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Immaculate Conception Church
Erected 1896
Wellsville, NY
July 18, 2009
Photo by Lynn Franklin

A Photo Visit to Wellsville, NY
by Bob Sweeney
July 2009

Bob Sweeney and Adele Dolan Black are both descendants of the large Sweeney family that settled in Sullivan County, Pennsylvania and subsequently in the Wellsville, Allegany County, New York areas. On July 18, 2009, Bob and Adele met in Wellsville to visit Sacred Heart Cemetery, where their ancestors are buried. They also visited the majestic Immaculate Conception Church where their Sweeney ancestors and their relatives prayed, were baptized, married and eulogized. They were each accompanied by thier spouses, Lynn Franklin and Bob Black, who assisted in the research and photography. Since Bob Black was raised in Wellsville, he was also able to help point us around town, and to the small hamlet of Willing, NY, five miles or so south of Wellsville, where Rodger and Mary (Sweeney) Sweeney had their farm.

Here is a photographic record of this visit. Feel free to contact either Bob or Adele for comment, suggestions or more information. You can also visit their websites on these families at:

The Sweeneys of Ringer Hill
The Dolan Family Tree


We are grateful to Lynn Franklin for the following photographs:

Immaculate Conception Church:

Partial Perspective From the North Side
Full Perspective From the North Side
Frontal Perspective
Frontal Perspective with Parking Lot

Sacred Heart Cemetery: Selected Grave Sites

Sacred Heart Cemetery
Gateway Arch
South Main Street
Wellsville, NY
Photo by Lynn Franklin

Sweeney Family Marker
Patrick and Anne Sweeney
Ellen Sweeney
Rodger Sweeney
Martin Sweeney
Ella Sweeney
Patrick and Bridget Sweeney
James P. and Agnes N. Sweeney
Mary Sweeney Fagan--"Mother"
Peter Fagan

Fagan Family Marker
Daniel Fagan
Frank J. and Madeline Fagan
John L. and Laura Fagan
Leo J. Fagan
Brenda A. and Suzanne V. Fagan
Elizabeth Fagan
Juliana Fagan
Peter A. and Gertrude R. Fagan
William R. Fagan
William R. Fagan Memorial--Details [L]--Details [R]

Dolan Family Marker
John F. and Margaret Fagan Dolan and Family
Charles L., Irene D., Frances M. and James J. Dolan
James J. Dolan
Anna Nolan
Family of Thomas and Mary Riley
Leonhard and Teressa Knorr
Daniel Knorr, Sr.
Daniel Knorr, Jr.
Mary Knorr
Borda Family Marker

Bob and Adele Dolan Black with Bob Sweeney
Sacred Heart Cemetery
Wellsville, NY
July 18, 2009
Photo by Lynn Franklin

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