Emily Matilda Yonkin ("Yunkin") (1857-1943)
Daughter of Peter and Catherine (Suber) Yonkin
Birth and Baptism Certificate

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Settlers XII: The Suber Family in Local History

This material was collected by Bob Sweeney from public records and publications in the public domain, as well as materials contributed by Carol Brotzman, Richard Hunsinger, Doris Kinsley and Linda (Karge) McDonald, to whom we are grateful for their assistance. The information will be valuable to all those researching the Suber, Thrasher, Yonkin, Hoffa and Hunsinger lineages from Sullivan County. Requests for additional information or comments and suggestions should be sent to Bob Sweeney, Sullivan County historian and administrator of this page.

Jacob Suber
was born in 1784. He lived in Windsor township, Berks county, PA and moved to Lycoming (now Sullivan) county and settled in Cherry township, PA. He was married to Mary Magdalene Fraunfelder.
Jacob Suber died in 1837 and is buried in Thrashers Cemetery.

His wife Mary Magdalene remarried Jacob Hoffa April 28, 1844.
She died April 29, 1865.

The following children were Born to Jacob and Mary Suber:

  1. David Suber 1816-1893
  2. Sarah Suber 1817-1879
  3. Anna Suber 1819-1898
  4. Benjamin Suber 1820-1887
  5. Elizabeth Suber 1821-1881
  6. Catherine Suber 1823-1908

David Suber (Jacob Suber) born in 1816; died 1893
married Catherine Smith and they had the following children:

  1. Lila A. Suber 1850
  2. John Suber 1853
  3. Lucinda Suber in 1858-1926
  4. Charles Suber 1862-
  5. Mary E. Suber Born 1864-
  6. Emma Caroline Suber 1854-1930

Note: You can learn more about Emma Caroline Suber, who married Jefferson Kisner, at The Descendants of Jefferson Kisner and Emma Caroline Suber. This branch of the family relocated to Kansas along with Emma's parents.

Sarah Suber (Jacob Suber) was born August 7, 1817; died October 5, 1879; buried in Thrasher's Cemetery; Dushore, Pa.
Married Gottlieb Bartch. He was born June 12, 1815 in Wurtemberg, Germany; died August 9, 1890. He was the son of Fredrick and Mary E. Bartch.

Fredrick and Mary E. Bartch came to America from Germany about 1818, and settled in Cherry about 1824. A brother, John G. Bartch, later married to Magdalena Steiner, also settled here about the same time; the improvements made by the two brothers were upon lands now owned by D.E. and Charles Dieffenbach, in East Cherry. Fredrick Bartch had a son Gottleib who was three years old when his parents came to America. He married Sarah Suber, a daughter of Jacob Suber, of Cherry and to them were born six children, per the Streby History of Cherry Township. We know this list is incomplete, as shown below, but here are the six listed in Streby:

Jacob J. of Wilmot, Bradford county
Emeline, married Clark Fox, of Kansas
Jesse, of Towanda, Bradford county
Celinda, married Michael Brobst, of Montour county
Caroline E., married Fred Swerer, of Bloomsburg
Delia C., now deceased, married Freeman Frye

A full list of the children of Sarah (Suber) and Gotlib ("Gottlieb") Bartch (Barge) would include:

  1. Loretta Bartch 1841-1922, married John Yonkin
  2. Sally Ann Bartch 1843-1890
  3. Jacob Bartch 1846-1923
  4. Emeline Bartch 1849-
  5. John Bartch
  6. Jesse Bartch
  7. Celinda Bartch 1856-1937
  8. Caroline Bartch
  9. Delia Bartch 18??-1895

John F. Bartch, a second son of Fredrick and Mary E. Bartch, married Caroline Moyer and their children were John W. *, Fred, Gottleib**, Margaret, Mrs George (Eliza) Albert, Mrs. Mary M. Hafer, Mrs. Barbara Musselman and Mary Ann.

* Editor's Note: It seems that John W. Bartch, born on March 28, 1860 in PA, died on April 22, 1936 in MO, relocated to Missouri around 1880. In1881, he married Harriett Rebecca Graham of Piedmont, Wayne County, Missouri.

** Editor's Note: This "second" Gottlieb Bartch originally married Christina Kisner, then left her to run off to Missouri with Sarah (Hunsinger) Kester. Perhaps his choice of Missouri as a place to live was because his nephew, John W. Bartch, had already moved there [Wayne county and Texas County, where Gottleib and Sarah lived, are near each other in Missouri]. In any case, Sarah Hunsinger had first married Joseph Kester, but she left him for Gottlieb whom she married in 1886. Sarah died in Missouri in 1889 and this "second" Gottlieb died in Washington State in 1900. You can learn more about these personalities at The Descendants of Gotlieb Bartch and Christiana Kisner and at The Descendants of Joseph Kester and Sarah Hunsinger.

Fredrick and Mary E. Bartch also had a daughter, Barbara, who married Henry Huffmaster. She was born in 1808 in Germany and died August 3, 1878 in Mapleton, IL. You can learn more about the Huffmaster family at The Descendants of Frederick Huffmaster.

Anna Suber(Jacob Suber) born May 19, 1819; died July 7, 1898; buried in Thrashers cemetery.
married Reuben Thrasher on April 12, 1840;He was born November 30, 1817; died December 8, 1895

Children of Anna and Reuben Thrasher are:

  1. HANNAH THRASHER Born in 1840 and died in 1863
  2. CATHERINE THRASHER Born March 2, 1844;
    died April 14, 1863
  3. GEORGE THRASHER Born February 22,1846;
    died March 22, 1863
  4. ELIZABETH THRASHER Born December 18, 1849;
    died April 7, 1863
  5. JACOB THRASHER Born about 1855 and died March 17, 1934.

Benjamin Suber born August 7, 1820; died January 12, 1887.
married Caroline Hoffa September 9, 1844. His wife, Caroline remarried John Dieffenbach on May 10, 1888.

Children of Benjamin and Caroline Suber are:

  1. Mary Magdalena Suber 1845-1893
  2. Jacob John Suber 1847-1927
  3. Catherine Suber 1850-1892
  4. Hannah Sarah Suber 1852-1922
  5. Elizabeth Lucrecia Suber 1854-1928
  6. George Franklin Suber 1856-1926
  7. Adam E. Suber 1858-1863
  8. Infant daughter 1861-1861
  9. Benjamin Lincoln Suber 1862-1862
  10. Daniel Rhaenhard Suber 1865-1926

ELIZABETH SUBER (Jacob Suber)Born November 16, 1821; died May 19, 1881
Married Valentine Kneller on November 26, 1843.

Children of Elizabeth and Valentine Kneller:

  1. Catherine Kneller 1846-1857
  2. Hannah Kneller 1848-1878
  3. Elizabeth Kneller 1850-
  4. Peter Kneller 1852-1914
  5. Daniel Kneller 1855-1863
  6. Benjamin Kneller 1857-1940
  7. John Jacob 1859-1863
  8. Catherine Suber ["Katherina Suver"] born March 15, 1823; died July 12, 1908 and is buried in Peace Cemetery.
    Married Peter Yonkin ["Yunkin"] on September 12, 1843. He was born December 2, 1821; died June 9, 1897

    Children of Catherine and Peter Yonkin are:

    1. Caroline Yonkin 1844-1907
    2. Hannah Yonkin 1846-1915
    3. Adam Yonkin 1849-1851
    4. Joseph Yonkin 1850-1919
    5. Elizabeth Yonkin 1854-1926
    6. Emily Matilda Yonkin 1857-1943 [see birth and baptism certificate at head of page]
    7. Levi Yonkin 1860-1945

    Mary Magdalena Suber born December 11, 1845; died February 14, 1893
    married Benjamin Thrasher. Her husband Benjamin remarried Hannah (Bahr) Molyneaux

    Jacob John Suber born November 17, 1847; died March 23, 1927
    married Caroline Catharine Bachman May 15, 1883. They had no children.

    Catherine Suber, born on February 16, 1850; died December 30, 1892
    She married Jacob Henry Kinsley on July 17, 1870. Both Jacob and Catherine are buried at Fairview Cemetery in Dushore, PA. He then married Isabelle Shields Brown. You can see a picture of Isabelle Shields Kinsley and learn more about her earlier family at The Descendants of James Brown and Isabelle Shields.

    Children of Catherine and Jacob Kinsley:

    Bernice Kinsley 1872-1957

    You can see a Kinsley ancestry chart based on Bernice Kinsley at the above link as well.

    Hannah Sarah Suber born April 19, 1852; died September 6, 1922
    married Lewis Saxe on April 25, 1876. He was born February 13, 1845; died April 15, 1921.

    You can learn more about this family at The Descendants of Lewis and Hannah (Suber) Saxe.

    Children of Hannah and Lewis Saxe:

    1. Lulu Saxe 1877-1905
    2. Thaddeus Saxe 1881-1944
    3. Edythe Saxe 1888-1960
    4. John Leonard Saxe; born October 30, 1879; died July 30, 1880. Source: Edythe Sick Bible.
      Editor's Note: There may have been another child of this name who died in infancy; then the name was reused. This was not an uncommon practice.

    Here is a lineage chart, also created by Carol Brotzman, that shows the specific ancestry of Thaddeus Saxe, although it would apply equally to either of his sisters if they were substituted for him in the chart.

    Elizabeth Lucrecia Suber born March 18, 1854; died January 21, 1928
    married married Elisha Wilson on February 12, 1880. He was born January 10, 1847; died March 17, 1928.

    Children of Elizabeth and Elisah Wilson:

    1. E. Alverda Wilson 1882-1969

    George Franklin Suber born May 21, 1856; died December 17, 1926
    married Emma Hopkins on August 5, 1882 (reported in October 19, 1882 issue of the Sullivan Review).

    Daniel Rhaenhard Suber married Emma (Emily) Peterson on November 17, 1889. They were divorced on May 28, 1906. Daniel died June 17, 1926.See picture at end of page.

    Children of Daniel and Emily Suber are:

    1. Mary Suber 1890-1955
    2. Blanche Suber Born: December 18, 1893; died April 5, 1983
    3. William Benjamin Suber Born: June 1, 1896; died 1952; married Rella Searfoss in Lopez, PA on July 17, 1918
    4. Pearl Suber born August 19, 1901; died December 22, 1988

    Mary Suber Born June 8, 1890; died January 26, 1955
    married Franklin Levi "Skinny" Hunsinger on June 2, 1911. She died January 26, 1954. You can learn more about this family at Descendants of Franklin Levi Hunsinger and Mary Suber.

    Children of Mary and Frank Hunsinger are:

    1. Mary Ellen Hunsinger 1912-1992
    2. Cora Elizabeth Hunsinger 1914-1989
    3. Louise Hunsinger 1916-2003
    4. Irvin Hunsinger 1919-1996
    5. Wesley Hunsinger 1923-2002
    6. Katherine Hunsinger 1924

    Here is a lineage chart, created by Carol Brotzman, that shows the Hunsinger-Suber ancestry. It is based on Cora, although the same chart would apply to any of her siblings.



    Cora Elizabeth Hunsinger born September 3, 1914; died June 28, 1989
    married Gilbert Pedro,November 30, 1929. He was born October 20, 1908; died November 28, 1974

    Children of Cora and Gilbert Pedro are:

    • Margaret Emma Pedro Born: October 16, 1931;died April 28, 1996
    • Angelo Frank Pedro Born April 26, 1934
    • Thomas John Pedro Born March 30, 1938
    • Jerome Gilbert Pedro Born January 29, 1940
    • Alberta Mary Pedro Born December 2, 1941
    • Eleanor Louise Pedro Born October 7, 1943
    • Richard Wesley Pedro Born August 26, 1945
    • Wayne Joseph Pedro Born February 8, 1947
    • Dawn Marie Pedro Born March 22, 1950
    • Deborah Jean Pedro Born January 29, 1952
    • Eddy Eugene Pedro Born May 16, 1954
    • John Pedro Born December 5, 1956 died the same day
    • Michael Jay Born December 30, 1958
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