetery, Surrey, England.  As it was in the 1940s.


The same site a few years ago – c.2002 (with Andrew in the picture).


Some press clippings about Stanley and Robert.  The reference in 0479 to “[Stanley’s daughter,] whom, it is believed, he had never seen” is incorrect – see scans0508 and 0509.


Letter from Stanley Joseph Fulton to John Thomas Fulton, dated 3 December 1944 (18 days before his death).  After Stanley had been to Scotland to see his daughter, Sheilah (my mother).


Another news clipping – written by a journalist who went up in the air with Stanley Joseph Fulton – the scan hasn’t come out all that well but it’s possible to read when zoomed in.

Kelly photos 10


Sheilah Margaret Fulton (my mother) as a child – daughter of Stanley Joseph Fulton and Annie (“Anna”) Elder Macaulay.


Sheilah Margaret Fulton with her grandfather John Thomas Fulton - during a trip over to Vancouver - Christmas 1946 or 1947(?)


Genevieve Fulton (second from left; first child of Lucy Kelly and John Thomas Fulton), her husband Henry DeMan (far left), Sheilah Margaret Fulton (my mother; second from right) and her husband (my father) John (“Jack”) Jackson (far right).


John (“Jack”) Jackson (left) and Sheilah Margaret Fulton (right) – my parents – together as children.  Their family homes were back-to-back in Ayr, Scotland, and they were friends from a very young age.


Mum and dad on their wedding day.


A truly terrible family picture from the 1980s!  (But the only one I seem to have scanned on my trip home.)  Many crimes against fashion in evidence.  Back row (left to right): Andrew Jackson (me), Juliette Jackson, Sheilah Margaret Fulton (Jackson), John (“Jack”) Jackson.  Front row (left to right): Gemma Jackson and Jillian Jackson.


She would undoubtedly kill me for this, but here are two photos of Juliette from her modelling days.


And this is me and my wife Suzanne at Yellowstone on our trip to the US earlier this year.


Mentioned in covering e-mail – not related to the Kelly line of the family, but instead to another branch of my mother’s family (her grandfather on her mother’s side was James Parker Macaulay; the James Parker mentioned in this document – who lost his arm in action with pirates – was James Parker Macaulay’s grandfather, I believe).


[1] This may not be entirely accurate as I am working from memory – mum took Ken’s information to photocopy and I will get it back on my next trip over to Scotland.

[2] I’ve got a couple of theories regarding Ellen, John and Julia and I’d be very grateful for any light you can shed on the issue.  One theory I have is that Ellen Sullivan was William S. Kelly’s first cousin: Hanora Kelly and William Sullivan had a daughter named Ellen, who would be about the right age, though a bit older than William S. Kelly (about 10 years older).  This Ellen Sullivan had a brother named John, and the John and Julia who were sponsors of Lucy Kelly’s baptism could potentially be Ellen’s brother and a wife Julia (though this is pure speculation).  The second theory I have (again pure speculation) is that Ellen Sullivan was from an entirely unconnected family, with John and Julia being her parents.  I’ve come across a John and Julia Sullivan with a daughter Ellen of roughly the right age, living in Asylum, Bradford County, Pennsylvania, in the 1860 US Census (see scan0497).

[3] The source is Ella/Ellen (“Nellie”) Kelly’s memoirs, I think.

[4] Sullivan Review of April 17 1884: from Bob’s information on Rootsweb.

[5]  I’m not sure if the wedding took place before or after William and family moved from Leadville to the Grand Junction area, though I assume it was after they had moved.

[6] This document contains quite a bit of additional info that might be of interest – e.g. month, year and place (state) of birth for all of William and Jennie’s children.  It also notes that Mary Kelly worked as a stenographer.

[8] I tried to track down 1316 Marion St when I was in Seattle this summer – a hospital (the Swedish/First Hill Medical Center) now occupies the site where the house would have been.

[9] For the sake of posterity, the house is/was on the north side of East Denny Way, more or less directly opposite the junction of East Denny Way and Nagle Place (Nagle Place runs north-south along the west side of the Bobby Morris playfield).

[10] Peter and Tom DeMan – grandchildren of Lucy Kelly via her daughter Genevieve - confirmed to me that the existing house at 914 East Denny Way is the one in which Jennie Kelly and her family lived.

[11] The address given for Lucy, Genevieve and Fred (121 20th Avenue East) is a typo, I believe – the family were all living at number 127, as per John T. Fulton’s address (and another family is listed as living at 121 – see the page with John T. Fulton on it).  John T. Fulton later lived at 151 20th Avenue East – I’m not sure if Lucy lived there before she died – in any event, 151 is the address to which letters were sent to John Fulton by his son Stanley (my grandfather) during the war.

[12] Also note Lucy’s middle initial “A” – the only such reference I have come across to that.

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