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First Settlers Of Dushore Borough, Streby, 1903: Sullivan County, PA

Main Street Looking West
Dushore, PA
Early Twentieth Century
Recognizeable Businesses Include Pealer's Drug Store, V. B. Holcombe Fuerniture and Undertaking,
J. S. Hoffa & Co., J. M. Crimmins Clothing, and Cunningham Stone Mason. The sprie of St. Basil protrudes above the line of buildings.
Photo Courtesy of Deb Wilson
Source: An Old Postcard Auctioned on eBay in the Summer of 2012
Click on the photo itself for an expandable version, or click on the other links for enhanced snapshots
of part of the overall postcard photo. The back of the original had no indications of the exact date, but various commentators have estimated 1904-1918.

Main Street East from Center Street
Dushore, PA
Date Unknown But Railroad Trestle Visible at End of Street

This summary of the early settlement of Dushore Borough is taken from a turn-of-the-century history of the families of Sullivan County. It is reproduced here with the permission of Joe Anderson of the Pennsylvania office of the USGenWeb Archives project. We have corrected several typos, but otherwise the text is unchanged from the original.

Bios: First Settlers Of Dushore Borough, Streby, 1903: Sullivan County, PA. File contributed for use in USGenWeb Archives.

A Bird's View of Dushore, PA
Eastern Part of the Town
Photo Contributed by Carol Brotzman
Source: A Postcard Auctioned on eBay in December 2005

by George Streby, 1903


John MOSIER, was a native of Switzerland, and there married Elizabeth BAREY, a daughter of Peter BAREY. They came to America in 1820, locating first in New Jersey, later at Harrisburg, then near Cunningham, and then at Sugar Hill, probably about 1823. Mr. MOSIER was a blacksmith by trade.

His children were:

  • John MOSIER, deceased, of Illinois.
  • Lena, deceased, married James DICKEY, of Towanda, Pa.
  • Christian, deceased, of Colley.
  • Peter, deceased, of Dushore.
  • Mary, deceased, married Henry DIEFFENBACH, of Colley.
  • Daniel, of Missouri. Sarah, deceased, married John MOYER, of Michigan.
  • Caroline, married Christian HOFFMAN, of Dushore.

Theodore PHINEY, a native of Connecticut, built a log house near the falls, in what is now Dushore in 1819. He never occupied the house himself, but John STOWERS occupied it for some time. About 1818 a sawmill was built at the same place, this rotted down, and in 1825 or 1826, James MURRAY built a grist mill where the saw-mill had been located. The grist-mill was owned and operated by John DIEFFENBACH, from 1840 to 1850, when the property was sold to S.F. HEADLEY, just previous to the great flood, which took out the grist-mill and the mill pond. The mill was rebuilt by Mr. HEADLEY in 1854.

In 1829, Matthew McDOWELL, erected a building for a store on the lands now owned by George H. WELLES, on the North side of Main street, and engaged in the mercantile business. The store was in charge of Henry W. COOPER, who later purchased the business of McDOWELL. Mr. COOPER erected another building as his business increased. On May 17, 1834, McDOWELL bought of Freeman FAIRCHILD, about four acres of land joining his store lot for $50. May 6, 1836, he sold the same land to B. COOLBAUGH, who sold out to Samuel JACKSON, March 21, 1837.

Samuel JACKSON, was one of the leading businessmen of Dushore. His ancestors came to Pennsylvania with William PENN, locating in Chester Co. For many generations they were connected with the Society of Friends or Quakers. A branch of the family settled Catawissa, PA. From there he moved with his father to Toronto, Canada, where both engaged in manufacturing hats, being hatters by trade. In the war of 1812, Samuel JACKSON joined the United States army, holding the rank of Captain. At the close of the war the family moved to Cherry township, engaging in the mercantile business, first on Bahr's hill or Cherry hill, as it was then known. Seeing that the business interests would eventually be moved from Cherry hill to Dushore, or Mosier Hollow as it was then called, Mr. JACKSON moved his business from Cherry hill to the hollow, where Dushore is now located.

The parents of Samuel JACKSON were Samuel and Hanna (DAVIS) JACKSON, and to them were born eleven children:

  • John, born May 15, 1785.
  • William D., born December 12, 1787.
  • Samuel, born April 4, 1789.
  • Josiah, born May 8, 1791.
  • Mary, born December 20, 1793.
  • Elizabeth, born May 23, 1796.
  • Isaac, born August 2, 1798.
  • Joseph, born December 21, 1800.
  • Charles B., born February 23, 1803.
  • Elisha D., born September 10, 1805.
  • Hugh S., born February 28, 1809.

Samuel JACKSON, the third son of Samuel and Hanna (DAVIS) JACKSON, married Miss Hanna SHINER, of Berwick, Sept. 29, 1814. She was a daughter of Andrew SHINER, who had the contract to build the Turnpike from near the Long Pond to Monroeton. Mr. JACKSON died January 25, 1840.

To Mr. and Mrs. JACKSON were born ten children:

  • Gains Scott, born Oct. 7, 1816.
  • Andrew, born Jan. 2, 1819.
  • Eliza A., married George ELLIS.
  • Mary M., born in 1823, died in 1832.
  • Susan L., married Lewis MARTIN, of Cherry.
  • Angeline R., born 1828, died 1832.
  • George W., a farmer.
  • John P., an engineer
  • Hugh D., a farmer

Samuel J., merchant at Dushore. Henry HUFFMAN, a native of Germany, came to America about 1840, and settled at Dushore, buying a lot from John MOSIER, and engaging in the harness business, on Main street, where the HOFFA homestead is now located. He soon commenced tanning the leather he used in making harness. Some years later he went to Reading where he expected to enter the tanning business on a larger scale. In 1849 his health failed and he returned to Dushore, hoping to be benefited by the change of climate, but he died within two weeks, on August 19, 1849. His son, Christian HOFFMAN, who had gone with the father to Reading, returned, and after his father's death, remained at Dushore, where he was engaged in the harness business.

Jacob DIEFFENBACH came to Dushore in 1829. He was born in Montgomery county in 1775. He was a son of Conrad DIEFFENBACH ** who was born at Baden, Germany, in 1743, and emigrated to America in 1764, locating at Falkner Swamp, PA. There he married Catherine BETZ. He afterward moved to Montgomery county. He had eleven children, Jacob being the third son. Jacob DIEFFENBACH was a miller by trade, and married Chrstina GARDNER of Lycoming county. They reared a large family and their descendants are very numerous in eastern and northern Sullivan county. Mr. DIEFFENBACH died in 1860, and his wife 1859.
** Editor's Note: You can learn more about the origins of this family at Descendants of Conrad Dieffenbacher

Their children were:

  • Susan, married Jacob FULLMER.
  • Daniel.
  • Elizabeth, married Christol SPRINGER.
  • Sarah, married William KESSNER.
  • Charles, of Overton.
  • John, of Dushore.
  • Hannah, married Adam THRASHER.
  • Mary, married Anthony WEAVER.
  • Jacob, of Cherry.
  • Henry, of Colley.
  • Rebecca, married Amos REESER.

John DIEFFENBACH, their son, was born in Columbia county, PA., in 1813. In 1829 he came to Dushore with his parents and from 1840 to 1850, owned and operated the gristmill. In 1850 he purchased a farm near Dushore, where he lived until the closing years of his life. In 1857 he was elected county commissioner and re-elected in 1860. He married Elizabeth HOFFA, a daughter of Jacob and Catherine (SWALLOW) HOFFA. She was born in Schuylkill county in 1819. Mrs. DIEFFENBACH died in 1886. Mr. DIEFFENBACH married again, his second wife being Mrs. Caroline SUBER, the widow of Benjamin SUBER. She was a sister of his first wife. Mr. DIEFFENBACH died at Sayre, PA. in 1903.

To John and Elizabeth DIEFFENBACH were born:

  • Hanna, deceased, married John LAWRENCE, of Dushore.
  • Jacob, died in 1840, at the age of 3 years.
  • Daniel E., of Dushore.
  • John S., lieutenant of Company D, 141st regiment, P.V.I. died in the army, Oct. 11, 1862.
  • Henry S., a veteran of the Civil war, died in 1871.
  • Catherine A., married Julius VOGEL, of Sayre, Pa.
  • Clinton A., of Cherry township.
  • George F., of Columbia county.
  • Elizabeth, married George HEVERLY, of Sayre, Pa.

William McHENRY, was born in Fishing Creek township, Columbia county, in 1818. He came to Dushore in 1859. Mr. McHENRY belongs to a family which located in America before the Revolutionary war.** The pioneer, Daniel McHENRY, was born in Scotland in 1736, and on coming to America, located in Columbia county. He was a sergeant of a company in the Revolutionary war. He married Mary STEVENS, who was the mother of eight children. A son, Daniel McHENRY, Jr., married Polly COLEMAN, and to them were born ten children; of these, William, the subject of this sketch, was twice married, his first wife being Charity A. ALBERSON, a daughter of William ALBERSON, of Columbia County. Of this union two children were born. In 1850 he married Priscilla KINSLEY, a daughter of Dr. Charles KINSLEY, of Dushore, and to them seven children were born.
Editor's Note: You can learn more about the origins of the McHenry Family at James Boyd Mchenry and the Origins of the McHenry Family of Sullivan County. You can also see a picture of the old McHenry Hotel that stood in Benton, Columbia County, PA.

His children were:

  • George L., of Dushore.
  • Angeline, married Seth JOHNSON.
  • Frank, of Waverly.
  • Rush J., of Dushore.
  • William, of Pittsburg, Pa.
  • John S., of Mahaffay, Pa.
  • Sarah, widow of Henry BALLARD.
  • Ellen, married Josiah SMITH, of Dushore.
  • Maude, of Dushore.

Cornelius CRONIN came to Dushore in 1857. He purchased 80 acres of land of John MOSIER. On this land a large portion of the town is now located. Mr. CRONIN was a native of County Core, Ireland. He came to America at an early date and taught school for some time when a young man. He was twice married, his first wife being Elizabeth STALFORD, a daughter of John R. STALFORD, of Wyalusing. His second wife was Mary McDUFFEE. Mr. CRONIN was engaged in the mercantile and tanning business. He died in 1893 at the age of 85 years.

His children were:

  • John H., of Dushore.
  • Julia M., of Dushore.
  • Mary, married P. CONNOR, of Bernice.

Peter MOSIER was born in Switzerland in 1819. He was a son of John and Elizabeth (BAREY) MOSIER. The family came to America in 1820, and after a brief stay at Harrisburg and Cunningham, came to Sugar Hill, Cherry township, probably about 1823, and in 1825 moved to the valley where Dushore is now located. Peter MOSIER purchased 25 acres of land from his father, now owned by Willis P. MOSIER. In 1841 he married Caroline HOTTENSTEIN, a daughter of Jacob HOTTENSTEIN, of Overton. The history of the HOTTENSTEINs dates back to 380 A.D., in Austria. The American branch of the family dates back to 1729, when three brothers settled in Berks county.

The children of Mr. and Mrs. Peter MOSIER were:

  • John, deceased, of Wilmot.
  • Solomon, of Dushore.
  • George W., of Cherry.
  • Hanna C., married Joseph YONKIN, of Cherry.
  • Willis P., lives on the homestead.

Joseph DIBLING came to Dushore from Fishing Creek, Columbia county, in 1849. He married Anna THALL, a daughter of Dennis and Magdaline THALL, natives of Germany, who came to America in 1820, locating in Philadelphia, and in 1820 settled in Cherry township. Mr. DIBLING was a wheelwright, and worked at his trade. He and his son Frank, also engaged in the undertaking business, which is now conducted by Dibling & Martin. Mr. DIBLING built the Dushore house and also the building now occupied by Mr. UTZ's blacksmith shop. Mr. DIBLING died in 1885 aged 72 years, and Mrs. DIBLING in 1900.

Their children were:

  • Frank, of Dushore.
  • Mary, married John BRENNEN, of Towanda.
  • Joseph, died at the age of 2 years.
  • Anna, married P. MARTIN, of Dushore.
  • Joseph 2nd, died at the age of 2 years and 9 months.
  • Ella, died at the age of 1 year and 6 months.

Aaron HOFFA, came from Northumberland county to Dushore in 1854. He was born in Schuylkill county. He married Mary SHERRY, who was also a native of Schuylkill county. Mr. HOFFA purchased a small tannery, which had been built by Jesse STALFORD, some time previous, on the site where Henry HUFFMAN erected a small tannery some time after 1840. Mr. HOFFA engaged in the tanning business until 1863, when he died. The business was conducted for some time after by the estate and later by J.S. HOFFA, of Dushore.

The children of Mr. and Mrs. Aaron HOFFA were:

  • Mariah, married Dr. HARSHBARGER, deceased, of New Albany.
  • Sarah, deceased Susie, married Dr. Sanford E. BENJAMIN, deceased, of Dushore.
  • John, of Dushore.
  • William, of Dushore.
  • Emanuel, of Dushore.
  • W.B., of Mildred. C.W., of Dushore.
  • Harry, of Dushore.

In January 2005, a set of old postcards was auctioned on eBay. You can click on several of them here:

Dushore: Looking Northeast Toward the Town
Winter and Summer Scenes
Dushore: Looking East Over the Town
St. Basil the Great Catholic Church


Here is a Landscape Shot of Dushore, taken from next to St. Basil's in the 1940s (going by the style of cars). The photographer was looking east toward the Lehigh Valley train trestle in the distance. The original photo appears on a vintage RPPC postcard auctioned on eBay in November 2015. This photo capture was made by Scott W. Tilden, who is the source of many photo contributions on our site.


Headley Falls in Dushore, PA
Named for Honorable Samuel F. Headley
Located at Main Branch of Loyalsock Creek Where Carpenter Street Begins
Headley Purchased Rights at the Falls from John Dieffenbach,
Built a new Mill Pond Dam, a new Saw Mill and Grist Mill, and later a Store
According to 1861 Tax Records, Headley was the Richest Man in Town
Photo Taken About 1919
Contributed by Tom Crossett

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