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Horseshoe Railroad Curve
Nordmont, Sullivan County, PA

Early twentieth century
This photo is a reproduction by the well known regional artist, J. Wesley Little.
The village of Nordmont is visible in the center of the photo. The railroad depot is to the right
behind the trees. You can read more about this rail line at The Builidng of the Williamsport & North Branch (W &NB) Railroad.

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The Family of James H. and Anna Murray Lavelle
Taken about 1917 One Year After Their Relocation to Elmira, NY
From Sullivan County, PA
Back, l to r: Michael, James T., Timothy, Joseph, Lawrence, Alice, Mildred and Mary
Front, l to r: James H. Francis Jerome ("Sid"), Anna (Murray), Patrick and Eugene ("Barney")
Photo Contributed in 2001 by Kay (Atkinson) Lavelle of Elmira, NY
Widow of Lawrence Joseph Lavelle, Grandson of James H. and Anna

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