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Compiled by David Bailey
December 2006

Source:  Egle’s Notes and Queries


Elkland Township


John Ball

Francis Ball

John Bingley

Francis Boyles

John Brown

John Coney

Peter Dominick

Edward J. Eldred

James Ecroid

Joseph Hogland, Sr.

John Hogland

A. Hogland

Jos. Hogland, Jr.

Jesse Haines

Ezra Haines

Jonathan Hartley

John Hackett

John Hill

Edward Jones

Wm. King

Joel McCarty

Charles Mullen

P. Mullen, Jr.

Aaron Patterson

Sylvanus Parker

A. Parker

Joseph Reeves

Wm. Russell

Wm. Snell

R. Sample

Webster Wymen

Richard White


Shrewsbury Township


Powell Bird

Joel Bennett

Adam Derr

John G. Holmes

Nathan Howell

Theophilus Little, Sr.

John Little

Daniel Little

Thomas Little

Theophilus Little, Jr.

Tobias Little

Robert Lambert

Wm. Molyneux

Geo. Edkin

John Molyneux

Samuel Rogers, Sr.

John Rogers

Richard Taylor

David Richart

John Warren

James Yowres

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