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Bettyann Sick Goodyear
Sick Family Historian
With Husband Abe Goodyear and Brother Wayne Hugh Sick
Dushore, PA
Photo Contributed by Bettyann Sick Goodyear


The material in this article was contributed by Elizabeth Ann “Bettyann” Sick Goodyear who lives in Dushore, PA. She is a direct descendant of the original German – Irish settlers named SICK who settled in the area. She can be reached at  

The Sullivan County Settlers Web Page is grateful to Bettyann for her contribution of information and pictures. You will find a suite of Sick family historical photos at the end of this story as well.


Contributed by Bettyann Sick Goodyear,
Updated June 2012




The family of Joseph Sick that would spread throughout Sullivan County over the course of 150 years had its origins in Germany in the farming, harness-making and shoemaking professions.    Farming, harness-making and the shoe trade would continue to provide a living for the children and grand children over the decades that followed.


Joseph SICK 1781-1832                         GREAT GR. GR. GR. GRANDPARENTS      Miss RINEBOLD

Francis Charles SICK 1815-1872              GREAT GR. GR. GRANDPARENTS      Hannah M, REINFRIED   1820-1864

Wendell SICK 1849-1940                          GREAT GR. GRANDPARENTS                Sarah J. MC DONALD 1853-1927

John Charles SICK 1874-1963                    GREAT GRANDPARENTS                             Louise A. AMBS       1873-1951

Joseph James SICK 1916-1987                   GRANDPARENTS     Elizabeth Anastasia “Betty” MC MAHON  1920-1980

Elizabeth Ann “Bettyann” SICK 19-                    PARENTS                          Abraham Lincoln GOODYEAR 19-


Bettyann Note: A 1. To A 5. Is after A as I wanted my Great Great Grandfather next

Also, after AGE,  x = I have the obituary, s = I have a picture of cemetery Stone


I.  Joseph SICK   was born in 1781 in Baden, Germany. He died in 1832, Age 51.

He was a shoemaker and farmer.    Joseph married a Miss RINEBOLD.

They had several daughters and two sons: Francis Charles SICK and Joseph.

Joseph Jr. had a son named Augustus “Augustine” Sick who came later and settled in Forks, Sullivan County.

Augustus Sick was born in 1833 in Baden, Germany. He died in Jun 1882.


Joseph SICK was my Great Great Great Grandfather.


Francis Charles (called Franz) SICK   was my Great, Great Grandfather.

Born April 1, 1815 and died July 21, 1872. Age 57s.  He married HANNAH M. REINFRIED in 1840. Hannah M. was born May 18, 1820 and died May 3, 1864s.  Francis Charles, nicknamed "Frantz" was born in Wurzach (or Bad Wurzach), Baden, Germany near the Rhine River. Bettyann’s Grandfather John always referred to his grandfather as Frantz.   Frantz learned the shoemaker trade from his father.  Frantz went to school in Germany for one year to become a priest but changed his mind. He came to America in June 1836 and arrived in New York City with 15 cents. Then he went to Camden, New Jersey and worked for three years as a shoemaker. In 1839, he purchased 71 acres of land. This property eventually became the Frank & Mabel Sick Rohe home now located next to the Ronald Hembury home.

HANNAH MARY REINFRIED came from Germany in 1822, when she was 2 years old, with her parents.

Hannah’s father, CHARLES RHEINFRIED was born in Germany about 1790.

Hannah's brothers LEO and PETER REINFRIED settled in Philadelphia.

They could write nicely in German and English and were gunsmiths by trade.

Her sister Elizabeth REINFRIED married Joseph WEISBROD. 


Francis Charles Sick became a citizen on September 14,1846.  (Bettyann has copy of naturalization record, original is at Towanda Courthouse)  Hannah's father, CHARLES REINFRIED signed as a witness.  Francis subsequently served as court interpreter at Laporte and also held a number of township offices. He was also Sunday School Superintendent for the Peace Church for a number of years. The Peace Church was built by Catholics, Reform and Lutherans in 1825 and the three denominations shared it. The church burned and was rebuilt in 1826. After Hannah died, Franz visited  Schwartzburgh, Germany. One sister still lived on the old homestead. His niece had never seen him but when he stepped on the porch, she called to her mother that Uncle Francis Charles Sick was here from America. His nephew WILLIAM ALLIGIER came back with him and married MARY KAIER, a relative of Father XAVIER KAIER, the famous "founding" priest of St. Basil's Church in Dushore, PA. When the stone work for St. Basil’s church was nearing completion, the builders were confronted with the problem of safely spanning so wide a building and needed someone to engineer it. According to Father Kaier’s writings William became the head carpenter, and made the plans for the support of the extremely large roof .

The same roof support remains there today, 2006.  (Read Father Kaier obit, Wendell in it)


Clearing the land and farming, Franz & Hannah worked very hard.

She was 43 when she died and he was 57. Both are buried at St. Basil's Cemetery.


 2nd Generation A 1 to A13   Francis Charles (Franz) Sick and Hannah Reinfried Sick..  

had 13 children, approx. ages when she died:

A 1   Charles 23                  sp. Hannah YONKIN                  born 3-1846

A 2   Caroline 22                 sp. Henry STAHL born 7-4-1842,enlisted 141st Reg. Co. K. PA Volunteers Civil War

A 3   Joseph 20                  sp. Emily (Emma) GRAIFLEY b.1847,he enlisted 207th Reg. Co. C. PA Volunteers, Civil War

A 4   Leo 18                       sp. Elizabeth YONKIN                born 3-1854

A 5   Lydia 16                     sp. Raphael ("Ralph") LITZELMAN born May 1844     

A 6   Wendell 15                 sp. SARAH J. MCDONALD         born 10-1853 married on Valentine’s day @ Sugar Ridge

A 7   Mary 13                     sp. John L. LITZELMAN        born 10-24-1846

A 8   Hannah 11                  sp. Joseph C. COOK                  born 1852

A 9   Rosanna 7                  sp. Edward-Joseph WEISBROD born 9-14-1849

A 10  Augustine                   died in 1857 at age one year and ten months.

A 11  Sarah 5                      sp. John-Jacob WEISBROD born 5-18-1854

A 12  Julius 3                      sp. Dora (Eudora) SPEARY born 1868

A 13  William six months.     sp. Catherine Mary (Katie) KELLY born 4-19-1866, 2nd sp. Mary Louise Bauer HANNON  


(Charles SICK = Francis Charles Franz SICK who was never consistent with his name)


CENSUS 1850, Cherry Township

Tax#108      Charles Sick age 38 shoemaker, Pers.Val.300,

Hannah 36, Charles 10, Caroline 8, Joseph 6, Leo 4, Lydia 2, Wentalen 8 ½ months


CENSUS 1860, Cherry Township

Tax#75        Charles 45 farmer, Real Val.1,000, Pers.Val.400

                  Hannah 40, Charles 19, Caroline 17, Joseph 15, Liddy 13, Wendell 12, Mary 10,

Hannah 8, Rosannah 4, Anna 2


CENSUS, 1870, Cherry Twp.

Tax #238     Charles SICK age 55 farmer, widower, Real Val.3,000, Pers.Val.900, from Baden Germany,

                  Leo 23, Mary 18, Annie 16, Rosanna 14, Sarah 14, Julius 8, William 2, 

                  Also a nephew William Allgier 24

Tax #239     Charles Sick age 29, miller, Hannah 25, Cora 3, Alice 1

Tax #240     Joseph Sick age 25, Lawyer, Real Val.1,000, Emily 22, Lloyd 3, Elizabeth 1


Bettyann Note:      A1 to A5 is after  A6 here as I wanted my Great Great Grandfather’s line next

                              Also, after AGE,  x = I have the obituary,   s = I have a picture of cemetery Stone



 A 6.   Wendell SICK, born 9-11-1849, died 10-4-1940, Age 91xs      Married on Valentine’s day 1873 to

SARAH J. MCDONALD.  Sarah was born 10-1853, died 10-7-1927, Age 74xs They were married at St. Philip & James Church in Sugar Ridge (known now as the Neumann Shrine). They are both buried at St. Basil's Cemetery in Dushore. Sarah's parents were JOHN MCDONALD and MARY GAINER. They emigrated from Dublin, Ireland. John came in 1846; his wife and five children came in 1850. One child died on the way and was buried in Liverpool, England. Mr. McDonald was a tailor by trade. They settled on a farm on LaPorte Road in Cherry and Sarah was born there. Sarah's mother was a school teacher.  Sarah was also a school teacher and taught several successful school terms in Sullivan County prior to her marriage.   Wendell was born in Overton. He was a harness maker. Later he had a shoemaker shop in Forksville, They moved to a large home in Dushore when their son William was six months old, near the current intersection of Route 220 and Route 87. Leo was also born there. According to Joseph J. Sick, "There were three fine homes built on the same plans: Wendell Sick's, Frank and Mabel Rohe's, and Julius Sick's. The only home in excellent condition to this date (July 2000), is Julius Sick's."    Bettyann has copy of both death certificates.


One story told was: Sarah’s mother did not want her to marry Wendell but got to the church to late to stop the marriage. I think he turned out to be a pretty GOOD KEEPER….



The most enterprise in the introduction of fine blooded horses and cattle – Wendell Sick

Boot and shoe making ~ Wendell Sick

The finest residences:  Wendell Sick was one of six.




Wendell SICK and Sarah J. MCDONALD   had 5 children:

A6 B1 John Charles SICK           1874 sp. Louise AMBS b.1873

A6 B2 Francis Jerome SICK       1879 sp. Edythe Lucretia SAXE, born 1888

A6 B3 Hannah Jean SICK           1883      Jennie   (Sr. M. Kostka, IHM) SICK

A6 B4 William Patrick SICK        1886 sp. Kathryn (Katie) T. DONAHUE b.1885

A6 B5 Leo J. SICK                     1893 sp. Nellie CUNNINGHAM  b. 1889, 2nd sp. Marie COLLINS born 1894



 A6 B 1  John Charles SICK         was born on Nov 14, 1874 in Overton, Bradford Co., PA,

died on Sep 18, 1963 age 88xs. John C. Sick and Louise AMBS were married in 1898.

Louise AMBS was born Oct.7, 1873 died April 1,1951, age 78xs. Bettyann’s Grandparents.

JOHN was Post Master at Mildred, owned a small shoe store, and was a shoemaker and farmer.

LOUISE was the daughter of NICHOLAS AMBS, who was born in Germany, and MARGARET ROHE, whose father was German by birth. Nicholas came to Philadelphia when nine years old with his father, XAVIER AMBS. Naturalization record: Xavier came to America in 1828 and became a citizen in 1846. The part of Germany he came from was controlled by the Kingdom of France one day, and Germany another, depending on who won the last battle. It was near "Elsetts", modern Alsace. Louise's mother was the daughter of VALENTINE ROHE, an early settler of Cherry. Her sister, CECILIA AMBS had a stroke and Louise took care of her for many years. In 1932, John Sick bought the Ambs farm on Rt. 87, in Cherry Mills, later purchased in 1941 by his son Joe and wife Betty McMahon Sick. Bettyann grew up in this home which had 4 bedrooms and two large attics on the second floor. Her brothers and Bettyann use to love to sneak into the attic that had all the old horse collars, sleigh bells, harnesses and shoemaker tools. The room was full of goodies they were not supposed to touch. Bettyann believes all of Francis Charles Sick's sons knew a good deal about making and repairing shoes and harnesses. They also had some pretty fine horses. Next, John bought his father Wendell's house at the corner of Rt.87 & Rt.220 in Dushore. After John's wife Louise died, he lived next to his son Francis, in a small trailer.

John C. Sick and Louise Ambs Sick had 5 Ch.:

A6 B1 C 1 Sarah Marie SICK      b.9-8-1898        died March 9,1948   Age 49 xs,

A6 B1 C 2 Francis A. SICK         b.2-8-1900        died Oct.18, 1971   Age 70xs

A6 B1 C 3 Margaret C. SICK       b.3-25-1902       died July 16, 1998    Age 96xs

A6 B1 C 4 Mildred Louise SICK   b. 5-22-1913      died   Mar 4, 2004    Age 90x

A6 B1 C 5 Joseph James SICK   b. 9-13-1916      died July 8,1987 Age 71xs


A6 B1 C 1 Sarah Marie SICK, b.9-8-1898, d.3-9-48xs, married Thomas FARRELL on Feb.13,1917, "TOM" was born

February 2, 1891 and died on August 13, 1978xs.  They lived in Sayre, PA and had twelve children:

A6 B1 C1 D 1  Paul T. FARRELL            b. 8-8-1917, d. Dec. 25, 2001x married Margaret “Peg” GEARY on 2-20-1946.  

                                                                               Many years after PEG died, PAUL married MARIAM _____.

A6 B1 C1 D 2 Louise FARRELL              born 4-22-1919, died Jan. 1926x.

A6 B1 C1 D 3 Frances FARRELL            b.10-25-1920,d.11-15-2011 age 91

married 9-7-1946 PETER A. DECARLO  d. 10-10-1981.

A6 B1 C1 D 4 Edward FARRELL             born 3-1922, died 9-1922.

A6 B1 C1 D 5 Mary FARRELL                born 1923, married JOHN NOVAK on 9-14-1967. JOHN died, 6-25-1983.

A6 B1 C1 D 6 Teresa FARRELL        b.7-18-1925, d.10-23-2010 age 85 mar. LAWRENCE R. WARE on 8-12-1944.

A6 B1 C1 D 7 Jean FARRELL                 born 10-9-1929, died 4-10-1998, married JAMES E. DONLIN, died 11-23-1987

A6 B1 C1 D 8 Genevieve FARRELL   born 1932, married DALE E. WOITH on 2-27-1965.

A6 B1 C1 D 9 Catherine FARRELL          born.1934, married FRED HORN on 8-9-1952.
A6 B1 C1 D10 James V. FARRELL,        b.8-19-1935, died 12-20-1999x, married FRANCES FRITZIE on 5-26-1962.
A6 B1 C1 D11 Sally FARRELL                born 1937, married Dr. GEORGE STOHLMAN on 2-15-1964

A6 B1 C1 D12 Rita FARRELL                 born 1941, married LEONARD J. NOSSAL on 9-14-1963.


A6 B1 C 2 Francis A. SICK born Feb. 8, 1900, died Oct.18, 1971   Age 70xs

                  Francis A. SICK and Teresa M. QUINN   were married Aug.13, 1928.

                  Teresa Q. SICK  born Nov.23, 1902 in Murraytown, died March 18, 1983. Age 80xs   

                  (John and Dawn Lambert now own their home on Overton Road near Cemetery road) 3 children

A6 B1 C 2  D 1 John P. SICK born 2-16-1930 sp.8-16-1952 Ruth A. PANICHI b.12-26-1931 d.8-22-2011,    5 children:

A6 B1 C 2   D1 E 1 Mark SICK        b. 1953

A6 B1 C 2   D1 E 2 Michael SICK     b. 1954

A6 B1 C 2   D1 E 3 Dennis SICK b. 1956

A6 B1 C 2   D1 E 4 Jeff SICK            b. 1958

A6 B1 C 2   D1 E 5 Sandra SICK      b. 1962





A6 B1 C 2 D 2 Ann SICK  and Sebastian TRAPANI were married. 6 children:

A6 B1 C 2 D 2 E 1 Joseph TRAPANI

A6 B1 C 2 D 2 E 2 Deborah TRAPANI

A6 B1 C 2 D 2 E 3 LuAnn TRAPANI

A6 B1 C 2 D 2 E 4 Francis TRAPANI

A6 B1 C 2 D 2 E 5 Vincent TRAPANI

A6 B1 C 2 D 2 E 6 Marla TRAPANI

A6 B1 C 2 D 3 Mary SICK born 1940 married James Edward DE VENTE, on…..       3 children:

                                Edward born 1939. Mary and Edward have lived in Raleigh, N.C. for over 25 yrs.

A6 B1 C 2 D 3   E 1 James Edward DE VENTE, MD, born 1966 married Lorita REBELLATO 12-26-1992

                              F 1 Michelle Marie DE VENTE    born 1993

                              F 2 Remigio James DE VENTE  born 1996

A6 B1 C 2 D 3   E 2 Michael Edward DE VENTE        born 1968 married Larissa DUART 12-22-1998

A6 B1 C 2 D 3   E 3 Jason E. DE VENTE                  born 1971


A6 B1 C 3 Margaret C. SICK  born in Mildred, PA on March 25, 1902 died July 16, 1998 Age 96xs

                  Married 11-21-1921 AUGUSTINE "Nick/Cangley” GAINER, b.2-13-1897, d.1-31-1986, Age 88xs.  

                  Homestead is on Rt. 87, on the right, less than a mile from Rt. 220 in Dushore.

                  5 Children, Rosemary, Eugene, Joan, William, Jack:

A6 B1 C 3 D 1   Rosemary GAINER b.8-28-1922 d. 9-5-2006 Age 84xs sp. 6-26-1943 Bernard William WALSH 

                        “Ben also Bernie” WALSH          born 5-27-1914 Murraytown, died 1-23-2006, Age 91xs    4 children:

                        E 1 Marylou WALSH                  born 1944, married/divorced Kerry MEEHAN   2 children:

                              F 1 Kevin MEEHAN        born 1968

                              F 2 Kerry Ann MEEHAN       born 1970, married 9-27-2008 sp. John Michael ORSINGHER

                                    G 1 Ryan Kelton ORSINGHER                born 2011

G 2 Brandon Michael ORSINGHER         born 2011

G 3 Emily Josephine ORSINGHER          born 2011

                        E 2 James WALSH                    born 1947 married/divorced Ann Sones WALSH.   3 children:

                              F 1 Robert WALSH              born 1975

                              F 2 William WALSH             born  1978

                              F 3 Patrick WALSH                   born 1983

                        E 3 Eileen WALSH                    born 1955 married/divorced Roger LANG born 6-14-1972   1 child:

                              F 1 Roger LANG                  born 1972

                        E 4 Margaret “Peggy” WALSH born 1959 sp.10-3-1981 William BLACK born  1952  


A6 B1 C 3 D 2 Eugene GAINER  born 1926   Eugene GAINER married/divorced Marge MOORE

                              (Marge Moore Gainer McDonald died 12-22-1996 Age 70x)       3 children:

                        E 1Michael GAINER             born 1951

                              F 1 Pamela GAINER SUTTER born 1971

                        E 2 Mary Pat GAINER          born 1952

                        E 3 Dennis GAINER            born 1957

                              F 1 Heather GAINER      born 1988

                              F 2 Stephanie GAINER born  1991


A6 B1 C 3 D 3 William GAINER b.1-26-1931 d. 8-11-1998 Age 67xs, NAVY, sp.4-12-1958 Joyce BARRY b. 7-6-1935       

                              d. 7-25-1996 Age 60xs.    (daughter of Edward BARRY and Amelia SICK)  .  4 children:

                        E 1 Kevin GAINER               born           died     lived 5 days

                        E 2 Lori GAINER BARALDI   born 1961 married Paul BARALDI born 1955

                              F 1 Hank BARALDI        born 1995

                              F 2 Victoria BARALDI     born 1997

                        E 3 Nancy GAINER        born 1963

                        E 4 Stephen GAINER           born 1965


A6 B1 C 3 D 4 JoAnn GAINER born 1933 married 10-5-1943 Eugene “Gene” MERGE born 1927       

                        E 1 Jeannie MERGE            born 1954

                        E 2 Gary MERGE                born 1956 married Kim ….. born 1956

                              F 1 Mallory MERGE       born 1987

                              F 2 Morgan MERGE       born 1989

                              F 3 Marin MERGE         born 1993

                        E 3 Lisa MERGE                 born 1961 married Jim WALTERS born 1960

                              F 1 Ian WALTERS         born 1993

                              F 2 Gregory WALTERS born 1994

A6 B1 C 3   E 4 Patricia MERGE born 1965 married Robert “Kip” DE WITT born 1964

                              F 1 Zachery DEWITT      born 1991

                              F 2 Madison DEWITT     born 1994

                              F 3 Paige DEWITT         born 1996

A6 B1 C 3 D 5 John “Jack”  GAINER             born 7-15-1938 d.3-22-2009 Age 70xs, sp.6-18-1960 to

Virginia BULLOCK GAINER born 11-7-1937 died 4-7-2008 Age 70xs,   3 children:

                        E 1 Marie GAINER               born/died May 26, 1962                   

                        E 2 Ronald GAINER             born 1963 married Kathlyn Cox born 1964

                              F 1 Margaret “Maggie” GAINER born 1993

                              F 2 Kathlyn GAINER      born 1994

                        E 3 Connie Mae GAINER      born 1965 married 9-28-1965 Frank CARR born 1964

                              F 1 Shauna CARR         born 1987

                              F 2 Brandon CARR        born 1989

                              F 3 Anthony CARR       born 1992


A6 B1 C 4 Mildred Louise SICK               born May 22, 1913 in Dushore PA, died   March 4, 2004 Age 90x

                              married James “Jim” FARLEY on April 16, 1934 in Dushore PA.

                              Jim born Nov. 29, 1905 , died April 8, 1950.  Age 44x                 2 children

                  D 1 Ann Catherine FARLEY       born 1935

                        sp. Siegfried “Sig” DEHLER b.12-20-1930 d. 10-1-2000 Age 69x, retired 20yrs.U.S.Air Force,   2 sons:

                        E 1 Mitchell DEHLER           b. 1955 of Pasadena, CA

                        E 2 John DEHLER              born 1961 sp. Pam

                  D 2 Mary Lou FARLEY,              B.1940, friend Jeff ROLISON born 1949,  4 children:

                        E 1 Stacey FIESTER.          born 1965 sp./div.2009 Keith CEELY

                        E 2 James Farley FIESTER born 1966 sp. Norma

                        E 3 Kristie L. MURRAY        born 1972 sp. 5-3-2009 Sevelon TUNNICLIFF,

2 dgh. Tyler b.1991, Kenzie b.2008

                        E 4 Jennifer MURRAY         born 1973, sp. Larry Lee KIESS b.7-5-1974 d.1-22-2011 age 36

                              F1 Alexis KIESS            born 1997

 A6 B1 C 5  JOSEPH J. "JOE" SICK, married ELIZABETH A. "BETTY" MCMAHON..   on 4-14-1941. Bettyann’s parents.

            JOSEPH was born on 9-13-1916 at the family home in Cherry Mills, and died on 7-8-1987, age 70xs.  

            Betty was born 12-22-1920, and died on 7-29-1980, age 59xs. Soon after Joe and Betty bought the farm from his                  dad, six cows were killed by lightning. Joe and Betty continued to operate the farm until 1960. Joe worked at                        Miller Farm Equipment, repairing machinery and building cabins, next at Dolly Madison as head of maintenance,                  and finally retired from Penn DOT as paving foreman. Joe and Betty were members of St. Basil's Catholic Church.           Joe was also a   member of the Holy Name Society and 3rd degree Knights of Columbus. Betty was a member of                 the Altar Rosary Society and was Sacristan one month each year. Betty was an excellent seamstress and quilt              maker. She loved her children and grandchildren. Betty was a warm host to everyone Joe would bring home. Joe               and Betty both had held political positions. Joe was a great fisherman and could spin a good yarn. At his cabin, he         made a plexi-glass window on hinges. When a newcomer arrived, he loved to jam a gun out this window on the                 pretense of shooting a deer. He       worked many nights when the Sullivan County Bow Festival was beginning, with                 his cousins Dick & Vell Holcombe (about 1957). Together, they invented the running deer target and other events.          Joe was happy when he caught the eye of Howard Hill and was written up in an issue of the

            Pennsylvania Game News.

            JOE and BETTY had five children:


A6 B1 C 5  D1 Joseph Edward SICK,             born 1942, sp. Francis Jo MAHONEY. 3 children: James, Suellen, Patrick

E1 James E. SICK,              born 10-31-61, died 7-28-1981, Age 19xs Bettyann's godson,
E2 Suellen SICK TRACEY   born 1963    Married 10-19-1985 to Roger TRACEY

F1 Bridget TRACEY             born 1994

E3 Patrick SICK                  born 1964 Married Kate Garloff born 1974

                  F1 Anja SICK                      born

A6 B1 C 5  D2 Gerald Arthur SICK                born 1943 sp. Clara L. RICCI born 1944    2 children: Stephen, Vicki

E1 Stephen SICK                born 1966 married to Sue Iannone b.1969

                  F1 Kyle SICK                      born 2008

F2 Sophia Kathryn               born 2010

E2 Vicki SICK                    born 1968 married Abt.2000 to RANDY J. CARPENTER

                  F1 Noah CARPENTER         born 2002

                  F2 Hannah CARPENTER      born 2009

                  F3 Bethany CARPENTER     born abt.1996



 A6 B1 C 5   D 3 Elizabeth Ann  "BETTYANN" SICK        b. 1945 sp. 4-27-1991

               ABRAHAM L. GOODYEAR  born 1940 served US NAVY, Ship USS Kearsarge     

               6 Children:   Dannylee, Kelly, Kim, Ronni Jo, Ranee, Sandy

E1 Dannylee ISBELL,               born 1967 married Sheliah Kouba on Feb. 9, 2002, Destin, FL

F1 Brandon BROCK                       born 1990

E2 Kelly Lynn ISBELL MYERS, born  1969, married/divorced MICHAEL S. MYERS    one son

F1 Zachary Taylor MYERS, born  1994.

Kelly Lynn 2nd marriage to Robert FLOTTENMESCH on 777,  July 7, 2007  at. 7 p.m.

Robert served US AIR FORCE

Bettyann’s new grandchildren:

                              Robert, Brydan, Brandon, Makala b. 1993, Justice b.1996 and Jayden b.1997

            E3 Kimberly Ann "Kim" ISBELL, born 1971,     served STAFF STG.US ARMY

married/div. Martin FAUST,     Kim lives in Germany, reads/speaks English & German well. 2 ch.

                        F1 Miriam Elizabeth FAUST,                born 1992
                        F2 Alexander Frederick Tristian FAUST, born 1999

E4 Ronni Jo VELARDO, born 1975, served STAFF STG.US AIR FORCE

married/div. TIMOTHY ROEDIGER two children:

                        F1 Drake Nicholas ROEDIGER,             born 1996

                        F2 Anastasia Marie ROEDIGER,     born 2001

E5 Ranee Marie VELARDO, born 1976, served US AIR FORCE

married/div. MICHAEL PORTER   two children:

                        F1 Julia Elizabeth PORTER,     born 2000

F2 Joshua Lincoln PORTER,    born 2002

E6 Sandra L. SHULTZ, born  1955, lived with Bettyann Goodyear family about 14 yrs.

She married Gordon F. LITZELMAN on 7-20-1985. Gordon LITZELMAN, born 1953.



His great-grandparents were RALPH LITZELMAN and LYDIA SICK.


A6 B1 C 5  D4 Wayne Hugh SICK born 1-28-1951 died 4-29-2005 age 54xs 

Wayne had recently bought a home in Williamsport, PA in order to be closer to his family; because of his poor health.  Wayne also recently completed a course in Real Estate.   Theresa Walsh had a surprise birthday diner on April 28, 2005 for Wayne’s sister. He didn’t feel good but of course he went.  Wayne died the next day of a massive heart attack.  Wayne was a charismatic caring reliable man who was always there for his friends and family no matter how hectic his own life was.


A6 B1 C 5 D5 Thomas John Sick, “Tommy” born Aug. 7, 1953 died Friday, Jan. 01, 2010, age 56xs,

a lifelong resident of Dushore, PA. He died at the Geisinger Medical Center, Danville, Pa.  

Tom attended St. Basil's School until 1966 and graduated from Sullivan County High School in 1972.

Over the course of his life Tom was active in volunteer work with St. Basil's Church in Dushore.

Tom worked for the Department of the Auditor General, Bureau of County Audits, and retired as an Audit Manager of the Liquid Fuels Tax Fund Program.  He retired from the State in December of 2009. Tommy didn’t even get his first retirement check.

Note: Tommy first got sick:  July 15, 2008

July 20, 2008 at 7 AM, Geisinger Hospital, took out gall bladder, long operation (not Laparoscopic)

Also had a pancreas problem and kidney stones.   Hospitalized again March 24, 2009.

He was taken in the ambulance Dec. 31, 2009 and died at 5:30 AM on Jan. 1, 2010.


A6 B 2. Francis Jerome SICK  born 3-24-1879 Overton died 1-26-1941 Age 61xs

            married 7-11-1911 at Wilmot, to Edythe Lucretia SAXE, born 4-13-1888 died 4-6-1960.   

            3 children, Marian E., Geraldine L, Louis S.:

A6 B 2. C 1 Marian Elizabeth SICK b. 6-18-1913 Mildred, d. 12-16-1973 sp.1-11-1932

                  Philip Gordon TUBACH born 1-16-1909 d. 5-23-2001, age 92xs   WWII  ARMY

                  Many years after Marian died, Gordon married in 1973 to Pauline McGee HASSEN

                  Philip and Marian had 5 children: Sister Jeanne, Wayne, Paul, E. Lucille, Mary Frances

A6 B 2. C 1 D 1. Jeanne Elizabeth TUBACH born 1932.Sister Mary Jeanne, IHM

A6 B 2. C 1 D 2  Wayne Philip TUBACH, b.2-3-1934 d.4-2-2005 age 71x, sp.9-14-1957 Mary Irene HOLCOMBE, b.1935,

                        (daughter of Vell Carl HOLCOMBE and Mary Josephine ECK)   3  children:

                        E 1 Eileen TUBACH      born  1958.sp. Mark Douglas MILLER born1957.

                        E 2 Stephen TUBACH   born  1959 sp. Kathryn Elaine DEWIRE born 1967.

                        E 3 Mary Jo TUBACH     born  1962 sp. Timothy Wier REIGHART born 1962.     2 children

                              F 1 Timothy Joshua REIGHART born 1985.

                              F 2 Cameron Wier REIGHART    born 1989.

A6 B 2. C 1 D 3 Paul Bernard TUBACH   born 1937 sp. Barbara Ellen NIEMENSKI  born 1939    4 children:

                        E 1 Karen Lynn TUBACH  born 1958 married. Dennis Allen MABES born 1957.  4 children:

                              F 1 Dana Marie MABES             born 1984

                              F 2 Bradford William MABES      born 1988

                              F 3 Christopher Patrick MABES born 1989

                              F 4 Maellen Rebecca MABES     born 1991

                        E 2 Paul Bernard TUBACH born 1959 married. Susan Marie SULLIVAN born in 1960. 5 children:

                              F 1 Jennifer Ashleigh TUBACH  born 1988

                              F 2 Joshua Paul TUBACH           born 1990

                              F 3 Jonathan Paul TUBACH      born 1992

                              F 4 Justin Paul TUBACH            born 1993

                              F 5 Jefferson Paul TUBACH born 1997

                        E 3 David Allan TUBACH born 1960, married. Donna Jean MAY born1959.     3 children:

                              F 1 Bethany Michelle TUBACH  born 1989

                              F 2 Rachael Elizabeth TUBACH born 1991

                              F 3 Ethan Philip TUBACH born 1994

                        E 4 Susan Marie TUBACH  born 1963, married Anthony Wayne MARTINEZ born 1959

A6 B 2. C 1 D 4 Edith Lucille TUBACH born 1941, married James Nicholas CHRISTINI born 1939.     4 children:             

                        E 1 James Mark CHRISTINI born 1964 married. Julie Esther KINTNER born 1965     3  children:

                              F 1 Carolyn Mary CHRISTINI born 1992

                              F 2 Maria Lucille CHRISTINI  born 1994

                              F 3 Cecelia Lee CHRISTINI    born 2003

                        E2 Michael Alan CHRISTINI born 1965 married  Amanda WALLOWER born 1973

                        E 3 David Jon CHRISTINI born 1969  married Dionne Janine HOSTEN  born 1970

                        E 4 Steven James CHRISTINI born 1971.

                  D 5. Mary Frances TUBACH born 1948,  married. John Donald CUMMISKEY born 1947      4 children:

                        E 1 Michael Todd CUMMISKEY born 1970,  married Patricia Ann FINNELL  child:

                              F 1 Robert Joseph CUMMISKEY born 2002

                        E 2 Christopher Jon CUMMISKEY born 1973, sp. Jodi Lynn RENNER 

                        E 3 Matthew David CUMMISKEY born1974

                        E 4 David Mark CUMMISKEY born 1984

A6 B2 C 2 Geraldine Lucretia SICK born 9-26-1919 in Mildred, died 1-6-2008, age 88 xs @St. Basil Cem.

                        Married 1-11-1947 Laurence Valentine ROHE They were divorced in  1973. (See A8 B4)       5 children:

                        D 1 Philip Laurence ROHE b. 1948, married about 1967 to Rose Marie CHILSON b.1948,  2 children:

                              E 1 Mark Allen ROHE born 1967

                              E 2 Melanie Sue ROHE  born 1969 and Edward BONILLA were divorced.   1 child:

                                    F 1 Hailee Noel BONILLA born 1995

                        D 2 Mary Ann ROHE born 1949,married about 1981.divorced. Richard SHAFFER born 1946.   1 child:

                              E 1 Jared Charles SHAFFER born 1982

                        D 3 Marguerite ROHE born 1950, married/divorced Robin ENNIS        2 children:

                              E 1 Summer Ann ENNIS born 1972, sp. Wayne CLARKE      2 children:

                                    F 1 Isaiah CLARKE born 1997.

                                    F 2 Taylor CLARKE

                              E 2 Robin ENNIS Jr. was born in 1973

                              E 3 Marguerite ROHE  ENNIS married Larry ALLIS, born 1951.



A6 B 2. C 1       D 4 Marlene ROHE born 1954, married/divorced Graydon SCHUCHARDT    3 children:

                              E 1 Brandon SCHUCHARDT born 1981

                              E 2 Lindsey SCHUCHARDT  born 1983

                              E 3 Ashley SCHUCHARDT   born 1984

A6 B 2. C 1       D 5 Mary Theresa ROHE born 1958, sp.  Anthony JOHNSON born 1955.     3 children:

                              E 1 Amanda JOHNSON born 1976, sp. Daniel MARTIN   1 child:

                                    F 1 Daniel MARTIN born 2004

                              E 2 Anthony JOHNSON born 1978 sp. Caren CUMMINGS 

                              E 3 Nathan JOHNSON born 1981, died 2002

A6 B 2. C 3 Louis Saxe SICK b.8-25-1925 d.11-18-2009 mar. 11-16-1946 Edna MACDONALD born 1924     5 children:

                  D 1 Gerard Francis SICK     born 1948.

                  D 2 Judy Ann SICK             born 1952.

                  D 3 Cheryl Lynn SICK         born 1954 died 1960 of Leukemia

                  D 4 Robert Louis SICK       born 1956.

                  D 5 Kathy Louise SICK       born 1959


A6 B 3 Hannah Jean SICK per Baptismal Certificate born Sept. 17, 1883. Died on Jan 22, 1974, age 94x

            Hannah Jean “Jennie” (Sr. M. Kostka, IHM) SICK entered the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (IHM) on               Aug. 15, 1903, died during her 68th year of her religious profession. Jennie wrote her name as Jane on community           record at Marywood.  Burial is at St. Catherine Cemetery, Moscow, PA


A6 B 4 William Patrick SICK  born 8-22-1886 died 12-27-1975,age 89xs, married Jun 19, 1908 to

            Kathryn (Katie) T. DONAHUE born 6-18-1885, died 9-16-1981, age 96xs. Stone and obit ? 3 children:

            C 1 Jane (Jennie) SICK b.7-10-1909 d. 9-20-2002 age 93x, sp. Francis “Hi” DUNFEE b.

D1 James Charles DUNFEE, sp. Phyllis, Vestal, N.Y.

D2 William Patrick DUNFEE b.6-29-1937 d.6-25-2006 age 68x, Williamsburg, VA, sp. Carolyn

D3 Richard J. DUNFEE, of Schenectady, N.Y.

D4 Mary Kay DUNFEE NICHOLSON, sp. Larry NICHOLSON of Florida

            C 2 Eugene W. SICK   born  11-21-1911 died 2-27-1999, age 87x,  sp. Dorothy GREEN

                  D 1 George SICK

                  D 2 Michael SICK

                  D 3 David SICK

                 D 4 Patti Sick SHEEHAN                   

            C 3 Charles William (Bill) SICK b. 3-22-1922, died 12-10-1995, Age 73xs, ARMY WWII,

                          St.B.1940 graduated with our mother, sp. Lucille MERKEL b.1919,  4 children:

                  D 1 Sally SICK   sp.  Richard KAHLER  3 children:

                        E 1 Todd KAHLER

                        E 2 Grant KAHLER

                        E 3 Christine KAHLER  

                  D 2 Susan SICK sp. William WHITWORTH

                  D 3 Nancy SICK sp.

                  D 4 Scott SICK sp. Ann LAMBERT     2 children:

                        E 1 Hannah SICK

                        E 2 Grace SICK


A6 B 5. Leo J. SICK born 9-27-1893, died 10-9-1974, Age   In 1924,   married   Nellie CUNNINGHAM about 1915. 

            Nellie born 1889, died 6-8-1954.

            After she died, he married. Marie COLLINS born 1894, died 11-2-1971.

            Leo sold Dodge cars and lived on the corner of Main and German St., now Rt 220 / Jolley Trolley,

            (previously George D. Jackson home, next home was corner of Rt.220 & Julia St.,  include pictures.

            Leo gave Bettyann a “wild” black and white pony in 1960s named Dick.  Dick loved to drink beer.

            Bettyann couldn’t wait to let her cousin Marylou Farley  go for a ride on the pony. :o)

            Marylou and Bettyann walked what seemed like a mile to the upper fields to get Dick.

            Marylou got on and Dick ran all the way home to the barn while someone just screamed and screamed.

            One had to be there, it was so much fun ! ! !

            Leo J. SICK and Nellie CUNNINGHAM had the following children:

            Leo Wendell SICK died Jan.24, 1927 only 4 hours old, cemetery info.

            (?? Leo W. Sick at St. Basil b.1926 d.1927, BA also has baby picture of Leo Ward Sick died 2 yrs.)

            C 1 James W. SICK b.12-10-1928, d.1-3- 2000,age 71x, sp. Patricia Obert, Jim/AIR FORCE, Korea, A.L .#996




Now, back to A6. Wendell Sick's siblings:  A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A7, A8, A9, A10, A11, A12, A13:


A 1. Charles S. SICK born 2-13-1841, died 12-12-1930 Age 89xs, married in 1866 to  Hannah YONKIN born 3-1846, died 1915 (daughter of Catherine SUBER)   Charles and Hannah owned a farm, a store in Cherry Mills, a Gristmill which manufactured flour and feed, also ran the Post Office in Cherry Mills.   4 Children:

      B 1 Cora May SICK  born 6-29-1867 d. 8-8-1951 sp. John E GROSS b.1868 d.12-1-1942 age 74x Cherry Mills,

            C 1 Charles GROSS of Cleveland

            C 2 Gladys GROSS sp. William KELLY of Waverly

      B 2 Alice “Allie” C. SICK b.1871 sp.5-20-1892 Robert Morris BAUMGARTNER 1866-1892 of Sunbury,  3 children:

            C 1 Thelma BAUMGARTNER    sp. Willard RIPPLE 2   children:

                  D 1 Morris Conrad RIPPLE, born  Jan 23, 1930.

                  D 2 C. Willard RIPPLE, JR.

            C 2 Esther BAUMGARTNER     sp. Mr. LONG   1 child:

                        D 1 Maurice LONG

            C 3 Harry BAUMGARTNER

      B 3. Edna SICK, born 9-7-1879 twin, died 1966. Sp. Fred W. EICHENLAUB b.5-24-1881 d. 9-4-1945x. 1 child:

            C 1 Madge EICHENLAUB sp. Richard W. MOORE had the following child:

                  D 1 Robert William MOORE, born 10-1-1929, lives White Plains, N.Y. in 1945

            C 2 Theo EICHENLAUB

      B 4. Blanche W. SICK, born 9-7-1879 TWIN, died 3-12-1962. Blanche and Edna Sick were twins

                  sp. John M. DEMPSEY, born 4-30-1874, died 8-16-1911, a blacksmith from Cherry Mills,

                  After the death of John Dempsey, Blanche married John EVERLING. John Dempsey & Blanche had 4 children

            C 1 Geraldine Edna DEMPSEY born 9-1-1900, died 1995, AGE 95.  Sp. Francis SCANLIN  born 1893

                died 1956, was a well digger. Although Francis Scanlin was blind, he operated a well-digging business.   

                He died some 20 years before his wife Geraldine.

            C 2 Harold DEMPSEY born 1903 died 1988.

            C 3 Theodore DEMPSEY born 1904 died  1978

            C 4 Onnolee Blanch DEMPSEY, born on 8-5-1910. Onnolee (Onholee?)    died 12-28-1911. [Death Certificate]

                  John Everling & Blanche had twins who died in infancy:

            D 1 Percival J. EVERLING born Feb. 26, 1916 died Mar. 20, 1916. [Death Certificate]

            D 2 Donald John EVERLING born Feb. 25, 1916 died Mar. 25, 1916. [Death Certificate]


CENSUS 1880, CHERRY TOWNSHIP: Charles S. SICK 39, Farmer

Hannah 35, Cora 11, Alice C. 9, Blanche 10 months, Edna 10 months




A 2. Caroline SICK, born  8-30-1842, d.12-12-1920 age 79xs. Married Henry STAHL on 2-5-1866 at Monroeton.

Henry STAHL born 7-4-1842, died 4-22-1914.

Great Uncle Henry enlisted in 141st Reg. Co. K. PA Volunteers Civil War.

He served in the military 8-26-1862 to 5-28-1865. Caroline also raised her brother Julius J. Sick.         Children:

A2  B 1 STAHL   child died at birth but they would have named him Philip Charles after both grandfathers.

                  (see BA reunion papers).

      B 2 Eva Mary REESE STAHL adopted 2-12-1870 died at 18 yrs. old of scarlet fever picture #, 

                  Census 1880 Cherry Twp. Mary E. Reese Stahl, age 12

      B 3 Gertrude Smith went to live with them at 8 years until she was 16 yrs. (Newspaper, FIGHT, GUNS :o)

      B 4 Nellie Ann Van Horn STAHLb.1889  sp .Hallie E. HOTTENSTEIN,   Nellie went to live with the Stahl’s when she was 5 yrs. old and they adopted her on 9-21-1910 when she was 21 yrs. old.   4 children:

            C 1 Nettie D. HOTTENSTEIN b.1-26-1918 d. 3-15-2005,age 87x, sp.5-2-1941 Morgan H. YONKIN d. age 46   

                  D 1 Joan YONKIN Koschak, twin, sp. Raymond KOSCHAK

                  D 2 Henry YONKIN

                  D 3 Raymond YONKIN, twin

                  D 4 Jerry YONKIN b.7-8-1950 d.5-1-2011 age60x, Peace Cem. sp. Margorite 

            C 2 Evelyn HOTTENSTEIN, b.1915 sp. Robert J. YONKIN b.12-20-1905 d. 5-27-1997, age 91x, (son Billy, etc.)

            C 3 Leland HOTTENSTEIN, sp. Marian WILLIAMSON

            C 4 Chauncey HOTTENSTEIN

            C 5 Annie HOTTENSTEIN (see Nettie obit)



A 3. Joseph SICK, born 7-26-1844 d.4-28-1929s,sp. 8-28-1866 Emily (Emma) GRAIFLEY b.1847 d.3-29-1932age 84xs

(daughter of Henry GRAIFLEY and Elizabeth YONKIN)      (also see note #43 from cousin Sandee)

Great Uncle Joseph enlisted in the 207th Reg. Co. C .PA Volunteers, Civil War. 

He served in the military 8-21-1863 to June 1865..  

               7 Children: Libbie, Frank W., Lloyd H., Guy, Horace, Edward, Arthur

A3 B 1. Elizabeth “Libbie” V. SICK. born  4-16-1869  died 9-18-1886.

      B 2. Frank W. SICK                   born 8-12-1871  died  7-19-1958. Stone 1870

      B 3. Lloyd H. SICK                     born 7-1867, died 1956, sp. Mary STOUP born 6-16-1879, died 6-10-1970

            C 1 Blake SICK                   born 7-22-1899 died 11-15-1973

            C 2 Horace Joseph SICK      b. 8-24-1901, d.4-23-1982 sp. Ella Maude OTTEN b.10-4-1902 d.8-6-1980 

                  D 1 Donald Otten SICK b. 11-20-1931 d.2-15-2005 Age73x.ARMY,sp.7-14-1956 Jean MILLER

                        E 1 Joe SICK

                        E 2 Jim SICK

                        E 3 Claudia SICK

                        E 4 Marjorie SICK

                  D 2 Lois Sick  WROBELb.8-28-1933 sp.6-18-1955 Frank Jr. WROBEL (Bettyann met 1st time June 6, 2007)

                        E 1 Sandee Wrobel PHILIPS Sons:  Adam 20, Silvia 10, Zyga 6 (Bettyann met 1st time June 6, 2007)

            (SEE Note #42 for additional ancestors added by Bettyann’s cousin Sandee Phillips


            C 3 Marjorie Katherine SICK born 1903, sp. Harry FASSETT ? married on Nov 8, 1929.

A3 B3  C 4 Marlot SICK born 5-30-1905, died 4-6-1985 sp. Elva Arlene JENNINGS b. 12-3-1912 d. June 2000

                  D 1 Lloyd Sick sp. Carolyn HYDE on 5-10-1997   (Bettyann met 1st time June 6, 2007)

                        Carolyn’s sons: Richard Savacool, Jr. 35, Christopher Savacool 34, Brandon 23.

                        E 1 Richard SAVACOOL, JR.          b.               sp. 6-10-2000 Dawn  MINIER

                        E 2 Christopher SAVACOOL,           b.                sp. 7-8-2001 Amanda TORMEY  2 ch.

                              F 1 Shannon Roisin SAVACOOL b. 12-23-2002

                              F 2 Conor Eoin SAVACOOL       b. 11-8-2006

                        E 3 Brandon RAPP,                        b.   

                  D 2 Ruth Sick SLOCUM                         b.                sp. Edmond “Ned” SLOCUM 2 ch.

                        E 1  SARA SLOCUM ERGOT           b.                sp. Jesse ERGOT

                        E 2 AMY SLOCUM MUCHECK        b.                sp Chad MUCHECK

A3 B 4. Guy Loren SICK   born 9-28-1873 died 10-26-1953, sp.10-17-1900 to

Eliza Henriette WOODRUFF, M.N.U.  born 2-10-1870 died 12-6-1975          5 children:

            C 1 Pearl Elizabeth SICK, born 10-19-1903, died 4-12-1997 in Lovelton, PA

                  Married Leon Henry OTTEN   6-1-1928, Leon born 12-19-1900, died 1-5-1968

                  Charlotte Ann Otten UHOUSE born 9-18-1945       SEE NOTES:  Charlotte Ann OTTEN UHOUSE  

                  Married 8-29-1964  sp. David Christopher UHOUSE    born 2-23-1946    4 children:

            C 2 Darwin Ralph SICK, born 10-6-1901, died 5-10-1970

            C 3 Robert Henry SICK, born 10-5-1907, died 4-29-1983 Sp. Dorothy POTTER b. 11-26-1913

                  D 1 Edith SICK              b. 6-23-1936 sp. Peter C. GOODWIN  b. 6-29-1931

                  D 2 Joyce SICK             b.8-3-1943 sp. Ronald ROLAND

                  D 3 Connie SICK            b. 5-19-1946 sp. Thomas BLISS

                  D 4 Norman SICK          b. 2-19-1951

            C 4 Dana Woodruff SICK,     born 7-13-1905, died 2-21-1972

            C 5 Joseph Guy SICK,         born 3-8-1922 married 7-23-1953 to Louise Mae HECKEL born 9-1-1929

A3 B 5. Horace J. SICK                  born 6-15-1876  died  9-17-1900 Age 24x from diphtheria

      B 6. Edward (Edgar) J. SICK       born 3-29-1883, died 3-11-1960.

      B 7. Arthur William SICK            b.5-24-1887, d.5-4-1962 Age  x

                  Sp. Martha M. SNYDER Sick TEETER b.10-12-1917  d.9-13-1981, age 64x  

            C 1 Arthur William SICK, JR   born 9-1-1934, died 12-6-1997, age     x

                  Arthur William SICK, JR and Betty SNELL were married/divorced

                  D 1 Alison SICK in Texas

                  Arthur William SICK, JR and Dolores ULMER were married/divorced Dolores ULMER born 3-31-1941

            C 2 Edwin Joseph SICK       born                  sp. Ann Marie KELLY born           3 children:

                  D 1 Valerie Ann SICK    born

                  D 2 Eric Joseph Sick      born

                  D3 Caroline Elizabeth SICK born

            C 3   Nancy Barton, half sister from Overton


A 4. Leo SICK born 2-18-1846, died 6-2-1896s married Elizabeth YONKIN, born 3-1854, died 1926s.

             (daughter of Peter YONKIN and Catherine SUBER)       2 children:

      B 1 Ward Ellsworth SICK   born 1874 died March 28, 1876 buried at Peace Cemetery, see picture Ward Leo?              

      B 2 Mabel l. SICK ROHE b.7-26-1884 d.12-17-1963 age 79x sp. Frank V. ROHE, b.1882 d. 1958 (Fairview Cem.)



A 5. Lydia SICK   born 1-22-1848, died 1-7-1929 age 81xs, married 1868 to  Raphael ("Ralph") LITZELMAN born May 1844, died May 1940, age 96xs (son of Mathias LITZELMAN and Mary Ann JENNY) Raphael Litzelman remained on the farm his father started in 1829. Cherry Township, PA. He walked to Towanda, PA and carried an iron plow back to his farm. This was said to be the first or one of the first iron plows in the area. He worked in the fields until he was 88 years old. He continued to walk to Dushore, about 8 miles round trip, and would occasionally play the fiddle and dance a jig for his Taylor grandchildren in front of their German St. home.   He was the last survivor of a family of 14 children.


CENSUS 1870, CHERRY TOWNSHIP: #86 Raphael LITZELMAN 25 Farmer, R.V.$2,600 Pers.$625

Lydia 21, Matthias 4 ½ months   

Lydia and Raphael, 3 Children, Matthias, Anastasia, Hannah:

A5 B 1 Matthias (Matt) LITZELMAN born 2-1870 married Josephine MARSHALL b.        d. 6-17-1935xs

            Children 7, Leo, Lydia, Paul, George, Francis, Charles, Helen:

            C 1 Leo LITZELMAN died in 1968. In the obituary for Helen Litzelman Broschart, Leo's death is given as 1970

                  D 1 Charles LITZELMAN sp. Mary Frances

            C 2 Lydia (Sr. Emily I.H.M.) LITZELMAN   born 10-12-1903 died 4-17-1974, age 70x graduated w/Aunt Margaret

            C 3 Paul Joseph LITZELMAN born 5-21-1905 died 10-31-1997 age 92xs kept St. Basil’s cemetery looking great.

A5 B 1  C 4 George A. LITZELMAN born 5-28-1907 died 3-19-1989 age 81xs. 

                 Married 4-27-1931 to Loretta PRICHARD, born 2-28-1914 d.3-5-2009 age 95       

                 Children 8, Marie, George, Gerald, Mary Jane, Bernard, Donald, Gordon and Marlene:

A5 B 1  C 4 D 1 Marie J. LITZELMAN      born  8-10-1932  died in 9-11-1973 age 41.  Sp. Robert BROSCHART

                  D 2 George LITZELMAN       b.11.10.1933 d.3.3.2008 TWIN and Ann MOORE were married in 1954.   4 ch:

                        E 1 David LITZELMAN   born 1956

                        E 2 Scott LITZELMAN   born 1960

                        E 3 Michael LITZELMAN   born 1961

                        E 4 Lisa LITZELMAN      born 1962

                  D 3 Gerald LITZELMAN born 1933 TWIN

                  D 4 Mary Jane LITZELMAN TRASCO b.3-24-1938 sp.12-28-1957

                        Anthony J. TRASCO      b.12-9-1934 d.2-25-2005 age 70x ARMY     5 children:

                        E 1 Vicki Rose TRASCO KRZAN            b.1960 sp. Jerry KRZAN b.

                        E 2 Stephen Anthony TRASCO               b.1962

                        E 3 Shari Marie TRASCO YARNELL b.1963

                        E 4 Joseph William TRASCO                  b.1968

                        E 5 Robert John TRASCO                       b.1970

                  D 5 Bernard LITZELMAN born 1943

                  D 6 Donald LITZELMAN        born 1944

                  D 7 Gordon F. LITZELMAN, born 4-24-1953 married 7-20-1985 Sandy L. Shultz born 8-25-1955

                  D 8 Marlene LITZELMAN,     born  1948    sp.10-12-1968 John PARDOE b.8-20-1946 d. 4-24-2005 age 58x,

A5 B 1 C 5 Francis S. LITZELMAN          born 3-21-1909, died 12-22-1977

A5 B 1 C 6 Charles Mathias LITZELMAN  born 3-4-1912 died 11-24-1992, age 80x

                        Married Oct. 12, 1940 to Mary T. COOK  born 12-26-1910 died on 5-19-2000 age 89x 

                        (daughter of John Patrick COOK and Mary Abigail MCDONALD)

                        Children 4, John, Joe, Emily and Michael:

                  D 1 John Charles LITZELMAN     born Dec 1941. Sp Carole DYER   

                        Address (1999) 1274 White Lake Rd Highland, MI 48356  248-889-5536 4 children

                        E 1 Nicole LITZELMAN         born 1974

                        E 2 Matthew LITZELMAN      born 1976

                        E 3 Colleen LITZELMAN       born   1977

                        E 4 Andrew LITZELMAN       born   1978

                  D 2 Joseph Paul LITZELMAN b, 11-15-1943 d. 1-13-2005 age 61x,Kailua, Hawaii,

                              sp.1965 to Katelynn MORABITO  

A5 B 1 C 6  D 3 Emily Ann LITZELMAN born 1947 sp. Jack HANZOK

                        Address (1999) 1516 Tennis Circle. Lansdale PA 19446, 215-855-4789   4   children:

                        E 1 Jackie HANZOK             born 1970

                        E 2 Michelle HANZOK         born 1972

                        E 3 Shawn HANZOK            born 1974

                        E 4 Erin Ann HANZOK        born 1978

A5 B 1 C6 D 4 Michael Francis LITZELMAN born 1950 

                                    Address (1999): Garvey Hill Northfield, VT 05663  802-485-6412

                              Michael Francis LITZELMAN and Monica POPLIN had the following children:

                        E 1 Carmen LITZELMAN       born  1974

                        E 2 Tiffany LITZELMAN         born   1978

                        E 3 Jon-Luc LITZELMAN       born  1988

A5 B1 C 7 Helen LITZELMAN born 3-29-1915 died 6-26-2002 age 87x. married 11-18-1946   

                         to L. Vernon BROSCHART b.2-27-1920 d.6-28-2010 age 90x, served NAVY WW11

                              Children 4, Josie, Ann, James and William “Burf”:

A5 B1 C 7   D 1 Josephine BROSCHART born 4-14-1948.  Married 7-20-1968 to Richard SILVERSTRIM   children 4:

                        E 1 Christine SILVERSTRIM       born  10-2-1969

                              F 1 Damian SILVERSTRIM   born 2-5-1988

                        E 2 Eric SILVERSTRIM              born 12-12-1970. Married on 1-2-1999. Christy ROGERS  2 children:

                              F 1 Hunter James SILVERSTRIM   born 2-24-2000

                              F 2 Ryan Christopher SILVERSTRIM  born 2-4-2003

                        E 3 Scott SILVERSTRIM            born 7-30-1972. Married 11-12-1994 to Robin EBERLIN born 7-16-1971   

                              F 1 Rachel Elizabeth SILVERSTRIM born 3-28-1994

                              F 2 Savannah Emily SILVERSTRIM born 3-28-2001

                        E 4 Brenda SILVERSTRIM born 11-14-1973 married 6-12-1999 to Arnold BOARDWINE   2 children:

                              F 1 Dawson William BOARDWINE born 7-2-2000

                              F 2 Abigail Rose BOARDWINE born  9-21-2001

A5 B1 C 7   D 2 Ann BROSCHART         born  3-3-1950 married 2-12-1972 to  John GILBERT   3 children:

                        E 1 Regina GILBERT      born  12-1-1972

                        E 2 Chad GILBERT        born 8-4-1977.  Sp. Jennifer  

                        E 3 Theresa GILBERT    born 9-14-1979

                                 Ann BROSCHART and Frank WARD were married.

A5 B1 C 7   D 3 James BROSCHART      born 2-18-1953 married 10-30-1976 to Georgeanne YONKIN   4 children:

                        E 1 Randy BROSCHART      born 1-22-1979 died Feb 1979

                        E 2 Jill BROSCHART           born 3-18-1981

                        E 3 Karen BROSCHART       born 4-30-1982

                        E 4 Ashley BROSCHART     born 8-5-1987

A5 B1 C 7   D 4 William ("Burf") BROSCHART born  1-28-1955 married 7-19-1976 to Diane SAXE  3 children:

                        E 1 Robi BROSCHART         born Jul 1982

                        E 2 John BROSCHART        born 4-25-1985

                        E 3 Kim BROSCHART         born 6-17-1990


A5 B 2.  Anastasia C. LITZELMAN born 3-1872 died 6-4-1958.Sp. Fred R. SAXER b.3-1870 d.1-31--1950x children

            C 1 Clara A. SAXER       born 2-16-1904 died 1-29-2002 Age 97x, St. Basil grad.1920, Sullivan Co. retired teacher

            C 2 Agnes M. SAXER   born 10-3-1905. died 9-11-1971.

            C 3 Ralph F. SAXER      born 4-1894, died 8-24-1975 married Agnes CARROLL, born 1885 died 7-16-1968

                                                      (or F. Ralph SAXER d.10-8-1972 sp. Agnes d.9-11-1971 recheck)


A5 B 3 Hannah LITZELMAN born 1885 in Cherry Township,d.11-18-1973 married about 1906 to William C. TAYLOR,      born 1875, died 1937. The Litzelmans had a distillery as did other pioneers to prevent the loss of grain from    deterioration and vermin. Early settlers made whiskey for bartering, cash, and for medicinal purposes. Hannah    delighted in describing the responsibility and excitement of her role as a "lookout" for strangers as early as the tender    age of 5 (1890) on days when they would operate the distillery.

      Hannah taught school in Sullivan County for 3 years (1903-1906) before she married in 1906. She was widowed in     1937, in the depths of the great depression, with four children still in grade and high school. The Hannah L. Taylor     Memorial Award was established in 1982 in her honor at the Sullivan County High School. It is awarded annually to    the winner of the senior class essay contest.  11 Children, Lydia, Gerald, Marian-Sister, Rita, Jane, Alfred, William, Cordelia, Charles, Robert and Patricia:

A5 B 3 C 1 Lydia TAYLOR   b.12-18-1907 Dushore, d.11-11-2002 Lancaster, Age 94x, a teacher, married about 1940 to 

                  Melvin S. MARTIN M.D a radiologist,  6 children Charles, Lori, Cindy, Mary, Jane and Nancy:

                  D 1 Charles MARTIN 1998 lives Conn. He was once a physics professor, Hartwick College in Oneonta, NY

                  D 2 Lori MARTIN            sp. Robert IERARDI

                  D 3 Cindy MARTIN         sp.  Barry THOMPSON   1 child:                  

                  D 4 Mary MARTIN in 1998   lives near Lancaster, PA. married about 1953 to John BLASZAK  b.   d. 1954 ch.

                  D 5 Jane MARTIN In 1998 Jane lives in California. Sp. Jack FERRELL  4 children:

                  D 6 Nancy MARTIN In 1998, lives in California, sp. Robert BOLOGNA ,born 1944,died 1996      



A5 B 3 C 2 Gerald TAYLOR        b.1910 d.3-5-2000 sp. Alice LARSON b.7-10-1915 d.6-22-2002 age 86  4 children:

                  D 1 Marge TAYLOR

                        E 1 Jane

                        E 2 Carol

                        E 3 James

                  D 2 Alice TAYLOR

                  D 3 Elaine TAYLOR

                        E 1 Tracy

                              F 1 Chasse

                              E 2 Benjamin

                              E 3 Elaine

                  D 4 Gerald J. “Buzz” TAYLOR  born 1943. died/circa 4-13-2000, grad. St. Basil, retired State Police

sp. Katherine B.

                        E 1 Allison TAYLOR

                        E 2 Scott TAYLOR

A5 B 3 C 3 Marian (Sister Mary Cecilia, C.P.) TAYLOR b.5-1912 in Dushore, d. 7-22-2001, Whitesville, KY. age 89x,

                  On 9-8-1930 she entered the Passionists at St.Gabrielle’s Convent, Scranton. She was one of 5 sisters who established St. Joseph’s Monastery, Owensboro, KY.    

A5 B 3 C 4 Rita TAYLOR   born 1-1-1914 in Dushore, PA died  8-2-1914 in Dushore, PA.

            C 5 Jane TAYLOR   born  1915.

            C 6  Mary TAYLOR

                  D 1 Patricia

                  D 2 Jane

A5 B 3  C 7 Alfred G. TAYLOR b.8-1-1917 Dushore, d.1-26-1996 age 78xs,

                  (Army, WWII, wounded twice, Purple Heart, Bronze Star)

                  sp. 11-24-1939 June E. CHRISTMAN  b.4-30-1918 d. 2-5-2004 age 85xs    5 children:

                  D 1 Richard A. TAYLOR b.12-21-1942 d.10-18-2009 age 66

                        E 1 Debbie TAYLOR

                        E 2 David TAYLOR

                        E 3 Chris TAYLOR

                        E 4 Gwen TAYLOR

                  D 2 Robert G. TAYLOR Sp. Linda

                        E 1 Michelle TAYLOR

                        E 2 Michael TAYLOR

                        E 3 Chad C. TAYLOR, b.2-23-1971 d. 9-21-2007 age 36, SCHS 1990

                        E 4 Gregory TAYLOR

                  D 3 Patricia “Tricia” TAYLOR KNOWLTON

                        E 1 Stephanie

                  D 4 Patrick W. TAYLOR

                        E 1 Matthew TAYLOR

                        E 2 Thaddeus TAYLOR

                        E 3 Shannon TAYLOR

                  D 5 Roberta M. “Robin” TAYLOR sp. Mark DIEFFENBACH

A5 B 3  C 8 William TAYLOR   born in 1919 in Dushore, PA.

            C 9 Cordelia (DeDe) TAYLOR born 1921 in Dushore, In 1998 lives in Lancaster, PA

                  sp. William SAMMON   born in 1919  died   1995.      1 Child:

            C 10 Charles J. TAYLOR   b.1-24-1923  d.1-23-1999 age 75x,sp. Alice L. 4 children:          

            C 11 Robert TAYLOR born 1925 Dushore, d.9-17-1990 age 65x, WWII Naval Air Cadet, sp. Mary

            C 12 Patricia TAYLOR b. 1929 in Dushore, in 1998 Patricia lived in Lancaster, sp. H. Montgomery SNYDER

A6   Wendell SICK               sp. SARAH J. MCDONALD         IS ALREADY ABOVE

A 7. Mary SICK born Jun 16, 1851, died Jul 7, 1923xs, married on Nov 12, 1872 in Dushore, to John L. LITZELMAN born 10-24-1846, died 1925 age 79xs (son of Mathias LITZELMAN and Mary Ann JENNY)   John purchased the BARTH homestead, 279 acres which is in Gainer Hill Road at the top, 2006 owned by Kaufman Transmission.  *** The newspaper account of the golden wedding celebration (9/12/1922) was used to determine the date of the wedding as Sept. 12, 1872. However, later on Bettyann Sick Goodyear made a photocopy of the marriage register of St. Basil's Church: the date is clearly Nov. 12, 1872. in Dushore, PA. Picture had so many of the Sick families in attendance.     12 children, Samuel, Agnes, Stephen R., Vincent M., Clara A., Amelia C., Charles M., Thaddeus J., Mary C., Jenny, Elizabeth, William:

A7 B1 Samuel LITZELMAN born 1874 in Dushore, died in 1890. of appendicitis about age 15.

A7 B2 Agnes LITZELMAN born about 1875 in Dushore, sp. John A YONKIN, 3 children: 

A7 B2   C1 MARY YONKIN              1892-1893

            C2 Bernard YONKIN             1895-1975

          C3 PAUL YONKIN               1900-1901

A7 B2  C4 William Arthur YONKIN    1893-1966 sp.1920 to Mary Blanche McDONALD   

                  7 children: Anne, Agnes, Mary, Kathleen, John, Arthur, Claire

                  D 1 Anne M. YONKIN b.1-3-1917 d.12-13-1990age73x

                              sp. Ivan F. TOURSCHER b.8-30-1909 d.12-15-1989 age 80x. 

                  D 2 Agnes YONKIN born Dushore, PA.d.8-27-1985, age 66 sp .Patrick V. HANLEY about 1945 in

                        New York City. Patrick HANLEY died 7-3-1997 in Rutherford, NJ.        5  children:

                        E 1 Patrick A. HANLEY  born 1946 in New York City. He was a Mathematician. Worked for many years with Bell Atlantic (as it was known in 1998) in Virginia. He and his wife set up a construction company                           in Virginia. The company is (1998) operated by his brothers, Richard, Tom, and James.

                              Patrick A. HANLEY and Judith SCHULTZ were married on 8-17-1968.            children                          

                        E 2 Richard HANLEY was born about 1947. He was a construction worker. Richard moved to Florida                                          about 1970. He and his wife Doris Steinback returned North in about 1994 and worked in the Hanley                                     construction company with his brothers.

                        E 3 James HANLEY

                        E 4 Michael HANLEY born New York City. He was a Pharmacist. Michael moved to Oregon.

                        E 5 Thomas HANLEY born Rutherford, NJ. From 1995 on he was a construction worker in Virginia.

                        E 6 Kathy HANLEY born about 1968 in Dushore, PA. Kathy and Mary are twins. Mary lived in the family                                    home for some years. About the time of her father's death (1997) she and her husband moved to a                                 home more or less across the street. Father Ruddick believes Kathy and her husband lived in the                                        vicinity.  Kathy HANLEY and ? VASSI (?) were married about 1987.) Kathy HANLEY and ? VASSI (?)                            had the following children:

                        E 7 Mary HANLEY born about 1968 in Dushore, PA, married Patrick CUNNINGHAM about 1985.               

                  D 3 Mary Elizabeth YONKIN b. 1921 died 1990 sp. John P. MCMAHON 

                  D 4 Kathleen “Kay” A. YONKIN, born April 24, 1923    died November 20, 2010, age 87x     


A7 B2 C4    D5 John Henry YONKIN b.4-11-1926 d.12-12-2000, Age 74xs NAVY WWII, married. 11-25-1946

Josephine Anna “Jo” MCMAHON born 2-10-1926 d. 4-11-1991 Age 65xs John  took over the Electrical         Shop in Dushore that had been operated by his uncle, Thaddeus Litzelman. He retired in about 1990.   

Jo was also a first cousin to my mother, Betty McMahon Sick.   

Jo and Bettyann Sick Goodyear use to clean St. Basil’s Altar for many years during the month of Oct. Bettyann  enjoyed getting to know Jo. 


2nd Marriage:  John Henry YONKIN married Marjorie Krakoski MCDONALD, several years after both spouses died. Marge born 1926  When John married Marge, he became Bettyann’s neighbor right across Rt. 220 from us. John gave me a copy of his YONKIN information, I like his outline format.


John & Jo Children: Larry, Tom, Francis, Kathleen, John

A7 B2 C4    D5  E 1 Lawrence John YONKIN b.9-16-1947 d.11-15-2003 sp.10-14-1967 Linda A. FARRELL

                              F 1 Karen A. YONKIN HAMILTON born 1968

                              F 2 Mariann YONKIN BUTLER sp. Mr. Butler

                                    G 1 Zachary William Butler born 1994

                              F 3 Mark YONKIN, born 1978

                        E 2 Thomas Patrick YONKIN born 1948 sp. Mary LAMBERT born 1949     

                              F 1 Patrick YONKIN       born 1974

                              F 2 Margaret YONKIN    born 1977

                        E 3 Francis John YONKIN   born 1950 sp. Bonnie FOX born 1956

                              F 1 Ina Jean YONKIN     born 1974 sp. John FASSETT

                              F 2 Carol Ann YONKIN   born 1976

                              F 3 Connie YONKIN       born 1977

                              F 4 Shawn YONKIN       born 1979

A7 B2 C4    D5  E 4 Katherine Ann Yonkin     born 1951 sp. Gene Brown

                              F 1 Eric Brown,        born 1979

                              F 2 Ethan Brown      born 1981

                              F 3 Emily Brown      born 1988

                        E 5 John Thomas YONKIN born             sp. Katherine KEWITT

                              F 1 Stephen M. YONKIN born 1983

                              F 2 Brian YONKIN

A7 B2 C4    D 6 Arthur YONKIN Jr. born 1921 in Dushore, PA. Sp. Bernice H. HUGO

A7 B2 C4    D 7 Claire M YONKIN born 1928 Sp. John J. Quigg


A7 B 3  Stephen R. LITZELMAN b.2-7-1877, d. 6-13-1957 in Dushore x

      B 4  Vincent LITZELMAN      born 1879, died 8-16-1954.

      B 5  Clara A. LITZELMAN     born 8- 1881 in Dushore, PA, died 1925 ?in Philadelphia, PA.

                  Sp. Emil GRAFF      born 1875, died 1950 in Philadelphia, PA.   

      B 6. Amelia Cecilia LITZELMAN born 1882, d.9-13-1937x in Cherry Mills, PA. Amelia (known to her nephews and  

                  nieces as "Aunt Meel") was a secretary in Philadelphia and suffered a stroke about 1934. She was bed-ridden in      

                  the family home at Cherry Mills until her death in 1937.

A7 B 7. Charles M. LITZELMAN born about 1884, died 4-8-1963 sp.  Clara Adelia TILMAN     4 children:

            C 1 George LITZELMAN b. Apr 9 at 830 Park Ave., Wmspt., d.12-25-1966x WWII, Sp. Margaret VENUME 

(Small world, Wayne SICK live/died on this street)

                  D 1 Shirley LITZELMAN

            C 2 Paul John LITZELMAN died 1975 in Harrisburg PA sp.  Mildred (Mary?) BLOOM    3 children:

                  D 1 Paul John LITZELMAN Jr.

                  D 2 Charles Mathias LITZELMAN

                  D 3 Michael Frank LITZELMAN

            C 3 Bernadine LITZELMAN b.11-24-1919 twin in Williamsport, PA, d. 10-24-1997x age 77, Laporte, PA.

A 7 B 7 C 4 J. Bernard LITZELMAN b.11-24-1919 twin in Williamsport, PA died 8-19-2011 age 91x,  married in 1946 to

Mary Alice LYNCH b. 3-20-1921. (Also on A8,B3,C2) 3 children:

                  D 1 Mary Ann LITZELMAN   born 1-10-1950, died 1-12-1950.

                  D 2 Ann Marie LITZELMAN born 8-5-1952

                  D 3 Joseph William (Jody) LITZELMAN b. 5-19-1954 mar. Denise Marie MUNCHEL b. Oct 8, 1951. 3 ch:

                        E 1 Scott J. LITZELMAN

                        E 2 Marie Denise LITZELMAN

                        E 3 Jennifer Anne LITZELMAN

A 7 B 8. Thaddeus Joseph LITZELMAN born 10-1887, died 8-16-1963,age 77x, Horseheads, NY. sp.  Gertrude

            FITZGERALD born 1892 died 1960 in Horseheads, NY. Thad operated The Electric Shop in Dushore. After               selling the shop to Andrew McDonald, he moved to the Elmira, NY area and worked there until he retired

A 7 B 9. Mary Cordelia LITZELMAN born Dec 8, 1888 in Dushore, PA. She died on Mar 7, 1978 in Elmira, NY.

            Mary Cordelia LITZELMAN and James H RUDDICK were married on May 24, 1922 in Elmira, NY. James H RUDDICK (son of Lawrence RUDDICK and Marion MOIR) was born on Oct 27, 1870 in Banner, ONT. He died on             Aug 13, 1965 in Elmira, NY. Here are two pictures of Mary Litzelman. The first was taken in Philadelphia in 1909                   when she was 21 years old and a teacher at the Cherry Mills School in Sullivan County. The second was taken in                   1976 in the home of her daughter Helen Rose (Ruddick) Bentley:

            Mary Cordelia LITZELMAN and James H RUDDICK had the following children:


A7 B 9  C 1 James John RUDDICK was born on Jun 11, 1923, died March 18, 2007.   He was ordained on Jun 18, 1955                        at Fordham University, Bronx, NY. 1957 To 1994 he was a Clergyman professor for 37 years at Canisius College, Buffalo, NY in Buffalo NY. He entered the Jesuit Order on Sept. 7, 1940. Since 1989 he has been                      the part-time Associate Vicar for Religious of the Diocese of Buffalo, NY. (special cousin BA, we share info)

            C 2 Madeline Marie RUDDICK was born on Nov 20, 1924 in Elmira, NY.

                  Madeline Marie RUDDICK and Thomas P. DAILEY were married on May 30, 1959 in Elmira, NY. Thomas P.                         DAILEY (son of Thomas DAILEY and Adelaide) was born on Mar 29, 1925 in Boston, MA. He died on Mar 12,                2002 in Bethlehem, PA.        

            C 3 John Richard RUDDICK was born on Jan 17, 1927 in Elmira, NY.

                  John Richard RUDDICK and Joyce CHIPMAN were married on Apr 26, 1952 in Pittsfield, MA. Joyce                                     CHIPMAN (daughter of Joseph Alden CHIPMAN and Mildred HODGKIN) was born on Apr 23, 1929 in                             Poland Spring, ME.

            C 4 Helen Rose RUDDICK was born on Sep 16, 1928 in Elmira, NY.

                  Helen Rose RUDDICK and Arnold Ferdinand BENTLEY were married on Jun 9, 1956 in Elmira, NY.                                Arnold Ferdinand BENTLEY was born on Apr 26, 1927.



A7 B 10 William LITZELMAN born 4-1-1891 in Dushore, died in Feb 1951 in Towanda, PA. Sp. Eva CEDERBORG

                  b.4-7-1894, d.12-11-1986 age 92x, Her mother ("Mrs. Cederborg") had died a few years earlier at the age of 

                  about 102 and was buried in the Catholic cemetery in Overton, PA near New Albany.

A7 B 11 Jennie LITZELMAN born about 1893, died 1912 in Dushore, PA. St. Basil's High School graduate 1911

A7 B 12 Elizabeth (Lizzie) LITZELMAN born 4-2-1895, died  4-2-1978 in Dushore, PA.

                        Joseph B FINAN b.4-30-     died about 1974.   children:

A7 B 12 C 1 M. Dolores FINAN b.11-9-1925 sp.11-15-1947 John Michael JERKES b.1-1-1922 d.5-12-2009 age 87x, 2 ch:

                  D 1 Mary-Rose JERKES born 6-6-1952 Sp.6-14-1975 Robert BERFIELD   2 child:

                        E 1 Keith BERFIELD      b.2-12-       age 24

                        E 2 Janine BERFIELD    b. 4-13       21 yrs

                  D 2 Raymond JERKES   born b.12-26-1953

                  D 3 Theresa E. JERKES born/died 1957

A7 B 12 C 2 J. Bernard FINAN born 7-24-1930 sp. Joyce WORTHINGTON    3 children:

                  D 1 Joseph FINAN

                  D 2 Shawn FINAN

                  D 3 Kathleen FINAN

            C 3 Eleanor FINAN born 11-18-1928    sp. David RUFE 3  children:

                  D 1 Mary-Frances RUFE born Ephrata, PA.

                  D 2 Rose-Ann RUFE     born Ephrata, PA.

                  D 3 Philip RUFE            born Ephrata, PA.

            C 4 Roseann FINAN             born 11-26-1934   died Apr 26, 1999 in Horseheads, NY.

                        Ray TERKOSKI died Nov 14, 1978 in Horseheads, NY.

            C 5 Amelia FINAN      born  Jun 9, 1938



A 8. Hannah SICK b. 5-10-1853 d. 3-17-1924 sp. 9-15-1873  Joseph C. COOK b.1852 d.7-22-1893 Age 40 xs

(son of Conrad COOK (KOCH) and Matilda BAUMGARTNER).   Joseph Cook was a skilled wagon maker.

( J. Bernard & Mary Litzelman live on this homestead 2006) 3 children:  Roseanna, Anna, Emma

      B 1 R(oseanna) Jane (Jennie) COOK b. 8-22-1876, d.1-1969,sp.11-29-1900  Vell Burr HOLCOMBE b. 3-16-1871         

                   d.5-1952. Jennie was a very fine seamstress. She made most of her children's clothes.

                  5 Children: Pauline, Alice, Pierson, Vell, Richard

            C 1 Pauline Cook HOLCOMBE born 6-1-1903 died 8-18-1992,   

                        Very active with the Sullivan County Historical Society and Museum

            C 2 Alice Elizabeth HOLCOMBE born 4-13-1905 in Dushore,  died 2-22-1955  married on 7-21-1928 to

                  Jeremiah Joseph (Jerry) MCCARTHY born 10-31-1893, died 12-14-1943      Children:

A8 B1 C2   D 1 Mary Eleanor MCCARTHY           born in 1932.       Also very good source for family history.

                        Married Eugene MCMAHON      born 1929, died 1996.xs   8 children:

                        E 1 Timothy Paul MCMAHON     born 1956, married Stephanie HULIAN born  1957.  2 children:

                              F 1 Corinn Carleen MCMAHON         born 1983

                              F 2 Brandon Thomas MCMAHON      born 1988

                        E 2 Kathleen Ann MCMAHON           born 1957, married. Stanley L. BOHENSKY born 1953   2 children:

                              F 1 Jolene Elizabeth BOHENSKY born 1979

                              F 2 Stanley Eugene BOHENSKY  born 1982

                        E 3 Jean Marie MCMAHON              born 1958, sp. Michael HERMAN born 1951,     2   children:

                              F 1 Kelsey Alice MCMAHON      born 1989

                                    G1 Rory Marie Herman               b.2011

                              F 2 Abigail HERMAN                  born 1997

                        E 4 Francis Jeremiah MCMAHON     born 1960

A8 B1 C2   D 1 E 5 Francis Eugene MCMAHON       born 1961, sp. Beth Fraley STRATTON

                        E 6 Thomas Patrick MCMAHON       born 1964, sp. Kathleen Patricia LUKE 1964.    3  children:

                              F 1 Thomas Patrick MCMAHON II born 1991

                              F 2 Luke Allen MCMAHON         born 1993

                              F 3 James Michael MCMAHON   born 1995

                        E 7 Ellen Mary MCMAHON               born 1967, sp. Nathan E. CHASE born 1967.    3 children:

                              F 1 Alexander Francis CHASE    born 1990

                              F 2 Ryan Christopher CHASE     born 1991

                              F 3 Alison Mary CHASE             born 1994               

A8 B1 C2  D1   E 8 Joan Ann MCMAHON                  born 1969    married James Allen ANZER,JR. on 9-14-2001

F1 Gabrielle ANZER             born 2003

F2 Jack Allen ANZER                 born 2004

F3 Conner James ANZER           born 2010


A8 B1 C2   D 2 Joseph Jeremiah (Buster) MCCARTHY born 1935, married. Shirley PAGE, born 1935. 6 children:

                        E 1 Sharon MCCARTHY       born 1956, sp. David BRINJAC  

                        E 2 Colleen MCCARTHY      born 1957, sp. David LABONTE

                        E 3 Jolene MCCARTHY born 1959

                              Jolene MCCARTHY and Gary SPIFES were married.

                              Jolene MCCARTHY and William KEFFER were married.

                        E 4 Jeri-Lynn MCCARTHY    born 1962, sp. Dennis WXSONG

                         E 5 Kathy MCCARTHY        born 1965, , sp. Joseph FRICANO

                        E 6 Kelly MCCARTHY          born 1967, sp. Wayne MASHEK

                              Joseph Jeremiah (Buster) MCCARTHY and Mary SHAEFER were married.

                              Joseph Jeremiah (Buster) MCCARTHY and Mary Rita MENZE were married.

A8 B1 C2   D 3 Pauline Ann MCCARTHY       born 1940,  sp. William F. SAXE born 1934.   9 children:

                        E 1 Katrina Ann SAXE          born 1960, sp. David Leroy BAUMUNK born 1962.   3 children:

                              F 1 Colleen Renee BAUMUNK born August 9, 1982

                              F 2 Erin Ashley BAUMUNK  born 1985

                              F 3 Philip David BAUMUNK born 1986

A8 B1 C2   D 3 E 2 William Bernard SAXE     born 1961, sp. Mary Jo COSGROVE born 1963. 2 children:

                              F 1 William Thomas SAXE  born 1992

                              F 2 Jacob Saxe             born 2000

                        E 3 Christine Marie SAXE     born 1962. Sp. John A. SHOEMAKER born 1956,   2 children:

                              F 1 John Andrew SHOEMAKER  born 1985 .

                              F 2 Katherine E. SHOEMAKER    born 1990

                        E 4 Caroline Alice SAXE       born 1964, sp. Fred HAWKINS born 1964

                        E 5 Pamela Kim SAXE         born 1968, sp. Kevin MURRAY born 1968.    3 children:

                              F 1 Kevin Patrick MURRAY born 1993

                              F 2 Thomas John MURRAY  born 1994

                              F 3 Joseph Levi MURRAY     born 1995

                        E 6 Bernard Jeremiah Joseph SAXE born 1969, sp. Hollie L. CONNER  

                        E 7 Mathias Samuel SAXE         born 1973

                        E 8 Child1 SAXE

                        E 9 Child2 SAXE


A8 B1 C 3 Pierson Joseph (Si) HOLCOMBE b. 2-2-1907   d.8-21-2002age 95x, ARMY WWII

                     Married on Jul 4, 1932 to Ada L. COMFORT  born 5-6-1910.    3   children:

                  D 1 Pierson Joseph HOLCOMBE, JR.  married. Gisella Henrietta BENECKE born 1938.   3 children:

                        E 1 Alexis Comfort HOLCOMBE       born 1961, sp. Christoph Johawn MUELLER born 1953.  2 children:

                              F 1 Claire Amelia MUELLER       born 1989

                              F 2 Peter Mathias MUELLER      born 1991

                        E 2 Pierson Joseph HOLCOMBE, III born 1964

                        E 3 Christopher Momber HOLCOMBE born 1969, sp. Andrea Joan SPOOR born 1968, 1 child:

                              F 1 Brockton Christopher HOLCOMBE born 1994

                                    Pierson Joseph HOLCOMBE, JR. and Beth Ann STEGMEIER were married, born 1942.

                  D 2 Susan HOLCOMBE born 1938, sp.  Michael RHOADS born 1940.      2  children:

                        E 1 Wendelyn Holcombe RHOADS         born 1962 sp. Francesco MARTERELLO     1 child:

                              F 1 Alessandra Ada MARTERELLO born 1996

                        E 2 Mark Andrew RHOADS                    born 1968

                  D 3 Marianne HOLCOMBE                           born 1945, sp. John CARTER           2 children:

                        E 1 Eric Thomas CARTER                      born 1970

                        E 2 Julie Anne CARTER                         born 1972 

                              Marianne HOLCOMBE and g. n. u. BETTIS were married, born 1948.

A8 B1 C 4 Vell Carl HOLCOMBE b. 7-10-1913, d.11-22-1999 age 86x, sp. 4-2-1934 Mary Josephine ECK      

                              b.1-4-1915, d. 10-13-1989.     3   children:  Mary Irene, Jean, Vell

A8 B1 C 4   D 1 Mary Irene HOLCOMBE b.1935 sp. Wayne Philip TUBACH b.2-3- 1934 d. 4-2-2005 age 71x

                          (son of Philip Gordon TUBACH and Marion Elizabeth SICK)            children:

                              The remainder of this line was detailed above.

A8 B1 C 4   D 2 Jean Marie HOLCOMBE born 1937 sp. James William LUNDY born 1933. 

                        Jean Marie HOLCOMBE and Charles GOTTAS were married. Jean & James 5  children:                 

                        E 1 James William LUNDY II born 1960, sp. Patricia Lee SWEENEY born 1956.     3 children:

                              F 1 Patricia LUNDY              born 1992

                              F 2 James LUNDY III            born 1994

                              F 3 Matthew Liam LUNDY II  born 1997


A8 B1 C 4   D 2 E 2 Lisa Ann LUNDY            born 1961, sp. Randall GARRETT born 1955.  2 children:

                              F 1 Luke Randall GARRETT        born 1997

                              F 2 Noah Taylor GARRETT         born 1999

                        E 3 Joseph John LUNDY      born 1962, sp. Lisa Marie DITTO born 1968.   2  children:

                              F 1 Jack Holcombe LUNDY        born 1996

                              F 2 Vincent Carl LUNDY             born 1998

                        E 4 Edward Vincent LUNDY  born 1964, sp. Toni-Laine SICHENZIA born 1967.    1  child:

                              F 1 Caitlyn Rylie LUNDY            born 1997

                        E 5 John Carl LUNDY           born 1966, sp. Julia Elizabeth WELSH born 1965.

                        E 6 Sharleen Marie LUNDY   born 1973

A8 B1 C 4 D 3 Vell Howard HOLCOMBE born 1940, sp. Barbara Lois FORTUNES born 1942.  2  children:

                        E 1 Vell Christopher HOLCOMBE      born 1967, sp. Erin Patricia MARTIN born 1970.

                        E 2 Deidra Kaye HOLCOMBE           born 1974


A8 B1 C 4  D 4 Richard Leroy HOLCOMBE b.10-2-1915 sp. 6-15-1937 to Ann Viola DRISCOLL b. 7-16-1918 d.6-9-2010

                        E 1 Marjorie A. HOLCOMBE born 1938, sp. Thomas J. GORSKY  born 1934.       3 children:

                              F 1 John T. GORSKY           born 1960, sp. Deborah L. OSBORNE    1 child:

                                    G 1 David J. GORSKY    born 1995

                              F 2 Michael R. GORSKY      born 1964, sp. Laura STECK     1 child:

                                    G 1 Michael E. GORSKY     born 1993

                              F 3 Thomas D. GORSKY      born 1968, sp. Stephanie MACALUSO         1child:

                                    G 1 Thomas G. GORSKY     born 1994

A8 B1 C 4 D4   E 2 Mary Kathryn “Mamie” HOLCOMBE  b.11-8-1942, d.7-28-2006 age 63

1st sp./div. 6-12-1965 George A. RADENCIC born 4-14-1943, died 6-20-1996 at Mamie’s home/hosp. 

2nd sp. John CONFER. John took Mamie on wonderful vacation shortly before she died, oxygen and      

      all.  My cousin was always lots of fun.

                              F 1 Eileen RADENCIC                born 1965, sp. Art Sipe dgh. Caitie Sipe

                              F 2 Benjamin R. RADENCIC       born 1973, sp. Julie Laine STEPP born 1963.    3 children:

                                    G 1 Kjirsten Lea RADENCIC       born 1989

                                    G 2 Brittany Eileen RADENCIC   born 1995

                                    G 3 Shayla Rose RADENCIC      born 1997

                        E 3 Richard HOLCOMBE                  born sp.  Paula BLACK born                    2  children:

                              F 1 Sarah HOLCOMBE

                              F 2 Philip HOLCOMBE

A8 B 2 Anna Belle COOK born 10-2-1878, died 7-29-1949, married 1902 to Thomas MORRIS born 12- 21-1876.    

                        He died on 5-19-1946.      3 children: Helen, Alice, Kathryn, Bernice

            C 1 Helen MORRIS born 1907, died 10-21-1995 sp. Fred CLEMENTS married about 1927.

            C 2  Alice MORRIS        b.10-24-1911d. 6-12-1991, married 1931 Leslie CATLOW  George HUNT

            C 3 Kathryn Irene MORRIS born 12-8-1915 died 11-24-1988, married about 1925 to Curtis (Leslie) CARTER

            C 4 Bernice MORRIS     born 1-17-1918 died 11-10-1993, married about 1938 to John Noud KELLY 

                  Born 11-13-1912 died 5-15-1994 (son of KELLY and Mary Georgianna NOUD). the following    5 children:

            C 5 Cora Kath(e)rine KELLY


A8 B 3 Emma Laura COOK b.6-3-1890 d. 3-9-1950, sp. 9-19-1916 Vincent LYNCH b. 6-19-1888, d.1-14-1948   

            Vincent Lynch bought the candy store in Dushore in 1935 and worked there until he died suddenly. 3   children:

            C 1 Pauline Anne LYNCH born 6-27-1917, died 1-2-1996, married in 1946 to Harold Zebulon COOMBS  

                        born 6-14-1914, died 3-7-1984.        4    children:

                  D 1 Joan Laura COOMBS           b.1-21-1946,sp. about 1966 to John Wayne KEHOE b.4-4-1944.                 

                  D 2 Harold Vincent COOMBS    born 11-6-1949, died 6-18-2003 in Athens, PA.

                        Harold Vincent COOMBS and Judith Mary ROOT b.1-23-1952 married 1-5-1974 in Plainfield, NJ.                   

                  D 3 Mary Karen COOMBS         born 5-10-1953, married about 1971 to Bruce MCCLELLAN b.8-5-1953.             

                  D 4 James Anthony COOMBS   born 6-9-1959, married 1-10-1979 to  Vikki Rae ALLEN  born 9-21-1958.          


A8 B3 C 2 Mary Alice LYNCH born 3-20-1921 Dushore, married in 1946 to  J. Bernard LITZELMAN born 11-24-1919 

                  in Williamsport, PA. (son of Charles M. LITZELMAN and Clara Adelia TILMAN)    

Bernie died 8-19-2011 age 91, St. Basil Cem.   (This line was also detailed above on A7,B7,C4)

            C 3 Joseph Cook LYNCH b.7-9-1925, d. 6-26-2004,age 78x, ARMY, sp.6-21-1947 to

                  Marguerite Cecilia  (Peggy) SMITH born 6-19-1924, died 4-8-1984.   2   children:

                  D 1 Capt. Vincent Joseph LYNCH b. 8-1-1949, NAVY, sp. Susan Marie SCHWOEFFERMANN b.2-14-1950

                        E 1 Amanda LYNCH

                        E 2 Patrick LYNCH

                        E 3 Susan LYNCH

                  D 2 Mary Margaret LYNCH        b. 4-8-1957. Sp. Col. Robert T. GUGLIEMI ARMY 

                        E 1 Keith LYNCH

                        E 2 Brett LYNCH



A 9. Augustine SICK born Mar 1855, died Nov 1857. Died at age one year and ten months. 

            Bettyann also has this info from reunion pages which she received 50 yrs. ago.



A 10. Roseanna SICK born 3-15-1857, died 4-28-1938 age47x sp. Edward-Joseph WEISBROD born 9-14-1849, died 1928 (son of John-Conrad ("Conrad") WEISBROD and Elizabeth SNYDER).   Peace Cemetery.       children:

      B 1  Hilda P. WEISBROD JOSAT, b.5-14-1883 d. 11-13-1971  sp. Rev. Titus C. JOSAT  b. 1875 d.1958

                        (Hilda had some wonderful SICK reunion records, and many awesome pictures)

      B 2  Eudora A. WEISBROD died 6-24-1895. Eudora Weisbrod died at Lock Haven State Normal School, where she 

                         had taught for three semesters. She was apparently 18 years old when she died.

                        Check again BA obit clipping???

      B 3 Vida Avis WEISBROD HEIBER b.10-1889 d.1951 sp. Milton C. HEIBER b. 1877 d. 1945



A 11. Sarah Annie SICK b.1-3-1859, died 4-24-1906xs Sp. John-Jacob WEISBROD  b.5-18-1854 d.12-19-1916 age 80x (son of John-Conrad ("Conrad") WEISBROD and Elizabeth SNYDER) Two sisters married two brothers.    6 children:

      B 1 Coloman WEISBROD b.11-1879, d.2-5-1937age 57x,killed by fallen tree

                  sp. Emma C. born 2-17-1883, died 1-24-1971age 87x.     3 children:

            C 1 Myrtle WEISBROD sp. Howard WILSON

            C 2 Wilma WEISBROD sp. Arthur HAWK    1  child:

                  D 1 David Boydell HAWK born 2-16-1930 in Williamsport, PA.

            C 3 Quentin WEISBROD

       B 2 Cynthia WEISBROD born 12-7-1884, died 12-7-1956 died on her birthday, funeral card

A11 B 3 Walter WEISBROD born 11-1886, died 9-1942, married in 12-1907 to Martha Ann STREBY b.11-19-1883

            d.12-11-1955 age 72x, (daughter of George & Mary Woodley STREBY, book Author)        children:

            C 1 Albert J. WEISBROD b. 1908, died 8-6-1936, age 27xx, of appendicitis, while in Army, airplane mechanic

            C 2 Anna Mary WEISBROD b. 2-7-1910 d.9-14-1995 age 85x, sp. Augustus H. TRICK d.1979

            C 3 Maynard George WEISBROD born 6-8-1911,died 5-28-1981.

            C 4 Carl Joseph WEISBROD b.2-1-1913, d.1-20-1974.age 60xx, sp. Geraldine M. FULMER b.1920, d.1993.

                  D 1 Eugene W. WEISBROD, sp. Gloria HODAK

                  D 2 S.Sgt. Edmond J. WEISBROD, US AIR FORCE, sp. Rena CHERVAK

                  D 3 Irene WEISBROD   sp. Gerald SILVERSTRIM     

                  D 4 Betty WEISBROD b. 8-4-1942 d.1-22-2010  sp. John R.BAHL three sons,

Leon sp. Dee Bahl, Ronald J. sp. Julie Bahl, and William M. sp. Tammy Bahl

She served as secretary and treasurer; St. Francis Cemetery Association, and served as secretary and treasurer from 1964 – 2009; and assisted in planning the Overton Picnic.

                  D 5 Mary L. WEISBROD b. 11-12-1943 d.8-6-2006 age 62 mar.9-10-1960 sp. Harvey VOUGH

                        Children: Carl, Ann, Chris, Jolly  (Bettyann got our black lamb from them, also a white one)

                  D 6 Judy WEISBROD   born 1945

A11 B 3 C 5 Margaret Helen WEISBROD b. 12-25-1914 d. 7-22-1967 Age 52x, sp. Preston H. TRICK

            C 6 Raymond W. WEISBROD born 1914, died 1983. ARMY WWII

            C 7 John William WEISBROD

            C 8 Catherine Elizabeth WEISBROD ?

            C 9 Robert C. WEISBROD b.6-1980

            C 10 Mabel A. WEISBROD born 1922,died  9-1942x four days before her father, very sad  

            C 11 Ralph D. WEISBROD  born 1923, died 1983 ARMY WWII Peace Cemetery

            C 12 Edna WEISBROD HEINZ


A11 B 4  Harry Herbert WEISBROD b. 5-24-1889 d. 7-16-1961x, sp. Linda HUNTER

            C 1 Arlene WEISBROD

            C 2 Donald WEISBROD

            C 3 Darryl WEISBROD

            C 4 Elwyn WEISBROD

            C 5 Elma-Jane WEISBROD

       B 5  Lewis WEISBROD b. 1-1892 d. 1962 sp. Laura KNELLER b.1891 d. 1981 Old Zion Cemetery

A11 B 6 Stephen WEISBROD  b.10-1894 d.7-21-1968 age, 73x, WW1, sp. Ethel



A 12. Julius John SICK born 12-30-1861, d. 8-15-1946, married 12-24-1889 to

Dora (Eudora) SPEARY b.10-6-1868,    died 1964. 

Home is near Nordmont, Cherry Grove Church is just before intersection and this home.  4 children:

      B 1  Adona Ruth SICK born Aug 20, 1894, died Jan 24, 1964, Age , single, teacher,

             Wrote The History of Churches in Sullivan County.

      B 2  Mary D. SICK born Mar 16, 1897, died  Aug 12, 1987,  married on Oct 20, 1920 to  William A. MILLS child:

            C 1 Dorson Speary MILLS, Dr. born Oct 29, 1929 in Elmer, NY

      B 3  Dorson P. SICK born 11-15-1899, died 3-2-1967, age 67xs, single (worked with BA, Harrington Dairy Dushore)

      B 4  Emmabelle SICK born 6-30-1904, d. 9-29-1991 Age 87x, music teacher, wed.6-4-1932, Emerson Lloyd BOYLES 

               DAR, see notes at end.


A 13. William SICK, born 11-28-1863 died 7-29-1938 ?age 74x, married on 7-8-1886 in Dushore, PA to

Catherine Mary (Katie) KELLY. Born 4-19-1866, died 8-28-1910, leaving ten children, the youngest was 2 weeks old.  (daughter of Daniel KELLY and Mary Ann LEAHY) 

After Katie Sick died,  William SICK and Mary Louise Bauer HANNON were married about 1912. 



See Settlers Page XXI on Sullivan County’s Web Page

The material in this article was contributed by Kathy Chassin of Buffalo, NY unless otherwise indicated.


Kathy is a great-granddaughter of WILLIAM SICK and CATHERINE "KATIE" KELLY.   

The Kellys were an Irish family from the Clonakilty area of County Cork. Four brothers and a sister emigrated at the time of the Great Famine and eventually came to Kelly Hill in the Overton-Forks area along the Bradford-Sullivan County lines. Katie was one of 18 children of DANIEL KELLY and MARY LAHEY, and was also the older sister of AGNES ELIZABETH KELLY, the grandmother of Bob Sweeney. Bob is the Coordinator for the Sullivan County Genealogical Project. So, Bob and Kathy Chassin are second-cousins, once removed. Small world, is it not! We never even knew each other existed until about eight months ago. Kathy can be reached at The Sullivan County Settlers Web Page, and Bob Sweeney personally, are grateful to Kathy for her contribution of information and pictures.

Some information is from his son, Stephen Francis Sick. It is in a list in Stephen's handwriting dated "July 4th 1919" [Information from Stephen's granddaughter Kathryn Dumansky Chassin.] He was buried in the cemetery behind St. Francis Church, Overton, PA. Data on William and Catherine Mary Sick obtained from their death certificates. ***

Homestead: Kathy Chassin and Bettyann Goodyear have taken many rides trying to find it again, Kathy had pictures.


William SICK and Catherine Mary (Katie) KELLY had the following 10 children, Stephen, Augustine, Mary, Rose Anna, Maud, Lily, Jennie, Lucy, Margaret and Amelia:

A13 B 1. Stephen Francis SICK  born 6-7-1887 in New Albany, Bradford Co., PA, died  2-17-1963 in Buffalo NY.

            married 4-21-1909 in Mildred, PA to Mary Agnes (Mollie) WALSH born 5-7-1890 in Old Forge, PA, died 9-7-1975       

            in Buffalo NY. (daughter of Martin WALSH and Agnes Elizabeth CARROLL)    

            4 children Hildegarde, Paul, John and Teresa:

            C 1 Hildegarde Kathryn SICK born 4-12-1916 in Plains PA, died Apr 29, 2004 in Buffalo NY.

                  married on 11-7-1945 in Buffalo NY. To J. Joseph DUMANSKY born 11-10-1916 died 3-19-1999.

                  Divorced about 1978 (son of Nicholas DUMANSKY and Anna MIHALOVICH)    6     children,

                  Kathryn, Mary, Paul, Eileen, Ann and Francis:

                  D 1 Kathryn Elizabeth DUMANSKY born 3-14-1948 in Buffalo NY. married 7-22-1974 in North East, Erie Co.,  

                              PA. They were divorced on 5-14-1992. John Nicholas CHASSIN born 2-13-1954 in Buffalo NY. (son of 

                              John Robert CHASSIN and Barbara Bennie CORBY)       2  children John and James:

                        E 1 John Robert CHASSIN II born  10-10-1981 in Buffalo NY.

                        E 2 James Paul CHASSIN    born 9-18-1985 in Buffalo NY. He died on 8-2-2004, age 18x.

A13 B1 C1 D 2 Mary Teresa DUMANSKY born 2-18-1950 in Buffalo NY. married 4-5-1975 in Buffalo NY to Patrick

                        Edward CHURCHILL born 7-26-1951  (son of Herbert Peter CHURCHILL and SUZANNE EVANS) 

                        3 children, Brett, Ian, Blaine:

                        E 1 Brett Patrick CHURCHILL born 8-3-1978 in Buffalo NY married 5-24-2003 to Molly MCDONALD     :

                              F 1 Kelsey Marie CHURCHILL born 10-28-2004

                        E 2 Ian Scott CHURCHILL born 6-29-1981 in Buffalo NY. 

                        E 3 Blaine Nicholas CHURCHILL born 7-13-1982 in Buffalo NY.

                  D 3 Paul Joseph DUMANSKY   born   9-11-1951 in Buffalo NY married 12-3-1977 to Diane Marie LIBRAIRE      

                        born 3-9-1949   (daughter of Marcel LIBRAIRE and Florence REPKA)  2 children, Stephanie and Paul:

                        E 1 Stephanie DUMANSKY born 1-9-1972

                        E 2 Paul Michael DUMANSKY born 7-22-1978 in Buffalo NY.

                  D 4 Eileen DUMANSKY born 5-8-1954 in Buffalo NY, single

A13 B1 C1  D 5 Ann Kathryn DUMANSKY born 8-2-1955 in Buffalo NY, single

                  D 6 Francis Joseph DUMANSKY  born 10-15-1957 in Buffalo NY.married 10-27-1979 to

                        Jeanne Diane KOCSIS. They were divorced in 1983.      3 children Catherine, Francis, Benjamin:

                        E 1 Andrew Kristopher DUMANSKY born 11-18-1982. 

                        Francis Joseph DUMANSKY  born 10-15-1957 now married to Catherine HEWNER on Sep 8, 1984.           

                            (daughter of Benjamin HEWNER and Rita)    2 children:

                        E 2 Francis Joseph DUMANSKY II was born on 9-20-1985 in Buffalo NY.

                      E 3 Benjamin Michael DUMANSKY was born on 8-6-1986 in Buffalo NY.

A13 B1 C 2 Paul Joseph SICK born 10-10-1919 in Lackawanna, NY, single

           C 3 John Francis SICK born 4-14-1923 died  9-23-1953. John Sick, a chemistry graduate of Canisius College,

                              died in Lucidol plant explosion on 9-23-1953. His wife was a widow after only about three months of marriage.     John Francis SICK and Joyce PFEIL were married on 6-27-1953.

A13 B1 C 4 Teresa Marie SICK  born 10-4-1925 in Buffalo, NY, married 2-1952 to Olavi MAKI. He died in Jan 1966 in      

                  Warren, OH.          3 children Mary, Stephen and Barbara:

                  D 1 Mary Elizabeth MAKI born 1-30-1953 in OH. married 1969 to  Michael WILLIAMS 

                  D 2 Stephen Paul MAKI born Jun 1954

                  D 3 Barbara Ann MAKI   born 12-9-1958

A13 B 2. Augustine Joseph SICK born  8-31-1889 in New Albany, died  6-13-1951 in Johnson City, NY, married on 6-26-             1918 to Lola Marion PACKARD in Overton, Bradford Co., PA.     

            7 children Leonard, James, William called Frank, Rita, Joseph, Lucy and Edward:

            C 1 Leonard Paul SICK was born on 11-5-1919 in Laquin PA. He died on 12-21-2001.

                  Leonard Paul SICK and Mary NEIRA were married on Dec 18, 1943. Mary NEIRA died in 1952     4  children:

                  D 1 Judith SICK and Don POPOLO were married. Judith SICK and Don POPOLO   children:

                        E 1 Dante POPOLO

                        E 2 Dino POPOLO

                  D 2 Teresa SICK         Sp. SWARTZ

                  D 3 Jeanne SICK and Donald BANDEMER were married.

                         Leonard Paul SICK and Helen SCALONE were married on 2-2-1952. Helen SCALONE died in 1952. She                       died in 1996. Leonard Paul SICK and Helen SCALONE  child:

                  D 4 Richard SCALONE and Bette were married.

A13 B 2. C 2 James Paul SICK born  6-19-1921 in Laquin PA. Sp. Arlene May WILLIS were married on 5-22-1948 in                               Endicott, NY.    7 children:

                  D 1 Susan SICK

                D 2 Joan SICK

                D 3 Ann SICK

                D 4 Mary SICK

                D 5 Gregory SICK

                D 6 Paul SICK

                  D 7 Beth SICK

                  James Paul SICK and Augusta Bates   were married on 9-8-1944 in Ft. Jackson, SC.

                  JAMES died on 9-13-1944 in Ft. Jackson, SC.

A13 B2 C 3 William ("Frank") Francis SICK was born on 10-25-1924 in Endicott NY.

                  Sp. Julia KOVA  were married on 9-9-1945.     2 children:

                D 1 Donna SICK

                D 2 Patti SICK

            C 4 Rita SICK born 11-27-1926 in Endicott NY. Sp. Frank Paul HRANEK were married on 11-27-1945.   

                        Frank Paul HRANEK was born on 3-10-1910 in Slovakia, Skalica. (son of Jon Stefan HRANEK and Maria   

                  MACHACEK) Frank's original name was "Frantisek", -- Americanized to "Frank".         6 children:

                D 1Thomas HRANEK

                D 2 Michael HRANEK

                D 3 Alice HRANEK

                D 4 John HRANEK

                  D 5 Cecelia HRANEK

                D 6 Edward HRANEK

A13 B2 C 5 Joseph Vernon SICK born 3-7-1929 in Endicott NY, Sp. Joyce JOHNNSON  married 1-20-1951.2 children:

                  D 1 Becky SICK

                  D 2 Laura SICK

            C 6 Lucy SICK born 11-18-1935 in Endicott NY, sp. Donald CROSS were married on 7-16-1955. Donald CROSS                  was born on 8-13-1935.      4 children:

                  D 1 David CROSS

                  D 2 Daniel CROSS

                  D 3 Monica CROSS

                  D 4 Michael CROSS

            C 7 Edward Thomas SICK born 1-19-1939 in Endicott NY, died 5-1-1982 in Long Island, NY.

A13 B3. Mary Ethel (Sister Mary Hildegarde, RSM) SICK born 8-20-1891 in Overton, Bradford Co., PA. She

            died on 4-2-1933 in Wilkes-Barre PA. (See Kathy Chassin copy of  1884-1908 St. Basil’s Commencement)

            Mary Sick entered the Sisters of Mercy and took the name Sister Hildegarde.

            She died as a fairly young woman, about 1930. 

      B 4. Rose Anna SICK born 9-21-1894 in Overton, died about 1925 sp. James O'HARA      1  child:

            C 1 James O'HARA sp. Margaret

      B 5. Maude Victoria SICK born 9-26-1897 in Overton, died   8-2-1923 in Belvidere, Los Angeles Co, CA.

            Maud V. Sick from death certificate she died of Pulmonary Tuberculosis.

      B 6. Catherine Lilly SICK b.1-14-1901 Overton d. 7-2-1919 New Albany. Age 18x. of Spanish influenza

A13 B 7. Jennie Claire (or Clare) SICK born 10-1-1903 in Overton,   died on 5-6-1976 in Buffalo, NY.

            Sp. Joseph O'BRIEN were married in Buffalo NY.      2 children:

            C 1 Patricia O'BRIEN sp. Charles BURDICK    3 children:

                  D 1 Karen BURDICK

                  D 2 James BURDICK

                  D 3 Daniel BURDICK

            C 2 Carol O'BRIEN sp. Richard WRONA       3 children:

                  D 1 Michael WRONA

                  D 2 Joseph WRONA

                  D 3 David WRONA

      B 8. Lucy Fredericka SICK born 11-21-1905 in Overton,   died on 5-3-1941 in Jersey City, NJ sp. Frank ZEISS were  

                  married about 1925. Frank ZEISS was born about 1905.

      B 9. Margaret Louise (Peg) SICK born 5-6-1907 in Overton, died on 8-17-1998 in Chesterfield, MO.

                  Sp. Alfred BLENKE were married on 7-20-1930.       1 child:

            C 1 Suzanne BLENKE born about 1945

                        Margaret Louise (Peg) SICK and Paul SHUGERMAN were married about 1950.

                        Margaret Louise (Peg) SICK and Andrew HOTTENROTH were married about 1974.

A13 B 7. B 10. Amelia SICK b. 8-16-1910 in Overton, d.8-26-1962. Sp. Edward BARRY 1905-1964 St. Basil Cem.  4 ch:

            C 1 Bernard BARRY born 1934, died Aug 28, 1954

C 2 Joyce BARRY b.7-16-1935 d.7-25-1996. Married abt.1965 Sp. William E.GAINER b.7-26-1931 d.8-11-1998

the son of   Augustine Nicholas GAINER and Margaret C. SICK,  4 children:

                  (The remainder of this line was detailed above on A6 B1 C3 D3)

            C 3 Kathryn BARRY TWIN sp. Robert VITALE (VITALI)

            C 4 Jeanne BARRY TWIN sp. Thomas FOLEY


William SICK and Mary Louise Bauer HANNON were married about 1912. Mary Louise Bauer HANNON



Augustus was a 1st cousin to my Great Great Grandfather Charles Franz Sick.


 1. Joseph SICK was born in 1781 in Baden, Germany. He died in 1832. Joseph Sick and his wife had two sons and several daughters. One daughter Frances came to America the other daughters stayed in Germany  

Joseph SICK and Miss RINEBOLD were married. Joseph SICK and Miss RINEBOLD had the following children:


11. Joseph SICK was born about 1805. Joseph and Francis Charles had "several sisters" 


Augustus SICK born 1833 in Baden, Germany, died Jun 1882 sp:  Frances SOLINGER born 1838, (daughter of Joseph SOLINGER and Mary BORDE, see Streby history) Augustine Sick came and settled in Forks Township, Sullivan Co., PA. He came to America between 1850 and 1860 (not listed in the census of 1850, listed in the census of 1860). The census record indicates that he was about 50 years of age and a farmer. Buried at St. Basil's Cemetery.

Children: Mary, Charles A., Caroline, George, Emily, Catherine, Joseph, Sarah, Margaret, William


A 1. Mary SICK born 1858.married Feb. 1885 to Ralston Richard HUNSINGER.       5   children:

      B 1 Nathan H. HUNSINGER born  Nov 1886

      B 2 Alice C. HUNSINGER     born  Jun 1889

      B 3 Lena S. HUNSINGER     born  Aug 1890

      B 4 Harry Barney HUNSINGER born 1-3-1892 d.2-19-1963x sp. Agnes Karge

      B 5 Bertha F. HUNSINGER   born Jan 1899.

A 2. Charles A. SICK born 1860. Often referred to as "Charley A."   (according to notes of Richard J. Sick).


A 3. Caroline “Carrie”  SICK born 1864, d.1940x. married 4-28-1884 to Michael J. BROSCHART in Dushore PA.

            Michael born 4-10-1859 in Laporte Twp. (son of Michael BROSCHART and Elizabeth DOHM)   6 children:

      B 1 Frank J. BROSCHART, DR.

      B 2 Agnes BROSCHART

      B 3 Tressa BROSCHART

      B 4 John M. BROSCHART

      B 5 Carl BROSCHART

      B 6  Paul BROSCHART


A 4 George SICK b.1867 d.1927age 61x sp. Flora ROHE b.1873, d.1938 age 65x

            (dgh of Peter ROHE & Hannah HARTZIG) 

      B 1 Emma SICK born 1897, died 1897

      B 2 Richard Augustus SICK, TWIN b.1898 Overton, d.July,1965 age 67xTowanda, sp. Mary Elizabeth ELLIS

            born  1905,  died 1954 in Towanda, (daughter of Emerson ELLIS and Janice VARNHOLT)         children:

            C 1 Richard Joseph SICK born 1927 in Towanda, married 7-16-1955 to Rita Wally ROSINUS in Rochester,      

                  NY, born 1931 (daughter of Walter ROSINUS and Frieda KAISER)    US Army from 7-2-1945 to 12/10/1946.                   He received a Bachelor's degree from Mansfield State Teachers College in Secondary Science (Biology). In                         1986 he and his wife moved to Florida. He did graduate work at Cornell University, Syracuse University, SUNY at Cortland and SUNY at Oswego. Rita has a Master's degree in Education from SUNY/Albany and a                    Bachelor's degree in Mathematics from University of Rochester.            children:

      B 3 Robert William SICK,TWIN b.1898 in Overton, d.1969.  sp. Married Mary TRAVIS    4   children:

      B 4 Raymond Harold SICK born 1902, died 1975.sp. Josephine Elaine DIMMICK born 1909, died 1993.   

A 5 Emily “Emma” SICK b.1868. (Emily is per Richard J. Sick however on 1880 census as Emma)

A 6 Catherine SICK b. 1870  died 1919 age 49x single

A 7 Joseph Sick b.11-25-1876 d.8-29-1957 in Idaho, age 80x (in 1880 census)survived by sister Mary SICK RYAN? Phila.

A 8 Sarah E. SICK, TWIN, b.1879 d.5-31-1934 age 55x    sp. Ralph ROHE (son of ROHE and Louise WEISBROD)

      B 1 Kathryn Rohe MOSIER

C 1 Kathryn ROHE MOSIER sp. Daniel MOSIER, 2 ch. Paul Mosier and Eleanor

D1 Paul MOSIER, died 7 yrs. old

D2 Eleanor MOSIER sp. Max KILMER

B1 2nd Sp. George CAMP

      B 2 Frances ROHE RANDALL b. 3-11-1911 d.10-8-1995 age 84, worked Stopra Nursing Home, married

                  Stafford E. RANDALL b.9-13-1906 d.1-11-1990 age 83

      B 3 Raymond ROHE, Syracuse, NY, died 12-17-2009

      B 4 Lawrence ROHE, divorce Geraldine SICK ROHE, SEE above A6 B2 C 2

A 9 E. Margaret SICK, TWIN b.1879     sp.  Michael RYAN

A10 William SICK  born 3-24-1873, died 6-20-1874.



   INFORMATION FROM: Charlotte Ann Otten Uhouse               “AWESOME”                                                           .                      


Following is a taste of all Charlotte has:


Descendants of Joseph SICK  from Charlotte UHOUSE


Descendants of Peter Rheinfried from Charlotte Uhouse 

Peter Rheinfried born about 1590 in Schwarzbach, Buhl, Baden Germany

See several generations down to:


Hannah Mary Rheinfried born May 18, 1820 died May 3, 1864 in Germany,

Hannah married Charles Franz Sick Sr.


Hannah’s brothers and sisters:

Elizabeth Rheinfried married Joseph WEISBROD

Leo Rheinfried settled in Philadelphia, agrees with reunion papers Bettyann has

Peter Rheinfried settled in Philadelphia, agrees with reunion papers Bettyann has, they were gunsmiths



Michaelus Sick born about 1620 in Schwarzbach, Buhl, Baden, Germany

See several generations down to:

Maria Sophia Sick born Feb. 2, 1755 in Schwarzbach, Buhl Baden Germany

Charles Franz Sick Sr. born April 1, 1815 Baden, Germany



JOSEPH SICK, Born 7-26-1844,   Joseph born 1781 was her Great Great Great Grandfather.






WENDELL SICK:          *Settlers XX:  THE SICK FAMILIES OF CHERRY MILLS, from Bettyann Sick Goodyear of

                                                Dushore, PA     Joseph born 1781 was her Great Great Great Grandfather.


WILLIAM SICK:            *Settlers XX1: WILLIAM SICK and CATHERINE "KATIE" KELLY  from Kathy Chassin of    

                                          Buffalo, NY Joseph born 1781 was her Great Great Great Grandfather.


MARY SICK:                 Rev. James J. Ruddick, S.J., 501 Emslie St, BUFFALO NY 14212-1017, 716-854-3742

                             (Bettyann’s 2nd cousin once removed)

                                     Also see the following genealogies by Rev. James J. Ruddick:                                               

--The Descendants of Jacob Litzelman
--The Descendants of Henry Weisbrod
--The Descendants of Anton Baumgartner


YONKINS:                    SOME FROM: John H. Yonkin, died  12-12-2000,






Joseph Sick born 1781, stayed in Germany, his children:

Joseph, Francis Charles “Franz”, Frances, Dgh. Mr. Allgeier,

1. Joseph



3. Frances SICK and Mr. SEIFRED were married in Baden (probably). Mr. SEIFRED died soon after immigration to

       Philadelphia, PA.

4. (Dghtr) SICK  and Mr. ALLGEIER were married. Mr. ALLGEIER was born in Schwartzbuhl (?), Baden, Germany. He immigrated to New York City. He was a carpenter. One reference has the name spelled "Allgier". However, James J. Ruddick knew the granddaughters in Elmira. Their pronunciation of the name was "Allgeier." (dghtr) SICK and Mr. ALLGEIER had the following children:

A 1 William ALLGEIER came to U.S. with his Uncle Francis Charles (called Franz) SICK when he visited Germany.

      William ALLGEIER and Mary KAIER were married. Mary KAIER was a relative (niece?) of

     Father Xavier Kaier, the founding pastor of St. Basil's Church in Dushore, PA.

      (See Rev. Kaier’s obituary, Paul Bearers:  Wendell SICK)

     William ALLGEIER and Mary KAIER     children:

      B 1. Amelia ALLGEIER and Timothy RHODES were married about 1915.

      B 2. Mary ALLGEIER

      B.     (Dghtr2) SICK


HANNAH MARY REINFRIED Sick came from Germany in 1822, when she was 2 years old, with her parents.

Hannah’s father, CHARLES RHEINFRIED was born in Germany about 1790.

Hannah's brothers LEO and PETER REINFRIED settled in Philadelphia.

They could write nicely in German and English and were gunsmiths by trade.

Her sister Elizabeth REINFRIED married Joseph WEISBROD.







n = newspaper clipping


I HAVE FAMILY TREEMAKER PROGRAMS but I do not like them. I want to work my own the way I want it, as simple to follow as possible.

JAN.2008          20 hrs. update and change from outline back to A,B,C,D which I like better.


A is usually 1st generation

B is 2nd

C is 3rd

D is 4th and so on.      I DO NOT like   OUTLINE, A, 123,       I, ii,iii, iv




1. Parents and relatives

2.   Streby History of Sullivan County (1903)

3.   Thomas Ingham History of Sullivan County (1899)

4.         Sullivan Review Newspaper Clippings, Sullivan County Democrat clippings

5.   Towanda PA Daily Review

6.   Wyalusing Rocket Courier

7.   Sullivan County Historical Society and Museum, Laporte, PA

8.   Cemetery Stones:  St. Basil’s, etc.

9.   Family reunion pages from Hilda Weisbrod Josat

10.  Sullivan County Genealogy Website.

11.  Sullivan County Genealogy Website, Census 1880, copied by Carol Brotzman and Paula Lundstrom's

12.  Sullivan County Genealogy Website, Census 1900, copied by Shirley Yarber:  Cherry, Bernice, Colley, Lopez,    Ricketts, Davidson, Dushore, Elkland, Hillsgrove, Forks/Forksville, Fox, Eaglesmere, Laporte, Shrewsbury

13.  Tri Co Genealogy Website.,

      hard to find whatever, wish it was more alphabetical

    Sullivan County Genealogy Website: Bettyann in 2006 added St. Basil Cemetery, photo of each stone

    Sullivan County Genealogy Website See:

Bettyann’s Registry of Obituaries and Related Photos 1800 to 2012, in first column.


14. Tri Co Genealogy Website, Census 1880:  Bradford County, Albany Township, Wilmot Township

15. Tri Co Genealogy Website:  Military Veterans by Dick McCracken, very nicely done, wow

16.  Sullivan County Library, Dushore

17. Heverley's Pioneers and Patriots 1913-1915

18.  Leigh Taffe, Awesome,   Irish Settlement

19. Counts Palatine of the Rhine, 1085–1356

From about 1085/1086, after the death of the last Ezzonian Palatine count, Herman II of Lotharingia, the Palatinate lost its military importance in Lotharingia. The territorial authority of the count palatine was reduced to his counties along the Rhine, from then on called County Palatine of the Rhine.

Bettyann’s  German family were near Rhine River, A.B.C.D.= all same   

A. 1418 TO 1766 parts were Alsace, France

B.  1619 Bavaria


D.  2nd W. War Rhineland Palatine, 1803 BADEN GERMANY



      Obits 1 Ambs ABCDE 1-50

      Obits 2 Farley Gainer FGHI 51-100

      Obits 3 Litzelman JKL 101-150

      Obits 4 McMahon Murphy Finan MNOP 151-200

      Obits 5 Rohe QR 201-250

      Obits 6 Sick Tubach STUV 251-300

      Obits 7 Weisbrod Yonkin WXYZ 301-350


BA Obit clipping:  Alec Weisbrod, died 5-20-1941 age 87x last of nine children, at the home of his niece

Mrs. Joseph Murphy, son of Joseph Weisbrod and Elizabeth Reinfried Weisbrod. Miss Mary Ruddick attended funeral.

Peace Cemetery, Alex Weisbrod b. 1853 d. 1941



21. LAUREL LEAVES, CHERRY MILLS SCHOOL, DIST.#5, 1897-1898 Names of Pupils: Carrie Allen, Maggie Doyle, Maggie Dempsey, Nellie Dempsey, Charles Doyle, David Dempsey, Robert Dempsey, Francis Devanney, Martin Dempsey, Emma Fulmer, Ernest Hartzig, Willie Lavey, Peter Mc Donald, James McDonald, Henry McDonald, Mike McDonald, Willie McDonald, Mary McDonald, Agnes McDonald, Maggie McDonald, Sarah McDonald, Katie McDonald, Alice McDonald, Mabel Sick, Edgar Sick, Arthur Sick, James Smith, Raymond Smith, Arthur Smith, Nellie Smith Alice Smith, Carrie Wilkinson, Ella Yanney, Mary Yanney, Ernest DeWolf, Mamie Forbes. TEACHER LIZZIE DEMPSY, POSSIBLY BY GRADE



1897-1898 TEACHER LIZZIE DEMPSY, Names of Pupils37,  :                                                 Carrie Allen,           

David Dempsey,             Maggie Dempsey,          Nellie Dempsey,            Robert Dempsey,           Martin Dempsey,

Francis Devanney,         Ernest DeWolf,              Charles Doyle,         Maggie Doyle,                Mamie Forbes.       

Emma Fulmer,               Ernest Hartzig,              Willie Lavey,            Agnes McDonald,          Alice McDonald

Henry McDonald,           James McDonald,          Katie McDonald,      Maggie McDonald,         Mary McDonald,

Mike McDonald,             Peter Mc Donald,           Sarah McDonald, GR. GRANDMOTHER            Willie McDonald,

Arthur Sick,                   Edgar Sick,                         Mabel Sick,             Alice Smith,                  Arthur Smith,          

James Smith,                Nellie Smith,                  Raymond Smith,      Carrie Wilkinson,           Ella Yanney,           

Mary Yanney,               


23. CHERRY MILLS SCHOOL TERM Sept. 17, 1923 to May 13, 1924, PUPILS-AGES:

Alice Barth 8                       Cora Barth 14

Catherine Cavanaugh 10 Joe Cavanaugh 13          Marie Cavanaugh 12 Rita Cavanaugh 8

Mary Cook 12                      Alverta Crouse 12           Helen Dempsey 7

Ruth Hartzig 9                     Willard Hartzig 11          Evelyn Hottenstein 8

Agnes Rohe 9                      Francis Rohe 12            Katherine Rohe 10

Joseph Sick 7                    Mildred Sick 10

Grace Van Tassal 9             Mabel Van Tassal 7       Urilda Van Tassal 10 FASSAL or LASSAL or TASSAL



#24 TO 39. SAVE FOR info only  BETTYANN ADDED !




40. Family, My friend Father Ruddick contacted me years ago and we like to share our info.

I. Joseph SICK was born about 1805. Joseph and Francis Charles had "several sisters" according to Bettyann Goodyear



Bettyann gave Father the naturalization record which gives his name as Franz Charles Sick.

He is elsewhere listed as Charles Sick ("Caroli" in wife's death record at the church). It may well be that he changed "Karl" to "Charles" after coming to U.S. His granddaughter, Mary Litzelman Ruddick, called him "Charles" in her hand-written notes (1955) of the family genealogy.

Addendum: 4/24/01: From information from the Family History Library in Salt Lake City gathered by Fr. Paul J. McCarthy, SJ, the town is "Wurzach" or "Bad Wurzach." Georg Sick (1776-1837) and his wife Catharina Rothenhaeusler (1773-1845) were married in 1801 and lived in Wurzach. "In the years up to 1809 they had six children: five died before age 2, one lived from 1807 to 1835." Presumably Franz Karl and siblings were children of this family. It is the only Sick family from that time in this town. What about Joseph as the father? It may well be that Georg and Joseph were the same person, with one name being the middle name used by the family and friends and the other name an "official" name.

The death record (by Father Xavier Kaier) gives Hannah’s name as "Johanna" Sick - "wife of Charles Sick   ***


From: REV. JAMES J. RUDDICK E-MAIL                  JULY 2005

Dear Bettyann,
Thank you for more pages of the Sick genealogy that you sent to me recently.

I have incorporated a lot of new information into my database.
There are, however, some questions that I have.

If you can answer them early next week, I can incorporate them into the Sick genealogy that I shall bring with me to the Kelly-Sweeney reunion next Saturday-Sunday.
Genealogy Notes: (page references to “Joseph Sick Family” of Bettyann Goodyear)
1. page 2 Which two of the four children of Netti Hottenstein Yonkin are twins?
2. page 5 Mary Martin’s daughter Terry is child of which father, (presumably of John Blaszak)?
3. page 7 Sarah Marie Sick’s daughter Jean Farrell married James E. Donlin “died 6-19-1948”???
4. page 7 Sarah Marie Sick’s daughter Genevieve married “Dale E. Woith” ? (Worth?)
5. page 8 Rosemary G. Walsh’s Dgh. Eileen married/div. Roger Lang “b.6/14/1972” Child Roger Lang b.6-14-1972.???
6. page 8 Sex of the three children (Mallory, Morgan, Marin) of JoAnn Gainer and Eugene Merge?
7. page 9 (Your family) I also have Wayne H. Sick and Thomas Sick as your brothers. ???
8. page 13 “John Yonkin” married Marjorie Krakoski McDonald. Presumably the husband is John Henry Yonkin.
9. page 13 Date of Birth of Vincent Litzelman? 1879 or 1878?
10. page 13 Edward Stephen Boyle married Tina Keiser Donaldson, not “Edward Stephen Boyle”.
11. page 16 Dates of birth of Eleanor and Roseann Finan? Also, date of death of Dolores’ husband John Michael Jerkes. Also, should Janine Beinfield be Janine Benfield? Also: I have Dolores as a child of the Benfields. Is it Dolores Janine?
12. page 22 James Paul Sick married Augusta Bates 9-8-1944 in Ft. Jackson, SC. Then “James died on 9-13-1944 in Ft. Jackson, SC” ??? Should that be that Augusta Bates died on 9-13-1944????? He later married Arlene May Willis on 5-22-1948 in Endicott, NY.
Any help you can give would be appreciated. Best wishes. See you soon. Jim R
James J. Ruddick, SJ
501 Emslie St
Buffalo, NY 14212-1017
or Catholic Center
795 Main St
Buffalo, NY 14203-1250


COUSINS: (1st one done by Rev. Ruddick)


Wendell Sick           sister          Mary Sick Litzelman sp. John Litzelman       

John Sick                1st cousins   Mary Litzelman sp. James H. Ruddick          

Joseph Sick                  1st cousin, once removed to Mary Ruddick                      

                              2nd cousin to Father James H. Ruddick                     

Bettyann Sick          2nd cousin, once removed to Father James Ruddick

~ ~ ~ ~


Wendell Sick           sister, Lydia Sick sp. Raphael Litzelman 

John Sick                1st cousins Matthias Litzelman                

Joseph Sick                  1st cousin, once removed to Matthias Litzelman

                              2nd cousin to  George Litzelman

Bettyann Sick          2nd cousin, once removed to  George Litzelman

                              3rd cousin, to Gordon Litzelman and Emily Litzelman

~ ~ ~ ~


Marylou Meehan      1st cousin, once removed to me

3rd cousin to Father Ruddick


Wendell Sick           sister, Hannah Sick sp. Joseph C. Cook       

John Sick                1st cousins Jennie Cook sp. Vell B. Holcombe                  

Joseph Sick                  1st cousin, once removed to Jennie Cook

                              2nd cousin to Dick Holcombe

Bettyann Sick          2nd cousin, once removed to Dick Holcombe

                              3rd cousin, to Mamie

~ ~ ~ ~

Wendell Sick           brother, William Sick sp. Katie Kelly   

John Sick                1st cousins Stephen Sick             

Joseph Sick                  1st cousin, once removed  Stephen Sick

                              2nd cousin to  Hildegarde Kathryn Sick Dumansky

Bettyann Sick          2nd cousin, once removed Hildegard Kathryn Sick Dumansky

                              3rd cousin, to  Kathryn Elizabeth Dumansky Chassin 

~ ~ ~



Eudora Jane11 Speary (Dorson Minard10, Christopher B9, Miles8, Wooding7 Sperry, Charles6, James5, Richard4Sperry, Jr, Richard3 Sperry, John2, John1) was born October 06, 1868 in Sullivan County, Pa., and died May 30, 1951 in Endicott, NY. She married Julius John Sick on December 24, 1889. He was born December 30, 1861 in Sullivan County, PA, and died August 15, 1946 in Endicott, NY.

Notes for Eudora Jane Speary:

Wrote The History of Churches in Sullivan County. Much of the information on record about the descendants of Miles Speary are from her original records

Ruth Speary has her marriage date on record from her daughters, Adona & Emmabelle, as 12-24-1889 (Christmas Eve).


For more information, go to History of Pennsylvania’s 141st Infantry Regiment.

Other Speary's in the Civil war were:

James Speary - Dorson’s brother, also served with the 141st. He was killed at the battle of Chancellorsville.
Asa Speary - Dorson’s uncle, served with the 50th Regiment; see History of Pennsylvania's 50th Regiment.
John W.. Speary & Benjamin C. Speary - Dorson’s cousins , both sons of Samuel Speary, served with the 84th Regiment; see History of Pennsylvania's 84th Regiment.

Child of Dorson Speary and Liberty Glidewell was:

+2i.Eudora Jane11 Speary, born October 06, 1868 in Sullivan County, Pa.; died May 30, 1951 in Endicott, NY.

Bettyann’s Great Great Aunt.


42. *A3  Editor's Note: The following update is courteous of Sandee Phillips, great great granddaughter of Joseph and Emily (Emma) Graifley Sick:

Children of Horace and Ella:
1) Donald Otten Sick, b. 11/20/1931, d. 2/15/2005, spouse Jean Miller, b. 4/21/1931, married 7/14/1956
  (a) Claudia Rose Sick, b. 6/14/1957, spouse Paul Chacona, b. 7/13/1949, married 5/8/1993
  (b) Marjorie Ellen Sick, b. 6/30/1959, spouse (1) married/divorced Phil Stovall, child: Savannah Rose Stovall, b.      

1/18/1986; spouse (2) William Lawson, b. 5/40/1960, married 7/4/1998, children: Will, b. 6/30/1987 and Patricia, b.  

  (c) Joseph Blake Sick, b. 6/6/1961, spouse Barbara Fabiani, b. 5/25/1961, married 5/16/1987, children: Henry Blake Sick, b. 8/22/1987, Thurston James Sick, b. 10/21/1988, Louis Joseph Sick, b. 6/3/1991, and Race Jasper Sick, b. 2/23/1995
  (d) James Otten Sick, b. 2/15/1963, spouse Janice Vieczorek, b. 6/11/1966, married 7/6/1985, children: Jacob Otten Sick, b. 1/4/1986 and Claudia Jean Sick, b. 3/13/1996

2) Lois Ellen Sick, b. 8/28/1933, spouse Frank A. Wrobel, Jr., b. 6/6/1928, d. 6/29/2009, married 6/18/1955
  (a) Sandra Lynne Wrobel, b. 6/18/1958, spouse (1) married [9/8/1979]/divorced William A. Holley, b. 8/15/1958, child:   William Adam Holley, b. 8/4/1982; spouse (2) Jerry Jay Phillips, b. 9/12/1959, married 8/22/1998, children: Sylvia Dawn Phillips, b. 1/19/1992 and Zygmunt Jay Phillips, b. 11/13/1995
  (b) Frank John Wrobel III, b. 8/4/1961, spouse Stephanie Straka, b. 3/1/1963, married 6/16/1989, children: Michael James Wrobel, b. 10/1/1984 and Leah Christine Wrobel, b. 2/15/1992
  (c) David Paul Wrobel, b. 3/4/1964, spouse Colleen Patricia Blainey, b. 5/6/1972, married 5/6/1995, children: Casey Elley Wrobel, b. 5/19/1996, Courtney Elizabeth Wrobel, b. 7/1/1999, and David Joseph Wrobel, b. 5/15/2001



The Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary of Mary Sick and John Litzelman was held in conjunction with the Sick and Litzelman Family Reunion in 1922 Many other ancestors of these families are also shown in this picture. You can find a photo fo the entire 1922 Reunion attendance on our Old Reunions page.


1922 Sick Litzelman Reunion



Row 1:  Edward & Rosy Sick Weisbrod, John & Mary Sick Litzelman, Wendell & Sarah McDonald SICK (Bettyann gr.g.p.)

Row 2:  Ralphael & Lydia Sick Litzelman (Gordon, John, Josie, Gabriel & Eliza Bahr Litzelman

Row 3:  Joseph & Emma Graifley (Ed,, Charles Sick (with white mustache, ran the store in Cherry Mills),

Julius & Eudora Speary Sick of Nordmont

Top:  Hannah Sick Cook (Pauline, Vell, Dick Holcombe,Alice Holcombe McCarthy gr.p.),

Elizabeth Yonkin Sick, Michael Litzelman

This photo was taken at the Litzelman home at Cherry Mills (owned by Robert Kauffman in 2000)

John and Mary SICK Litzelman were also celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary as they were married on Nov.12,1872.


Many of the Sick and Ambs family ancestors are shown in the following picture provided by Bettyann:

The Sick and Ambs Family Ancestors


Bettyann is very fond of the following picture of her parents with two of their favorite horses:


Here is a picture of the Copenhaven School in Cherry Mills where many Sick families sent their children.

Copenhaven School, Cherry Mills, PA

According to Bettyann, on September 17, 1923, the Cherry Mills School, Grades 1-8, included: Joe Sick; Mildred Sick; Agnes, Frances and Katherine Rohe; Mary Cook; Willard and Ruth Hartzig; Joe, Marie, Catharine and Rita Cavanaugh; Helen Dempsey; Evelyn Hottenstein; Alice and Cora Barth; Alberta Krause; and Grace, Mabel & Urilda VanTassal.At the beginning of the twentieth century, the building was the classroom for many Cherry Mill students including several of the Sick children. In fact, Charles S. Sick lived kitty-corner from the schoolhouse and dedicated the building in 1876 with an engravure on a stone. The stone is still posted in a tree next to the former school. In 1997, Lynn Franklin took this picture of the Cherry Mills School, which was previously named the Copenhaven School. You can find pictures of the school and two other classes in The Family of Johannes Jakob Messerschmidt; just scroll down to the pictures.





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