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Popup Valentine Cards
a la 1900!!


These sample Valentines were found in the souvenir collection of Ellen Lorena (Crawford) Shefler. They represent typical cards from the turn of the twentieth century that were circulated in the area of Sullivan County. By the way, they were priced back then at a dozen cards for 15 to 20 cents! What a bargain!

A Selection of Valentine Cards from About 1900
From the Souvenir Collection of Ellen Shefler

Contributed by Carol Brotzman

The top two items in the lefthand column are parts of a broken card carrying the name of Annie Landback. The bottom two items in the left column are part of another broken card addressed in handwriting by Levi Sayman. The top right card bearing a bible was sent by W. H. Kisner. The card below that, with the passing ship, was sent by David W. Shields. Finally, the card with the dove on it at the lower right was sent by Jennie L. Bird.

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